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May 13, 2014: Honor Thy Father
May 06, 2014: The Admiral's Daughter
Apr 29, 2014: Shooter
Apr 15, 2014: Alleged
Apr 08, 2014: Page Not Found
Apr 01, 2014: Crescent City "Part II"
Mar 25, 2014: Crescent City
Mar 18, 2014: Rock and a Hard Place
Mar 04, 2014: Dressed to Kill
Feb 25, 2014: Bulletproof
Feb 04, 2014: Monsters and Men
Jan 14, 2014: Double Back
Jan 07, 2014: Kill Chain
Dec 17, 2013: Homesick
Dec 10, 2013: Devil's Triad
Nov 19, 2013: Gut Check
Nov 12, 2013: Alibi
Nov 05, 2013: Better Angels
Oct 29, 2013: Oil & Water
Oct 22, 2013: Once a Crook
Oct 15, 2013: Anonymous Was a Woman
Oct 08, 2013: Under the Radar
Oct 01, 2013: Past, Present, and Future
Sep 24, 2013: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
May 14, 2013: Damned if You Do
May 07, 2013: Double Blind
Apr 30, 2013: Revenge
Apr 23, 2013: Berlin
Apr 09, 2013: Chasing Ghosts
Mar 26, 2013: Squall
Mar 19, 2013: Seek
Mar 05, 2013: Prime Suspect
Feb 26, 2013: Detour
Feb 19, 2013: Hereafter
Feb 05, 2013: Canary
Jan 29, 2013: Hit and Run
Jan 15, 2013: Shiva
Jan 08, 2013: Shabbat Shalom
Dec 18, 2012: You Better Watch Out
Dec 11, 2012: Devil's Trifecta
Nov 27, 2012: Gone
Nov 20, 2012: Shell Shock
Nov 13, 2012: Shell Shock
Oct 30, 2012: The Namesake
Oct 23, 2012: Lost at Sea
Oct 09, 2012: Phoenix
Oct 02, 2012: Recovery
Sep 25, 2012: Extreme Prejudice
May 15, 2012: Till Death Do Us Part
May 08, 2012: Up in Smoke
May 01, 2012: Playing With Fire
Apr 17, 2012: Rekindled
Apr 10, 2012: The Missionary Position
Mar 27, 2012: The Good Son
Mar 20, 2012: The Tell
Feb 28, 2012: Need to Know
Feb 21, 2012: Psych Out
Feb 14, 2012: Secrets
Feb 07, 2012: Life Before His Eyes
Jan 10, 2012: A Desperate Man
Jan 03, 2012: Housekeeping
Dec 13, 2011: Newborn King
Nov 22, 2011: Sins of the Father
Nov 15, 2011: Engaged
Nov 08, 2011: Engaged
Nov 01, 2011: Devil's Triangle
Oct 25, 2011: Thirst
Oct 18, 2011: Safe Harbor
Oct 11, 2011: Enemy on the Hill
Oct 04, 2011: The Penelope Papers
Sep 27, 2011: Restless
Sep 20, 2011: Nature of the Beast
May 17, 2011: Pyramid
May 10, 2011: Swan Song
May 03, 2011: Baltimore
Apr 12, 2011: Dead Reflection
Apr 05, 2011: Two-Faced
Mar 29, 2011: Tell-All
Mar 22, 2011: Out of the Frying Pan...
Mar 01, 2011: One Last Score
Feb 22, 2011: Kill Screen
Feb 15, 2011: Defiance
Feb 08, 2011: Man Walks Into a Bar...
Feb 01, 2011: Freedom
Jan 18, 2011: Recruited
Jan 11, 2011: Ships in the Night
Dec 14, 2010: False Witness
Nov 23, 2010: Enemies Domestic
Nov 16, 2010: Enemies Foreign
Nov 09, 2010: Broken Arrow
Oct 26, 2010: Cracked
Oct 19, 2010: Dead Air
Oct 12, 2010: Royals and Loyals
Oct 05, 2010: Short Fuse
Sep 28, 2010: Worst Nightmare
Sep 21, 2010: Spider and the Fly
May 25, 2010: Rule Fifty-One
May 18, 2010: Patriot Down
May 11, 2010: Borderland
May 04, 2010: Obsession
Apr 27, 2010: Moonlighting
Apr 06, 2010: Guilty Pleasure
Mar 16, 2010: Jurisdiction
Mar 09, 2010: Double Identity
Mar 02, 2010: Mother's Day
Feb 09, 2010: Jack Knife
Feb 02, 2010: Masquerade
Jan 26, 2010: Jet Lag
Jan 12, 2010: Flesh and Blood
Jan 05, 2010: Ignition
Dec 15, 2009: Faith
Nov 24, 2009: Child's Play
Nov 17, 2009: Power Down
Nov 10, 2009: Endgame
Nov 03, 2009: Out Laws and In-Laws
Oct 20, 2009: Code of Conduct
Oct 13, 2009: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Oct 06, 2009: The Inside Man
Sep 29, 2009: Reunion
Sep 22, 2009: Truth or Consequences
May 19, 2009: Aliyah
May 12, 2009: Semper Fidelis
May 05, 2009: Legend
Apr 28, 2009: Legend
Apr 07, 2009: Toxic
Mar 31, 2009: Dead Reckoning
Mar 24, 2009: Hide and Seek
Mar 17, 2009: Knockout
Feb 24, 2009: South by Southwest
Feb 17, 2009: Bounce
Feb 10, 2009: Deliverance
Jan 27, 2009: Love & War
Jan 13, 2009: Broken Bird
Jan 06, 2009: Caged
Dec 16, 2008: Silent Night
Dec 02, 2008: Road Kill
Nov 25, 2008: Dagger
Nov 18, 2008: Cloak
Nov 11, 2008: Collateral Damage
Oct 28, 2008: Murder 2.0
Oct 21, 2008: Nine Lives
Oct 14, 2008: Heartland
Oct 07, 2008: Capitol Offense
Sep 30, 2008: Agent Afloat
Sep 23, 2008: Last Man Standing
May 20, 2008: Judgment Day
May 20, 2008: Judgment Day
May 20, 2008: Judgment Day
May 13, 2008: About Face
May 06, 2008: Recoil
Apr 29, 2008: In the Zone
Apr 22, 2008: Internal Affairs
Apr 15, 2008: Dog Tags
Apr 08, 2008: Stakeout
Dec 18, 2007: Tribes
Nov 27, 2007: Corporal Punishment
Nov 20, 2007: Lost and Found
Nov 13, 2007: Designated Target
Nov 06, 2007: Requiem
Oct 31, 2007: Chimera
Oct 23, 2007: Leap of Faith
Oct 16, 2007: Identity Crisis
Oct 09, 2007: Ex-File
Oct 02, 2007: Family
Sep 25, 2007: Bury Your Dead
May 22, 2007: Angel of Death
May 08, 2007: Trojan Horse
May 01, 2007: In the Dark
Apr 24, 2007: Brothers in Arms
Apr 10, 2007: Cover Story
Apr 03, 2007: Grace Period
Mar 20, 2007: Iceman
Feb 27, 2007: Skeletons
Feb 20, 2007: Dead Man Walking
Feb 13, 2007: Friends and Lovers
Feb 07, 2007: Blowback
Jan 24, 2007: Sharif Returns
Jan 16, 2007: Suspicion
Dec 12, 2006: Driven
Nov 28, 2006: Smoked
Nov 21, 2006: Twisted Sister
Nov 14, 2006: Once a Hero
Nov 07, 2006: Sandblast
Oct 31, 2006: Witch Hunt
Oct 17, 2006: Dead and Unburied
Oct 10, 2006: Faking It
Oct 03, 2006: Singled Out
Sep 26, 2006: Escaped
Sep 19, 2006: Shalom
May 16, 2006: Hiatus
May 09, 2006: Hiatus
May 02, 2006: Jeopardy
Apr 25, 2006: Bloodbath
Apr 18, 2006: Untouchable
Apr 04, 2006: Iced
Mar 14, 2006: Bait
Mar 07, 2006: Ravenous
Feb 28, 2006: Family Secret
Feb 07, 2006: Head Case
Jan 24, 2006: Light Sleeper
Jan 17, 2006: Deception
Jan 10, 2006: Boxed In
Dec 13, 2005: Model Behavior
Nov 29, 2005: Probie
Nov 22, 2005: Frame-Up
Nov 08, 2005: Under Covers
Nov 01, 2005: Honor Code
Oct 25, 2005: The Voyeur's Web
Oct 18, 2005: Switch
Oct 11, 2005: Silver War
Oct 04, 2005: Mind Games
Sep 27, 2005: Kill Ari
Sep 20, 2005: Kill Ari
May 24, 2005: Twilight
May 10, 2005: SWAK
May 03, 2005: Hometown Hero
Apr 26, 2005: Red Cell
Apr 12, 2005: Conspiracy Theory
Mar 29, 2005: Bikini Wax
Mar 22, 2005: An Eye for an Eye
Mar 01, 2005: Pop Life
Feb 23, 2005: Caught on Tape
Feb 15, 2005: Witness
Feb 08, 2005: The Meat Puzzle
Jan 18, 2005: Doppelganger
Jan 11, 2005: Black Water
Dec 14, 2004: Chained
Dec 07, 2004: Forced Entry
Nov 30, 2004: Heart Break
Nov 23, 2004: Call of Silence
Nov 16, 2004: Terminal Leave
Oct 26, 2004: The Bone Yard
Oct 19, 2004: Lt. Jane Doe
Oct 12, 2004: Vanished
Oct 05, 2004: The Good Wives Club
Sep 28, 2004: See No Evil
May 25, 2004: Reveille
May 18, 2004: The Weak Link
May 11, 2004: Split Decision
May 04, 2004: Missing
Apr 27, 2004: Dead Man Talking
Apr 06, 2004: Unsealed
Mar 16, 2004: The Truth Is Out There
Mar 02, 2004: Bete Noire
Feb 24, 2004: Enigma
Feb 17, 2004: The Good Samaritan
Feb 10, 2004: One Shot, One Kill
Feb 03, 2004: My Other Left Foot
Jan 13, 2004: Eye Spy
Jan 06, 2004: Left for Dead
Dec 16, 2003: Marine Down
Nov 25, 2003: Minimum Security
Nov 18, 2003: Sub Rosa
Nov 04, 2003: High Seas
Oct 28, 2003: The Curse
Oct 14, 2003: The Immortal
Oct 07, 2003: Sea Dog
Sep 30, 2003: Hung Out to Dry
Sep 23, 2003: Yankee White

Honor Thy Father Season 11, Episode 24

Season 11 ends with the NCIS team investigating a fire on a Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists. The probe focuses on whether the blaze was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs visits his childhood home following news of his father's passing. read more

The Admiral's Daughter Season 11, Episode 23

DiNozzo is sent to Paris on a covert mission to bring home an admiral's daughter, but he turns to the NCIS team for help when he encounters a controversial crime scene. read more

Shooter Season 11, Episode 22

A Marine photographer disappears prior to testifying in a high-profile Afghanistan murder case. The NCIS team investigate the homicide he witnessed and his current piece on military veterans who are homeless. Meanwhile, Abby tries to help a young homeless woman reconnect with her family. read more

Alleged Season 11, Episode 21

A Navy officer is found dead on a rural road. The investigation focuses on whether the victim was murdered as a result of a bar fight or because he knew too much about an attack on a female Navy officer. Meanwhile, DiNozzo and McGee start a juice cleanse to purge their bodies of impurities. read more

Page Not Found Season 11, Episode 20

McGee's girlfriend turns to NCIS for help when she finds new evidence in a controversial case that her bosses at the Department of Defense closed. Meanwhile, McGee talks to DiNozzo about whether he should ask Delilah to move in with him. read more

Crescent City "Part II" Season 11, Episode 19

Conclusion. A copycat of the Privileged Killer is hunted in New Orleans. read more

Crescent City Season 11, Episode 18

Part 1 of 2. A Congressman, who was a former NCIS agent, is murdered in New Orleans. Gibbs joins the case with a former colleague in the Crescent City field office and the FBI to determine whether the murder was politically motivated or linked to the victim's arrest of a serial killer who targeted military personnel and public servants. read more

Rock and a Hard Place Season 11, Episode 17

A bomb explodes in the dressing room at a military charity concert. The NCIS team investigate to determine whether the target was a washed-up 1980s rocker or if the bomb was part of a larger scheme. Meanwhile, Jimmy prepares for fatherhood. read more

Dressed to Kill Season 11, Episode 16

Guns are drawn when DiNozzo confronts a man impersonating a Navy officer and the perpetrator is left dead. The investigation reveals that the only witness is DiNozzo's father, who is in town to disclose a secret to his son. read more

Bulletproof Season 11, Episode 15

Defective bulletproof vests are found in a truck containing stolen U.S.M.C. merchandise. The NCIS team race to locate both the source of the faulty vests and any vests that have been shipped to military personnel overseas. read more

Monsters and Men Season 11, Episode 14

The murder of a Port Authority officer reveals Parsa's possible whereabouts, as the team continue to search for the terrorist. Meanwhile, Bishop reveals her past association with the elusive terrorist. read more

Double Back Season 11, Episode 13

In an effort to find the terrorist Parsa, Gibbs and his team track down one of his cohorts using evidence from the drone attack. Meanwhile, an emotionally shaken McGee struggles with ramifications from the incident. read more

Kill Chain Season 11, Episode 12

NCIS partners with the Department of Defense, including Gibbs's former girlfriend Hollis Mann, to track down a stolen drone that was used by a terrorist to kill a sailor. Meanwhile, McGee hesitates to ask for time off to attend a gala honoring his girlfriend. read more

Homesick Season 11, Episode 11

A mysterious illness strikes dozens of children from military families. Gibbs and the team investigate the cause, while Abby and Jimmy partner with the Naval Medical Research Center to determine the strain of the outbreak. read more

Devil's Triad Season 11, Episode 10

Complications arise when it is discovered there is a link between a murder victim and the current boyfriend of Gibbs's ex-wife. Meanwhile, NSA analyst Ellie Bishop adjusts to joining the NCIS team. read more

Gut Check Season 11, Episode 9

NSA analyst Eleanor Bishop works with NCIS when the Secretary of the Navy is bugged during a confidential briefing. Two years earlier, Bishop accurately predicted in detail that the security breach would happen. read more

Alibi Season 11, Episode 8

A closed hit-and-run murder case is re-examined when a former FBI agent turned lawyer tells Gibbs that her client's confidential alibi is solid. Meanwhile, McGee becomes suspicious of Tony's strange behavior. read more

Better Angels Season 11, Episode 7

A marine sergeant is murdered, but when Gibbs leaves mid-case to help his father reconnect with a former war pilot Tony and McGee argue over who should lead the investigation. read more

Oil & Water Season 11, Episode 6

NCIS partners with the Coast Guard Investigative Service to probe a suspicious explosion on board an oil rig. Meanwhile, a prankster targets the NCIS team. read more

Once a Crook Season 11, Episode 5

DiNozzo returns to his Baltimore police department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the crime scene of a murdered petty officer. read more

Anonymous Was a Woman Season 11, Episode 4

Gibbs and McGee travel to Afghanistan to investigate the murder of a woman who impersonated a soldier. The probe leads the two to an Afghan women's shelter that Mike Franks secretly supported for years. read more

Under the Radar Season 11, Episode 3

The NCIS team must rely on Twitter to help solve a case involving a missing Navy lieutenant. Meanwhile, McGee misplaces his badge but withholds the information from Gibbs and the authorities. read more

Past, Present, and Future Season 11, Episode 2

Tony travels to Israel to search for Ziva. Meanwhile, Gibbs and the team continue their hunt for Parsa and his growing terrorist ring. read more

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Season 11, Episode 1

Season 11 begins with an explosion at a black-tie affair in Washington, D.C. The tragic event results in a casualty who is connected to the agency. Down three agents, Gibbs and Parsons are forced to work together on the case. Meanwhile, badge-less DiNozzo and McGee investigate the crime as civilians, despite the case's dangerous ties to each of them. read more

Damned if You Do Season 10, Episode 24

The future of the agency is threatened as the 10th season ends. An international manhunt for Eli David's killer turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and his team for their use of unconventional methods. read more

Double Blind Season 10, Episode 23

A Department of Defense investigator probes the team's response to the Bodnar case that involves the murders of Ziva's father and Vance's wife. Meanwhile, a petty officer claims he is being followed and that it could be a matter of national security. read more

Revenge Season 10, Episode 22

In retaliation for the murders of Eli David and Jackie Vance, the NCIS team hunts for Bodnar despite orders from Homeland Security to withdraw from the case. read more

Berlin Season 10, Episode 21

Tony and Ziva track her father's killer to Berlin and plot to avenge his death. Meanwhile, the NCIS team investigates the murder of a Mossad officer in Virginia. read more

Chasing Ghosts Season 10, Episode 20

A Navy reservist returns home to find her husband missing and her living room covered in blood. Meanwhile, Tony suspects that Ziva is plotting to avenge her father's death. read more

Squall Season 10, Episode 19

The team go aboard a Navy ship to investigate a murder and are shocked to learn that McGee's father is a prime suspect. read more

Seek Season 10, Episode 18

The wife of a marine, who specialized in K-9 bomb detection, urges the NCIS team to investigate her husband's recent death in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Vance asks for the team's help as he interviews nannies. read more

Prime Suspect Season 10, Episode 17

A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs' barber to question his son's involvement. He then asks Gibbs to investigate and help prove that his son is innocent. read more

Detour Season 10, Episode 16

Ducky and Jimmy disappear while transporting a body from a crime scene. read more

Hereafter Season 10, Episode 15

NCIS director Vance, while still mourning his wife's death, discovers devastating personal information that causes him to question most everything in his life. read more

Canary Season 10, Episode 14

The NCIS team tracks an infamous hacker, who may hold the key to bringing down the most wanted cyber-terrorist in the world. read more

Hit and Run Season 10, Episode 13

A car accident involving a marine is investigated, and the probe causes Abby to recall some troubling memories from her very first case. read more

Shiva Season 10, Episode 12

In the aftermath of a tragic event that strikes close to home, the NCIS team unites to demand answers and protect vulnerable colleagues. read more

Shabbat Shalom Season 10, Episode 11

Ziva's father unexpectedly arrives to visit his daughter, but she questions his motives and wonders if he is on a secret mission for Mossad. Meanwhile, the team investigates the link between a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer. read more

You Better Watch Out Season 10, Episode 10

Tony can't decide if he will be naughty or nice when his father visits him at Christmas. read more

Devil's Trifecta Season 10, Episode 9

Gibbs teams up with FBI agent T.C. Fornell on a joint investigation when Fornell becomes the target of a shooting. The case gets more complicated when their mutual ex-wife, Diane, becomes involved. Meanwhile, rumors run rampant when Diane stays overnight at McGee's place. read more

Gone Season 10, Episode 8

A teen girl is kidnapped when a Navy captain, his daughter and her friend are attacked. Meanwhile, Tony gets jealous when Ziva makes plans with a mysterious man. read more

Shell Shock Season 10, Episode 7

Conclusion. Gibbs searches for a terrorist, with the help of a Marine captain dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, Abby gets excited about the NCIS Thanksgiving dinner; and Ziva makes special plans for the opera. read more

Shell Shock Season 10, Episode 6

Part 1 of 2. A Navy lieutenant who recently returned home from the Middle East is murdered. Gibbs believes a friend of the victim, a Marine captain suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, may be the key to finding the killer. read more

The Namesake Season 10, Episode 5

A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire's car, and the investigation links the crime to a man Gibbs was named after. read more

Lost at Sea Season 10, Episode 4

The team investigates a helicopter crash at sea and tries to find the missing pilot. Meanwhile, Ziva challenges Tony and McGee to a dare. read more

Phoenix Season 10, Episode 3

While on medical leave, Ducky personally orders the exhumation of a Navy commander's body in order to reexamine a closed case from 12 years ago. read more

Recovery Season 10, Episode 2

The team investigates when the body of a missing NCIS facilities manager, who disappeared the day the Navy Yard was bombed, is found. Meanwhile, psych evaluations are conducted; and Gibbs worries about Abby's recurring nightmares. read more

Extreme Prejudice Season 10, Episode 1

The 10th season begins with an emotionally damaged NCIS team searching for criminal mastermind Harper Dearing after a bomb destroys the Navy yard and their headquarters. read more

Till Death Do Us Part Season 9, Episode 24

The ninth season concludes with terrorism shaking the foundations of the Navy and NCIS, devastating Gibbs and his team. read more

Up in Smoke Season 9, Episode 23

The NCIS team search for a terrorist who is targeting the Navy after a high-tech bug is found inside a probationary agent's tooth. Meanwhile, Jimmy's bachelor party takes place. read more

Playing With Fire Season 9, Episode 22

An explosion on a Navy ship is investigated, and security is elevated at all U.S. Navy facilities around the world. Meanwhile, DiNozzo and Ziva travel to Italy after another explosive device is discovered onboard an American vessel. read more

Rekindled Season 9, Episode 21

The NCIS team investigates a warehouse fire with the Baltimore PD after missing Navy documents are found at the site, and Tony reunites with a boy from his past. read more

The Missionary Position Season 9, Episode 20

Tony and Ziva search for a missing soldier and a Navy chaplain after a marine is murdered. Meanwhile, Jimmy Palmer reveals who his best man will be at his wedding. read more

The Good Son Season 9, Episode 19

Director Vance's brother-in-law is the chief suspect in the murder of a petty officer. read more

The Tell Season 9, Episode 18

Someone on the inside leaks classified information, and Gibbs partners with psychiatrist Samantha Ryan to solve the case. read more

Need to Know Season 9, Episode 17

A chief petty officer is murdered. The investigation reveals that his death is linked to an international arms dealer, which jeopardizes top-secret clearance at a Naval research laboratory. Meanwhile, a probationary agent tries to join the team by getting in good with Gibbes. read more

Psych Out Season 9, Episode 16

A high-level-security Navy reservist is found dead and the investigation reveals it may have been a suicide, but Gibbs digs deeper to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, DiNozzo argues with accounting after seeing McGee's paycheck. read more

Secrets Season 9, Episode 15

DiNozzo is forced to work closely with his ex-fiancée when a Navy captain's death is linked to a secret society of superheroes. read more

Life Before His Eyes Season 9, Episode 14

Gibbs questions choices he has made when he stares down the barrel of a gun at a local diner. The show's 200th episode. read more

A Desperate Man Season 9, Episode 13

A navy lieutenant is murdered, and the team investigates while being interrupted by her husband, who is a detective; and Ray Cruz returns to talk to Ziva about their possible future together. read more

Housekeeping Season 9, Episode 12

A navy commander's murder is investigated, and in the process, the team runs into E.J. Barrett. read more

Newborn King Season 9, Episode 11

The team tries to find and protect a pregnant marine on Christmas Eve when her life is threatened. read more

Sins of the Father Season 9, Episode 10

Tony's dad's a murder suspect when he's found in a car with a body and no memory of his actions. Tony is taken off the case, forcing him to disobey orders to prove his dad's innocence. read more

Engaged Season 9, Episode 9

Conclusion. The search for a missing Marine officer who vanished after a bombing in Afghanistan continues. read more

Engaged Season 9, Episode 8

Part 1 of 2. The crash of a plane carrying the caskets of deceased soldiers is investigated when a discrepancy is found in the DNA testing of the remains. read more

Devil's Triangle Season 9, Episode 7

Gibbs and Fornell team up when their mutual ex-wife calls to say that her husband was kidnapped. read more

Thirst Season 9, Episode 6

A Navy lieutenant is murdered by forced overhydration; and Gibbs meets Ducky's new love, played by Cheryl Ladd. read more

Safe Harbor Season 9, Episode 5

A murder investigation of a Coast Guard officer leads to a Lebanese family seeking asylum in the U.S. read more

Enemy on the Hill Season 9, Episode 4

The team tries to learn why a decorated naval officer is being targeted by a contract killer; and Abby volunteers for kidney donation and learns something new about her family during the tests. read more

The Penelope Papers Season 9, Episode 3

The team is surprised to find a connection between the murder of a Navy lieutenant and McGee's grandmother. read more

Restless Season 9, Episode 2

A marine arrives at his homecoming party with a fatal stab wound, and the team is startled by his hidden past. read more

Nature of the Beast Season 9, Episode 1

In the ninth-season opener, Tony's secret assignment for the SECNAV leads to an NCIS agent's death and leaves Tony and Gibbs to solve the mystery of how the tragedy occurred. read more

Pyramid Season 8, Episode 24

In the eighth-season finale, the team members are in grave danger when they finally confront the Port-to-Port killer. read more

Swan Song Season 8, Episode 23

The search for the Port-to-Port killer heats up because his latest victim has ties with NCIS. read more

Baltimore Season 8, Episode 22

Tony's former partner is murdered by the Port-to-Port Killer, prompting Tony to recall his early days in Baltimore and the first time he met Gibbs. read more

Dead Reflection Season 8, Episode 21

A navy officer is murdered and the team searches for the killer, a petty officer caught in the crime on a Pentagon security camera. read more

Two-Faced Season 8, Episode 20

A seaman's murder leads to a serial killer operating in international ports, and Gibbs reluctantly must allow agent E.J. Barrett lead the investigation; and the team finally meets Ziva's boyfriend. read more

Tell-All Season 8, Episode 19

A navy commander's murder leads the team to a mysterious manuscript and a possible threat to classified military secrets. read more

Out of the Frying Pan... Season 8, Episode 18

A teenage boy is accused of murdering his father, a retired marine, and Gibbs questions Vance's decision that Gibbs should cross-examine the young man. read more

One Last Score Season 8, Episode 17

A former NCIS investigative assistant is found stabbed to death, and her murder is linked to a plot to rob a warehouse full of valuable possessions; and a new agent (Sarah Jane Morris) joins the team. read more

Kill Screen Season 8, Episode 16

A marine is murdered and his teeth and fingertips are removed. read more

Defiance Season 8, Episode 15

Following the attempted assassination of the Belgravian defense minister, the team is assigned to protect his daughter, who is studying in the U.S.; and Gibbs investigates the death of the marine who sacrificed his life to protect the defense minister. read more

Man Walks Into a Bar... Season 8, Episode 14

A naval commander's death is investigated while the agents also undergo psychological evaluations. read more

Freedom Season 8, Episode 13

A marine is beaten to death in his backyard, and the team tries to find the man's family and the murder weapon to solve the crime. read more

Recruited Season 8, Episode 12

A Navy recruiter is killed at a college fair, and the team is helped by Ducky's predecessor, Dr. Walter Magnus (Bob Newhart). read more

Ships in the Night Season 8, Episode 11

When a marine is murdered while on a dinner cruise, the team works with the Coast Guard Investigative Service to solve the crime. read more

False Witness Season 8, Episode 10

The team works with the deputy district attorney to find a missing Navy petty officer who is the only witness in a murder trial. read more

Enemies Domestic Season 8, Episode 9

Conclusion. After they are attacked, the team searches for answers, and one agent has a flashback of the first NCIS mission. read more

Enemies Foreign Season 8, Episode 8

Part 1 of 2. Ziva's father attends an NCIS conference, and the team is assigned to protect him, but the visit produces some surprises. read more

Broken Arrow Season 8, Episode 7

Tony's father (Robert Wagner) returns at the request of Gibbs, who surprises the team when he enlists his help on a sensitive case. read more

Cracked Season 8, Episode 6

Abby delves into the mind of a brilliant scientist and becomes fixated on solving her murder. Meanwhile, DiNozzo's latest fling leads to an interesting Halloween. read more

Dead Air Season 8, Episode 5

A naval officer and the shock jock who is interviewing him are both shot to death during a live show. read more

Royals and Loyals Season 8, Episode 4

The murder of an American officer is linked to a British Navy vessel, creating a sensitive international situation. read more

Short Fuse Season 8, Episode 3

The team works with the FBI when a marine bomb tech is linked to a murder. read more

Worst Nightmare Season 8, Episode 2

The team searches for a kidnapped girl, whose grandfather complicates the investigation. read more

Spider and the Fly Season 8, Episode 1

In the eighth-season opener, the Reynosa cartel tries to hurt Gibbs by going after those he loves, and Gibbs must take extreme steps to protect them from harm. read more

Rule Fifty-One Season 7, Episode 24

Conclusion. In the seventh-season finale, Gibbs faces a drug cartel in Mexico, and he makes a monumental decision that calls into question the rules by which he lives. read more

Patriot Down Season 7, Episode 23

Part 1 of 2. The team investigates a colleague's murder, and a link to the crime surprises Gibbs. read more

Borderland Season 7, Episode 22

The case of a marine's murder turns into the search for a serial killer. Meanwhile, Abby travels to Mexico to deliver a speech, and McGee accompanies her. read more

Obsession Season 7, Episode 21

The sister of a murder victim disappears, and Tony throws himself into the case as he's drawn to the woman, though they have never met. read more

Moonlighting Season 7, Episode 20

Gibbs and Fornell work together when an NCIS polygraph specialist's night job is connected to a murder. read more

Guilty Pleasure Season 7, Episode 19

The death of a Navy officer is linked to a prostitute, and the team asks for help from a D.C. madam, Holly Snow (Dina Meyer). read more

Jurisdiction Season 7, Episode 18

The team investigates the murder of a Navy diver, and they work with their Coast Guard equivalent (CGIS), with whom they find some striking similarities. Agent Abigail Borin: Diane Neal. read more

Double Identity Season 7, Episode 17

The shooting of a Marine is investigated, and the team uncovers secrets about the victim that reveal a life they never suspected. read more

Mother's Day Season 7, Episode 16

Gibbs is drawn into his past when his former mother-in-law, played by Gena Rowlands, witnesses the murder of a Navy captain. read more

Jack Knife Season 7, Episode 15

The team investigates an illegal trucking operation that's responsible for the death of a marine. read more

Masquerade Season 7, Episode 14

The team has to work quickly when terrorists threaten to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington, D.C. read more

Jet Lag Season 7, Episode 13

While Tony and Ziva escort a government witness back from Paris, they learn that an assassin may be on their flight. Holly Snow: Dina Meyer. Ray Beringer: Ryan Cutrona. read more

Flesh and Blood Season 7, Episode 12

While investigating the assassination attempt on a foreign prince, the team learns that Tony's father (Robert Wagner) is connected to the case, and Gibbs is concerned that Tony's effectiveness will be hindered. read more

Ignition Season 7, Episode 11

The team investigates the mysterious murder of a Navy pilot, and the case has them battling an attorney (Rena Sofer) who has a grudge against Gibbs. read more

Faith Season 7, Episode 10

The enlisted son of a retired colonel who became a preacher is found dead, and the team believes he was the victim of a hate crime. Meanwhile, Gibbs' father (Ralph Waite) visits, and Gibbs is perplexed by his unusual behavior. read more

Child's Play Season 7, Episode 9

The death of a marine leads the team to a government think tank that uses child prodigies, and one of the young participants could be the killer's next target. Krista Dalton: Lisa Sheridan. read more

Power Down Season 7, Episode 8

A lieutenant is murdered during a robbery that leads to a citywide blackout, and the team must rely on bare-bones detective work rather than technology to solve the crime. read more

Endgame Season 7, Episode 7

Vance's family is in danger when a North Korean assassin (Lee Wuan Kai) from his past shows up in Washington, D.C. read more

Out Laws and In-Laws Season 7, Episode 6

An investigation into the murders of two mercenaries who were found on Gibbs' boat reunites Gibbs with his old mentor, Mike Franks (Muse Watson). read more

Code of Conduct Season 7, Episode 5

A Marine who was a practical joker is found dead on Halloween, and the team believes his death may have been a grave payback for one of his pranks. read more

Good Cop, Bad Cop Season 7, Episode 4

The investigation of a Marine's death on foreign soil forces Ziva to confront her past. read more

The Inside Man Season 7, Episode 3

A murder case is reopened when a blogger who accused NCIS of covering up the case is killed. read more

Reunion Season 7, Episode 2

The deaths of a marine and his two friends are investigated; and Gibbs gets the final decision regarding Ziva, but is unprepared for how the news affects him. read more

Truth or Consequences Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh season opens with the team still dealing with the loss of Ziva, and Tony and McGee being charged by Gibbs with the task of finding her replacement. read more

Aliyah Season 6, Episode 25

In the sixth-season finale, the team travels to Israel, where Ziva has an uneasy reunion with her father (Michael Nouri); Tony has a confrontation with Rivkin; and Gibbs makes an important decision that reverberates throughout NCIS. read more

Semper Fidelis Season 6, Episode 24

An ICE agent is murdered during a secret meeting of officials at the home of the SecNav, and NCIS agents must work together with ICE to catch the killer. Julia Foster-Yates: Jaime Murray. read more

Legend Season 6, Episode 23

Conclusion. Gibbs and McGee continue their hunt for the terrorist in Los Angeles; and Tony questions Ziva regarding her relationship with Rivkin. G. Callen: Chris O'Donnell. Sam Hanna: LL Cool J. read more

Legend Season 6, Episode 22

Part 1 of 2. Gibbs and McGee work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles to solve the murder of a marine, and the investigation turns into a national-security case. G. Callen: Chis O'Donnell. Sam Hanna: LL Cool J. read more

Toxic Season 6, Episode 21

Abby is asked to fill in for a missing government scientist who was working on a top-secret project, and the team worries her life is in danger. read more

Dead Reckoning Season 6, Episode 20

Gibbs has no choice but to team up with shifty Trent Kort to pursue one of NCIS' most wanted criminals. Perry Sterling: Christian Clemenson. read more

Hide and Seek Season 6, Episode 19

A boy finds a murder weapon, and the team works backward to discover who was killed and the identity of the gun's owner. read more

Knockout Season 6, Episode 18

Vance's friend is killed, prompting the director to use Gibb's team for his own private investigation and spurring Gibbs to look into Vance's past. Jackie Vance: Paula Newsome. Joe Banks: Obba Babatundé. read more

South by Southwest Season 6, Episode 17

A fellow agent is murdered, sending the team to the desert to find a woman who may have answers. read more

Bounce Season 6, Episode 16

A murder reopens a case from Tony's past, forcing him and Gibbs to reverse roles. read more

Deliverance Season 6, Episode 15

The investigation into the death of a Marine leads the team into the middle of an inner-city gang war, forcing Gibbs to confront a secret from his past. Mike Franks: Muse Watson. Sgt. Vincente Medina: Kurt Caceres. read more

Love & War Season 6, Episode 14

The team investigates the murder of a sergeant and uncovers possible treasonous acts he committed that may have led to his death. Kevin Nelson: Chris Carmack. read more

Broken Bird Season 6, Episode 13

Ducky is stabbed while at a crime scene, and the team discovers secrets from his past during the investigation. read more

Caged Season 6, Episode 12

McGee becomes trapped in a women's prison after inmates riot and take over as the team investigates a guard's murder. read more

Silent Night Season 6, Episode 11

The team must work on a difficult case during the week of Christmas when it's learned the prime suspect has supposedly been dead for 17 years. Ned Quinn: Peter Coyote. read more

Road Kill Season 6, Episode 10

The team investigates the death of a petty officer, who was killed in a car accident, but the agents suspect foul play. Antonio Sabato Jr. and Tracy Scoggins guest star. read more

Dagger Season 6, Episode 8

The team must place trust in some shady characters in order to keep a criminal from stealing top-secret government files. Ted Bankston: David Eigenberg. read more

Cloak Season 6, Episode 9

The team is forced to play a treacherous war game that brings a startling revelation to light. read more

Collateral Damage Season 6, Episode 7

The team probes a bank robbery that ends with a murder, and Gibbs doubts his own judgment when a rookie is assigned to help in the investigation. read more

Murder 2.0 Season 6, Episode 6

During the week of Halloween, a killer uses the Internet to leave clues about the identity of his next victim. read more

Nine Lives Season 6, Episode 5

Gibbs' search for a marine's killer leads to an encounter with FBI agent Fornell (Joe Spano). read more

Heartland Season 6, Episode 4

Two marines are murdered and the investigation leads Gibbs back to his hometown, where secrets about his past come to light. Ralph Waite guest stars. read more

Capitol Offense Season 6, Episode 3

A prominent senator (Tim DeKay) asks Gibbs to solve the murder of a female Navy officer. Lynn Tripp Kiley: Susan Floyd. read more

Agent Afloat Season 6, Episode 2

The probe of a mysterious suicide aboard an aircraft carrier reveals it may be part of a bigger and deadlier plan. Capt. Richard Owens: Chris Mulkey. Taylor Henley: Eric Nenninger. Lt. Eduardo Almeida: James Martinez. read more

Last Man Standing Season 6, Episode 1

In the sixth-season opener, the team investigates the murder of a Navy petty officer, and Gibbs discovers a link between the case and Vance's decision to break up the team. Eli David: Michael Nouri. Alice Brodie: Jenny O'Hara. Andy Pringle: Eric Jungmann. Michael Rivkin: Merik Tadros. Dallas: Austin Bass. read more

Judgment Day Season 5, Episode 19

In the conclusion of the two-part fifth-season finale, the agents search for a killer who murdered one of their own. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Viggo Drantyev: Oleg Taktarov. Natasha Lenkov: Kathleen Gati. Debra Green: Sheila E. Frazier. File Clerk: Mike Muscat. read more

Judgment Day Season 5, Episode 18

In Part 1 of the two-part fifth-season finale, the agents are all at risk as they search for a killer who took the life of one of their own. Sasha Gordon: Betsy Rue. Viggo Drantyev: Oleg Taktarov. George: Terrence Hardy. Frankie: Wyatt Smith. read more

Judgment Day

In the fifth-season finale, the agents are all at risk as they search for a killer who took the life of one of their own. Sasha Gordon: Betsy Rue. Viggo Drantyev: Oleg Taktarov. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Natasha Lenkov: Kathleen Gati. George: Terrence Hardy. Debra Green: Sheila E. Frazier. read more

About Face Season 5, Episode 17

Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of an assassin. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Enis Watley: Frank John Hughes. Skip Harris: Christopher Darga. Richie: Tyler Jacob Moore. read more

Recoil Season 5, Episode 16

Ziva's life is threatened during her search for a serial killer. Michael Locke: Steve Kazee. Det. Steve Rosetti: Nick Chinlund. PO Kevin Massey: Scott Holroyd. Andy Hoffman: Michael Hagerty. Heidi: Ella Thomas. Newscaster: Mia Lee. read more

In the Zone Season 5, Episode 15

Two team members go to Iraq when a mortar attack turns into a murder investigation. Nikki Jardine: Susan Kelechi Watson. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Maj. Ike Varnai: Josh Stamberg. Kelvin Ridgeway: Rick Hoffman. George Stenner: Patrick Fischler. read more

Internal Affairs Season 5, Episode 14

When arms dealer La Grenouille is found dead, the FBI investigates the NCIS team, and Jenny Shepard is the prime suspect. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Agent Wentworth: Robert Arbogast. Jeanne Benoit: Scottie Thompson. T.C. Fornell: Joe Spano. read more

Dog Tags Season 5, Episode 13

A dog mauls its owner to death---or so it's believed---but Abby sets out to prove that the animal is innocent. PO Erica Perelli: Rachel Kimsey. Lt. Cdr. David Warfield: Roger Cross. Lt. Matthew Sanchez: Jorge-Luis Pallo. read more

Stakeout Season 5, Episode 12

While on a stakeout at a warehouse from which naval radar equipment disappeared, the team witnesses a murder. Meanwhile, Ducky has a secret that he keeps from the other agents. Det. Andrea Sparr: Gretchen Egolf. Jonathan Chow: Reggie Lee. Dennis Moran: Kevin Rankin. Capt. Pullman: Ned Vaughn. read more

Tribes Season 5, Episode 11

The agents investigate the death of a Muslim Marine who is found near a mosque. The case has a setback when Ducky refuses to autopsy the man out of respect for the family's beliefs. Khalid Mohammed Bakr: Shaun Toub. Brent Langer: Jonathan LaPaglia. Capt. Jim Mills: David Haydn-Jones. read more

Corporal Punishment Season 5, Episode 10

The team learns that a marine is part of an experiment to make a “super soldier.” read more

Lost and Found Season 5, Episode 9

The team cares for a 9-year-old boy while searching for the child's missing father, a trained survivalist, and the case takes the group into the wilderness. Carson Taylor: Dominic Scott Kay. Brian Matthews: Chris William Martin. Lt. Elaine Taylor: Karis Campbell. Det. Marshall Collins: JR Bourne. read more

Designated Target Season 5, Episode 8

While investigating the murder of a Navy admiral, the team encounters a woman searching for her missing husband, an African political refugee. Sayda Zuri: Xolile Tshabalala. Delphin Abaka: Basil Wallace. Thomas Zuri: Jonathan Adams. Chuck: Stephen Lee. read more

Requiem Season 5, Episode 7

Gibbs helps a friend of his deceased daughter's, and finds himself involved in a case that threatens the life of one of his agents. Maddie Tyler: Cameron Goodman. Col. Stacey Radcliffe: Anne-Marie Johnson. Maj. Max Bourdais: Mark Totty. Kelly: Brenna Radding. read more

Chimera Season 5, Episode 6

The agents investigate a mysterious death aboard a naval-research ship, and the case unveils a secret that puts their lives at peril in the middle of the ocean. Cdr. William Skinner: Steven Culp. Cory Mitas: Bill Heck. Lt. Sean Ferris: James O'Shea. Aleksei: Graham McTavish. read more

Leap of Faith Season 5, Episode 5

The team tries to talk a naval officer out of suicide, but things take a turn for the worse and a murder is committed. Capt. Roger Walsh: Titus Welliver. Neil Fleming: Robin Thomas. Nikki Jardine: Susan Kelechi Watson. Dana Arnett: Alaina Huffman. Lt. Michael Arnett: Adam Huss. read more

Identity Crisis Season 5, Episode 4

While examining a research cadaver, Ducky discovers the person was murdered and had ties to a criminal mastermind. Courtney Krieger: Dorian Brown. Dr. Jordan Hampton: Torri Higginson. Shannon O'Hara: Nikita Ager. Robert Graves: Joe Egender. Lt. Carl Greer: Emerson Brooks. read more

Ex-File Season 5, Episode 3

Gibbs works with Lt. Mann (Susanna Thompson) on the case of a murdered Marine captain, an investigation complicated by the fact that a witness is one of Gibb's ex-wives. Stephanie Flynn: Kathleen York. Fred Rinnert: John Asher. Jill Reynolds: Lilli Birdsell. read more

Family Season 5, Episode 2

The investigation into the murder of a petty officer turns into a search for a missing child. Joseph Barnes: Nick Searcy. Nicholas Barnes: Owen Beckman. Adrian Nelson: Rick Otto. Sara Nelson: Margaret Easley. read more

Bury Your Dead Season 5, Episode 1

In the fifth-season opener, the team has a devastating confrontation with La Grenouille (Armand Assante) that turns deadly. Trent Kort: David Dayan Fisher. Col. Jasper Shepard: Webster Williams. read more

Angel of Death Season 4, Episode 24

In the fourth-season finale, Gibbs tries to find out why the agents are required to take Homeland Security polygraph tests; and Tony and Jeanne are held captive by a drug dealer. read more

Trojan Horse Season 4, Episode 23

When Jenny goes to an overseas conference, Gibbs is made acting director, but, preferring to be in the field, he leads his team's investigation of the murder of a woman who was killed in a taxi heading toward NCIS headquarters. read more

In the Dark Season 4, Episode 22

A blind photographer (John Billingsley) accidentally captures the murder of a petty officer, and the team relies on the man's other senses to help in the investigation. Bryn Landers: Katie Lowes. Cdr. Doug Jakobsen: Terry Bozeman. read more

Brothers in Arms Season 4, Episode 21

Director Shepard, still searching for the arms dealer Le Grenouille, meets an informant who ends up getting killed and the agents try to find out what the man was ready to reveal. read more

Cover Story Season 4, Episode 20

A petty officer on whom McGee based a character in his new novel is murdered. Lyndi Crawshaw: Jayne Brook. Landon Grey: Steve Braun. Rick Green: Nynno Ahli. Todd Ryder: Wilson Cruz. Johnny Smokerson: Chris Akers. read more

Grace Period Season 4, Episode 19

A call to an NCIS tip line on possible terrorists turns out to be a trap that leads to the death of two agents. The team tracks down those responsible with help from an agent (Jessica Steen) who blames herself for the tragedy. Jim Nelson: Jacory Gums. Abdul Wahid: Haaz Sleiman. Jamal Malik: Dominic Rains. read more

Iceman Season 4, Episode 18

A marine who was believed to have frozen to death wakes up on Ducky's autopsy table. A probe into his past reveals a secret trip to Baghdad on a private cargo plane and a link to Gibbs' past. read more

Skeletons Season 4, Episode 17

An exploding crypt reveals an odd mixture of body parts, sending the team on a hunt for a mass murderer who likes to dismember victims. Meanwhile, a crabby Abby deals with disappointment of a personal nature and will only open up to Gibbs. read more

Dead Man Walking Season 4, Episode 16

An inspector with the International Atomic Energy Agency walks into NCIS headquarters and asks the agents to solve a murder---his own. The man, sick and dying, knows he's been poisoned, and wants to find the killer. Meanwhile, Ziva is certain that she knows the man, but she can't remember where they met. read more

Friends and Lovers Season 4, Episode 15

The decomposing body of a sailor is found in an abandoned restaurant, and the agents work with local law-enforcement officers on the case. One of the detectives is a lot like Tony, personally and professionally, and their bond prompts Tony to open up about his relationship with Jeanne, with whom, it's very clear, he's falling in love. read more

Blowback Season 4, Episode 14

An arms dealer captured by the agents makes a deal to give them the name of a top dealer who has the Navy's encrypted satellite system and is selling it to the highest bidder. The case requires someone to pose as a 60ish Englishman, so Ducky is sent on an undercover mission. read more

Sharif Returns Season 4, Episode 13

The discovery of the body of a marine who worked with chemical weapons leads the agents to an old nemesis, explosives expert Mamoun Sharif (Enzo Cilenti). Also tracking Sharif, and now joining Gibbs in the investigation, is Lt. Col. Mann (Susanna Thompson), and she wastes no time flirting with Gibbs. read more

Suspicion Season 4, Episode 12

A Marine intelligence officer is murdered in a hotel in a small town, but the team's investigation is hampered by local authorities who disrupted the crime scene and performed an autopsy before the agents arrived. read more

Driven Season 4, Episode 11

The agents investigate the death of a Navy lieutenant who died from carbon-monoxide poisoning in the robotic Humvee she helped develop and was testing. The artificial-intelligence vehicle was sabotaged to make the lieutenant's death look like a suicide. read more

Smoked Season 4, Episode 10

The team investigate the discovery of mummified remains on a Marine base, and a new development forces them to team up with the FBI on the case. Meanwhile, the agents get mad at McGee over his novel, which features characters who are similar to them. Ron Sacks: Don Franklin. Karen: Mandy June Turpin. Trent Kort: David Dayan Fisher. read more

Twisted Sister Season 4, Episode 9

McGee's teen sister (Troian Bellisario) comes to his apartment covered in blood, with no memory of what happened to her. When he goes to her college to look for answers, he sees the team there inspecting the body of a dead sailor and imagines the worst. Carolyn: April Matson. Madison: Katherine Bailess. read more

Once a Hero Season 4, Episode 8

A man falls to his death from a balcony during a gathering of dignitaries in a Washington, D.C., hotel, and it's discovered that he was a decorated former marine who had become homeless after his discharge. read more

Sandblast Season 4, Episode 7

The team investigates a bomb blast at a military country club that killed a Marine colonel, and works with an Army investigation unit led by Lt. Col. Hollis Mann (Susanna Thompson), who shares a mutual attraction with Gibbs. Meanwhile, Tony keeps his latest love (Scottie Thompson) a secret from the team. read more

Witch Hunt Season 4, Episode 6

On Halloween, a marine (Dave Earnest) is attacked and his wife and daughter are kidnapped, and the evidence suggests that a man with whom the wife had an affair may be responsible. read more

Dead and Unburied Season 4, Episode 5

The decomposing body of a missing marine is found propped up in a chair in an abandoned house, where it was placed after being exhumed from the backyard. read more

Faking It Season 4, Episode 4

The murder of a petty officer who was working undercover as part of an arms operation leads the agents to a Russian spy, but Homeland Security throws a wrench in the case when they claim that the spy is working for them. read more

Singled Out Season 4, Episode 3

The team investigates after a Navy lieutenant goes missing and her bloody, abandoned car is found. Meanwhile, Shepard makes Tony an offer that could change his career. Graham Thomas: Seamus Dever. Justin Farris: Misha Collins. Calvin Hopper: Daniel Hagen. Jennifer: Mieko Hillman. read more

Escaped Season 4, Episode 2

Gibbs is temporarily reinstated as an agent when a convict (Brandon Barash) whom Gibbs and Fornell put away escapes and becomes a threat to Fornell and his young daughter. Mickey Stokes: Hal Holbrook. Gary Silverstin: Courtney Gains. Stanley Springer: Wayne Pere. read more

Shalom Season 4, Episode 1

With Gibbs retired to Mexico, Tony's in charge, and he has his hands full when Ziva witnesses a political assassination and the FBI believes she's the killer. While the team searches for Ziva, who's on the run, she seeks out the one person she knows can help her. Namir Eschel: Eyal Podell. Agent Sacks: Don Franklin. Mike Franks: Muse Watson. read more

Hiatus Season 3, Episode 24

Conclusion. The team tries to prevent a terrorist bombing targeting the Navy, while Gibbs, still recovering from his injury, suffers memory loss. Capt. Gelfand: Brett Cullen. Mike Franks: Muse Watson. Sam Stevens: Cotter Smith. Capt. Mahir: Christopher Maher. Abog Galib: Burt Bulos. read more

Hiatus Season 3, Episode 23

Part 1 of two. Gibbs is hurt in a terrorist explosion, and Tony, as senior agent, takes command, causing some bad feelings within the team. Meanwhile, the recovering Gibbs has flashbacks from his past that lead suppressed emotions to surface. Capt. Gelfand: Brett Cullen. Mike Franks: Muse Watson. Shannon Gibbs: Darby Stanchfield. Capt. Mahir: Christopher Maher. read more

Jeopardy Season 3, Episode 22

A drug dealer is brought into NCIS headquarters and drops dead while in an elevator with Ziva, making her a suspect. Then the man's brother calls to inform the team that he's holding Director Shepard hostage and will kill her unless they return his brother (who he doesn't know is dead) and his heroin. read more

Bloodbath Season 3, Episode 21

The team investigates an off-base Navy lodge for visiting families after a room is found splattered with blood and human tissue, which Ducky discovers are the remains of three people. They've been expertly dissected, probably by a doctor. read more

Untouchable Season 3, Episode 20

A Pentagon cryptologist is found dead from an apparent suicide while the team is in the middle of a search for a mole there. Abby finds evidence to suggest that someone was with the victim at the time of her death. Victoria Mallard: Nina Foch. Lt. Napleton: Kimberlee Peterson. Capt. Dorn: Scott Paulin. read more

Iced Season 3, Episode 19

The body of a marine is found in a frozen lake, and the discovery of more bodies nearby lead the team to believe the murders are connected to a street gang. Caesar Bernal: Douglas Spain. Lance Cpl. Jose Silva: Michael Esparza. Tomas Zepeda: Aris Alvarado. Sean Hodges: Seth Adkins. read more

Bait Season 3, Episode 18

The team rushes to a high school where the son of a military officer is holding a classroom of students hostage, threatening to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest. Gibbs seizes an opportunity to enter the room and becomes a hostage, and Tony takes command in his absence. read more

Ravenous Season 3, Episode 17

The team head to Shenandoah National Park where a sailor was killed by a bear, and they discover that a woman was with the victim and is probably still in the park and vulnerable to an attack. Meanwhile, Abby fumes because Gibbs forgot to take her out for her annual birthday dinner. Ranger Landis: Todd Allen. Ranger Hendricks: Michelle Harrison. Jason Edom: Scott Anthony Leet. read more

Family Secret Season 3, Episode 16

The medical-transport van carrying the body of a marine who died in a car accident explodes, and the team discover that the explosion was not an accident. The mystery becomes more tangled when they find startling evidence regarding the charred body. read more

Head Case Season 3, Episode 15

The team arrests seamen involved in an auto chop-shop operation and discover a severed head on ice in the trunk of one of the cars; the seamen claim they don't know how it got there. read more

Light Sleeper Season 3, Episode 14

The team searches for the professional killer who murdered two Korean women married to marines, and the case is complicated further by the disappearance of the victims' friend (Esther K. Chae), also Korean and married to a marine. Lee Sung: Keone Young. Sgt. Dawson: Karl Makinen. read more

Deception Season 3, Episode 13

A Navy officer is abducted and the case becomes urgent when the team learns she's one of a handful of people who know the route of a train carrying nuclear-fuel rods. read more

Boxed In Season 3, Episode 12

While searching a Senegalese ship that they believe is being used to smuggle small arms, Tony and Ziva are captured and locked in a container while the team tries to discover their whereabouts. read more

Model Behavior Season 3, Episode 11

The team investigates the apparent suicide of a supermodel who was at Quantico participating in the reality-TV series “Boot Camp Babes.” Hannah: Mini Anden. Natalie: Judi Shekoni. Tom Crawley: John Pleshette. Sgt. McMannis: Jeffrey Pierce. read more

Probie Season 3, Episode 10

The team rallies to defend McGee after he shoots a man he claims had drawn a weapon, and it's discovered the man was an undercover cop. Sgt. Archer: William Gregory Lee. Capt. Karzin: Christopher Allport. McGee: Sean Murray. Ziva: Cote de Pablo read more

Frame-Up Season 3, Episode 9

When a woman's severed legs are found at Quantico, the forensic evidence makes Tony a suspect, and the team races to find out who's framing him. read more

Under Covers Season 3, Episode 8

Tony and Ziva pose as husband-and-wife assassins in order to make contact with a terrorist cell believed to be planning a hit at a ball filled with top military officials. read more

Honor Code Season 3, Episode 7

The team searches for a Navy commander (Paul Webster) who disappeared the same day a breach in security occurred at a defense contractor that holds software for which the missing man has a security code. While the investigation is under way, Gibbs watches over the man's young son (Joseph Castanon), whose mannerisms are similar to Gibbs'. Laura Osgood: Susse Budde. Ziva: Cote de Pablo. read more

The Voyeur's Web Season 3, Episode 6

The team searches for the missing wife of a marine stationed in Iraq and discover that the woman performed on a pornographic Web-cam site operated from her home, and that she may have been murdered live on the Internet. Meanwhile, Tony discovers that Ziva's views on sexuality are similar to his own. Ziva: Cote de Pablo. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

Switch Season 3, Episode 5

A Navy petty officer (Andrew Caple-Shaw) is shot and killed on the highway, but the team's real mystery is figuring out why a man with the same name, rank and job is very much alive. Wendy Smith: Merritt Wever. PO John Kirby: Wil Bethel. Ziva: Cote de Pablo. McGee: Sean Murray. read more

Silver War Season 3, Episode 4

Ziva (Cote de Palo) is permanently assigned to Gibbs's team, and her first case with her new colleagues is to solve the mystery of modern remains found in a Civil War casket. Jenny Shepard: Lauren Holly. Ducky: David McCallum. Abby: Pauley Perrette. McGee: Sean Murray. read more

Mind Games Season 3, Episode 3

Gibbs is ordered to interrogate a serial killer (Christopher Shyer) he captured years ago, in the hope that the man, scheduled to be executed in a few days, will reveal where he buried his victims and give some closure to their families. Paula Cassidy: Jessica Steen. Adam O'Neill: Lawrence Monoson. John Briggs: Chad Donella. read more

Kill Ari Season 3, Episode 2

Conclusion. Ari (Rudolf Martin) lures Ducky away from headquarters and kidnaps him, sending Gibbs into a frantic search for his colleague and friend. Ziva: Cote de Pablo. Jenny Shepard: Lauren Holly. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Abby: Pauley Perrette. read more

Kill Ari Season 3, Episode 1

Part 1 of two. Kate's shocking murder is on the minds of the NCIS team, especially Gibbs, who comes to the horrifying realization that Ari is trying to kill all of his crew and sets out to take the terrorist down. But Gibbs has two more challenges: getting the higher-ups to agree with him that Ari is the shooter; and working with a new director (Lauren Holly), with whom he's had a previous relationship. read more

Twilight Season 2, Episode 23

The investigation into the murders of two Navy officers leads to the discovery that the killings are part of a bigger plan---which includes the assassination of Gibbs. And Gibbs' nemesis the terrorist Ari (Rudolf Martin) could be the mastermind. Tom Morrow: Alan Dale. Lt. Westfall: Shane Conrad. Lt. Janssen: Ryan Culver. read more

SWAK Season 2, Episode 22

Tony opens a letter containing white powder in the squad room, and while he and Kate spend time in biohazard isolation, Gibbs and McGee try to find out who sent it and possibly save the lives of the two agents. Cdr. Brad Pitt: Steven Eckholdt. Hanna Lowell: Mariette Hartley. Lt. Ingham: Kelsey Oldershaw. read more

Hometown Hero Season 2, Episode 21

The skeletal remains of a woman are found in the storage locker of a soldier who was killed in Iraq and is being recommended for a posthumous Silver Star, but evidence suggests he may be the woman's killer. Emmy Poole: Anne Judson-Yager. Chief Whalen: Shashawnee Hall. Billy Krieg: Zack Ward. read more

Red Cell Season 2, Episode 20

The team investigates the murder of a marine at a college where he was in the ROTC program, and they find the crime is connected to a mysterious group on campus called Red Cell. Chief Bello: Matt DeCaro. Donny Potter: Billy Aaron Brown. Sarah: Troian Bellisario. read more

Conspiracy Theory Season 2, Episode 19

A petty officer (Hilary Salvatore) with psychological problems claims monsters are after her, and Gibbs' gut tells him she's in real trouble, especially when his investigation is stonewalled by the FBI. Lt. Col. Allan Witten: Dean McDermott. Catherine Reynolds: Brigid Brannagh. Capt. Vetter: Dan Ziskie. read more

Bikini Wax Season 2, Episode 18

A Navy petty officer is found murdered at a bikini contest in which she planned to participate, and the team suspects a recently released convict (Jon Sklaroff) who had been sending her letters. Lisa Kerr: Tamara Craig Thomas. Kevin Holt: Lochlyn Munro. read more

An Eye for an Eye Season 2, Episode 17

The team investigates when a petty officer is sent a package containing perfectly preserved eyeballs. PO Horlacher: Daniel Jay Shore. Cdr. Purcell: Anthony Heald. Della Robinson: Cleo King. Allison Donovan: Virginia Reece. read more

Pop Life Season 2, Episode 16

A man (Kiko Ellsworth) wakes up in bed with a dead petty officer and claims that she was not the woman he came home with, despite the fact that he was drunk at the time. Jade King: Mya Harrison. Summer Diamond: Daya Vaidya. Det. Mark Mauceri: Scott Alan Smith. read more

Caught on Tape Season 2, Episode 15

A marine is found dead at the bottom of a cliff during a camping trip with his wife and best friend. read more

Witness Season 2, Episode 14

A woman (Danica McKellar) claims she witnessed the murder of a sailor in the apartment across from hers, but there's no evidence to prove it happened. Still, McGee has a gut instinct that she's telling the truth. McGee: Sean Murray. Kate: Sasha Alexander. read more

The Meat Puzzle Season 2, Episode 13

Three dissected bodies are found in cannisters and Ducky realizes that there's a link between the bodies and an old murder trial that required his expert testimony. Vanessa Mallard: Nina Foch. Vincent Hanlan: Morgan Weisser. Jonathan Hanlan: Pat Healy. read more

Doppelganger Season 2, Episode 12

The team is baffled by the disappearance of a Navy officer and the presence of clues that could suggest foul play. But Kate is more puzzled by an investigating detective (John Doman) and his team who are identical in character to Gibbs, Tony and McGee. Det. Monteleone: Chad Willett. Det. Miller: Will Burke. read more

Black Water Season 2, Episode 11

A famous private investigator (Mike Starr) sticks his nose into Gibb's case involving the discovery of the body of a Navy officer who vanished in 2002, and whose family is offering a reward for answers regarding his death. Cindy Ames: Gina St. John. Sheriff Lester: Mark Damon Espinoza. Kate: Sasha Alexander. read more

Chained Season 2, Episode 10

Tony poses as a prisoner in an undercover operation, and is chained to a thief (Frank Whaley) he helped to escape in an effort to locate stolen Iraqi antiquities. Deputy Secretary of State Anna Elliott: Annie Corley. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

Forced Entry Season 2, Episode 9

A marine's wife (Megan Ward) living on a military base shoots an intruder who attempted to rape her, and Gibbs' team uncovers a mysterious connection between the woman and her assailant. Jeremy: Neil Hopkins. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Abby: Pauley Perrette. read more

Heart Break Season 2, Episode 8

Gibbs' team is summoned when a Navy commander who had a successful open-heart operation bursts into flames while recovering. Cdr. Janice Byers: Stacy Edwards. Paula Cassidy: Jessica Steen. McGee: Sean Murray. read more

Call of Silence Season 2, Episode 7

Charles Durning guest stars as a World War II Medal of Honor recipient who turns himself in to Gibbs, claiming that he murdered his best friend on Iwo Jima nearly 60 years ago. Faith Coleman: Alicia Coppola. Superintendent: Hugh Holub. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

Terminal Leave Season 2, Episode 6

A Navy aviator (Mary Page Keller) is nearly killed when her car explodes, and the FBI, suspecting terrorism, takes over, asking Gibbs' team to protect the woman and her family. David Shields: Sean O'Bryan. Jennifer Shields: Amanda Fuller. Willy: David Henrie. read more

The Bone Yard Season 2, Episode 5

The accidental death of a civilian at a military demolition site leads to the discovery of more bodies and the conclusion that the area could be the dumping ground of a serial killer. Vic Gera: Michael Guarnera. Cpl. Stinson: Laird Macintosh. Agent Fornell: Joe Spano. read more

Lt. Jane Doe Season 2, Episode 4

Two seamen (Chris Heuisler, Donnie Jeffcoat) stumble upon the body of a female Navy lieutenant, and, in the absence of an ID, Gibbs' team races to find her identity. Cdr. Reynolds: Kent Faulcon. PO Cynthia Cluxton: Amy Sloan. read more

Vanished Season 2, Episode 3

A Marine helicopter is found abandoned in a crop circle on a farm, and the two pilots, who were out on a proficiency flight, can't be located. Ritt Everett: Timothy Bottoms. Sheriff Thompson: Tom Bower. Lt. Col. Curtis Teague: Robert Rusler. Kate: Sasha Alexander. read more

The Good Wives Club Season 2, Episode 2

The team investigates the semi-mummified corpse of a woman chained in an underground room at an abandoned military base, and deduces that the perpetrator is probably repeating the crime with another victim. PO Barbara Swain: Betsy Brandt. Lt. Evans: Matt Carmody. PO Marshall: Tara Buck. read more

See No Evil Season 2, Episode 1

The team tries to help a Navy captain (David Keith) working for the Pentagon, whose wife and blind daughter are being held hostage by a man demanding $2 million in ransom. Sandy: Abigail Breslin. Julie: Ely Pouget. Kyle Grayson: William Mapother. McGee: Sean Murray. read more

Reveille Season 1, Episode 23

Gibbs' obsession with finding the terrorist Ari (Rudolf Martin) reaches its zenith, and is timed perfectly, as Ari is training men for an attack on Marine One with President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon on board. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Abby: Pauley Perrette. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

The Weak Link Season 1, Episode 22

Gibbs' team investigates the death of a SEAL during a training exercise, and come to suspect that it wasn't an accident, but a murder. Cdr. Rainer: Adam Baldwin. Larry Clannon: Doug Savant. CIA Agent Kramer: Johnny Sneed. Lt. Johnson: Tom R. Hughes. Agent McGee: Sean Murray. read more

Split Decision Season 1, Episode 21

When a Marine is killed with a specialized military weapon, the agents investigate the illegal weapons market and find an undercover ATF agent (Bellamy Young) also working on the case, and Gibbs asks her to work with them to find the killer. SSgt. Washington: Laz Alonso. SSgt. Rafael: Sam Witwer. read more

Missing Season 1, Episode 20

The NCIS agents search for a missing marine, who unbeknownst to them, is being tortured in a cell by a mysterious captor. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Gibbs: Mark Harmon. read more

Dead Man Talking Season 1, Episode 19

The team investigates the murder of one of their own, an NCIS agent who was working on a cold case when he was shot and nearly disemboweled. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Ducky: David McCallum. read more

Unsealed Season 1, Episode 18

Gibbs and his team search for a former Navy SEAL who escaped from Leavenworth, where he was serving time for killing his wife and her lover. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Abby: Pauley Perrette. read more

The Truth Is Out There Season 1, Episode 17

Gibbs is frustrated by the mystery surrounding the discovery of a dead petty officer who was dressed after he died and stuffed in the ceiling of a nightclub. Abby: Pauley Perrette. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Ducky: David McCallum. read more

Bete Noire Season 1, Episode 16

Ducky and Gerald are held hostage in the autopsy room of NCIS headquarters by an armed intruder (Rudolf Martin), whose purpose is unexplained. Ducky: David McCallum. Gerald: Pancho Demmings. read more

Enigma Season 1, Episode 15

The FBI asks Gibbs to find his former Marine C.O., who they've accused of stealing money from a mission in Iraq. But Gibbs is convinced that the man who trained him is innocent. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Abby: Pauley Perrette. Ducky: David McCallum. read more

The Good Samaritan Season 1, Episode 14

The team investigates the murder of a Naval officer who was shot as he tried to help a stranded motorist. Cdr. Green: Kate McNeil. Sheriff Duprey: Stephanie Hodge. Lt. Wallace: Sean McGowan. Laura Seeger: Heidi Dippold. read more

One Shot, One Kill Season 1, Episode 13

The team investigates the murder of a Marine recruitment officer, who was killed, as the team discovers, by a highly skilled sniper. Maj. Dougherty: Michael Gaston. Sgt. Aaron Barnes: Brad Hawkins. Sgt. Alvarez: Francesco Quinn. Kate: Sasha Alexander. read more

My Other Left Foot Season 1, Episode 12

The discovery of a leg with a Marine tattoo on the calf leads the team to a small town where they uncover a murder scheme involving deception and greed. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Abby: Pauley Perrette. Gibbs: Mark Harmon. read more

Eye Spy Season 1, Episode 11

A Naval officer hired by an outside agency to test a product for possible Navy use is murdered, and Gibbs finds that the case is cloaked in secrets and deceptions. Ducky: David McCallum. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Gibbs: Mark Harmon. read more

Left for Dead Season 1, Episode 10

A woman (Sherilyn Fenn) digs herself out of a shallow grave and doesn't know who she is, but is convinced that a bomb is on board a Navy ship. Stephen Brauer: Derek de Lint. Dr. Joel Sanderson: Jim Rash. Tom Verne: Al Espinoza. Kate: Sasha Alexander. read more

Marine Down Season 1, Episode 9

Gibbs and his team investigate when a dead Marine's wife receives a call from someone claiming to be her husband. Gibbs: Mark Harmon. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Ducky: David McCallum. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

Minimum Security Season 1, Episode 8

A Navy translator dies mysteriously soon after returning to the U.S. from Guantanamo Bay, and the investigation takes the team to Cuba. read more

Sub Rosa Season 1, Episode 7

The discovery of the body of a Navy submariner whose features are all but obliterated leads Gibbs to believe a terrorist has stolen the man's identity and is aboard a sub. Capt. Veitch: Ben Murphy. Agent Tim McGee: Sean Murray. PO Drew: David Monahan. Jeb: David O'Donnell. read more

High Seas Season 1, Episode 6

An NCIS agent (Joel Gretsch) who worked for Gibbs asks his help in the case of a seaman (Charlie Hofheimer) who tests positive for methamphetamines, but claims he never took the drug. PO Niles: Jonathan T. Floyd. Reyes: Carlos Gomez. PO Shrewe: Anson Scoville. read more

The Curse Season 1, Episode 5

A hunter discovers a cargo pod stuffed with the mummified body of a Naval officer who vanished in 1994 and was believed to have stolen money from his ship. Richard Owens: David Ramsey. Lt. Greg Pallini: Jonathan Wade-Drahos. Erin: Melora Hardin. read more

The Immortal Season 1, Episode 4

A Navy seaman is found at the bottom of the ocean in his dress whites with a ceremonial sword around his waist, attached to weights. Lt. Cdr. Robbins: David Andriole. PO Ronald Zuger: Julian Bailey. Capt. Rivers: Mark Sivertsen. read more

Sea Dog Season 1, Episode 3

When the bodies of a Navy commander and two drug dealers wash up on the beach near each other, everyone, except Gibbs, believes the commander was involved in a drug deal. Dave: Chris Olivero. Sarah: Melissa Lee. Sgt. Linn: Mark Holton. “Ducky”: David McCallum. read more

Hung Out to Dry Season 1, Episode 2

A Marine dies when his parachute fails and he crashes through a car during a training exercise, and Gibbs suspects he was murdered. Cpl. Dave Ramsey: Dave Power. Cpl. Dafelmair: Rick Pasqualone. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux. Capt. Faul: James MacDonald. Sgt. Nutt: Keith Diamond. Donald “Ducky” Mallard: David McCallum. read more

Yankee White Season 1, Episode 1

A Marine mysteriously drops dead aboard Air Force One and jurisdiction problems force Gibbs to share the investigation with a Secret Service agent (Sasha Alexander). George W. Bush: Steve Bridges. William Baer: Gerry Becker. T.C. Fornell: Joe Spano. Donald “Ducky” Mallard: David McCallum. Tony: Michael Weatherly. read more

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Premiered: September 23, 2003, on CBS
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A successful "JAG" spin-off about criminal cases involving Navy and Marine personnel, handled by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. For the second season, the series title was shortened from "Navy NCIS" to "NCIS."



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