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Mar 17, 2010: Our Thanks
Mar 10, 2010: Our Driving Issues
Jan 26, 2010: Our Dear Leaders
Jan 19, 2010: Our True Lies
Jan 12, 2010: Our Stuff Gets Real
Jan 05, 2010: Our Couples
Jan 05, 2010: Our White Coats
Jan 01, 2010: Our New Girl-Bro
Dec 22, 2009: Our Mysteries
Dec 15, 2009: Our Histories
Dec 08, 2009: Our Role Models
Dec 01, 2009: Our Drunk Friend
Dec 01, 2009: Our First Day of School
May 06, 2009: My Finale Part 2
May 06, 2009: My Finale Part 1
May 06, 2009: My Finale
May 05, 2009: My Chief Concern
Apr 22, 2009: My Cuz
Apr 15, 2009: My Soul on Fire
Apr 08, 2009: My Soul on Fire - Part 1
Apr 01, 2009: My Full Moon
Mar 25, 2009: Their Story II
Mar 18, 2009: My Nah Nah Nah
Feb 10, 2009: My Comedy Show
Feb 10, 2009: My Absence
Feb 03, 2009: My Lawyer's in Love
Feb 03, 2009: My New Role
Jan 27, 2009: My Cookie Pants
Jan 27, 2009: My ABCs
Jan 13, 2009: My Happy Place
Jan 13, 2009: My Saving Grace
Jan 06, 2009: My Last Words
Jan 06, 2009: My Jerks
May 08, 2008: My Princess
May 01, 2008: My Waste of Time
Apr 24, 2008: My Dumb Luck
Apr 17, 2008: My Manhood
Apr 10, 2008: My Bad Too
Dec 06, 2007: My Number One Doctor
Nov 29, 2007: My Growing Pains
Nov 15, 2007: My Identity Crisis
Nov 08, 2007: My Inconvenient Truth
Nov 01, 2007: My Hard Labor
Oct 25, 2007: My Own Worst Enemy
Sep 13, 2007: My Point of No Return
May 17, 2007: My Rabbit
May 17, 2007: My Rabbit; My Point of No Return
May 10, 2007: My Conventional Wisdom
May 03, 2007: My Cold Shower
Apr 26, 2007: My Turf War
Apr 19, 2007: Their Story
Apr 12, 2007: My Words of Wisdom
Apr 05, 2007: My Long Goodbye
Mar 22, 2007: My No Good Reason
Mar 15, 2007: My Scrubs
Mar 08, 2007: My Fishbowl
Mar 01, 2007: My Night to Remember
Feb 22, 2007: My Therapeutic Month
Feb 15, 2007: My Perspective
Feb 08, 2007: My Road to Nowhere
Feb 01, 2007: His Story IV
Jan 18, 2007: My Musical
Jan 11, 2007: My Friend With Money
Jan 04, 2007: My House
Dec 14, 2006: My Coffee
Dec 07, 2006: My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby
Nov 30, 2006: My Mirror Image
May 16, 2006: My Transition
May 16, 2006: My Urologist
May 09, 2006: My Deja Vu My Deja Vu
May 02, 2006: My Fallen Idol
Apr 25, 2006: My Lunch
Apr 18, 2006: His Story III
Apr 11, 2006: My New Suit
Apr 04, 2006: My Chopped Liver
Mar 28, 2006: My Bright Idea
Mar 21, 2006: My Extra Mile
Mar 14, 2006: My Own Personal Hell
Mar 07, 2006: My Five Stages
Feb 28, 2006: My Cabbage
Feb 28, 2006: My Buddy's Booty
Feb 07, 2006: Her Story II
Feb 07, 2006: My Half-Acre
Jan 24, 2006: My Big Bird
Jan 24, 2006: My Way Home
Jan 17, 2006: My New God
Jan 17, 2006: My Missed Perception
Jan 10, 2006: My Jiggly Ball
Jan 10, 2006: My Day at the Races
Jan 03, 2006: My Rite of Passage
Jan 03, 2006: My Intern's Eyes
May 10, 2005: My Changing Ways
Apr 26, 2005: My Drive By
Apr 19, 2005: My Faith in Humanity
Apr 12, 2005: My Big Move
Apr 05, 2005: My Lips Are Sealed
Mar 29, 2005: My Boss's Free Haircut
Mar 01, 2005: My Best Laid Plans
Feb 22, 2005: My Roommates
Feb 15, 2005: My Life in Four Cameras
Feb 08, 2005: My Quarantine
Feb 01, 2005: My Hypocritical Oath
Jan 25, 2005: My Lucky Charm
Jan 18, 2005: My Ocardial Infarction
Dec 07, 2004: My Best Moment
Nov 23, 2004: My Unicorn
Nov 16, 2004: My Female Trouble
Nov 09, 2004: My Malpractical Decision
Oct 26, 2004: My Last Chance
Oct 19, 2004: My Common Enemy
Oct 12, 2004: My Cake
Sep 28, 2004: Her Story
Sep 21, 2004: My First Kill
Sep 14, 2004: My New Game
Sep 07, 2004: My Office
Aug 31, 2004: My Old Friend's New Friend
May 04, 2004: My Best Friend's Wedding
Apr 27, 2004: My Self-Examination
Apr 22, 2004: My Fault
Apr 20, 2004: My Choosiest Choice of All
Apr 06, 2004: His Story II
Mar 30, 2004: My Moment of Un-Truth
Mar 16, 2004: My Butterfly
Mar 02, 2004: My Tormented Mentor
Feb 24, 2004: My Screwup
Feb 17, 2004: My Porcelain God
Feb 10, 2004: My Catalyst
Feb 03, 2004: My Clean Break
Jan 22, 2004: My Rule of Thumb
Dec 11, 2003: My Dirty Secret
Dec 04, 2003: My Friend the Doctor
Nov 20, 2003: My Fifteen Seconds
Nov 13, 2003: My Advice to You
Nov 06, 2003: My Brother, Where Art Thou?
Oct 30, 2003: My Lucky Night
Oct 23, 2003: My White Whale
Oct 09, 2003: My Journey
Oct 02, 2003: My American Girl
May 01, 2003: 'Scrubs' Funniest Moments
Apr 17, 2003: My Dream Job
Apr 10, 2003: My Drama Queen
Apr 03, 2003: My Interpretation
Mar 27, 2003: My Kingdom
Mar 20, 2003: My T.C.W.
Mar 13, 2003: My Own Private Practice Guy
Feb 20, 2003: My Karma
Jan 30, 2003: His Story
Jan 23, 2003: My Brother, My Keeper
Jan 16, 2003: My Philosophy
Jan 09, 2003: My New Old Friend
Jan 02, 2003: My Sex Buddy
Dec 12, 2002: My Monster
Dec 05, 2002: My Lucky Day
Nov 14, 2002: My Fruit Cups
Nov 07, 2002: My First Step
Oct 31, 2002: My Big Brother
Oct 24, 2002: My New Coat
Oct 17, 2002: My Big Mouth
Oct 10, 2002: My Case Study
Oct 03, 2002: My Nightingale
Sep 25, 2002: My Overkill
May 21, 2002: My Last Day
May 14, 2002: My Hero
May 07, 2002: My Occurrence
Apr 30, 2002: My Sacrificial Clam
Apr 16, 2002: My Way or the Highway
Apr 02, 2002: My Old Man
Mar 12, 2002: My Tuscaloosa Heart
Mar 05, 2002: My Student
Feb 26, 2002: My Heavy Meddle
Feb 05, 2002: My Bed Banter & Beyond
Jan 22, 2002: My Drug Buddy
Jan 15, 2002: My Balancing Act
Jan 08, 2002: My Blind Date
Dec 11, 2001: My Own Personal Jesus
Nov 27, 2001: My Nickname
Nov 20, 2001: My Day Off
Nov 15, 2001: My 15 Minutes
Nov 06, 2001: My Super Ego
Oct 30, 2001: My Bad
Oct 23, 2001: My Two Dads
Oct 16, 2001: My Old Lady
Oct 09, 2001: My Best Friend's Mistake
Oct 04, 2001: My Mentor
Oct 02, 2001: My First Day (Pilot)

Our Thanks Season 9, Episode 13

The students gain new perspectives as their first semester wraps up in the Season 9 finale. Cole finds his true calling, while Drew reaches a personal milestone and Lucy receives career inspiration. read more

Our Driving Issues Season 9, Episode 12

Cole and Kelso realize true friends are hard to come by after the pair receive unsettling news following routine tests. read more

Our Dear Leaders Season 9, Episode 11

Dr. Cox names Lucy team leader for hell week, but the young student takes her role a bit too seriously. Turk, meanwhile, battles insecurity when a renowned surgeon comes to town. read more

Our True Lies Season 9, Episode 10

One of the med students cheats on a test, so Dr. Cox punishes the entire class. Elsewhere, Denise makes a surprising admission. read more

Our Stuff Gets Real Season 9, Episode 9

J.D. and Elliot face the reality of parenthood. Meanwhile, Lucy must come to terms with the risks of operating on real people. read more

Our Couples Season 9, Episode 8

Lucy notices that the hospital is teeming with couples. read more

Our White Coats Season 9, Episode 7

The med students examine their motivations for becoming doctors before receiving their white coats. Elsewhere, Elliot helps Denise with her love life. read more

Our New Girl-Bro Season 9, Episode 6

Turk begins the hunt for a new best friend. Elsewhere, Elliot advises Lucy, who's feeling overworked and tired. read more

Our Mysteries Season 9, Episode 5

As J.D.'s teaching job at Sacred Heart comes to an end, he finds he still hungers for approval. Elsewhere, Lucy braces herself before performing a procedure on a real person, and Denise and Drew make things official. read more

Our Histories Season 9, Episode 4

J.D. and Turk go to a party for med students and show up in costume. Elsewhere, Kelso says goodbye to Ted and Gooch. read more

Our Role Models Season 9, Episode 3

J.D. and Drew learn the ropes of mentoring and realize students can often provide insight to teachers. read more

Our Drunk Friend Season 9, Episode 2

J.D., Turk and Kelso play matchmaker when they sense a spark between Denise and Drew. Elsewhere, Lucy learns more about becoming a doctor, but it's not an easy lesson to handle. read more

Our First Day of School Season 9, Episode 1

In the Season 9 premiere, J.D., Turk, Cox, Kelso and Denise take on a med-school teaching gig at Sacred Heart that finds them mentoring a new crop of students, whose first day of school is especially challenging. Kerry Bishe, Michael Mosley and Dave Franco join the cast. read more

My Finale Part 2 Season 8, Episode 19

In the conclusion of the eighth-season finale, J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell, but before he goes his agenda includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name. read more

My Finale Part 1 Season 8, Episode 18

Part 1 of 2. J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell, but before he goes his agenda includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name. read more

My Finale

J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell in the eighth-season finale. His agenda before he goes includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name. Meanwhile, Elliot slowly moves her belongings into J.D.'s new place, signaling a change in their relationship. read more

My Chief Concern Season 8, Episode 17

J.D. considers leaving Sacred Heart to be closer to his son and Kim. Elsewhere, Turk settles into a new role, and Ted's relationship progresses. read more

My Cuz Season 8, Episode 16

J.D. decides to make peace with Kim (Elizabeth Banks) and, in the process, learns she is dating Elliot's ex-boyfriend (Scott Foley). Elsewhere, Turk asks the Sacred Heart staff to help him pursue a promotion. read more

My Soul on Fire Season 8, Episode 15

Conclusion. The Janitor and Lady tie the knot in a quirky seaside ceremony. read more

My Soul on Fire - Part 1 Season 8, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. The Janitor and Lady plan a fake wedding in the Bahamas to score gifts, but the plot backfires when all of the invitees accept. read more

My Full Moon Season 8, Episode 13

Elliot questions her future career plans. Elsewhere, bad luck befalls the interns, who face an extremely difficult caseload. read more

Their Story II Season 8, Episode 12

Dr. Cox finally praises J.D., whose ego is inflated by the long-awaited recognition. Elsewhere, the interns provide insight to the senior staff. read more

My Nah Nah Nah Season 8, Episode 11

Turk comes up with a new procedure to help a paralyzed teen after an inspiring episode of "SportsCenter." Meanwhile, the Janitor and Dr. Cox suffer romantic woes. read more

My Comedy Show Season 8, Episode 10

J.D. and Turk recruit the latest batch of interns to perform in their annual (and historically unfunny) sketch show. read more

My Absence Season 8, Episode 9

J.D. takes a vacation but still manages to plague Dr. Cox while he's away from the hospital. Elsewhere, Turk and Carla make a big announcement. read more

My Lawyer's in Love Season 8, Episode 8

Ted is smitten with a ukulele player but needs help making the first move. Elsewhere, Cox's many responsibilities overwhelm him. read more

My New Role Season 8, Episode 7

Motivated by the mounting pressure of his new job, Cox reaches out to former enemy Dr. Kelso. read more

My Cookie Pants Season 8, Episode 6

J.D. and Elliot want to spice up their rekindled romance. Elsewhere, Cox considers taking a new job as chief of medicine. read more

My ABCs Season 8, Episode 5

J.D. tries to teach compassion with help from "Sesame Street" favorites Elmo, Grover and Oscar the Grouch. Meanwhile, intern Katie hopes to land a spot on Turk's research team by scamming Elliot. read more

My Happy Place Season 8, Episode 4

Sparks fly between J.D. and Elliot when they join forces to encourage Kelso to leave the coffee shop. read more

My Saving Grace Season 8, Episode 3

Kelso and Cox team up to get rid of Dr. Maddox. Elsewhere, Carla wants to teach a self-centered intern a lesson in humility. read more

My Last Words Season 8, Episode 2

J.D. and Turk's steak-night tradition is put on hold when the pair comfort a dying patient instead. Meanwhile, Dr. Maddox (Courteney Cox) reveals her true character. read more

My Jerks Season 8, Episode 1

Kelso's replacement, Dr. Maddox (Courteney Cox), makes some changes to Sacred Heart in the Season 8 opener. Meanwhile, J.D. is frustrated by his new set of incompetent interns, and Elliot tries to control her ego. read more

My Princess Season 7, Episode 11

Seventh-season finale: Dr. Cox spins his rocky day at work into a fairy tale for his son. In the story, the Sacred Heart staff work together to try to defeat an unknown monster plaguing Elliot's patient. But their actions are impeded by the nefarious Dark Lord, aka Dr. Kelso. read more

My Waste of Time Season 7, Episode 10

J.D. and Elliot recognize changes in their relationship while tracking down a former patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox discovers the downside of his new title; and Carla and Turk discuss having another baby. read more

My Dumb Luck Season 7, Episode 9

Dr. Cox struggles to diagnose a patient, and J.D. and Turk set out to one-up the veteran doctor by beating him to the punch. Elsewhere, Carla and Elliot try to persuade the hospital board to not force Kelso into retirement. read more

My Manhood Season 7, Episode 8

J.D. and Turk fret over their masculinity---J.D. wants to set an example for his son and Turk has a surgical procedure that leaves him feeling insecure. Meanwhile, the Janitor creates a hospital newspaper in response to a disagreement with Kelso. read more

My Bad Too Season 7, Episode 7

Turk learns Spanish as an anniversary gift for Carla and discovers being bilingual comes with unexpected perks. Elsewhere, a burn patient asks J.D. for permission to attend his graduation and Dr. Cox plays games with Kelso's breakfast. read more

My Number One Doctor Season 7, Episode 6

Cox and Turk compete for the top spot on a Web site that rates doctors as they both try to sabotage J.D.'s ranking. Elsewhere, a terminal patient makes a confession to Elliot; and Carla looks for the common ground between the Janitor and his new girlfriend. read more

My Growing Pains Season 7, Episode 5

J.D. tries to grow up for the sake of his baby, but Turk resists his new goal. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox gives a patient difficult news, and Elliot plans a birthday party for Kelso, whose real age is revealed. read more

My Identity Crisis Season 7, Episode 4

Carla worries that Izzy won't appreciate her Latin roots. Elsewhere, the Janitor challenges J.D. to identify the entire staff without using nicknames, and Dr. Cox misses his family. read more

My Inconvenient Truth Season 7, Episode 3

A newly environmentally aware Janitor polices the staff of Sacred Heart. Elsewhere, J.D.'s brother (Tom Cavanagh) returns with an ironic message for his sibling, and Elliot and Dr. Cox disagree over the hypocrisy of their jobs. read more

My Hard Labor Season 7, Episode 2

Kim goes into labor as she and J.D. contemplate their future together; Dr. Cox can't bring himself to give his daughter a shot; Turk and Carla obsess over beating a video game; and Dr. Kelso consoles his heartbroken son. read more

My Own Worst Enemy Season 7, Episode 1

In the Season 7 opener, J.D. and Elliot evaluate their relationships; Turk attempts to limit his sugar intake by allowing himself only one kind of candy bar; Dr. Cox struggles to diagnose a patient; and the Janitor has a new paramour. Elizabeth Banks guest stars. read more

My Point of No Return Season 6, Episode 22

J.D. and Elliot reconsider their respective plans with Kim and Keith and wonder if they are meant to be together. read more

My Rabbit Season 6, Episode 21

J.D. asks Kim to move in with him so they can raise their baby together. Meanwhile, Elliot gets help planning her wedding from Carla, and Keith is coached on how to be a perfect husband. read more

My Rabbit; My Point of No Return

As the sixth season ends, J.D. invites Kim to move in with him and Carla helps Elliot organize her wedding, but the former couple begin to wonder if they're making plans with the wrong people. Meanwhile, Turk's new-father status teaches him a few things. read more

My Conventional Wisdom Season 6, Episode 20

J.D. struggles with his feelings for Elliot as she plans her wedding to Keith. In an effort to help his friend, Turk takes J.D. to a conference, where he runs into his old flame, Kim, and gets some unexpected news. read more

My Cold Shower Season 6, Episode 19

Elliot plans her own “surprise” engagement after the ring Keith gave her doesn't fit. Meanwhile, J.D. is repeatedly rejected by Melody (Keri Russell) as the rest of the male staffers realize they aren't having any luck in love either. read more

My Turf War Season 6, Episode 18

J.D. feels left out when Elliot's friend (Keri Russell) pays a visit, so he attempts to sabotage their fun; Turk and Dr. Cox disagree over a patient-requested surgery; and Carla discovers something unusual in pediatrics. read more

Their Story Season 6, Episode 17

Supporting players Ted, Todd and Jordan offer their take on the events in Sacred Heart Hospital through their lofty personal dreams as they deal with mundane reality. read more

My Words of Wisdom Season 6, Episode 16

The staff pay tribute to one of their own by incorporating the departed's lessons into their lives: Dr. Cox reflects on his purpose; Elliot gets closer to Keith; and J.D. and Turk learn compassion. read more

My Long Goodbye Season 6, Episode 15

The staffers deal with the possibility of losing one of their own who is gravely ill in differing ways: Turk and J.D. pull childish pranks while Elliot and Keith spend time together in the bedroom. Meanwhile, Cox and Jordan welcome their new baby, and J.D wants to be named the infant's godfather. read more

My No Good Reason Season 6, Episode 14

An argument about everything happening for a reason is dropped after tragedy strikes someone close; Turk shows off footage of his baby's attractive new nanny; Elliot and the Janitor try to cheer a dying patient. read more

My Scrubs Season 6, Episode 13

J.D. and Turk try to help Kelso's uninsured friend; Dr. Cox believes a recovered drug addict is still using; Kelso requires the entire staff to wear brown scrubs to thwart a clothing thief. read more

My Fishbowl Season 6, Episode 12

The Sacred Heart staff rallies around Pvt. Dancer (Michael Weston) after he is depressed over news that he cannot return to duty. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox lets Carla know her jokes are nothing to laugh at. read more

My Night to Remember Season 6, Episode 11

The staffers' efforts to help a patient with memory loss cause them to reflect on memorable past moments at Sacred Heart. read more

My Therapeutic Month Season 6, Episode 10

Turk ends up back in residency after breaking his arm; J.D. finds himself in love again, this time with a new physical therapist. Meanwhile, Elliot invites Keith to move in with her, as long as he follows her rules. read more

My Perspective Season 6, Episode 9

J.D. develops a stress condition that causes him to black out, leaving his friends to fight about who will take care of him. Meanwhile, Turk is having a problem with a foreign intern and Kelso has a problem with the truth: He doesn't want the doctors telling the patients upsetting information. But Turk doesn't want to compromise his values and refuses to sugarcoat his words. read more

My Road to Nowhere Season 6, Episode 8

J.D. heads to Tacoma for Kim's first ultrasound and takes most of the Sacred Heart staff with him in Kelso's new RV. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox is worried about Jordan's ultrasound, which indicates their baby will need surgery. Kim: Elizabeth Banks. read more

His Story IV Season 6, Episode 7

A look at the world according to Kelso, who befriends an Iraq War veteran (Michael Weston) being treated at Sacred Heart. The soldier sparks political bickering among the staffers as they divide along party lines and end up neglecting the patient as they continue to argue. Meanwhile, J.D. looks for an apartment. read more

My Musical Season 6, Episode 6

In this clever musical episode featuring songs by “Avenue Q” composers Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, a patient (Stephanie DAbruzzo) faints and awakens with a strange condition: Everyone, including herself and the Sacred Heart staff, appears to be singing. Meanwhile, Carla is torn between being a stay-at-home mom and returning to work; and Elliot struggles to find a way to tell J.D. that he isn't moving into her new home. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Ted: Sam Lloyd. Doug: Johnny Kastl. read more

My Friend With Money Season 6, Episode 5

Elliot splurges on items for the apartment that she shares with J.D.; Dr. Cox and the Janitor become roommates, taking up joint residence in one of Sacred Heart's luxury suites; Turk encourages a depressed Carla to get help from a professional. read more

My House Season 6, Episode 4

Dr. Cox feels a bit like the title character of the TV show “House” when he's confronted with solving three mysteries: two are medical-related, and the third involves Elliot, who is angry at Kelso, but taking it out on Turk. Meanwhile, Carla seems to be experiencing the baby blues, and J.D. tries to make himself the perfect boyfriend for Kim (Elizabeth Banks). Headrick: Dave Foley. read more

My Coffee Season 6, Episode 3

J.D. tries to determine just how compatible he and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) are; Turk comes up with a way to make extra cash so that Carla can stay home with their baby; and Elliot contemplates the perks of working in private practice. read more

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby Season 6, Episode 2

As J.D. and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) struggle to decide what to do about her pregnancy, Carla goes into labor; Turk feels overshadowed by Elliot; and Jordan (Christa Miller) takes issue with how Dr. Cox treats Jack: like a “drinking buddy” and not a 3-year-old boy. Andrew Miller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Ted: Sam Lloyd. read more

My Mirror Image Season 6, Episode 1

J.D. deals with the news that he's going to be a father; Dr. Cox worries about how his anger is going to affect his offspring; and the Janitor wonders whether his personal vendetta against J.D. is a waste of time. Blue Man Group appears. Dr. Kim Briggs: Elizabeth Banks. Jordan: Christa Miller. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

My Transition Season 5, Episode 24

Conclusion. A surprise pregnancy is revealed. In other happenings, J.D. looks forward to his first date with his urologist crush (Elizabeth Banks); Dr. Cox and Jordan are brought together by a milestone in their son's life; and Turk and Carla consider possibilities for their baby's name. read more

My Urologist Season 5, Episode 23

Part 1 of two. J.D. finds himself smitten with Dr. Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks), a pretty and personable urologist who has worked at Sacred Heart---undetected by J.D.---for five years. Meanwhile, Elliot considers dumping Keith (Travis Schuldt) and gets an earful about it from an overly emotional Carla. Jordan: Christa Miller. Lisa: Jordan Zucker. Gloria: Christina Miles. read more

My Deja Vu My Deja Vu Season 5, Episode 22

Elliot works to rebuild Dr. Cox's confidence when he returns to Sacred Heart; Turk pays for being insensitive to Carla during her pregnancy; and J.D. has feelings of déjà vu. Todd: Robert Maschio. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Troy: Joe Rose. Lonnie: Michael Hobert. Mrs. Goldstein: Carole Goldman. read more

My Fallen Idol Season 5, Episode 21

Dr. Cox, full of guilt over the deaths of several patients he treated, shows up to work drunk and is forced to take a leave of absence, and everyone but J.D. is quick to rally around Cox in his time of need. Meanwhile, Turk has issues with a surgeon's odd touchy-feely approach to medicine. Todd: Robert Maschio. Jordan: Christa Miller. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

My Lunch Season 5, Episode 20

The Sacred Heart staff, under the leadership of Dr. Cox, works to keep three patients who need transplants alive; J.D. runs into Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan), someone he finds unbelievably annoying; and Elliot and Carla start to wonder about Todd's sexuality after discovering that he has been lying about his many female conquests. Robert Maschio. Dr. Mickhead: Frank Cameron. Lisa: Jordan Zucker. read more

His Story III Season 5, Episode 19

The hospital is seen from the perspective of the Janitor, who's out to prove he can make a difference after getting rid of J.D. for the day. Also, Turk has his “blackness” called into question by Dr. Cox; and Carla tries to keep Elliot from finding out which intern messed up a patient's medicine dosage. Lily Reid: Markie Post. Keith: Travis Schuldt. Lisa: Jordan Zucker. Mr. McNair: Henry LeBlanc. read more

My New Suit Season 5, Episode 18

J.D.'s brother Dan (Tom Cavanagh) pays a surprise visit, during which he's disappointed to learn that Elliot isn't into him like J.D. had suggested. Elsewhere, Turk slips up when he confides to J.D. the top-secret baby names Carla has chosen; and Dr. Kelso sticks Dr. Cox with the highly undesirable job of assisting Ted. Sam Lloyd. Jordan: Christa Miller. Doug: Johnny Kastl. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

My Chopped Liver Season 5, Episode 17

Turk is secretly unhappy that J.D. has changed his work schedule so the two of them can spend more time hanging out together; Carla takes heat from her coworkers after she does a favor for Dr. Kelso; and Dr. Cox regrets revealing his nicer side to Keith. Travis Schuldt. Jordan: Christa Miller. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. Frank: Jeffrey Stubblefield. Marc: Paul Hipp. read more

My Bright Idea Season 5, Episode 16

Turk has some wonderful news for Carla---she's finally pregnant. However, Turk decides to hold off on telling Carla after J.D. persuades him to take advantage of this opportunity to pull off the “world's greatest surprise.” But their plan, which involves the entire hospital, runs into a bit of trouble. Jordan: Christa Miller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Keith: Travis Schuldt. Gloria: Christina Miles. Stanley: Sabin Rich. read more

My Extra Mile Season 5, Episode 15

J.D. lectures his colleagues, especially Dr. Cox, telling them to “go the extra mile” for their patients, but then he's forced to reconsider his stance when he's asked to shave his head in solidarity with a woman who is going to lose her hair to chemo. Elsewhere, Carla and Turk are having a hard time following their fertility specialist's advice to eliminate stress from their lives. Carol: Mary Kate Schellhardt. read more

My Own Personal Hell Season 5, Episode 14

Dr. Cox is stuck caring for one of Dr. Kelso's old---and rather miserable and demanding---friends; Elliot gets upset with J.D. when he doesn't defend her after she's accused by the other interns of giving preferential treatment to Keith (Travis Schuldt); and Carla resorts to sneaky means to find out if Turk is sterile. Jordan: Christa Miller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Lonnie: Michael Hobert. read more

My Five Stages Season 5, Episode 13

Grief counseling is offered to Mrs. Wilk (Michael Learned), whose condition has worsened considerably. As she comes to accept her fate with help from a quirky therapist (Dave Foley), J.D. and Dr. Cox---surprisingly---turn to each other for support as they face losing their favorite patient. Elsewhere, Ted and the Janitor team up to give bitter Kelso a taste of his own medicine; and Elliot's relationship with Keith changes. read more

My Cabbage Season 5, Episode 12

J.D.'s dislike for and resentment toward intern Keith (Travis Schuldt) increase to the point where J.D. tries to get him dismissed from Sacred Heart, but the plan backfires. Elsewhere, Elliot and Turk misplace their patient's deathbed statement to his children; and the Janitor attempts to keep a pet bird in the hospital without Dr. Kelso knowing it. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Jason: Shaughn Buchholz. read more

My Buddy's Booty Season 5, Episode 11

The Sacred Heart staffers each try different ways to take their minds off the fact that a favorite patient (Michael Learned) has to undergo an extremely risky procedure. While J.D. and Elliot try to get lucky in love, Dr. Cox finds a new drinking buddy in the Janitor, and Carla encourages Turk to fight for a female-friendly hospital gym. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

Her Story II Season 5, Episode 10

J.D.'s friends and colleagues meet Julie (Mandy Moore) and absolutely adore her. Therefore, they worry that “commit-a-phobe” J.D. is going to ruin the relationship, especially after he begins saying his thoughts out loud. Meanwhile, Carla is fuming inside over not being pregnant after two months of trying with Turk. Billy Dee Williams. Jordan: Christa Miller. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Dr. Matthews: Jay Kenneth Johnson. read more

My Half-Acre Season 5, Episode 9

Mandy Moore plays someone who has the potential to be J.D.'s perfect love match; Elliot offers J.D. relationship advice and tries to help break his bad habit of ruining romantic moments by uttering really inappropriate things. Elsewhere, Turk lip-synchs in an “air band” made up of Sacred Heart regulars; and Carla encourages Dr. Cox to treat a Jehovah's Witness patient. Jordan: Christa Miller. Ted: Sam Lloyd. Lonnie: Michael Hobert. read more

My Big Bird Season 5, Episode 8

During a morbidity-and-mortality conference to determine who should be held responsible for a patient's death, J.D. and Turk recall leaving Sacred Heart to track down a cured patient (Jason Bateman) who owed J.D. a thank-you. Also, Elliot reveals how she got mixed up with a married man and his vengeful wife; and Carla explains how she organized a lottery pool. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Millie: Allison Smith. read more

My Way Home Season 5, Episode 7

There are allusions to “The Wizard of Oz” galore when J.D. realizes there's no place like home after he's pulled into work on his day off. Meanwhile, Carla thinks she lacks the courage to have a child; and Elliot doesn't believe she's smart enough to hold an intensive Q&A lecture on endocrinology. Zach Braff directed. read more

My New God Season 5, Episode 5

Dr. Cox's born-again sister (Cheryl Hines) tests her brother's faith when she visits for her nephew's baptism. Meanwhile, Turk and Carla try to conceive a child---but Carla's overly technical approach turns off Turk; and J.D. tries to connect with the Janitor by helping him move. read more

My Missed Perception Season 5, Episode 6

A seriously ill senior (Michael Learned) decides to drop J.D. as her doctor and switch to Dr. Cox after J.D. wrongly concludes that she's at peace with dying. Elsewhere, Turk and Elliot are at a loss to find any medical reason for a man's chronic pain; and Carla will stop at nothing to get a staff picture, but she receives a less than enthusiastic response from her Sacred Heart colleagues, especially the Janitor. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

My Jiggly Ball Season 5, Episode 4

J.D. is given the undesirable job of having to think up some nice words to say about Dr. Kelso at an awards function. The task is made even more difficult by Kelso's seemingly unfair treatment of a deserving patient. Meanwhile, after it becomes public knowledge that Elliot has been working at a free clinic, the gang tries to get her old job back. Keith: Travis Schuldt. read more

My Day at the Races Season 5, Episode 3

As J.D.'s 30th birthday approaches, he sets out to accomplish one item on his “Things to Do By Thirty” list: complete a triathlon. Meanwhile, Elliot urges Jake (Josh Randall) to open up about his wants and needs, but immediately regrets it when he does; Turk lets Carla believe she's responsible for his decision to perform hypnosis surgery, but he's really doing it to impress Dr. Kelso. Jordan: Christa Miller. read more

My Rite of Passage Season 5, Episode 2

The truth hurts when J.D. comes to the realization that his interns aren't laughing at his jokes because they are funny, but rather because he is their boss. Meanwhile, Elliot gets a rather unflattering nickname from her new colleagues---thanks to Carla; and Dr. Cox lets Jordan fall for a con artist's sob story. Sam: Alexander Chaplin. Charlie: J.P. Manoux. Fellowship Director: Tom Schmid. read more

My Intern's Eyes Season 5, Episode 1

Sacred Heart is seen through the eyes of a new intern, who's trying to muster the courage to speak up. Meanwhile, J.D. survives his first day as an attending physician and moves back in with Turk, but without Carla knowing it; and Elliot has difficulty adjusting to life at County Hospital. read more

My Changing Ways Season 4, Episode 25

A main character departs and J.D. faces a major turning point when he moves out of Turk and Carla's place. Elsewhere, the Elliot-Jake relationship intensifies. read more

My Drive By Season 4, Episode 24

Ego trips up Turk, who's facing a challenge from Cox; sex abstinence agitates Elliott, who's resolved not to “ruin” her relationship with Jake (Josh Randall). Elsewhere, Kelso and the Janitor make use of a motorized cart. read more

My Faith in Humanity Season 4, Episode 23

Lovelorn Elliott falls again, this time for a kind charmer (Josh Randall) caring for a neighbor. Trouble is, she seeks Cox's romantic advice. His counsel: “ignore the hell out of him.” Also: Turk and Carla participate in couples therapy. read more

My Big Move Season 4, Episode 22

Jealousy gnaws at Turk over J.D.'s smooch with Carla; Cox's counsel of a teenage girl backfires, so he seeks help from Elliot with hat in hand. Also, a new uniform discomforts the Janitor, who finds he no longer commands authority. read more

My Lips Are Sealed Season 4, Episode 21

A get-together takes an unexpected turn for J.D., Turk and Carla, who seeks to smooth over her problems with Turk. Elsewhere, a patient's ailment rattles Elliot; and an injury to Cox's son disconcerts the tot's mom. read more

My Boss's Free Haircut Season 4, Episode 20

A feisty patient riles Kelso, who redons scrubs, thanks to Cox's challenge, and finds his bedside manner sorely tested. Elsewhere, Carla moves out of Turk's place and into Elliot's, while J.D. moves back in with Turk. Nell: Lindsay Hollister. read more

My Best Laid Plans Season 4, Episode 19

An old flame (Heather Graham) rekindles J.D.'s attraction amidst his frustration with Kylie. Also, romantic problems embroil Turk and Carla; and a dating game entangles Elliot, who's the object of a bet between Cox and the Janitor. read more

My Roommates Season 4, Episode 18

Michael Boatman (“Spin City”) guest stars as Cox's competitive old buddy, who rekindles their rivalry. Also, J.D. seeks new digs after he's ousted by Turk and Carla, who long for privacy, but soon miss having him around. read more

My Life in Four Cameras Season 4, Episode 17

Act II unfolds as J.D.'s sitcom fantasy, filmed in front of a studio audience and triggered by his tending to a TV writer. Clay Aiken guest stars as a hapless cafeteria worker, who sings “Isn't She Lovely?” Mr. James: Ken Lerner. Kylie: Chrystee Pharris. read more

My Quarantine Season 4, Episode 16

Staffers are quarantined in the ICU, thanks to a gaffe by J.D., entrapped with his new flame and the “ex-girlfriend from hell” (Tara Reid). Also, tensions flare between Carla and Turk, who's jealous of his wife's ties with Cox. read more

My Hypocritical Oath Season 4, Episode 15

A patient's trust binds J.D., who can't reveal a disturbing diagnosis to the afflicted's girlfriend, a winsome charmer J.D. is romancing; a hopeless case steels Elliot's resolve. Kylie: Chrystee Pharris. James: Marc D. Wilson. read more

My Lucky Charm Season 4, Episode 14

Colin Farrell guest stars as an Irish-born free spirit, philosopher and battler who woos Carla and Elliot, and wows J.D. and Turk. Also, Cox has a vasectomy, then has second thoughts. read more

My Ocardial Infarction Season 4, Episode 13

Ego trips up J.D. over a patient's plight that Elliot diagnoses first. “When did she become a better doctor than me?,” he whines. Cox has a typically caustic response. “Probably during one of the countless days you were goofing off.” read more

My Best Moment Season 4, Episode 12

The MDs are puzzled by a man's case, and touched by his son. The disarming 10-year-old charms Kelso, beguiles Elliot and rattles Turk, the surgeon who'll be operating on the lad's father. read more

My Unicorn Season 4, Episode 11

Matthew Perry directed and plays the estranged, cavalierly Chandler-esque son of an amiable patient (John Bennett Perry, his real-life dad) in need of a new kidney. Also, Elliot wages a battle against gender discrimination. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. read more

My Female Trouble Season 4, Episode 10

Conclusion. J.D.'s a prisoner of love, bewitched by a malpractice lawyer (Julianna Margulies) who's suing Turk. Elsewhere, Elliot gets short shrift from a sexist-pig patient (Jon Polito), an influential member of the hospital board. read more

My Malpractical Decision Season 4, Episode 9

Part 1 of two. ER's Julianna Margulies plays “the scariest malpractice attorney in the city.” Not surprisingly, her dad is a patient MDs are afraid to treat. Richard Kind returns as a hypochondriac out to teach Turk a lesson. Doug: Johnny Kastl. read more

My Last Chance Season 4, Episode 8

Tales of two Mollys are spun around Dr. Molly Clock's fling with J.D. and a guest stint by Molly Shannon as a very vocal paramedic, who becomes a thorn in the side of Dr. Cox as he fulfills his community-service obligation. read more

My Common Enemy Season 4, Episode 7

Jealousy goads J.D., rattled by Elliot's new affair with his visiting brother (Tom Cavanagh); spite incites Cox and Kelso to get at Molly, whose overweening cheeriness they find irritating. Molly: Heather Graham. read more

My Cake Season 4, Episode 6

Tom Cavanagh returns as J.D.'s older brother in an episode about grief, acceptance and denial. One plot deals with the death of the sibs' dad, another with Turk's debilitating health condition. Molly: Heather Graham. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

Her Story Season 4, Episode 5

Disillusionment racks Elliot, upset by the imprudent behavior of Molly (Heather Graham), her mentor; leadership skills test J.D., who strikes an improbable bargain with Cox. Mike: Jason-Shayne Scott. Lonnie: Michael Hobert. read more

My First Kill Season 4, Episode 4

A risky procedure daunts J.D., intimidated by Cox's dire warning to residents that “sometime you will screw up [and] kill a patient.” Elsewhere, Elliot crosses swords with Molly over a patient's candidacy for surgery. Dean: Tim Conlon. read more

My New Game Season 4, Episode 3

Surprise! Cox is still married to Jordan, thanks to a legal mix-up; respect eludes J.D. in his new residency role that has him battling with Elliot. Molly: Heather Graham. Miss Myers: Bronwen Booth. Dr. Lemmon: Brogan Roche. read more

My Office Season 4, Episode 2

Hospital conflicts busy Clock, who sets out to mollify J.D. and Elliot, now sharing duties and squabbling as co-chief residents. The psychiatrist also comes between a battling Carla and Turk, who's engaged in a feud with Cox as well. read more

My Old Friend's New Friend Season 4, Episode 1

Heather Graham (“Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”) joins the cast in a recurring role as an insightful if spacey psychiatrist. The main plot focuses on her interaction with J.D. and his treatment of a recalcitrant patient. read more

My Best Friend's Wedding Season 3, Episode 22

In the third-season finale, the Turk-Carla wedding day provides apt pandemonium, including nuptials that go awry and tempestuous behavior at the reception. Sean: Scott Foley. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Danni: Tara Reid. Mark: Freddy Rodriguez. read more

My Self-Examination Season 3, Episode 21

A nuptial crisis faces Turk, hung up on writing wedding vows for Carla; verbal sparring with Perry tires Jordan, who refuses to fight back; another commitment dilemma ruffles J.D., who's fretting over his reinvolvement with Elliot. read more

My Fault Season 3, Episode 20

Richard Kind (“Spin City”) plays a crusty patient who becomes the pawn in a tussle between Kelso and Cox over an elective procedure. Also, premarital stress agitates Turk and Carla; renewed longings for Elliot prey upon J.D. read more

My Choosiest Choice of All Season 3, Episode 19

Jealousy plagues J.D., who's distraught that Elliot has drifted back to Sean and who now bounds back to Danni (Tara Reid). Elsewhere, Cox finds himself attracted to Dr. Miller, despite the sarcastic remonstrances of his ex. read more

His Story II Season 3, Episode 18

J.D. offers to cover Kids Day in hopes of wowing Elliott, who may not notice his good deed after Sean (Scott Foley) re-enters the picture; Turk's wedding invitations leave him with a case of cold feet; Cox and Kelso get into it over a new doc (Bellamy Young). Kelso: Ken Jenkins. read more

My Moment of Un-Truth Season 3, Episode 17

Dr. Ron Ramirez (Nestor Carbonell) returns from abroad, sparking Carla's interest and forcing her to reevaluate her feelings for Turk. Meanwhile, Elliot and Cox clash over a patient; and the Janitor (Neil Flynn) introduces J.D. and Turk to his “twin” brother. read more

My Butterfly Season 3, Episode 16

Decision-making matures J.D., who has a shattering experience with one patient and an uplifting one with another. Meanwhile, searches for lost, lucky objects busy Turk and Elliot, whose persistence aggravates Carla and the Janitor. read more

My Tormented Mentor Season 3, Episode 15

A chum's death gnaws at Cox, who's further pained by the visit of Jordan's obnoxious friends, Allison (Julie Warner) and Maddie (Embeth Davidtz). Meanwhile, sexist remarks backfire on Turk, who offends a new surgeon (Bellamy Young). read more

My Screwup Season 3, Episode 14

Brendan Fraser returns as Cox's outgoing ex-brother-in-law, who figures prominently in an episode about acceptance and guilt that involves the embattled J.D.-Cox relationship. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. read more

My Porcelain God Season 3, Episode 13

Self-confidence eludes Elliot, who seeks help from the self-absorbed Dr. Casey (Michael J. Fox); wedding plans busy Turk and Carla; cost-cutting obsesses Kelso, whose shutdown of a hospital wing has seriocomic ramifications. read more

My Catalyst Season 3, Episode 12

In the first of two episodes, Michael J. Fox plays a brilliant, quirky MD named Casey, a fascination to J.D. and a thorn in the side of Cox, whose jealousy dates from their residencies and who now seeks to prove he's top dog. read more

My Clean Break Season 3, Episode 11

Breaking up is hard to do for J.D., who's wary of a commitment to Danni (Tara Reid) and is not yet over Elliot; feeling happy irks sardonic Cox, who blames his goodwill on fatherhood but is determined “to get the fear back” into residents. read more

My Rule of Thumb Season 3, Episode 10

Sex obsesses a cancer patient seeking a one-night stand---with Carla and Elliot's help; a liver-transplant controversy embroils Cox and Turk. Miss Himsel: Cheryl White. Mr. Iverson: Mike Starr. Randall: Martin Klebba. read more

My Dirty Secret Season 3, Episode 9

Barry Bostwick plays a straitlaced patient facing prostate-cancer surgery in an episode addressing sexual issues and innuendos that also impact on Elliot and Turk. Markie Post has a cameo as Elliot's prudish mom. read more

My Friend the Doctor Season 3, Episode 8

OR success buoys Turk's ego; the attention of a sympathetic patient (Bernie Kopell) cheers Elliot, who doubts her ability as a doctor; a back injury gives Cox a lesson in mortality. Danni: Tara Reid. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. read more

My Fifteen Seconds Season 3, Episode 7

The diagnosis of a jovial patient (Nicole Sullivan) stymies J.D., whose lover (Tara Reid) learns of his affair with Cox's ex; an elderly woman's care creates tension between Elliot and Carla; Kelso's temporary hearing loss amuses staffers. read more

My Advice to You Season 3, Episode 6

Carla's brother (Freddy Rodriguez of “Six Feet Under”) rankles Turk; a scattered yet beguiling hospital visitor (Tara Reid) intrigues J.D., whose loyalty to Cox is tested in an issue involving the critically ill that embattles Cox with Kelso. read more

My Brother, Where Art Thou? Season 3, Episode 5

Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”) returns as J.D.'s brother, a scamp who awakens troubling memories; Elliot and Carla moonlight at a pet clinic, where they incur the wrath of Kelso, seeking care for his adored pooch. read more

My Lucky Night Season 3, Episode 4

The residency directorship appeals to Cox, but Kelso's a hurdle; tensions surface between Elliot and Sean, who learns of her fling with J.D.; a surgical procedure partners Carla with Turk, who's not anxious to work side by side with his fiancee. read more

My White Whale Season 3, Episode 3

Christopher Meloni (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) plays a pediatrician who defies Cox. Elsewhere, new interns test the patience of the residents, especially J.D. and Elliot, who has separate issues with her buttinsky boyfriend. read more

My Journey Season 3, Episode 2

Hospital duty conflicts with Elliot's new romance with an old beau (Scott Foley), who's really more attached to the sea creatures he trains; the bond between J.D. and Turk faces a stern test as the latter finally sets a wedding day. read more

My American Girl Season 3, Episode 1

A difficult case rallies the residents behind J.D.; mishaps plague Elliot, who has a calamitous run-in with an old beau (Scott Foley); and the feud between Kelso and Cox continues to fester. Laddy: Sean Whalen. read more

'Scrubs' Funniest Moments

Memorable series scenes are interwoven with outtakes, featuring guest-star appearances and a barrage of flubs. John C. McGinley hosts. read more

My Dream Job Season 2, Episode 22

A visit from J.D. and Turk's frat buddy (Ryan Reynolds), now successful and still partying, unsettles his pals. Meanwhile, Cox learns he's the father of Jordan's baby; and Kelso comes down hard on Elliot. read more

My Drama Queen Season 2, Episode 21

J.D.'s love runs hot and cold; Turk's romance with Carla takes a sudden turn toward the altar; Cox's mockery backfires. Fred Berry (“What's Happening!!”) plays himself in a cameo. Jamie: Amy Smart. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Interpretation Season 2, Episode 20

Troubling diagnoses fluster J.D., more deeply involved with a recent widow; baby-sitting has an impact on Cox; erotic dreams agitate Turk. Jamie: Amy Smart. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Kingdom Season 2, Episode 19

A surgery stint stokes J.D., but alienates him from Turk; the Elliot-Nurse Paul affair seesaws; the Cox-Kelso enmity takes a peculiar turn. Nurse Paul: Rick Schroder. Crispin: George Miserlis. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Ted: Sam Lloyd. read more

My T.C.W. Season 2, Episode 18

J.D.'s romantic life has a new light (Amy Smart): a glow beside the flickering bulbs in the bickering relationships of fellow staffers. Nurse Paul: Rick Schroder. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Own Private Practice Guy Season 2, Episode 17

A personal secret is revealed about Dr. Cox during hospital visitations by a cocky MD (Jay Mohr), who establishes a rapport with J.D. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Mr. Hilliard: Barry Kivel. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Karma Season 2, Episode 16

Tensions arise between Elliot and her new love, Nurse Paul (Rick Schroder); delivery day arrives for Jordan, who turns away ex-hubby Cox. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Dr. Donna: Debra Azar. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

His Story Season 2, Episode 15

Rick Schroder plays a nurse drawn to Elliot; Eric Bogosian portrays a strong-willed psychiatrist treating the wrathful, ever-cynical Cox (John C. McGinley). Dr. Zeltzer: Robert Clendenin. Jenny: Lenore Thomas. Doug: Johnny Kastl. read more

My Brother, My Keeper Season 2, Episode 14

Dick Van Dyke plays a beloved, old-school MD who mentors J.D. in a delicate surgical procedure; D.L. Hughley portrays Turk's gregarious older brother. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Troy: Joe Rose. Dr. Gerson: Julie Hudson. read more

My Philosophy Season 2, Episode 13

The heart afflictions of two women, including a plucky mother-to-be, affect J.D.; a battle to build a locker room for women pits Elliot against Kelso. Elaine: Jill Tracy. Sandy Larkin: Toni Ann Rossi. Steve Larkin: Sam Jaeger. read more

My New Old Friend Season 2, Episode 12

Comeuppances are in store for Cox, Kelso and J.D. from, respectively, a hypochondriac, a surgical patient and Elliot, who wants more than just sex from J.D. Corman: Richard Kind. Mrs. Kaye: Phyllis Applegate. Dr. Zeltzer: Robert Clendenin. read more

My Sex Buddy Season 2, Episode 11

Renewed sex with J.D. calms Elliot, who's facing personal and professional dilemmas. She's broke, and patients are bailing out on her. Mr. Woodbury: Kevin Cooney. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Turk: Donald Faison. Cox: John C. McGinley. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Monster Season 2, Episode 10

Personal tangles snare staffers, including Cox, reinvolved with his pregnant ex; and J.D., swept away by a comely cashier (Sarah Lancaster). Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Cox: John C. McGinley. Carla: Judy Reyes. read more

My Lucky Day Season 2, Episode 9

Elliot faces a lawsuit from an irate, recovering patient (Alan Ruck) who was originally told by her that he had just a short time to live; J.D. and Cox treat two new patients who have identical, complicated symptoms. John Ritter and David Copperfield have cameos. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. read more

My Fruit Cups Season 2, Episode 8

Rivalry for Cox's affection pits his new flame, Julie (Heather Locklear), against his ex-wife, who's in a delicate physical and emotional state. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Dr. Reid: Lane Davies. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Turk: Donald Faison. read more

My First Step Season 2, Episode 7

Heather Locklear plays a pharmaceutical rep who bedevils Cox. Also: Carla and Elliot make take-charge decisions that have repercussions. Cox: John C. McGinley. Carla: Judy Reyes. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Big Brother Season 2, Episode 6

Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”) guest stars as J.D.'s older brother, a likable rascal whose surprise Halloween visit spooks his sibling. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. read more

My New Coat Season 2, Episode 5

Cocky new residents stand up to senior staffers. Case in point: J.D.'s run-in with Cox over a severely ill sinus patient (Ted Lange). Dr. DiStefano: Brian McGovern. Mrs. Bumbry: Kerry Michaels. Dr. Amato: Jeff Asch. read more

My Big Mouth Season 2, Episode 4

A test of character awaits Turk, who clashes with a female surgeon; a test of friendship is in store for Carla and J.D., thanks to his big mouth. Mr. Hogan: Brian Powell. Bonnie: Lela Lee. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. Turk: Donald Faison. read more

My Case Study Season 2, Episode 3

Michael McDonald (“Mad TV”) plays a patient with a manhood problem that J.D. seeks to parlay into a trip to an AMA conference in Reno. Mrs. Warner: Maree Cheatham. Mrs. Kellerman: Jill Basey. Doug: Johnny Kastl. read more

My Nightingale Season 2, Episode 2

All-night duty---and major-accident casualties---rattle the new residents, whose salvation depends on the cool and collected Carla (Judy Reyes). Jordan: Christa Miller. Ted: Sam Lloyd. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Overkill Season 2, Episode 1

Romantic entanglements propel this episode. Colin Hay (of Men at Work fame) plays a troubadour, who sings a rendition of “Overkill” that underscores churning emotions at Sacred Heart Hospital. J.D.: Zach Braff. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. read more

My Last Day Season 1, Episode 24

The squabbling interns find a common cause in the desperate plight of an elderly, uninsured patient who needs surgery. Jordan: Christa Miller. Mr. Bober: Don Perry. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Hero Season 1, Episode 23

Conclusion. Concern for a patient and friend (Brendan Fraser) unsettles Cox; ego gnaws at Turk, bypassed for prime surgery. Jordan: Christa Miller. Dr. Zeltzer: Robert Clendenin. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. Todd: Robert Maschio. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Occurrence Season 1, Episode 22

Part 1 of two. Brendan Fraser plays Dr. Cox's gregarious former brother-in-law, whose admittance to the hospital following a construction accident has unforeseen complications. Jordan: Christa Miller. Jill: Nicole Sullivan. Dr. Bobb: Steven Hack. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Sacrificial Clam Season 1, Episode 21

Fear plagues J.D. after being pricked by a used syringe; a new beau (Scott Foley) busies Elliot; athletic competitions pit Turk vs. Cox. “St. Elsewhere” regulars with cameos as doctor-patients include William Daniels, Ed Begley Jr., Stephen Furst and Eric Laneuville. read more

My Way or the Highway Season 1, Episode 20

Turk's competitiveness rattles J.D.; Dr. Cox's rashness turns off the nursing staff; a patient's handsomeness turns on Elliot. Sean: Scott Foley. Mr. Hoffner: Fred Stoller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Old Man Season 1, Episode 19

John Ritter plays J.D.'s father, a gregarious yet lonely divorcé who's among the diverse parents visiting their offspring. Lily Reid: Markie Post. Margaret Turk: Hattie Winston. Janitor's Father: R. Lee Ermey. read more

My Tuscaloosa Heart Season 1, Episode 18

Romantic tangles fluster Cox, who's swept away by a med student (Kelli Williams), reinvolved with his ex and still enamored of Carla. Jordan: Christa Miller. Aaron Simon: Jack Shearer. Jerry: Eric Saiet. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Student Season 1, Episode 17

Med students working with the interns include J.D.'s nervous neophyte and a self-assured charmer (Kelli Williams) who bewitches Cox. Josh: DJ Qualls. Phillip: Adrian Wenner. Mr. Chambers: Don Chastain. read more

My Heavy Meddle Season 1, Episode 16

Cox's volatile outbursts get to J.D., who has a showdown with the despondent doc; a dying patient's request embroils Carla with Kelso (Ken Jenkins). Todd: Robert Maschio. Franklyn: Masi Oka. Matthew: Dan Sachoff. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. read more

My Bed Banter & Beyond Season 1, Episode 15

The J.D.-Elliot relationship gets hot and heavy in an episode that finds interns and staffers baring their souls to a psychologist. Todd: Robert Maschio. Carla: Judy Reyes. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. Turk: Donald Faison. read more

My Drug Buddy Season 1, Episode 14

A new love interest entangles J.D.; a rivalry intensifies between Cox and Turk; a tenuous, ride-sharing arrangement ties Carla to Kelso. Alex: Elizabeth Bogush. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. read more

My Balancing Act Season 1, Episode 13

Juggling patient care and a new love interest flusters J.D.; combatting Kelso amuses Cox. Carrot Top appears as himself. Alex: Elizabeth Bogush. Todd: Robert Maschio. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. Doug: Johnny Kastl. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright read more

My Blind Date Season 1, Episode 12

A hectic day in the ICU finds Cox needling Elliot and J.D., who's also ordered by Kelso to treat a patient injured in a fall at the hospital. Alex: Elizabeth Bogush. Mike Davis: Michael McDonald. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Doug: Johnny Kastl. read more

My Own Personal Jesus Season 1, Episode 11

At Yuletide, J.D. videotapes a baby's birth; Elliot attends to a penniless, pregnant teen; and Turk sees an onslaught of patients in a scene set to a macrabe choral reworking of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Jordan: Christa Miller. Wheeler: Joel Hurt Jones. Mrs. Wheeler: Cathy Herd. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Nickname Season 1, Episode 10

A hyperactive patient (Nicole Sullivan) unnerves Cox and elicits Elliot's sympathy; J.D.'s blowup strains his precarious relationship with Carla. Cox: John C. McGinley. Carla: Judy Reyes. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Kelso: Ken Jenkins. read more

My Day Off Season 1, Episode 9

Appendicitis afflicts J.D. at Thanksgiving time, so he learns firsthand what it's like to be a patient, starting with a physical exam by Elliot. Dr. Benson: Paul Collins. Jennifer: Melinda Embry. Mike Clark: Michael McDonald. read more

My 15 Minutes Season 1, Episode 8

Heroics in a crisis glorify Turk and J.D., who's still shaky about an upcoming internship evaluation that falls to the volatile Dr. Cox. Patricia: Alex Wright. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Darryl: Mane R. Andrews. read more

My Super Ego Season 1, Episode 7

Sean Hayes plays a macho, hotshot intern, who steals the limelight from J.D. and enthralls Elliot; Turk faces a personal crisis in the OR. Carla: Judy Reyes. Dr. Kelso: Ken Jenkins. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My Bad Season 1, Episode 6

J.D.'s tryst with an alluring patient (Christa Miller) leaves him in shock, but the real jolt hits when he finds out who she really is. Comic Jimmie Walker has a cameo as himself. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. Carla's Mother: Gina Morelli. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Dr. Greenberg: Mark Chaet. read more

My Two Dads Season 1, Episode 5

J.D.'s father figures---Cox and Kelso---court the support of their hopeful protégé over the issues of patient care and health insurance. Louie Anderson appears briefly as himself. Dr. Steadman: Matt Winston. Jared: Matthew Richards. Todd: Robert Maschio. Mrs. Blitt: Marlena. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Old Lady Season 1, Episode 4

A feisty, ailing septuagenarian (Kathryn Joosten) charms J.D.; a frightened Hispanic patient unwittingly makes allies of Elliot and Carla. Mrs. Guerrero: Esther “Tita” Mercado. David Morrison: Travis Wester. Jim Morrison: Jack Thomas. Janitor: Neil Flynn. read more

My Best Friend's Mistake Season 1, Episode 3

Professional and personal situations test the bounds of friendship between J.D. and Turk; a sexist matter entangles Elliot with Kelso (Ken Jenkins). Todd: Robert Maschio. Carla: Judy Reyes. Mr. Kavanaugh: Robert Munns. Turk: Donald Faison. Lawyer: Sam Lloyd. read more

My Mentor Season 1, Episode 2

Sardonic Dr. Cox gets to J.D., who's in desperate need of acceptance; tactless Elliot irks Carla, who's being wooed by slick Turk. Will: John Ducey. Todd: Robert Maschio. Janitor: Neil Flynn. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Doug: Johnny Kastl. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley. read more

My First Day (Pilot) Season 1, Episode 1

In the series pilot, J.D. encounters a take-charge nurse, finds romance and faces an anxious first night on call. J.D.: Zach Braff. Elliott: Sarah Chalke. Carla: Judy Reyes. Mr. Burski: Ted Rogers. read more

Scrubs Episode: "My Finale"

Episode Synopsis: J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell in the eighth-season finale. His agenda before he goes includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name. Meanwhile, Elliot slowly moves her belongings into J.D.'s new place, signaling a change in their relationship.
Original Air Date: May 6, 2009
Guest Cast Andrew Miller: Jack Colin Hay: Himself Bellamy Young: Dr. Miller Matt Winston: Dr. Steadman Kate Micucci: Stephanie Kit Pongetti: Lady Martin Klebba: Randall Philip McNiven: Roy Michael Learned: Mrs. Wilks Travis Schuldt: Keith Katie O'Rourke Phil Lewis: Hooch Amy Smart: Jamie Jill Tracy: Elaine Meredith Roberts: Kathy Aseem Batra: Josephine Shaughn Buchholz: Cabbage Elizabeth Bogush: Alex Kathryn Joosten: Mrs. Tanner Robert Clendenin: Dr. Zeltzer Tom Cavanagh: Dan Dorian Michael McDonald: Mr. Cropper Stephanie D'Abruzzo: Patti Joe Rose: Troy Michael Hobert: Lonnie Jay Kenneth Johnson: Dr. Matthews Nicole Sullivan: Jill Tracy Suanne Spoke Deonte Gordon Robert Beckwith: Roy Josh Cooke: Van Judy Jean Berns: Mrs. Stonewater George Miserlis: Crispin Taran Killam: Jimmy

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Premiered: October 02, 2001, on NBC
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Premise: An engaging (and periodically serious) look at hospital work through the eyes of a young intern, coping with unusual challenges presented by colleagues as well as patients. The show is a smart mix of humor and social commentary, and has had a diverse lineup of guest stars, including Colin Hay of Men at Work, Brendan Fraser, Dick Van Dyke and, in one of his rare TV appearances since he left full-time work because of Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox.



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Scrubs - The Complete Second Season
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From Buena Vista Home Entertainment (DVD)
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