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Feb 22, 2013: Today Is Life
Feb 15, 2013: Blood Actually
Feb 08, 2013: Seth and Apep
Feb 01, 2013: White Gold
Jan 18, 2013: Nine Thirteen
Jan 11, 2013: Civilized Lies
Jan 04, 2013: Command+P
Dec 07, 2012: The Real McCoy
Nov 30, 2012: Blood Out
Nov 16, 2012: Late Admissions
Nov 09, 2012: Clue: SI
Nov 02, 2012: The Lady in the Lake
Oct 26, 2012: Misconceptions
Oct 19, 2012: Unspoken
Oct 12, 2012: 2,918 Miles
Oct 05, 2012: Where There's Smoke
Sep 28, 2012: Reignited
May 11, 2012: Near Death
May 04, 2012: Unwrapped
Apr 27, 2012: Sláinte
Apr 06, 2012: Kill Screen
Mar 30, 2012: Flash Pop
Feb 10, 2012: The Ripple Effect
Feb 03, 2012: Brooklyn Till I Die
Jan 13, 2012: Who's There?
Jan 06, 2012: Clean Sweep
Jan 02, 2012: Prey
Dec 02, 2011: Means to an End
Nov 18, 2011: Crossroads
Nov 11, 2011: Crushed
Nov 04, 2011: Get Me Out of Here!
Oct 21, 2011: Air Apparent
Oct 14, 2011: Officer Involved
Oct 07, 2011: Cavallino Rampante
Sep 30, 2011: Keep It Real
Sep 23, 2011: Indelible
May 13, 2011: Exit Strategy
May 06, 2011: Life Sentence
Apr 29, 2011: Nothing for Something
Apr 08, 2011: Food for Thought
Apr 01, 2011: Identity Crisis
Mar 11, 2011: Do or Die
Feb 25, 2011: The Untouchable
Feb 18, 2011: Vigilante
Feb 11, 2011: Smooth Criminal
Feb 04, 2011: Party Down
Jan 14, 2011: Holding Cell
Jan 07, 2011: To What End?
Dec 03, 2010: Shop Till You Drop
Nov 19, 2010: Justified
Nov 12, 2010: Scared Stiff
Nov 05, 2010: Hide Sight
Oct 29, 2010: Do Not Pass Go
Oct 22, 2010: Out of the Sky
Oct 15, 2010: Sangre por Sangre
Oct 08, 2010: Damned If You Do
Oct 01, 2010: Unfriendly Chat
Sep 24, 2010: The 34th Floor
May 26, 2010: Vacation Getaway
May 19, 2010: Point of View
May 12, 2010: Unusual Suspects
May 05, 2010: Tales From the Undercard
Apr 14, 2010: Redemptio
Apr 07, 2010: Rest in Peace, Marina Garito
Mar 10, 2010: Pot of Gold
Mar 03, 2010: Uncertainty Rules
Feb 10, 2010: The Formula
Feb 03, 2010: Sanguine Love
Jan 20, 2010: Flag on the Play
Jan 13, 2010: Criminal Justice
Dec 16, 2009: Second Chances
Dec 09, 2009: Death House
Nov 25, 2009: Manhattanhenge
Nov 18, 2009: Cuckoo's Nest
Nov 11, 2009: Hammer Down
Nov 04, 2009: It Happened to Me
Oct 21, 2009: Battle Scars
Oct 14, 2009: Dead Reckoning
Oct 07, 2009: LAT 40 Degrees 47' N/Long 73 Degrees 58' W
Sep 30, 2009: Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)
Sep 23, 2009: Epilogue
May 14, 2009: Pay Up
May 13, 2009: Grounds for Deception
May 06, 2009: Greater Good
Apr 29, 2009: Yahrzeit
Apr 15, 2009: The Past, Present and Murder
Mar 25, 2009: Communication Breakdown
Mar 18, 2009: Point of No Return
Mar 11, 2009: Green Piece
Feb 25, 2009: No Good Deed
Feb 18, 2009: The Party's Over
Feb 11, 2009: She's Not There
Jan 21, 2009: Rush to Judgment
Jan 14, 2009: Help
Dec 17, 2008: Forbidden Fruit
Dec 10, 2008: The Triangle
Nov 26, 2008: The Box
Nov 19, 2008: My Name Is Mac Taylor
Nov 12, 2008: Dead Inside
Nov 05, 2008: Enough
Oct 29, 2008: The Cost of Living
Oct 22, 2008: Sex, Lies and Silicone
Oct 08, 2008: Turbulence
Oct 01, 2008: Page Turner
Sep 24, 2008: Veritas
May 21, 2008: Hostage
May 14, 2008: Taxi
May 07, 2008: Personal Foul
Apr 30, 2008: Admissions
Apr 16, 2008: Like Water for Murder
Apr 09, 2008: Right Next Door
Apr 02, 2008: DOA for a Day
Feb 06, 2008: Playing With Matches
Jan 23, 2008: All in the Family
Jan 09, 2008: Happily Never After
Dec 12, 2007: Child's Play
Nov 29, 2007: The Thing About Heroes...
Nov 21, 2007: One Wedding and a Funeral
Nov 14, 2007: Buzzkill
Nov 08, 2007: Commuted Sentences
Oct 31, 2007: Boo
Oct 24, 2007: Down the Rabbit Hole
Oct 17, 2007: Time's Up
Oct 10, 2007: You Only Die Once
Oct 03, 2007: The Deep
Sep 26, 2007: Can You Hear Me Now?
May 16, 2007: Snow Day
May 09, 2007: ...Comes Around
May 02, 2007: Cold Reveal
Apr 25, 2007: Past Imperfect
Apr 11, 2007: What Schemes May Come
Mar 21, 2007: A Daze of Wine and Roaches
Feb 28, 2007: Sleight Out of Hand
Feb 21, 2007: The Ride-In
Feb 14, 2007: Heart of Glass
Feb 07, 2007: Some Buried Bones
Jan 24, 2007: The Lying Game
Jan 17, 2007: Obsession
Dec 13, 2006: Silent Night
Nov 29, 2006: Raising Shane
Nov 22, 2006: Sweet 16
Nov 15, 2006: And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael
Nov 08, 2006: Consequences
Nov 01, 2006: Murder Sings the Blues
Oct 25, 2006: Open and Shut
Oct 18, 2006: Oedipus Hex
Oct 11, 2006: Hung Out to Dry
Oct 04, 2006: Love Run Cold
Sep 27, 2006: Not What It Looks Like
Sep 20, 2006: People With Money
May 17, 2006: Charge of This Post
May 10, 2006: Heroes
May 03, 2006: Stealing Home
Apr 26, 2006: All Access
Apr 19, 2006: Run Silent, Run Deep
Apr 12, 2006: Super Men
Mar 29, 2006: Live or Let Die
Mar 22, 2006: Necrophilia Americana
Mar 08, 2006: Cool Hunter
Mar 01, 2006: Fare Game
Feb 01, 2006: Stuck on You
Jan 25, 2006: Risk
Jan 18, 2006: Wasted
Dec 14, 2005: Trapped
Nov 30, 2005: Jamalot
Nov 16, 2005: Bad Beat
Nov 11, 2005: City of the Dolls
Nov 09, 2005: Manhattan Manhunt
Nov 02, 2005: YoungBlood
Oct 26, 2005: Dancing With the Fishes
Oct 19, 2005: Corporate Warriors
Oct 12, 2005: Zoo York
Oct 05, 2005: Grand Murder at Central Station
Sep 28, 2005: Summer in the City
May 18, 2005: What You See Is What You See
May 11, 2005: The Closer
May 04, 2005: On the Job
Apr 27, 2005: Supply and Demand
Apr 13, 2005: Crime and Misdemeanor
Mar 23, 2005: The Dove Commission
Mar 02, 2005: The Fall
Feb 23, 2005: Hush
Feb 16, 2005: 'Til Death Do We Part
Feb 09, 2005: Blood, Sweat and Tears
Jan 26, 2005: Tanglewood
Jan 12, 2005: ReCycling
Jan 05, 2005: Tri-Borough
Dec 15, 2004: Night, Mother
Dec 01, 2004: Officer Blue
Nov 24, 2004: Three Generations Are Enough
Nov 17, 2004: Rain
Nov 10, 2004: Outside Man
Nov 03, 2004: A Man a Mile
Oct 27, 2004: Grand Master
Oct 06, 2004: American Dreamers
Sep 29, 2004: Creatures of the Night
Sep 22, 2004: Blink

Today Is Life Season 9, Episode 17

The ninth season ends with widespread unrest over the police shooting of an unarmed man. The community uproar forces Mac and his team to move quickly to solve the case. read more

Blood Actually Season 9, Episode 16

Mac and the team investigate three twisted tales of love on Valentine's Day. Josh Groban appears and sings "Happy in My Heartache." read more

Seth and Apep Season 9, Episode 15

A crossover episode that began on "CSI" concludes as Mac and D.B. Russell try to rescue Mac's kidnapped girlfriend. read more

White Gold Season 9, Episode 14

A pizzamaker is the victim of a carjacking, and the CSIs try to determine what the perpetrators were really after. read more

Nine Thirteen Season 9, Episode 13

The CSIs investigate the link, if any, between a skyscraper with a notorious history and a masked man found dead at the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Jo's day off takes an interesting turn when she runs into a stranger who has a connection to her past. read more

Civilized Lies Season 9, Episode 12

An off-duty police officer is killed during a robbery, and the CSIs use the art of interrogation to break down the suspects and get the truth. read more

Command+P Season 9, Episode 11

Two separate murders are linked by a very unusual weapon. read more

The Real McCoy Season 9, Episode 10

The owner of a 1920s-inspired speakeasy is murdered and $10,000 is stolen. Meanwhile, Adam spends his day off in a surprising way. read more

Blood Out Season 9, Episode 9

Lovato's cover is inadvertently blown, which leads the CSIs to investigate a Latin street gang she infiltrated while undercover. read more

Late Admissions Season 9, Episode 8

A student at an elite prep school is murdered. Meanwhile, Lindsay returns home to Montana to visit her father and deal with some issues from her past. read more

Clue: SI Season 9, Episode 7

A psychiatrist's patients are systematically murdered. read more

The Lady in the Lake Season 9, Episode 6

A woman dressed in a ball gown is found dead at the bottom of a pond near Belvedere Castle in Central Park. read more

Misconceptions Season 9, Episode 5

Mac investigates a 20-year-old cold case involving a missing boy after the prime suspect is murdered on the anniversary of the child's disappearance. read more

Unspoken Season 9, Episode 4

Lindsay is injured when a shooter attempts to kill a political candidate. read more

2,918 Miles Season 9, Episode 3

Mac and Jo search for a missing teen girl in San Francisco based on evidence found in photos at a crime scene on the Brooklyn Bridge. read more

Where There's Smoke Season 9, Episode 2

The CSIs try to stop a serial arsonist who is using fire against people from his troubled past. read more

Reignited Season 9, Episode 1

The ninth season begins with a fire chief being killed in a blaze that was started using the same technique employed by a recently paroled arsonist. read more

Near Death Season 8, Episode 18

The eighth season concludes with Mac fighting for his life after being shot. Meanwhile, the CSIs search for the shooter. read more

Unwrapped Season 8, Episode 17

A successful businessman is murdered in a Brooklyn housing project. read more

Sláinte Season 8, Episode 16

Fear strikes a small New York City community when a dismembered body is systematically left out on four street corners. read more

Kill Screen Season 8, Episode 15

The CSIs investigate a murder that is linked to a competitive video-gaming tournament. read more

Flash Pop Season 8, Episode 14

A lab tech is murdered, and the death has eerie similarities to a 1950s cold case. read more

The Ripple Effect Season 8, Episode 13

Investigations into two seemingly unrelated deaths lead to a surprisingly connected conclusion. read more

Brooklyn Till I Die Season 8, Episode 12

A role-playing game turns deadly when one player is murdered and another one is kidnapped and held for ransom. read more

Who's There? Season 8, Episode 11

A home-invasion investigation becomes complicated when the victim's so-called perfect family turns out to be not so perfect after all. read more

Clean Sweep Season 8, Episode 10

The CSIs investigate when the charred body of a cage fighter is found. The probe reveals that the victim may have been murdered by a stalker. read more

Prey Season 5, Episode 20

A man is shot to death in an empty theater, but Stella soon realizes that the crime was staged. Katharine McPhee guest stars. read more

Means to an End Season 8, Episode 9

Jo investigates a suspected rapist who was freed on her watch in Washington, D.C., after a key witness turns up dead. read more

Crossroads Season 8, Episode 8

The CSIs investigate the assassination of a judge. Meanwhile, Jo comes face-to-face with a rapist she may have had a hand in getting previously acquitted on an earlier charge. read more

Crushed Season 8, Episode 7

The CSIs use social media to investigate a teen's death at an overcrowded high-school house party that got out of control. Meanwhile, Jo's final case at the FBI returns to haunt her. read more

Get Me Out of Here! Season 8, Episode 6

A Halloween fraternity prank goes awry and a pledge master is left for dead in an open grave. read more

Air Apparent Season 8, Episode 5

The recently paroled brother of a young basketball prodigy is implicated in a murder. read more

Officer Involved Season 8, Episode 4

Danny and some rookie cops are caught up in a shooting when they go out for drinks after work. Joey McIntyre guest stars. read more

Cavallino Rampante Season 8, Episode 3

A woman's body is found in a stolen sports car, which leads the CSIs to a family of car thieves whose lives may be in danger if the killer isn't quickly captured. read more

Keep It Real Season 8, Episode 2

The CSIs investigate the death of a teen who tried to win over a sexy punk rocker (Aly Michalka) and may have ventured too far into her world. read more

Indelible Season 8, Episode 1

The eighth season begins with Mac and the team recalling moments from 9/11 on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. read more

Exit Strategy Season 7, Episode 22

Season 7 concludes with Mac determined to close his last remaining unsolved case, after a harrowing near-death experience. New evidence in the 2002 double murder at a grocery suggests a girl was kidnapped from the store shortly after the crimes. read more

Life Sentence Season 7, Episode 21

Mac and his ex-partner (Peter Fonda) are targeted by an ex-con they put away 17 years ago on drug and firearm charges. First, the former prisoner shoots up Mac's office from across the street and then murders a drug dealer he once knew, leaving Mac to ponder why the man is seeking revenge against him and his old partner. read more

Nothing for Something Season 7, Episode 20

A woman is found murdered in Central Park and the investigation links her death to a serial killer. Meanwhile, Mac reconnects with his first partner (Peter Fonda) after an ex-con the two put in prison begins stalking them. The NFL's Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum appear. read more

Food for Thought Season 7, Episode 19

A street vendor is killed when his gourmet food truck explodes at a SoHo culinary festival while Hawkes is there with his girlfriend. The investigation reveals the victim stole recipes from his previous employer and was stealing business from a rival vendor. Later, Hawkes fears he may fail a random drug test at the lab. read more

Identity Crisis Season 7, Episode 18

Jo's adopted daughter, Ellie, witnesses an elderly man's murder on a subway platform. The investigation reveals the victim was apparently shot but not with a gun and no bullet is found. As for Ellie, Jo learns she was trying to contact her birth mother when the homicide occurred. read more

Do or Die Season 7, Episode 17

The senior valedictorian at Manhattan's most elite private school is murdered in a girl's restroom. The investigation reveals the victim's head was bashed against a sink and that the stellar school is rife with sex, drugs and cheating. read more

The Untouchable Season 7, Episode 16

Mac is kidnapped while investigating the murder of a homeless woman who witnessed a homicide a year earlier. The probe reveals the victim was obsessed with crimes committed on February 17, 2010, and was killed to keep her quiet about what she saw. read more

Vigilante Season 7, Episode 15

A serial rapist is murdered and found restrained in the same manner as his victims. Later, a second man who served time for sexual assault is discovered shot to death. The CSIs weigh a feeling of justice being served against their sense of duty to find the killer. read more

Smooth Criminal Season 7, Episode 14

A woman is kidnapped and held by a hit man (Ne-Yo). The investigation uncovers a conspiracy with far-reaching implications. Camille: Lesley-Ann Brandt. read more

Party Down Season 7, Episode 13

A tractor-trailer carrying a group of party guests crashes into the Hudson River and several of the invitees drown. The evidence suggests it wasn't an accident but rather premeditated murder, so the CSIs search for a common link between the victims. read more

Holding Cell Season 7, Episode 12

A Spanish club promoter is stabbed to death in his apartment, but Mac isn't convinced that the man was murdered. The case is made more difficult when the head of Barcelona's crime lab arrives to investigate and Mac learns the CSI is related to the victim. read more

To What End? Season 7, Episode 11

A man in a clown costume shoots a bakery owner, and the investigation reveals that the suspect may be connected to Flack. Meanwhile, Jo's ex-husband, FBI agent Russ Josephson (David James Elliott), visits the office, much to Jo's dismay, when the probe centers on a man in protective custody. read more

Shop Till You Drop Season 7, Episode 10

Mac and Jo investigate when a department-store manager is murdered and his body is found in a holiday display window. Their probe reveals the victim was hated by his employees and blackmailed some into sleeping with him. read more

Justified Season 7, Episode 9

Mac investigates when a body washes up on shore, and his probe unravels a dark secret from deputy chief Carver's past that threatens to ruin his reputation and destroy his family. John Larroquette guest stars. read more

Scared Stiff Season 7, Episode 8

A young woman's body is found in an allegedly haunted part of Central Park and it appears she was literally scared to death. The case takes a strange twist when a second corpse, who died 15 years earlier, is discovered buried in the park. Complicating matters even more is the second victim's connection to a powerful New York cop. John Larroquette guest stars. read more

Hide Sight Season 7, Episode 7

Mac searches for a deadly sniper who is firing from city rooftops and learns the killer may be connected to an abduction case that he worked 15 years ago in which a 9-year-old boy was kidnapped. John Larroquette guest stars. read more

Do Not Pass Go Season 7, Episode 6

The CSIs investigate when a badly decomposed body is discovered in an abandoned car on a rooftop. The probe reveals the killer manipulates his crime scenes and uses the victims' parents to accomplish it. read more

Out of the Sky Season 7, Episode 5

The CSIs investigate a $5 million jewel heist in a ritzy penthouse that belongs to one of New York's most powerful attorneys. The lawyer's bodyguard, who is Danny's ex-partner, is wounded during the robbery and another victim soon turns up in the morgue. read more

Sangre por Sangre Season 7, Episode 4

A powerful gang leader is murdered and Mac turns to the gang's founder (Edward James Olmos) for help to prevent a street war from breaking out with a rival group. read more

Damned If You Do Season 7, Episode 3

A married couple are beaten in their home and the mother claims her son is responsible, but when another person claims responsibility Mac isn't sure either of them is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Jo reveals to Mac the circumstances that forced her to leave the FBI in Washington, D.C. read more

Unfriendly Chat Season 7, Episode 2

A woman is strangled to death while taking part in a live Internet chat with Adam, but he doesn't know who or where she is. Jo thinks the death may be fake, but Adam is sure he witnessed a murder and goes to unusual lengths to find the killer. read more

The 34th Floor Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh season begins with new team member Jo Danville (Sela Ward) discovering the body of a young woman who was murdered somewhere in the New York crime-lab building. Meanwhile, Lindsay struggles with her feelings over killing the man who threatened her daughter's life. read more

Vacation Getaway Season 6, Episode 23

The sixth season concludes with serial killer Shane Casey (Edward Furlong) seeking revenge by targeting Danny, who is out of town on vacation with Lindsay and their daughter. read more

Point of View Season 6, Episode 22

Mac's at home recuperating from an injury and witnesses a neighbor's suspicious activity, which leads to murder. Even more disturbing for Mac is that his former girlfriend Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) is staying with the suspect, who may be planning a terrorist attack somewhere in the city. read more

Unusual Suspects Season 6, Episode 21

Mac investigates the shooting of a 14-year-old boy who was gunned down in front of his younger brother. read more

Tales From the Undercard Season 6, Episode 20

A man dressed in a gladiator costume is found buried beneath a slab of concrete at a construction site after blood bubbles up from underneath of it when a jackhammer drills into it. The probe leads the CSIs to an underground world of hardcore fighting. read more

Redemptio Season 6, Episode 19

Hawkes gets caught up in a prison riot when he visits a Pennsylvania penitentiary to honor a death-row inmate's final request and comes face-to-face with a tragic incident he has kept secret for many years. Ozzy Osbourne's song "Let Me Hear You Scream" makes its premiere. read more

Rest in Peace, Marina Garito Season 6, Episode 18

A woman linked to an unsolved murder is discovered dead. The evidence suggests she committed suicide, but an unconvinced Stella pursues the case as a homicide. read more

Pot of Gold Season 6, Episode 17

The CSIs probe the murders of a journalist and his friend, who were investigating gold fraud. One victim was gunned down and the other one was beaten with a gold bar. Meanwhile, Mac becomes attracted to a woman he meets at a local deli. read more

Uncertainty Rules Season 6, Episode 16

The CSIs investigate when four bodies are discovered in a hotel room and a friend of the victims' is found walking in a street covered in their blood and carrying an ax. The probe reveals two of the victims took the suspect out to celebrate his 21st birthday. The investigation is made more difficult because the suspect is high on LSD and doesn't remember the crimes. read more

The Formula Season 6, Episode 15

A legendary racer (Antonio Sabato Jr.) dies when his car explodes on a New York street just two days before a big race. The probe reveals the car was tampered with and that he was murdered. Suspicion falls on his leading competitor (Danica Patrick). read more

Sanguine Love Season 6, Episode 14

The CSIs investigate the death of a woman in Central Park whose body is drained of blood and is missing part of an ear. The probe uncovers a dark subculture where individuals are involved in vampirism. read more

Flag on the Play Season 6, Episode 13

A sexy star quarterback for the Lingerie Football League is found dead in a locker-room hot tub at Madison Square Garden. The investigation reveals traces of lidocaine in the victim's body, a drug to which she was allergic. It's also learned that a previous player on the team died several months earlier under mysterious circumstances. read more

Criminal Justice Season 6, Episode 12

A teen girl is murdered in her bedroom, but the chief suspect goes free when Stella learns that a key piece of evidence at the crime scene was planted by someone working on the case. Meanwhile, Danny's wallet and badge are stolen while he receives therapy for his back. read more

Second Chances Season 6, Episode 11

A reformed drug addict is discovered dead in an alley, and the evidence suggests he was murdered by being run over with a car. The investigation reveals the vehicle belongs to another recovered addict (Pat Monahan) and that the car may have been involved in a previous addict's death. The band Train appear and perform. Kim Kardashian guest stars. read more

Death House Season 6, Episode 10

A frantic 911 call sends the CSIs to a vacant, booby-trapped penthouse, where they discover a nearly 100-year-old mummified corpse. The investigation reveals the victim was stabbed 11 times and died around 1923. The probe centers on the murder and who made the 911 call. Evidence suggests the caller may still be inside the mysterious residence. read more

Manhattanhenge Season 6, Episode 9

Mac and his team discover the home of the so-called Compass Killer (Skeet Ulrich) and attempt to save the madman's fourth victim. read more

Cuckoo's Nest Season 6, Episode 8

The Compass Killer (Skeet Ulrich) claims his third victim when a body plummets from the 59th Street Bridge. A compass pointing east is discovered near the body. Terrence Davis: Nelly. read more

Hammer Down Season 6, Episode 7

Ray Langston of the Las Vegas crime lab tracks a human-trafficking ring that specializes in black-market organ harvesting to New York, where he assists Mac in attempting to free a hostage taken by the criminal group. The story began on "CSI: Miami" and concludes on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." read more

It Happened to Me Season 6, Episode 6

A software-company executive bleeds to death on the street. Hawkes believes he may be responsible because he attended to the victim just hours before in the park as part of a volunteer medical service and didn't think his condition was serious. The investigation takes the CSIs into the underground world of "food sploshing" parties, in which participants use food in sensual ways. And Hawkes reveals a surprising fact about his life. read more

Battle Scars Season 6, Episode 5

A rising star in the underground world of street-dancing competitions is murdered in his hotel room shortly after winning a contest and his girlfriend is beaten. The investigation rules out robbery as a motive since the victim's prize money wasn't taken. The chief suspect is a rival dancer who placed second in the competition. read more

Dead Reckoning Season 6, Episode 4

A woman confesses to murdering her cheating husband by stabbing him 17 times, but DNA evidence found at the scene suggests she isn't the killer and that another woman may be responsible. The investigation also reveals the mystery lady may be involved in a series of other crimes. Meanwhile, Don freezes during an arrest at gunpoint and his behavior is called into question. read more

LAT 40 Degrees 47' N/Long 73 Degrees 58' W Season 6, Episode 3

A night-shift janitor is found hung on Ellis Island and the apparent suicide is quickly ruled a homicide. The killer (Skeet Ulrich) left behind an antique compass as a clue. Later, another compass mailed to Mac points to another murder victim on the opposite end of the city. And Mac hires Haylen to work in the lab, much to Adam's dismay. read more

Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger) Season 6, Episode 2

A killer who is bitter toward the health-care industry murders high-profile workers in the field. The case turns personal for Mac when the suspect calls and taunts him by mentioning the name of Mac's father, who died nearly 20 years earlier. read more

Epilogue Season 6, Episode 1

The sixth season begins with Mac's team recovering from a hail of machine-gun fire aimed at them a month earlier while they were at a local bar. Danny, now in a wheelchair, meets with a woman who claims to have information about the crime, but she's gunned down during their encounter. read more

Pay Up Season 5, Episode 25

The fifth season concludes with kidnappers snatching publishing mogul Robert Dunbrook's son as he is about to be escorted from prison to court, where he is to testify against his father. Dunbrook is a prime suspect in the abduction but claims he's not involved. During the ambush, a CSI team member is killed. read more

Grounds for Deception Season 5, Episode 24

A thug linked to stolen Greek artifacts is murdered in Central Park, and Stella's home address is discovered in his pocket. The investigation leads Stella to turn in her badge and follow the evidence to Greece, where she learns key information about her own past and uncovers a mystery of historical proportions. Series star Melina Kanakaredes penned the episode. read more

Greater Good Season 5, Episode 23

Mac informs a newly released ex-con (Charles S. Dutton) that he just served 18 months in prison for a crime he didn't commit, but the man insists he is guilty of the crime: vehicular manslaughter in the death of a teen girl two years earlier. Mac isn't convinced and reopens the case. Meanwhile, Lindsay goes into labor and is taken to the hospital. read more

Yahrzeit Season 5, Episode 22

A jewelry appraiser is knifed and shot during an exclusive auction. The investigation reveals that the victim may be linked to neo-Nazis and a valuable brooch that once belonged to a prisoner at Auschwitz. Edward Asner guest stars. read more

The Past, Present and Murder Season 5, Episode 21

Newspaper magnate Robert Dunbrook (Craig T. Nelson) claims he was attacked by a man in his office and that the man crashed through the window and fell 20 stories to his death. But the body disappears before the CSIs arrive. Dunbrook refuses to cooperate with the investigation and tries to get Mac taken off the case. read more

Communication Breakdown Season 5, Episode 19

A Native American chief is gunned down on a crowded subway, but the fatal shot was fired from outside the moving train. The investigation reveals that the victim was involved in a hotly contested land dispute that involved a lawsuit. Also: Danny tries to come up with a male name for his unborn child. read more

Point of No Return Season 5, Episode 18

A former medical examiner's wife is murdered at a seedy motel, and a shocking discovery is made regarding white powder recovered at the scene. The case is personal for the team because the victim's husband was once a well-liked colleague who worked closely with Sid. Meanwhile, Stella sets a trap to capture her nemesis, Sebastian Diakos. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz guest star. read more

Green Piece Season 5, Episode 17

A young woman is killed when a pipe bomb located in a van explodes and destroys her house in Brooklyn. Her father survives the blast but has no idea who would target them. The investigation reveals that a radical environmental group may be responsible. Meanwhile, Lindsay prepares to leave for Montana, but Danny wants her to marry him before she leaves. read more

No Good Deed Season 5, Episode 16

A vulture drops a human eyeball into Stella's cup of coffee. An identification is quickly made, and the victim is discovered partially buried in a rooftop garden. The investigation reveals that the man was an entrepreneur who was on the verge of taking his Internet company public. Meanwhile, Mac ponders whether he is responsible for Ella's care following her suicide attempt. read more

The Party's Over Season 5, Episode 15

Stella is thrust into the middle of a crime scene when she attends a charity fund-raiser and the deputy mayor's dead body falls from the ceiling along with hundreds of balloons. The investigation reveals that the victim was receiving bribes and kickbacks. Meanwhile, thousands of NYPD's finest, including Danny, fall prey to "blue flu" to protest pay cuts; and a greedy publishing mogul (Craig T. Nelson) makes life difficult for Mac with stories about the department. read more

She's Not There Season 5, Episode 14

A Russian tourist is murdered, and the investigation leads the CSIs into the world of human trafficking. The case takes on added significance when a link to a prominent member of the NYPD is discovered. read more

Rush to Judgment Season 5, Episode 13

The CSIs are faced with a human jigsaw puzzle when severed body parts belonging to a popular wrestling coach are found buried in different parts of the city. Meanwhile, Don must explain how a teen suspect died in his custody. read more

Help Season 5, Episode 12

A shopper is killed when a mob of brides-to-be fights over a wedding dress during a sale at a bridal shop. Meanwhile, Hawkes investigates the rape and murder of a subway musician and he suspects the culprit is the same person who raped his former girlfriend years earlier. read more

Forbidden Fruit Season 5, Episode 11

An up-and-coming fashion designer dies after drinking a lethal concoction that burns her internal organs. The investigation reveals the victim attended a party where exotic food was served and that the host, now also dead, tried to dump her body. Meanwhile, Stella probes a coin-shop owner's murder and, based on the evidence, believes the same person who recently tried to kill her is responsible. read more

The Triangle Season 5, Episode 10

A security guard in an armored truck is killed when a blast of microwave energy courses through the vehicle and disrupts all electronic devices near the Empire State Building. The investigation centers on whether the death was an accident or a murder, and whether it is connected to a bank robbery committed in the area minutes after the disruption occurred. Meanwhile, Danny proposes to Lindsay and receives an unexpected answer. read more

The Box Season 5, Episode 9

A body is found inside of a crushed car and the CSIs must carefully remove the bones to identify the victim and uncover clues that will lead them to the killer. Meanwhile, Lindsay tells Danny she's pregnant. read more

My Name Is Mac Taylor Season 5, Episode 8

Two people named Mac Taylor are killed during a two-week span, and Mac and 15 others with the same moniker come together to find the murderer before he strikes one of them. Chris Daughtry, Nelly and Julia Ormond guest star. read more

Dead Inside Season 5, Episode 7

A man who was beaten to death is discovered in a Staten Island cellar, but the two-story, 20-ton house that was over it is found on a barge on the East River. The probe on the floating crime scene reveals the victim owned a house-relocation company that was moving the structure to the Upper East Side. In addition, he was involved in "SecretU," an Internet confessional group whose members reveal their darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Don confronts his sister about her drinking problem. read more

Enough Season 5, Episode 6

Three defendants accused of murdering a drug dealer are each gunned down on the eve of their trial in separate locations around the city. The weapons fired in the slayings are the same ones that were used in the drug dealer's death. The case takes on added significance for Mac when he learns that a witness to the original murder was recently attacked by the three victims. Mac had promised her she would never have to testify. read more

The Cost of Living Season 5, Episode 5

The death of a young archaeologist who may have dug up the solution to one of the city's oldest murder mysteries is investigated. During the probe, the CSIs make their own shocking discovery: anything, including a person's life, can be purchased on the Internet. read more

Sex, Lies and Silicone Season 5, Episode 4

The team investigates the murder of a so-called corporate fixer who cleaned up messy situations, and the probe leads the CSIs into a world of political corruption that may involve Chief Sinclair and a sexual-harassment case he is connected to. The last call the victim made was to Sinclair, but he refuses to talk to Mac about it. Meanwhile, a break-in at the medical examiner's office may be tied to the case. read more

Turbulence Season 5, Episode 3

An air marshal is found murdered aboard a Washington, D.C.-bound flight Mac is on, and he is convinced that the killer is on the plane. Nelly guest stars. read more

Page Turner Season 5, Episode 2

A series of deaths by radiation poisoning may have a link to the New York City Public Library. Maroon 5 appear. read more

Veritas Season 5, Episode 1

The fifth season begins with Mac being taken hostage by a bank robber and then waking up in a submerged car with no memory of how he got there. The investigation seeks to unravel the truth behind the bizarre heist and the mysterious man at its center. read more

Hostage Season 4, Episode 21

In the fourth-season finale, a bank robbery goes wrong and a manager is gunned down. The botched attempt and shooting prompt a nervous gunman to take hostages and to demand that a CSI be brought in to prove he is innocent. read more

Taxi Season 4, Episode 20

A suspect who is thought to be the so-called cabbie killer turns up dead, but Mac isn't convinced the case is solved, and he thinks that the real culprit may still be stalking the city's streets. read more

Personal Foul Season 4, Episode 19

The CSIs search for the so-called cabbie killer after another one of his victims is discovered floating in a fountain. In another case, a hoops fan randomly selected from a drawing at an arena dies after sinking a basketball shot worth $1 million. The investigation reveals the victim was poisoned. Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist appear as themselves. read more

Admissions Season 4, Episode 18

A prep-school guidance counselor who is serving as a chaperone for a dance is brutally beaten and murdered in a school lab. The investigation reveals the victim may have been involved with drugs and gambling. Meanwhile, Mac is pressured to find the so-called taxicab killer before he strikes again. read more

Like Water for Murder Season 4, Episode 17

The body of a top real-estate salesman washes up on the shore of Rockaway Beach, along with several dead sharks, leading the CSIs on a twisted path to follow the evidence. read more

Right Next Door Season 4, Episode 16

A fire breaks out in Stella's apartment building and she rescues a neighbor's son trapped in the blaze. Soon, it is determined that arson was the cause of the fire and that a charred body found in the building was likely placed there before the inferno began. The investigation reveals a convicted arsonist lives down the hall and that Stella's neighbor may be involved in criminal activity. read more

DOA for a Day Season 4, Episode 15

Mac's team searches an abandoned warehouse for one of the city's most wanted criminals after receiving an anonymous tip. read more

Playing With Matches Season 4, Episode 14

A drowning victim is discovered in a self-cleaning public restroom and it quickly becomes apparent that the death was no accident. read more

All in the Family Season 4, Episode 13

Mac investigates the murder of a woman outside of a flower shop and then probes the death of man discovered two buildings down from the first victim. The CSIs work to determine if the two killings are related. read more

Happily Never After Season 4, Episode 12

A much-despised hotel owner is discovered dead beneath an ice sculpture; and a woman is accidentally hit and killed by a school bus while walking down a highway in her nightgown. read more

Child's Play Season 4, Episode 11

It's no laughing matter when a murder victim is discovered with traces of disappearing ink and an exploding cigar. The investigation leads the CSIs to a notorious prank seller known as Laughing Larry. Meanwhile, Danny probes a case that involves a boy from his neighborhood. read more

The Thing About Heroes... Season 4, Episode 10

Mac closes in on the “333” stalker who is pursuing him and learns the significance of the numbers; a CSI is taken hostage. read more

One Wedding and a Funeral Season 4, Episode 9

A groom is murdered on his wedding day and his body is wrapped like a present; and Stella finds a box of bloody puzzle pieces on her car, a discovery that causes Mac to fly to Chicago to solve the mystery. read more

Buzzkill Season 4, Episode 8

Mac investigates when a supermodel is found dead in a giant martini glass on a Times Square billboard. read more

Commuted Sentences Season 4, Episode 7

A man is stabbed to death in Madison Square Park and a woman is fatally shot outside a museum, and the investigations reveal the two victims were sexual predators who were acquitted by the courts. read more

Boo Season 4, Episode 6

The CSIs encounter eerie events when they investigate a mass murder at the infamous “Amityville Horror” house on Long Island. read more

Down the Rabbit Hole Season 4, Episode 5

Mac enters a computer-generated virtual world to track down a woman's killer. The victim looked like a popular avatar come to life, and the jealous murderer wants to assume her faux identity. read more

Time's Up Season 4, Episode 4

Mac investigates the possibility of time travel when a dying man confesses to a murder 24 hours before it takes place. Singer Will Dailey guest stars as himself. read more

You Only Die Once Season 4, Episode 3

Mac and Stella investigate a series of robberies targeting some of Manhattan's wealthiest citizens, and the key to cracking the case is a mysterious sports car that is rigged like one seen in James Bond movies. Also, Mac receives phone calls from an unidentified caller who may be targeting him. read more

The Deep Season 4, Episode 2

After a body is found in New York Harbor, Mac uncovers a plot to assassinate a diplomat and the location of a hidden treasure. read more

Can You Hear Me Now? Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth season begins with Mac searching for a vigilante who threatens to kill a famous musician. The case is set in motion when blood is found on the crown of the Statue of Liberty. read more

Snow Day Season 3, Episode 24

Mac and his team defend the lab against a drug lord and his crew, who descend upon the facility to retrieve a large amount of drugs taken in a police raid. read more

...Comes Around Season 3, Episode 23

Tennis legend John McEnroe is suspected of murder, despite a solid alibi, when evidence and witnesses all point to him as the culprit. Mac's investigation leads to a political firestorm that threatens to end his career. read more

Cold Reveal Season 3, Episode 22

Stella becomes a murder suspect in a Philadelphia cold case when Det. Scotty Valens (Danny Pino) visits the lab and tells her that her DNA matches the evidence. Meanwhile, Mac's career is jeopardized when an internal investigation is opened against him. read more

Past Imperfect Season 3, Episode 21

Alleged serial killer Clay Dobson (Joey Lawrence), whose conviction rested on his confession to a police officer, is set free after Mac arrests the cop in question. Soon, a murder victim turns up and Mac believes Dobson is responsible. read more

What Schemes May Come Season 3, Episode 20

The CSI members enter the world of genetic testing after a body is stolen from a coroner's van. Also, a man wearing medieval armor is impaled with a lance and another man is stabbed to death with an ice pick. read more

A Daze of Wine and Roaches Season 3, Episode 19

Mac and Stella must hurdle diplomatic road blocks to investigate a murder at the U.N. when a part-time translator is poisoned to death during a French Revolution-themed fund-raiser. Deputy Inspector Gerrard won't allow the CSIs to examine the body until all diplomatic clearances have been met. Across town, a chef is stabbed to death with a large corkscrew on the opening night of his restaurant and a live jeweled cockroach is found inside of his mouth. read more

Sleight Out of Hand Season 3, Episode 18

A woman is found sawed in half inside a magician's wooden box onstage in an abandoned Times Square theater. The investigation reveals the victim worked for a famous illusionist (Criss Angel) who was performing outside when the murder occurred. In Montana, Lindsay testifies in a murder trial and struggles to recall a multiple homicide she witnessed when she was 14 in which three of her friends were gunned down inside of a cafe. read more

The Ride-In Season 3, Episode 17

A man is found shot dead in a rundown Rockaway Beach house under a pile of money. Outside in his backyard is an ark that contains animals and eight people. The investigation reveals the man spread the belief that the world was ending and charged people to go on his ark where they would be saved. Back in the city, a man dressed as a giant cigarette to protest a tobacco company is found dead on the street. Also, Stella tells Mac that she was exposed to HIV when she got cut at a crime scene. read more

Heart of Glass Season 3, Episode 16

A woman is found floating in a bathtub in a luxury apartment, but there is no initial evidence of how she died. The investigation reveals the victim was in the apartment of a man who took out a restraining order against her six months earlier. Across town, a music mogul is murdered in his penthouse. The victim's sister reports the killer is an intruder who has struck twice before. While collecting evidence, Stella accidentally cuts herself with bloodstained glass that may be infected with HIV. read more

Some Buried Bones Season 3, Episode 15

A Fifth Avenue security guard is gunned down in the dressing-room area of a ritzy clothing store and the chief suspect is a professional shoplifter (Nelly Furtado) who steals for personal clients. In Queens, a college student is found dead in a hedge maze and the investigation reveals the victim was working to expose a secret society on campus. Mac believes members of the group may be responsible for the murder. read more

The Lying Game Season 3, Episode 14

A female impersonator who performed at a party in a ritzy hotel is found dead in a men's room stall. He was drowned in the toilet. The investigation reveals the victim confronted a congressman at another hotel event shortly before being murdered. Across town, a man's body is found inside of a city salt truck. Also, Lindsay is asked to testify in a multiple-homicide trial in Montana. She was the only witness to the murders of four of her friends. read more

Obsession Season 3, Episode 13

A well-heeled man is found dead in a vacant apartment, but the evidence suggests that the victim may have been killed by someone he kidnapped. In Central Park, a man's body is discovered stuffed in a shopping cart. The probe reveals the dead man was part of a bizarre race that uses shopping carts and that his team was sabotaged by other participants. read more

Silent Night Season 3, Episode 12

A 19-year-old deaf woman is gunned down in her parents' house. Lindsay arrives at the scene, but quickly leaves and later opens up to Stella about a dark incident in her past that continues to haunt her. Elsewhere, a 16-year-old skating star is murdered while practicing at a local rink, but Stella believes another skater, a national champion, may have been the intended target. read more

Raising Shane Season 3, Episode 11

A black man wearing a green hooded sweatshirt robs a Greenwich Village bar and guns down a bartender in the early morning hours. Soon afterward, a suspect matching the killer's description is arrested. Unfortunately, the suspect is Hawkes. Mac's team is immediately pulled from the case, but that doesn't stop Mac from trying to discover the truth. Also, a man is found dead in a Times Square peep-show booth. At first, it appears the man overdosed, but Stella believes he was murdered. read more

Sweet 16 Season 3, Episode 10

A wealthy Throggs Neck father is murdered in a new, expensive car he was about to give his daughter for a 16th birthday present. While searching the car, Lindsay is bitten by a cobra hidden inside. In Tribeca, a man who raised racing pigeons is murdered. His body is discovered after a parachutist, who was advertising an upcoming sporting event, dies because his open parachute is pummeled by dozens of dead, blood-covered pigeons that mysteriously fall from the sky. read more

And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael Season 3, Episode 9

A 19-year-old woman is murdered in her bed at the hospital where she's being treated following a car accident she caused while driving drunk. Mac investigates and believes the crime may be a mercy killing. The murder takes place in the hospital where Hawkes once was a leading surgeon. As he investigates the case, old wounds are opened up between Hawkes and his former boss, the chief of staff. read more

Consequences Season 3, Episode 8

A professional paintball player is gunned down after he enters a warehouse where huge balloons used in the Thanksgiving Day Parade are located. He was playing a paintball game with a rival, who is now missing, when he was shot. The investigation reveals the murder may be linked to illegal drugs and a cop may be involved. Also, Stella fears she is being stalked, but when Mac chases down the suspect he gets an unexpected surprise. read more

Murder Sings the Blues Season 3, Episode 7

A young woman dies after she starts bleeding from her eyes, nose and mouth while partying on a subway train, and Mac believes she may be the victim of a biological attack. Later, Mac learns that one of his investigators knew the victim. Across town, a wealthy playboy is found dead in an indoor pool in his penthouse suite. The probe reveals the man was murdered and that he had fired his maid two days earlier. read more

Open and Shut Season 3, Episode 6

A young hotel concierge falls to her death from a balcony and is impaled on a statue shortly after an ugly incident with a popular model participating in a rooftop photo shoot. While Mac and Stella investigate the case, they hear gunshots coming from a nearby building and discover the shots came from a penthouse loft. When they enter, they find a woman standing over two dead bodies, one of them her husband. The woman claims the other victim was beating her husband, so she shot the man. read more

Oedipus Hex Season 3, Episode 5

A young punk rocker is found beaten to death in a Queens alley just a few blocks from where she recently finished performing in a show with a group called the Suicide Girls. Over in Rucker Park, a basketball phenom is discovered dead on an outside court a day after he defeated a professional player in a one-on-one game that embarrassed the NBA star, known for his violent outbursts. read more

Hung Out to Dry Season 3, Episode 4

Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a college student found decapitated, her body hung upside down from a ceiling fan. The grisly crime occurred during a sorority party and most of the witnesses are too drunk to remember anything. Later, another victim is found impaled on a tree in Battery Park, his eyes gouged out and two railroad spikes inserted into his head. Both victims were wearing unique shirts that contain hidden codes that could provide clues to the killer's identity. read more

Love Run Cold Season 3, Episode 3

Mac and Stella work on the case of a marathon runner who dies during a race in Central Park. They discover that the victim was poisoned and had frostbite on his face, even though the temperature outside is in the 90s. Across town, Danny and Lindsay investigate the murder of a 23-year-old model, the face of a promotional campaign to launch a new brand of vodka, after she is stabbed to death during a party. Also, Danny gets upset with Lindsay when she stands him up for a dinner date. read more

Not What It Looks Like Season 3, Episode 2

Three women dressed as Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany's” rob a jewelry store and one of the managers is killed during the heist when a shotgun discharges. Across town, a mummified body is discovered during an old building's demolition. The corpse turns out to be the missing wife of a city councilman. Even though the autopsy concludes she died of natural causes, Mac believes she was murdered. read more

People With Money Season 3, Episode 1

A homicide on the Brooklyn Bridge and the murder of a 24-year-old heiress are investigated. In the first case, a pair of bungee jumpers discover a man who was stabbed with a souvenir key chain soon after he apparently proposed to a woman on the bridge with a message displayed in lights on a nearby building. In the second case, the badly beaten body of a young heiress is found in her penthouse apartment. Meanwhile, Mac begins a relationship with a new medical examiner (Claire Forlani). read more

Charge of This Post Season 2, Episode 24

A CSI team member is seriously injured when a bomb explodes in an office building during a homicide investigation. As Mac tries to help his fallen partner, he flashes back to a 1983 Beirut bombing when he attempted to save the life of a fellow marine and failed. The probe reveals that the bomber has planted other explosive devices across the city and plans to set them off within a few hours using cell phones to trigger them. read more

Heroes Season 2, Episode 23

A marine corporal is found stabbed to death in Central Park during a military celebration and the investigation reveals that the victim was severely beaten before he died. Across town, a woman's badly burned body is discovered in a torched car that was set on fire in an alley, and Mac is shocked when he learns the identity of the deceased. read more

Stealing Home Season 2, Episode 22

A woman dressed in a mermaid costume is found dead in the East River. The probe reveals the victim was strangled and then dumped into the water. Across town, Mac and Stella investigate the shooting death of a man who was shot in the eye while leaving his home. They quickly learn that the man lived with two women he considered to be his wives, but he was in fact married to only one of them. read more

All Access Season 2, Episode 21

Kid Rock is a suspect in the murder of his limousine driver, who is found dead in the car after being shot through the throat. Across town, Stella is discovered covered in blood in her apartment, where her boyfriend has been shot to death. Stella remembers shooting him, but she isn't clear on all that happened up to that time. read more

Run Silent, Run Deep Season 2, Episode 20

A construction worker commits suicide after phoning Mac to confess that he took part in burying a body in the north end zone of Giants Stadium many years ago. The investigation reveals that a body is buried in the stadium and that the victim was executed with a shot to the head. The case becomes more complex when Mac learns that someone in the lab was present at the original crime scene. Back in Manhattan, Stella probes the murder of a bank executive who was stabbed to death in a hotel room. read more

Super Men Season 2, Episode 19

A man dressed in a Superman costume is found dead in an alley after he tried to rescue a pedestrian being robbed at an ATM. Nearby, a star college-football player is murdered in his hotel room a day after being selected in the first round of the pro-football league draft. The investigations reveal that the superhero wannabe lived in a psychiatric hospital and that the gridiron star covered up a serious injury that would have perhaps prevented him from being drafted. read more

Live or Let Die Season 2, Episode 18

A hospital intern is murdered during the hijacking of a medical helicopter that was carrying a liver from an organ donor. Mac works against the clock to find the thieves and the missing liver before the transplant patient dies. Across town, Stella and Lindsay investigate the murder of a restaurant hostess found dead in an alley. Their probe reveals that the victim engaged in phone sex with several men. read more

Necrophilia Americana Season 2, Episode 17

A woman's body is discovered in a museum diorama, covered with carrion beetles that have eaten away much of her flesh. The investigation reveals that the victim is a curator and the granddaughter of a wealthy museum patron. The only witness is a 6-year-old boy who refuses to talk. Across town, a man is found dead at a construction site where someone sprayed foam insulation into his mouth causing him to choke to death. read more

Cool Hunter Season 2, Episode 16

A woman's body is discovered floating in a water tower on the roof of an apartment building where six other people died mysteriously over the past 10 years. The investigation reveals that the victim worked as a doorwoman at the building. In Washington Heights, a dead man is found draped over a swing, apparently having been strangled to death. read more

Fare Game Season 2, Episode 15

An assistant district attorney is found shot to death in a cemetery, but there is no sign of a bullet in his body or an exit wound. The investigation reveals that the man was involved in playing a bizarre assassination game. Across town, a woman is discovered dead in her bed, blindfolded and her hands tied with a man's bow tie. The probe reveals that the woman was known for suing restaurants all across the country. read more

Stuck on You Season 2, Episode 14

In an elegant Tribeca loft, a rich playboy is hit from behind by an arrow that pins him and his date to a wall. The woman is killed, but he survives. It happens during a party to celebrate a photographer's work and Stella is present. Mac investigates and must determine who was the intended target. In Greenwich Village, Danny and Lindsay investigate the murder of a young music promoter found dead in a gutter. His neck is smashed and a bullet is found lodged in his throat. read more

Risk Season 2, Episode 13

A 19-year-old college student is found dead on the tracks of the subway after apparently riding on top on the train. A shark's tooth is found embedded into his hand and four tropical fish are discovered in his stomach. The evidence points to murder, not an accident. Meanwhile, Stella probes the murder of a commodities trader found dangling by a cord out of his office's 40th-floor window. The investigation reveals that the man was killed before he was tossed outside. read more

Wasted Season 2, Episode 12

An 18-year-old Russian model falls dead on a runway during a fashion show. Mac and Danny investigate and soon discover another victim. Back at headquarters, a terminally ill man arrives with a gun and claims to have killed his doctor in an alley. Stella and Lindsay go to the scene and find the victim with a gunshot wound in her back. They also discover that the woman is covered with leeches beneath her clothes. And even though the man confessed, Stella doesn't believe him. read more

Trapped Season 2, Episode 11

A stripper is found dead in an alley on a klieg light that projects her silhouette onto the Chrysler Building. The investigation reveals that earlier the victim was lube wrestling with an overly aggressive customer who was thrown out of the club where she worked. Across town, a reclusive billionaire is discovered murdered in his bedroom with his throat slit. Danny then becomes trapped in a panic room inside the victim's mansion. read more

Jamalot Season 2, Episode 10

An up-and-coming star on a women's roller-derby team is killed during a game when a fight breaks out and she's attacked by members of the opposing team. Across town in a park, a man's body is discovered rolled up in an expensive Persian rug that is found inside of a dumpster. The investigation reveals that the victim was a struggling author and that someone wrote passages from a book all over his body. read more

Bad Beat Season 2, Episode 8

A poker player is gunned down in his apartment after a fellow player was caught cheating and thrown out, and then allegedly returned with a shotgun and blasted the victim through the front door. In Central Park, a woman who worked as a weather reporter at a local station is found dead and the evidence indicates that she drowned, even though her body was not found near any water. The investigation reveals that the woman's death may be linked to a sex tape she made with her boss. read more

City of the Dolls Season 2, Episode 9

The owner of a doll hospital is found dead in his place of business clutching a doll that holds the key to his murder. The investigation reveals that the victim recently filed a complaint against a delivery company and had argued with a delivery person. Across town, a young waitress is discovered dead in her bed. Stella soon learns that the woman had cancer and only had three months left to live. read more

Manhattan Manhunt Season 2, Episode 7

A crossover episode that began on “CSI: Miami” concludes with escaped serial killer Henry Darius murdering a group of teens in a luxury apartment where he tries to steal millions of dollars from a high-tech security vault. While working the case in Manhattan, Horatio is served with a subpoena that names him as a suspect in an unsolved murder more than 20 years ago in Queens. Darius: James Badge Dale. Sarah: Kat Dennings. Feldstein: Rick Hoffman. read more

YoungBlood Season 2, Episode 5

A wealthy businessman dies after being blasted with a homemade shotgun in his apartment-house elevator just as the doors opened onto his penthouse floor. The victim's young female companion witnesses the shooting, but escapes. In Central Park, a man's body is found weighed down and submerged in a lake. The investigation reveals the man didn't drown and that he was dead before he hit the water. read more

Dancing With the Fishes Season 2, Episode 6

A woman falls from the Queensborough Bridge and crashes through a car's windshield. The investigation reveals that she was a dancer with at least one rival at a local dance company. In a South Bronx fish market, a man is murdered with a swordfish. Also: a Roosevelt Island tram operator just days away from retirement is found dead inside the tram. read more

Corporate Warriors Season 2, Episode 4

Mac investigates when a businessman is decapitated by an unknown weapon while sitting on a bench in Central Park. In lower Manhattan, Stella probes the apparent beating death of a man who was allegedly trying to steal money at the San Gennaro festival. And, after a 10-year-old boy is killed in an apartment fire, Hawkes examines the evidence and quickly rules it arson. read more

Zoo York Season 2, Episode 3

Mac and Danny question the employees of a meatpacking plant after the owner was mauled and eaten by a tiger at a New York animal conservatory. Meanwhile, Stella and Dr. Hawkes probe the murder of a debutante who was found dead on a carousel in Central Park. read more

Grand Murder at Central Station Season 2, Episode 2

A renowned plastic surgeon is killed in Grand Central Station when lye is splashed in his face and on his hands, during the morning rush hour. Mac soon learns that suspects abound since some patients had filed malpractice lawsuits against the doctor. In another case, Stella probes the murder of a blind woman on a Manhattan rooftop. The investigation leads Stella into the world of cuddle parties. Also: Aiden tries to find evidence to send a repeat rapist to prison. read more

Summer in the City Season 2, Episode 1

An expert climber scales the Empire State Building and witnesses a murder on the 34th floor before falling to his death. Mac and Hawkes, who recently transferred to the field, work the case. The murder victim is the head of a prestigious law firm located in the building. Across town, Stella investigates the death of a man found wearing a diamond-studded bra worth millions, and Aiden tracks a rapist who attacked the same woman twice. read more

What You See Is What You See Season 1, Episode 23

Mac witnesses a shoot-out in a coffee shop where he's a regular. One patron dies and a waitress is critically wounded. After the gunman escapes, Mac must decide whether to chase the killer or tend to the wounded waitress. As the probe unfolds, Mac learns that the motive wasn't robbery, but something much bigger. Rose: Penelope Ann Miller. Collins: Garret Dillahunt. Amy: Emily Harrison. Madoff: Dave Power. read more

The Closer Season 1, Episode 22

An attractive sports agent is struck and killed by a delivery truck when she runs from an unseen assailant in an alley. Also, a Boston Red Sox fan is found dead in his truck near Yankee Stadium after a game between the rival teams. Later, even though Mac has already testified, a man being tried for murder asks him to take another look at the evidence. Sullivan: Michael Clarke Duncan. Margo: Danielle Burgio. DeRosa: Amaury Nolasco. Sweet: Andrew Bowen. read more

On the Job Season 1, Episode 21

Internal Affairs investigates after Danny kills an undercover cop he believed was a suspect he had chased down on a subway platform. Danny claims the victim shot first. Before the chase, Danny and Mac were examining a dead body in an apartment where they first encountered the suspect. Meanwhile, in Central Park, Stella probes the murder of a nanny, who was killed in a public restroom by a blow to the head. read more

Supply and Demand Season 1, Episode 20

A college student, who apparently got on the wrong side of drug dealers, is beaten and shot to death in his West Village apartment. Later, Stella gets into trouble with Internal Affairs after she relentlessly questions a teenage suspect and shoves a grisly autopsy photo in the girl's face. It's the fourth complaint filed against Stella in the past three years, and it leads to an angry confrontation between her and Mac. Jordan: Lindsay Parker. Lipstone: Amy Aquino. Willingham: Chad Lindberg. read more

Crime and Misdemeanor Season 1, Episode 19

The body of a woman whose throat has been slit tumbles out of a dirty wash bag at an industrial laundry facility. The investigation reveals she was murdered in an expensive hotel suite where a UN trade representative is staying. Downtown, Danny probes the death of a street performer who apparently died on the job while standing like a statue all day to earn tips. Later, Mac orders Danny to pass the case off to someone else, but Danny refuses to do so. read more

The Dove Commission Season 1, Episode 18

A commissioner who coauthored a report exposing corruption in the New York City police department is gunned down at a party the night before the document is to be released. Also killed is a woman with whom the commissioner was dancing. Further uptown, a gypsy cabdriver is found dead in his taxi, apparently the victim of a robbery gone awry. Constance: Alanna Ubach. Sherman: David Packer. Savannah: Patrice Fisher. Baxter: Clay Wilcox. Donna: Joy Gohring. read more

The Fall Season 1, Episode 17

A prominent and much-feared movie producer is found dead after apparently falling from a Chelsea apartment terrace. In the Bronx, a wineshop owner is murdered by a trio of gang members during a robbery. Flack's former training officer is assigned to the Bronx case and may be guilty of tampering with evidence at the scene. Back in Chelsea, Danny and Aiden learn that the dead moviemaker wasn't well liked and had more enemies than friends. read more

Hush Season 1, Episode 16

Half of a human torso is found smashed beneath a huge shipping container on a flatbed trailer leaving a marine terminal at New York Harbor. Mac and Stella investigate and soon discover the other half of the body on the docks. In Queens, Danny and Aiden probe the death of a woman found nude near an expressway. She apparently was hit by a vehicle that ran into a nearby tree. read more

'Til Death Do We Part Season 1, Episode 15

A bride falls dead just as she is about to walk down the aisle to marry a wealthy groom, and Mac believes she may have been poisoned. In an abandoned Staten Island monastery rumored to be haunted, a severed human hand is found near a dead man who apparently chewed it off to free himself after being cuffed to a wall. The investigation reveals that the man was an ex-con and was digging for something just before he was chained to the wall and left for dead. read more

Blood, Sweat and Tears Season 1, Episode 14

The body of a teen is found stuffed into a small box that washed ashore on Coney Island, and the investigation leads Mac and Stella into the world of circus performers. The probe reveals that the victim worked for a small traveling circus, but that he wanted to break free from it. Back in the city, a large pool of blood is discovered in a missing woman's studio apartment, but no body is found. Bernardo: Jim Pirri. Anasuya: Katie Chonacas. Maxwell: Mark Ivanir. Jake: Michael Maize. read more

Tanglewood Season 1, Episode 13

Mac and Stella investigate after a young man is beaten to death with a baseball bat in a park. A tattoo found on the victim may link him to the mob. Elsewhere, Danny and Aiden probe a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman and find the evidence points to murder. Later, a suspect in the beating death suggests that Danny is hiding a dark secret about his past. Also, a store clerk is gunned down in Spanish Harlem. read more

ReCycling Season 1, Episode 12

Stella investigates the death of a bicycle messenger who was stabbed as he rode along his route, while Mac probes the murder of a dog handler at a national kennel show who was found with a foot-long knitting needle rammed through her. Both investigations reveal that the victims weren't particularly liked by their colleagues and associates. read more

Tri-Borough Season 1, Episode 11

In Brooklyn, a man is found dead on train tracks, an apparent victim of electrocution, but the evidence points to murder. In Manhattan, an art dealer is discovered shot to death in his gallery, while in Queens a construction worker is killed. Maka: Kelly Hu. Galanis: Ray Abruzzo. Gianetti: Jay Acovone. Leathan: T.J. Thyne. James: Peter Giles. Brocco: Patrick Brennan. Galanis: Carter Jenkins. Hopper: Kellan Lutz. Whitefield: Sean Vincent Biggins. read more

Night, Mother Season 1, Episode 10

Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a woman who was stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. The police arrest a woman who was kneeling over the body with blood on her, but Mac isn't convinced that she committed the crime. Elsewhere, Danny and Aiden probe an apparent beating death. Ophelia: Heather Kafka. Rydell: Scott Valentine. Camden: Corin Nemec. Mallone: Nicholas Pratley. Walder: Bradley Stryker. Eduardo: Michael Irby. read more

Officer Blue Season 1, Episode 9

A mounted officer riding to investigate a fight between two men in Central Park is slain by a sniper. In Queens, Aiden probes the death of a 19-year-old man found in an alley with burn marks on his face. Mitford: Terry Kinney. Jane: Sonya Walger. Chancey: Allen Payne. Brown: Gabriel Casseus. Starks: Kanin Howell. Mandi: Erin O'Connor. Jenny: Elle Fanning. Smockton: Barry Del Sherman. Vicenzo: Jude Ciccolella. Raquel: Denice J. Sealy. read more

Three Generations Are Enough Season 1, Episode 8

Mac is called in when an abandoned briefcase discovered on the trading floor of a mercantile exchange yields not a bomb but blood evidence from the owner, who has gone missing. The investigation quickly centers on a man involved in illegal trading. Across town, Stella tries to determine whether a woman found dead on a church's property is a murder or suicide victim. Jane: Sonya Walger. Sutton: Steven Flynn. Paul: Peter O'Meara. Father Murphy: Larry Clarke. Emily: Sarah Aldrich. read more

Rain Season 1, Episode 7

Mac and Stella investigate a botched bank robbery in Chinatown that leaves two crooks dead after an explosion sets them on fire and burns their homemade masks into their skin. Unfortunately, rain washes away key blood and DNA evidence, and burns destroy most of the thieves' fingerprints. But the investigation reveals that a third person was involved, who apparently escaped. Joanne: Samantha Quan. Hummel: Matt Bushell. Fenn: Andre Ware. Nina: Kym Hoy. read more

Outside Man Season 1, Episode 6

Mac and Stella investigate when a male human leg is found near a loading dock and a human finger from a different victim is discovered in a freezer. In a Brooklyn diner, Danny and Aiden probe a multiple homicide in which the victims were all shot and their heads placed in bags. read more

A Man a Mile Season 1, Episode 5

Mac and Danny go 700 feet below ground to investigate when a construction worker is killed in a tunnel explosion. Elsewhere, Stella probes the death of a teen girl found floating in a creek. Mitford: Terry Kinney. Pete: Eric Ritter. Joe: Joe Sikora. Zito: Mike Pniewski. McGrath: Mel Rodriguez. Wesley: Vince Donvito. Donelly: John DiMaggio. Tina: Sarah Foret. Paulson: Joshua Leonard. read more

Grand Master Season 1, Episode 4

Mac investigates the murder of an up-and-coming hip-hop deejay who just won a prestigious championship for spinners. Across town, Stella probes the death of an acclaimed fashion designer who is found dead in her penthouse swimming pool, the victim of an alleged drowning, but Stella believes the woman was murdered. Vick: Master P. Prince: Dorian Missick. Thomas: Billy Brown. Placid: Ricky Harris. Madison: Olivia Burnette. read more

American Dreamers Season 1, Episode 3

Mac must determine whether someone is playing a practical joke or if a murder has occurred after a skeleton is discovered on a double-decker bus in Times Square. Moreland: Charles Parks. Mrs. Moreland: Susan Ruttan. Danner: Thomas Kopache. Joel: Johnny Sneed. Giles: Grant Albrecht. Bruno: Frank Medrano. read more

Creatures of the Night Season 1, Episode 2

A girl is brutally attacked while walking through Central Park, leaving her with no recollection of the assault. Meanwhile, Mac and Aiden investigate the murder of a drug dealer. Prescott: William Russ. Robin: Michele Hicks. Mata: Germaine De Leon. Karl: David Marciano. Rendish: Fred Koehler. Tracey: Joseph Thomas. Montgomery: Josh Hammond. Tompkins: Sven Holmberg. Albergo: Jeris Lee Poindexter. read more

Blink Season 1, Episode 1

Mac struggles with memories of his late wife when he tracks a serial killer who imprisons his female victims before murdering them. Later, Mac rescues a victim who cannot move, feel or speak, and can only communicate through blinking. Ivanov: Vitali Baganov. Nadia: Arsha Darbinyan. LeAnn: Jennifer Jackson. Goodman: Michael Hagerty. read more

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Premiered: September 22, 2004, on CBS
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Premise: A third installment in Jerry Bruckheimer's hit crime-procedural franchise focuses on New York forensic investigator Mac Taylor and his team.



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