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Jan 11, 2015: Merchants of Menace
Jan 04, 2015: The Greater Good
Dec 28, 2014: Dead Woods
Dec 21, 2014: Angle of Attack
Dec 14, 2014: Dead Rails
Dec 07, 2014: Let's Make a Deal
Nov 23, 2014: Rubbery Homicide
Nov 23, 2014: Road to Recovery
Nov 16, 2014: The Twin Paradox
Nov 09, 2014: Girls Gone Wilder
Oct 19, 2014: The Book of Shadows
Oct 12, 2014: Bad Blood
Oct 05, 2014: Buzz Kill
Sep 28, 2014: The CSI Effect
May 07, 2014: Dead in His Tracks
Apr 30, 2014: Kitty
Apr 09, 2014: Consumed
Apr 02, 2014: The Fallen
Mar 19, 2014: Uninvited
Mar 12, 2014: Long Road Home
Mar 05, 2014: Killer Moves
Feb 19, 2014: Love for Sale
Feb 05, 2014: De Los Muertos
Jan 22, 2014: Boston Brakes
Jan 15, 2014: Keep Calm and Carry On
Dec 11, 2013: The Lost Reindeer
Nov 27, 2013: Girls Gone Wild
Nov 20, 2013: Check In and Check Out
Nov 13, 2013: Helpless
Nov 06, 2013: Under a Cloud
Oct 30, 2013: Passed Pawns
Oct 23, 2013: Frame by Frame
Oct 16, 2013: Last Supper
Oct 09, 2013: Torch Song
Oct 02, 2013: Take the Money and Run
Sep 25, 2013: The Devil and D.B. Russell
May 15, 2013: Skin in the Game
May 08, 2013: Ghosts of the Past
May 01, 2013: Fearless
Apr 10, 2013: Backfire
Apr 03, 2013: Sheltered
Mar 20, 2013: Dead of the Class
Feb 27, 2013: Last Woman Standing
Feb 20, 2013: Forget Me Not
Feb 13, 2013: Exile
Feb 06, 2013: In Vino Veritas
Jan 23, 2013: Double Fault
Jan 16, 2013: Dead Air
Dec 12, 2012: Risky Business Class
Nov 28, 2012: Strip Maul
Nov 21, 2012: CSI on Fire
Nov 14, 2012: Fallen Angels
Nov 07, 2012: Pick and Roll
Oct 31, 2012: Play Dead
Oct 24, 2012: It Was a Very Good Year
Oct 17, 2012: Wild Flowers
Oct 10, 2012: Code Blue Plate Special
Sep 26, 2012: Karma to Burn
May 09, 2012: Homecoming
May 02, 2012: Dune and Gloom
Apr 11, 2012: Altered Stakes
Apr 04, 2012: Split Decisions
Mar 21, 2012: Malice in Wonderland
Mar 14, 2012: Trends With Benefits
Feb 29, 2012: CSI Unplugged
Feb 22, 2012: Stealing Home
Feb 15, 2012: Seeing Red
Feb 08, 2012: Tressed to Kill
Jan 25, 2012: Willows in the Wind
Jan 18, 2012: Ms. Willows Regrets
Dec 14, 2011: Genetic Disorder
Dec 07, 2011: Zippered
Nov 16, 2011: Crime After Crime
Nov 09, 2011: Brain Doe
Nov 02, 2011: Freaks & Geeks
Oct 19, 2011: CSI Down
Oct 12, 2011: Maid Man
Oct 05, 2011: Bittersweet
Sep 28, 2011: Tell-Tale Hearts
Sep 21, 2011: 73 Seconds
May 12, 2011: In a Dark, Dark House
May 05, 2011: Cello and Goodbye
Apr 28, 2011: Father of the Bride
Apr 07, 2011: Unleashed
Mar 31, 2011: Hitting for the Cycle
Mar 10, 2011: The List
Feb 24, 2011: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
Feb 17, 2011: Targets of Obsession
Feb 10, 2011: All That Cremains
Feb 03, 2011: The Two Mrs. Grissoms
Jan 06, 2011: Man Up
Dec 09, 2010: 418/427
Nov 18, 2010: Wild Life
Nov 11, 2010: Fracked
Nov 04, 2010: Bump & Grind
Oct 28, 2010: Cold Blooded
Oct 21, 2010: House of Hoarders
Oct 14, 2010: Sqweegel
Oct 07, 2010: Blood Moon
Sep 30, 2010: Pool Shark
Sep 23, 2010: Shock Waves
May 20, 2010: Meat Jekyll
May 13, 2010: Doctor Who
May 07, 2010: Lost & Found
Apr 29, 2010: Take My Life, Please
Apr 22, 2010: World's End
Apr 15, 2010: Field Mice
Apr 08, 2010: Irradiator
Apr 01, 2010: The Panty Sniffer
Mar 11, 2010: Neverland
Mar 04, 2010: Unshockable
Feb 04, 2010: Internal Combustion
Jan 21, 2010: Long Ball
Jan 14, 2010: Sin City Blue
Dec 17, 2009: Better Off Dead
Dec 10, 2009: Appendicitement
Nov 19, 2009: Lover's Lanes
Nov 12, 2009: The Lost Girls
Nov 05, 2009: Death and the Maiden
Oct 29, 2009: Bloodsport
Oct 15, 2009: Coup de Grace
Oct 08, 2009: Working Stiffs
Oct 01, 2009: Ghost Town
Sep 24, 2009: Family Affair
May 14, 2009: All In
May 07, 2009: Hog Heaven
Apr 30, 2009: The Gone Dead Train
Apr 23, 2009: If I Had a Hammer
Apr 16, 2009: A Space Oddity
Apr 09, 2009: The Descent of Man
Apr 02, 2009: Mascara
Mar 12, 2009: No Way Out
Mar 05, 2009: Turn, Turn, Turn
Feb 26, 2009: Kill Me if You Can
Feb 19, 2009: Miscarriage of Justice
Feb 12, 2009: Deep Fried and Minty Fresh
Jan 29, 2009: Disarmed & Dangerous
Jan 22, 2009: The Grave Shift
Jan 15, 2009: One to Go
Dec 11, 2008: 19 Down...
Dec 04, 2008: Young Man With a Horn
Nov 20, 2008: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Nov 13, 2008: Say Uncle
Nov 06, 2008: Leave Out All the Rest
Oct 30, 2008: Let It Bleed
Oct 23, 2008: Art Imitates Life
Oct 16, 2008: The Happy Place
Oct 09, 2008: For Warrick
May 15, 2008: For Gedda
May 08, 2008: Two and a Half Deaths
May 01, 2008: The Theory of Everything
Apr 24, 2008: Drops' Out
Apr 10, 2008: A Thousand Days on Earth
Apr 03, 2008: Grissom's Divine Comedy
Jan 10, 2008: Bull
Dec 13, 2007: Lying Down With Dogs
Dec 06, 2007: Cockroaches
Nov 22, 2007: You Kill Me
Nov 16, 2007: Goodbye & Good Luck
Nov 08, 2007: Who and What
Nov 01, 2007: Chick Chop Flick Shop
Oct 18, 2007: The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp
Oct 11, 2007: Go to Hell
Oct 04, 2007: A La Cart
Sep 27, 2007: Dead Doll
May 17, 2007: Living Doll
May 10, 2007: The Good, the Bad & the Dominatrix
May 03, 2007: Leapin' Lizards
Apr 26, 2007: Ending Happy
Apr 12, 2007: Lab Rats
Apr 05, 2007: Big Shots
Mar 29, 2007: Empty Eyes
Feb 26, 2007: A Bullet Runs Through It
Feb 22, 2007: Fallen Idols
Feb 15, 2007: Monster in the Box
Feb 08, 2007: Law of Gravity
Feb 01, 2007: Meet Market
Jan 25, 2007: Redrum
Jan 18, 2007: Sweet Jane
Jan 04, 2007: Leaving Las Vegas
Dec 07, 2006: Loco Motives
Nov 23, 2006: Living Legend
Nov 16, 2006: Happenstance
Nov 09, 2006: Post Mortem
Nov 02, 2006: Burn Out
Oct 19, 2006: Double-Cross
Oct 12, 2006: Fannysmackin'
Oct 05, 2006: Toe Tags
Sep 28, 2006: Built to Kill
Sep 21, 2006: Built to Kill
May 18, 2006: Way to Go
May 11, 2006: Bang-Bang
May 04, 2006: Time of Your Death
Apr 27, 2006: Rashomama
Apr 13, 2006: Poppin' Tags
Apr 06, 2006: Spellbound
Mar 30, 2006: The Unusual Suspect
Mar 09, 2006: I Like to Watch
Mar 03, 2006: Up in Smoke
Feb 09, 2006: Pirates of the Third Reich
Feb 02, 2006: Killer
Jan 26, 2006: Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye
Jan 19, 2006: Daddy's Little Girl
Jan 05, 2006: Werewolves
Dec 08, 2005: Still Life
Nov 24, 2005: Dog Eat Dog
Nov 17, 2005: A Bullet Runs Through It
Nov 10, 2005: A Bullet Runs Through It
Nov 03, 2005: Secrets and Flies
Oct 20, 2005: Gum Drops
Oct 13, 2005: Shooting Stars
Oct 06, 2005: Bite Me
Sep 29, 2005: Room Service
Sep 22, 2005: Bodies in Motion
May 19, 2005: Grave Danger
May 19, 2005: Grave Danger
May 19, 2005: Grave Danger
May 12, 2005: Iced
May 05, 2005: Weeping Willows
Apr 28, 2005: Committed
Apr 21, 2005: Hollywood Brass
Apr 14, 2005: 4 x 4
Mar 31, 2005: Spark of Life
Mar 10, 2005: Compulsion
Feb 24, 2005: Big Middle
Feb 17, 2005: King Baby
Feb 10, 2005: UnBearable
Feb 03, 2005: Nesting Dolls
Jan 13, 2005: Snakes
Jan 06, 2005: Who Shot Sherlock?
Dec 09, 2004: No Humans Involved
Nov 25, 2004: Mea Culpa
Nov 18, 2004: Ch - Ch - Changes
Nov 11, 2004: Formalities
Nov 04, 2004: What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
Oct 28, 2004: Swap Meet
Oct 21, 2004: Crow's Feet
Oct 14, 2004: Harvest
Oct 07, 2004: Down the Drain
Sep 23, 2004: Viva Las Vegas
May 20, 2004: Bloodlines
May 13, 2004: No More Bets
May 06, 2004: Turn of the Screws
Apr 29, 2004: Dead Ringer
Apr 15, 2004: Bad Words
Apr 01, 2004: Bad to the Bone
Mar 11, 2004: XX
Feb 26, 2004: Getting Off
Feb 19, 2004: Early Rollout
Feb 12, 2004: Paper or Plastic?
Feb 05, 2004: Suckers
Jan 15, 2004: Butterflied
Jan 08, 2004: Eleven Angry Jurors
Dec 18, 2003: Coming of Rage
Dec 11, 2003: Grissom Versus the Volcano
Nov 20, 2003: After the Show
Nov 17, 2003: Assume Nothing; All for Our Country
Nov 13, 2003: Invisible Evidence
Nov 06, 2003: Jackpot
Oct 30, 2003: Fur and Loathing
Oct 23, 2003: Feeling the Heat
Oct 09, 2003: Homebodies
Oct 02, 2003: All for Our Country
Sep 25, 2003: Assume Nothing
May 15, 2003: Inside the Box
May 08, 2003: Play with Fire...
May 01, 2003: Forever
Apr 24, 2003: Last Laugh
Apr 10, 2003: A Night at the Movies
Apr 03, 2003: Precious Metal
Mar 13, 2003: Crash and Burn
Feb 20, 2003: Lucky Strike
Feb 13, 2003: Lady Heather's Box
Feb 06, 2003: One Hit Wonder
Jan 30, 2003: Random Acts of Violence
Jan 16, 2003: Got Murder?
Jan 09, 2003: Recipe for Murder
Dec 12, 2002: High and Low
Dec 05, 2002: Blood Lust
Nov 21, 2002: Snuff
Nov 14, 2002: Fight Night
Nov 07, 2002: The Execution of Catherine Willows
Oct 31, 2002: Abra Cadaver
Oct 17, 2002: A Little Murder
Oct 10, 2002: Let the Seller Beware
Oct 03, 2002: The Accused Is Entitled
Sep 26, 2002: Revenge Is Best Served Cold
May 16, 2002: The Hunger Artist
May 09, 2002: Cross-Jurisdictions
May 02, 2002: Anatomy of a Lye
Apr 25, 2002: Cats in the Cradle...
Apr 04, 2002: Stalker
Mar 28, 2002: Chasing the Bus
Mar 07, 2002: Felonius Monk
Feb 28, 2002: Primum Non Nocere
Feb 07, 2002: Burden of Proof
Jan 31, 2002: The Finger
Jan 17, 2002: Identity Crisis
Dec 20, 2001: You've Got Male
Dec 13, 2001: Organ Grinder
Dec 06, 2001: Ellie
Nov 22, 2001: And Then There Were None
Nov 15, 2001: Slaves of Las Vegas
Nov 08, 2001: Caged
Nov 01, 2001: Alter Boys
Oct 25, 2001: Scuba Doobie-Doo
Oct 18, 2001: Bully for You
Oct 11, 2001: Overload
Oct 04, 2001: Chaos Theory
Sep 27, 2001: Burked
May 17, 2001: Strip Strangler
May 10, 2001: Evaluation Day
Apr 26, 2001: Justice Is Served
Apr 19, 2001: Sounds of Silence
Apr 12, 2001: Gentle, Gentle
Mar 29, 2001: $35K O.B.O.
Mar 08, 2001: Face Lift
Mar 01, 2001: Too Tough to Die
Feb 22, 2001: Table Stakes
Feb 15, 2001: To Halve and to Hold
Feb 08, 2001: Boom
Feb 01, 2001: Fahrenheit 932
Jan 12, 2001: I-15 Murders
Dec 22, 2000: Sex, Lies and Larvae
Dec 08, 2000: Unfriendly Skies
Nov 24, 2000: Anonymous
Nov 17, 2000: Blood Drops
Nov 10, 2000: Who Are You?
Oct 27, 2000: Pledging Mr. Johnson
Oct 20, 2000: Crate 'n Burial
Oct 13, 2000: Cool Change
Oct 06, 2000: Pilot

Merchants of Menace Season 15, Episode 14

The CSIs investigate a homicide that occurs at a convention for people who collect macabre murder memorabilia. read more

The Greater Good Season 15, Episode 13

The CSIs redouble their efforts when they learn the main suspect in the Gig Harbor killings is being released from jail due to a lack of evidence. read more

Dead Woods Season 15, Episode 12

The CSIs reopen a 10-year-old murder-suicide case when the sole survivor claims her accused father was innocent. read more

Angle of Attack Season 15, Episode 11

The investigation of an apparent hit-and-run accident leads the CSIs into the world of aeronautics. read more

Dead Rails Season 15, Episode 10

The CSIs investigate the bizarre death of a man who was killed twice. read more

Let's Make a Deal Season 15, Episode 9

The CSIs investigate a murder at the Clark County jail after an inmate stumbles upon a body while running away from officers. read more

Rubbery Homicide Season 15, Episode 8

The CSIs delve into the kinky world of "rubber dolls" when they investigate the murder of a man who was stabbed in an alley. read more

Road to Recovery Season 15, Episode 7

A woman full of drugs and alcohol is found dead in a swimming pool at rehab facility. read more

The Twin Paradox Season 15, Episode 6

Frustration mounts for the CSI team as another victim surfaces who is linked to the Gig Harbor Killer. read more

Girls Gone Wilder Season 15, Episode 5

Morgan, Sara and Finlay try to relax at a forensics conference, but their getaway is disrupted by a mass shooting that occurs on site. read more

The Book of Shadows Season 15, Episode 4

A chemistry teacher's science experiment goes horribly wrong. read more

Bad Blood Season 15, Episode 3

Sara and Greg are quarantined after responding to the scene of a murder that is contaminated with a deadly pathogen. read more

Buzz Kill Season 15, Episode 2

The CSIs investigate a robbery and fatal shooting at a medical marijuana shop. read more

The CSI Effect Season 15, Episode 1

Season 15 begins with Finlay dealing with a bomb planted in her car. Meanwhile, Russell receives a call from someone who claims to be the Gig Harbor killer. read more

Dead in His Tracks Season 14, Episode 22

Season 14 ends with the CSIs investigating a crime with ties to a mob heist that occurred 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Brass is faced with a life-altering decision when his daughter attempts suicide. read more

Kitty Season 14, Episode 21

The murder of a well-known casino owner's wife is cyber-related, so the CSIs get a boost from the FBI's Cyber Crime Division. read more

Consumed Season 14, Episode 20

The CSIs hunt a cannibalistic killer and discover that he's not alone. read more

The Fallen Season 14, Episode 19

Russell is taken hostage after a teen opens fire in a police station. read more

Uninvited Season 14, Episode 18

The CSIs investigate when a local family is reported missing for a month. read more

Long Road Home Season 14, Episode 17

The CSIs learn that a murdered woman and a missing prostitute both had ties to a mysterious band. Gene Simmons appears as himself. read more

Killer Moves Season 14, Episode 16

The CSIs investigate the murder of an Elvis impersonator and the death of a bird that are strangely connected. read more

Love for Sale Season 14, Episode 15

Nick and Greg investigate the death of a 16-year-old girl with ties to a brothel. read more

De Los Muertos Season 14, Episode 14

The CSIs work on two separate investigations involving a woman found murdered in Mexico and a local couple discovered dead in their driveway. read more

Boston Brakes Season 14, Episode 13

The CSIs investigate a car crash and are shocked to discover that the victim is someone they know. read more

Keep Calm and Carry On Season 14, Episode 12

A petty crime aboard an inbound plane to Las Vegas erupts into a murder investigation when one of the passengers is found dead. read more

The Lost Reindeer Season 14, Episode 11

The CSIs investigate a murder at an elaborate company holiday party that has real snow and live reindeer. read more

Girls Gone Wild Season 14, Episode 10

Finlay disappears during a spa weekend with Sara and Morgan. The outing also turns into a murder investigation. read more

Check In and Check Out Season 14, Episode 9

The CSIs investigate the stabbing deaths of a couple found in a local motel. The murders are reminiscent of two other homicides that occurred in the same room. read more

Helpless Season 14, Episode 8

The CSIs investigate when a man is found dead in a human-sized hamster ball. Meanwhile, a swing-shift CSI searches for a serial rapist. read more

Under a Cloud Season 14, Episode 7

Greg Sanders is accused of framing a man for murder seven years ago. Meanwhile, the CSIs investigate the death of an unidentified man whose body is found during torrential rains in Las Vegas. read more

Passed Pawns Season 14, Episode 6

The CSIs investigate the death of a homeless man who had a big winning streak at a small casino. read more

Frame by Frame Season 14, Episode 5

Catherine Willows returns to help the CSIs solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years. read more

Last Supper Season 14, Episode 4

The CSIs investigate when contestants on a reality cooking show accidentally eat human flesh during a competition. read more

Torch Song Season 14, Episode 3

The CSIs investigate a fire at a music venue that leaves four people dead, including two band members. read more

Take the Money and Run Season 14, Episode 2

The CSIs investigate a murder and robbery at a poker game that had more than $1 million in chips on the table. read more

The Devil and D.B. Russell Season 14, Episode 1

Season 14 begins with the CSIs searching for Ellie Brass and Morgan following their kidnapping by a ritualistic killer. read more

Skin in the Game Season 13, Episode 22

The CSIs investigate a series of murders with disturbing similarities to the sins in "Dante's Inferno" in the 13-season finale. Black Sabbath perform. read more

Ghosts of the Past Season 13, Episode 21

The CSIs investigate the mysterious death of a ghost hunter. read more

Fearless Season 13, Episode 20

A body is found floating in a mud bath at a popular spiritual retreat center. Meanwhile, Hodges questions his marriage plans to an Italian beauty. read more

Backfire Season 13, Episode 19

Russell searches for a way to connect with a 6-year-old girl who is the sole survivor and only witness of a triple homicide. read more

Sheltered Season 13, Episode 18

A body is discovered near a forest reserve and the investigation leads the CSIs to uncover what may be a serial killer's secret lair. read more

Dead of the Class Season 13, Episode 17

David Phillips attends his high-school reunion and discovers that the prom queen has been murdered. read more

Last Woman Standing Season 13, Episode 16

The CSIs investigate the murders of several prominent poker players. read more

Forget Me Not Season 13, Episode 15

Sara becomes the lead suspect in a murder investigation due to a brief encounter with the victim. read more

Exile Season 13, Episode 14

The CSIs investigate the death of a famous Cuban singer's sister. Meanwhile, Hodges begins to get cold feet as the time draws near to marry his Italian girlfriend. read more

In Vino Veritas Season 13, Episode 13

A crossover episode that concludes on "CSI: NY" begins with Mac Taylor visiting Las Vegas to surprise his girlfriend and discovering that she's missing. He then reaches out to his friend D.B. Russell for help. read more

Double Fault Season 13, Episode 12

The CSIs investigate a case involving a rising tennis star, and react to news that Hodges is engaged to an Italian beauty. read more

Dead Air Season 13, Episode 11

A local news anchor is killed during a live broadcast. read more

Risky Business Class Season 13, Episode 10

Five people are killed in a small plane crash a mile off the Vegas Strip. Meanwhile, Sara begins to feel the strain of having a long-distance relationship with Grissom when one of her former lovers becomes involved in the investigation. read more

Strip Maul Season 13, Episode 9

The CSIs help local law enforcement on the strip, until a dead body is found in a car. Meanwhile, Brass discovers some surprising facts about his daughter. read more

CSI on Fire Season 13, Episode 8

Five bodies are found in what appears to be a meteor site in the desert. The investigation leads Finlay to revisit her past when she recognizes one of the victims. read more

Fallen Angels Season 13, Episode 7

A reverend is killed at the grave site of former CSI Warrick Brown. read more

Pick and Roll Season 13, Episode 6

Russell's son becomes a murder suspect when his college basketball coach is killed. read more

Play Dead Season 13, Episode 5

A police dog is blamed for a cop's death, but the CSIs discover there is more to the case. Meanwhile, Finlay and Morgan investigate the murder of a high-profile divorce lawyer. read more

It Was a Very Good Year Season 13, Episode 4

A famous music historian is murdered and her body is left in a piano. The death hits Sanders hard because he shared a past with the victim. read more

Wild Flowers Season 13, Episode 3

A 14-year-old girl is shot and killed at a large rave in the desert. read more

Code Blue Plate Special Season 13, Episode 2

The CSIs investigate eight deaths at their favorite diner. read more

Karma to Burn Season 13, Episode 1

The 13th season begins with Russell searching for his kidnapped granddaughter. read more

Homecoming Season 12, Episode 22

The 12th season concludes with the CSIs investigating the murders of three people whose bodies are found a few blocks away from the site of a campaign dinner. read more

Dune and Gloom Season 12, Episode 21

A bomb kills the driver of an off-road race truck during a competition. read more

Altered Stakes Season 12, Episode 20

A man Nick helped put in prison gets his conviction overturned and will be released, unless the CSIs can uncover evidence to prove he is guilty. read more

Split Decisions Season 12, Episode 19

A man is gunned down in a casino at point-blank range, and the CSIs shut down the building to find the killer. read more

Malice in Wonderland Season 12, Episode 18

A murder and a robbery at an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed wedding are investigated. Meanwhile, Hodges wants his mother to believe that Morgan is his girlfriend. read more

Trends With Benefits Season 12, Episode 17

A college student is murdered, and her death photo ends up trending on the Internet. The CSIs investigate and turn to social media to help solve the case. read more

CSI Unplugged Season 12, Episode 16

A blackout cripples the city and forces the CSIs to revert to old-school methods to solve the case of a missing child. read more

Stealing Home Season 12, Episode 15

The CSIs investigate when a house is stolen from its foundation. Meanwhile, Julie displays her skills in blood analysis. read more

Seeing Red Season 12, Episode 14

Elisabeth Shue joins the cast as Russell's former colleague, who helps him investigate the death of a man's ex-girlfriend. read more

Tressed to Kill Season 12, Episode 13

The CSIs investigate the murder of a woman found dressed in vintage clothes with a 1970s hairstyle. The probe points to a killer with a strange hair fetish. read more

Willows in the Wind Season 12, Episode 12

Catherine makes the painful decision to leave CSI. read more

Ms. Willows Regrets Season 12, Episode 11

Catherine works with the FBI to investigate a murder carried out by a professional hit man at a law firm she recommended to a friend. read more

Genetic Disorder Season 12, Episode 10

The CSIs investigate when Dr. Robbins' wife discovers a nude dead man in their master bedroom. read more

Zippered Season 12, Episode 9

The CSIs work with the FBI to investigate the murder of a rancher who was also a ballistics expert. read more

Crime After Crime Season 12, Episode 8

The CSIs investigate three seemingly unrelated homicides and discover that someone is exacting revenge for cold-case murders that were never solved. read more

Brain Doe Season 12, Episode 7

A disembodied brain is found at the site of a car crash, but it doesn't belong to any of the victims. Meanwhile, Russell is concerned that his son isn't focused on college following a suspension from school. read more

Freaks & Geeks Season 12, Episode 6

The CSIs investigate when a woman's body is discovered near a freakish attraction at a 19th century-inspired traveling sideshow. read more

CSI Down Season 12, Episode 5

The CSIs search for a hijacked medevac helicopter that's carrying Brody as a passenger. read more

Maid Man Season 12, Episode 4

A former mayor of Las Vegas is shot at the Mob Museum and the CSIs embark on a Vegas history lesson to find clues to the crime. read more

Bittersweet Season 12, Episode 3

Nick visits an art exhibit on a date and realizes that one work of art contains decomposing body parts. read more

Tell-Tale Hearts Season 12, Episode 2

Three suspects each confess to murdering a family and the CSIs must determine which one is telling the truth. read more

73 Seconds Season 12, Episode 1

The 12th season begins with the lab getting a new supervisor (Ted Danson), who helps the CSIs investigate multiple shootings and stabbings on a public tram. read more

In a Dark, Dark House Season 11, Episode 22

The 11th season concludes with Ray trying to rescue his kidnapped ex-wife at the boyhood home of serial killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin). The subsequent investigation reveals the house is where Haskell's killing spree began and it yields more bodies. read more

Cello and Goodbye Season 11, Episode 21

Serial killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) kidnaps Ray's ex-wife (Tracee Ellis Ross) and kills her husband in Los Angeles. Ray and Catherine go to L.A. to help with the investigation, but Ray decides to hunt Haskell on his own and soon becomes a suspect in a murder. read more

Father of the Bride Season 11, Episode 20

Escaped serial killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) threatens to kill one of his female followers, via a disturbing video he sends to the woman's father. Meanwhile, a headless, handless female corpse is discovered in a barn, along with a pair of male hands. read more

Unleashed Season 11, Episode 19

A woman is mauled to death by a mountain lion, but the investigation reveals the victim was injured before the attack. Ray and Sara turn to Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke), now a doctor, for help in tracking down the culprit. Meanwhile, Nick and Dr. Robbins rescue the unborn baby of a teen girl who appears to have committed suicide. read more

Hitting for the Cycle Season 11, Episode 18

A recently divorced man is discovered at the bottom of a swimming pool and a video-game addict is found dead on his couch. During the investigations, two other deaths are reported and the CSIs bet on whether they have "hit for the cycle" during one shift---a homicide, a suicide, an accidental death and a natural death. read more

The List Season 11, Episode 17

An ex-cop convicted of murdering his wife is killed in prison. The CSIs discover in his cell a list containing the names of people the victim, who was requesting a new trial, believed may have been his wife's real killer. All of the names are cops, with Brass, Ecklie and Vartann included on the list. read more

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead Season 11, Episode 16

Two men pronounced dead suddenly come back to life and disappear, leading the CSIs to investigate their mysterious zombie-like existence. The probe leads to a former college professor who experimented with reanimating the dead. read more

Targets of Obsession Season 11, Episode 15

Ray testifies against serial killer Nate Haskell. Meanwhile, Nick receives a call from troubled teen Jason McCann (Justin Bieber) to warn him of impending danger. read more

All That Cremains Season 11, Episode 14

A dead body is discovered in a box donated to a thrift store. Meanwhile, Ray's wife (Tracee Elllis Ross) makes a surprise visit to the lab. Christina Milian guest stars. Yelawolf makes a cameo appearance. read more

The Two Mrs. Grissoms Season 11, Episode 13

Sara investigates a car-bomb explosion that kills the director of a deaf-scholarship foundation. Her probe centers on the college campus where her deaf mother-in-law works and where Grissom's former girlfriend (Marlee Matlin) is a professor. read more

Man Up Season 11, Episode 11

A call girl is strangled to death and her body is found in a vacant lot. A photo of the crime scene appeared on the Internet before the victim was discovered, but it was initially believed by the CSIs to be fake. Meanwhile, Hodges stumbles upon a crime when he discovers the tip of a human thumb inside the air filter of his new motorcycle. Carrot Top appears as himself. read more

418/427 Season 11, Episode 10

An FBI agent's wife is murdered and his children are kidnapped by a suspected pedophile. read more

Wild Life Season 11, Episode 9

A man takes a fatal plunge off of a hotel balcony but it's not clear whether he committed suicide or was murdered. Next door, two women are found alive but covered in blood. Meanwhile, a couple are found slain in their apartment and it's learned that their next-door neighbor threatened to kill them. read more

Fracked Season 11, Episode 8

Two men who were about to expose a natural gas company of poisoning the water of a farming town are murdered. Katee Sackhoff guest stars. read more

Bump & Grind Season 11, Episode 7

The shredded remains of a man are discovered inside of a garbage truck and the investigation reveals the victim is the owner of a credit-protection agency that is allegedly involved in corrupt activity. Meanwhile, Ray receives a menacing note from serial killer Nate Haskell, who almost killed him months earlier. read more

Cold Blooded Season 11, Episode 6

A college student dies after apparently being bitten by a T. rex at a dinosaur exhibit. Meanwhile, the father of a girl who was killed five years earlier is murdered in his home. The probe reveals the victim was getting a divorce and was involved with another woman. Katee Sackhoff guest stars. read more

House of Hoarders Season 11, Episode 5

A dead body is discovered beneath piles of trash inside the house of a woman who is known for hoarding, and she becomes the chief suspect in the case. The investigation reveals the victim is the woman's daughter, but the probe gets more complicated when other bodies are found in and around the home. read more

Sqweegel Season 11, Episode 4

A respected Las Vegas icon (Ann-Margret) is attacked in her home by an intruder wielding a razor. Later, he kills a woman while she goes through a car wash. The investigation reveals both victims harbored dark secrets they didn't want to become known. read more

Blood Moon Season 11, Episode 3

A man about to be married at a vampire and werewolf convention is murdered the night before his wedding. The victim's decapitated body is discovered in a wooded area chained to a barbed-wire fence. The probe reveals the man was part of the vampire group and had enemies among the werewolf attendees. Meanwhile, Vartann asks Catherine to move in with him. read more

Pool Shark Season 11, Episode 2

The CSIs investigate when a shark attacks a woman in a casino's swimming pool, but the probe reveals the victim may have been killed before she was bitten by the predator. The chief suspects in the case are two rival casino owners who would like to put each other out of business. Elliott Gould, Method Man and Holly Madison guest star. read more

Shock Waves Season 11, Episode 1

Season 11 begins with Ray fighting for his life after being stabbed by serial killer Nate Haskell. Meanwhile, three bombs explode at a cop's funeral, and the evidence leads the CSIs to a troubled teen (Justin Bieber) and his revenge-seeking brother. read more

Meat Jekyll Season 10, Episode 23

The 10th-season finale concludes with the CSIs attempting to capture the elusive serial killer Dr. Jekyll with the help of another serial murderer, Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin). The hunt proves to be extremely dangerous, with the life of more than one CSI placed in peril. read more

Doctor Who Season 10, Episode 22

Part 1 of 2. A reporter covering the Dr. Jekyll serial murders is strangled to death and the victim's husband accuses Ray of the crime and of other deaths in the past that his wife investigated. Ray claims he is innocent but Catherine takes him off the case. read more

Lost & Found Season 10, Episode 21

The disappearance of a man and his two children three years ago is reinvestigated when the missing man's wife is hit by a car while walking in the desert near where her family vanished. The probe reveals the woman may be involved in the case. read more

Take My Life, Please Season 10, Episode 20

A legendary comic is found dead shortly before a one-night reunion performance with his partner. Tim Conway and Jennifer Tilly guest star. read more

World's End Season 10, Episode 19

Catherine investigates a student's murder at her daughter's high school and discovers the victim, who was found dead in a storm drain, was known for being a racist. The probe reveals the teen was killed before his body was dumped into the drainage system, and that his death may be linked to atrocities committed in the past. read more

Field Mice Season 10, Episode 18

Hodges and Wendy lead a group of CSI explorer scouts from a high school on a field trip and investigate an apartment-building fire where a dead body is discovered. read more

Irradiator Season 10, Episode 17

A couple are murdered in their home while their young daughter escapes the killer. The investigation centers on a neighboring house, where Ray discovers evidence that a serial killer, known as Dr. Jekyll, lives there. read more

The Panty Sniffer Season 10, Episode 16

Catherine and Vartann grow closer during a 24-hour stakeout in a hotel room next to drug dealers. Meanwhile, Ray and Nick investigate an underwear model's murder at the same hotel. The probe reveals the victim's garments were sold at premium prices to fetish-inclined buyers. read more

Neverland Season 10, Episode 15

The body of a 14-year-old boy is discovered in a field and the investigation reveals the victim has blood under his fingernails that matches a convicted killer who is in prison for murdering his wife. The incarcerated man demands to be released, claiming that someone else with identical blood killed his wife, but Ray believes the prisoner may have had the blood planted at the scene to try to gain his freedom. read more

Unshockable Season 10, Episode 14

The CSIs investigate when a Rascal Flatts band member is electrocuted by his guitar during a concert to determine whether it was an accident or foul play. The members of Rascal Flatts appear as themselves. read more

Internal Combustion Season 10, Episode 13

A 17-year-old boy drops dead at his high school, and his girlfriend is reported missing. The investigation reveals the victim was a car enthusiast who may have been involved in illegal street racing. read more

Long Ball Season 10, Episode 12

A former golf pro is found dead in a golf cart during a high-profile tournament at the Las Vegas club where he was a member. The investigation reveals the victim was widely disliked and that his son recently broke his record score on the course, which greatly displeased him. Golfers Natalie Gulbis, Rocco Mediate, Gary McCord and Duffy Waldorf appear as themselves. read more

Sin City Blue Season 10, Episode 11

Two female friends are murdered in separate locations on the same night after they each flirted with a man at a hotel. Meanwhile, Ray investigates the death of a teen boy found in the back of a pickup truck that also contains human organs. Ray believes the boy is a victim of the so-called Dr. Jekyll serial killer who surgically alters the inside of his "patients." read more

Better Off Dead Season 10, Episode 10

Nick and Greg investigate a shootout at a gun store that leaves two people dead and one wounded. Their probe reveals that another person was present during the firing and may have triggered the fatal gunplay. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a young woman who was apparently shot and dumped by a roadside. read more

Appendicitement Season 10, Episode 9

Nick, Greg and Hodges take Henry (Jon Wellner), the lab's toxicologist, to celebrate his birthday at a remote barbecue restaurant only to discover it closed five months ago. But they discover a man's body inside with a dead raccoon stuck to his face. Meanwhile, Ray investigates the murder of a woman who was drowned in a bathtub while her boyfriend slept in another room, or so he claims. read more

Lover's Lanes Season 10, Episode 8

A decapitated head appears in a bowling alley's ball return during a championship match. The probe reveals the victim is a worker at the alley and recently defeated a pro in the tournament during a pickup game. Meanwhile, Ray reopens a murder case when the woman convicted of the homicide commits suicide in prison just hours after being found guilty of killing her husband.The woman claimed she was innocent. read more

The Lost Girls Season 10, Episode 7

Ray searches for a missing girl being held hostage by human traffickers. He believes the victim may now be part of a Las Vegas prostitution ring. The story began on "CSI: Miami" and continued on "CSI: NY." read more

Death and the Maiden Season 10, Episode 6

A young man is severely beaten in an alley, but he refuses to talk to the police or accept medical treatment. Nearby, an electronics-shop owner is found shot to death in his burnt store. The seemingly unrelated crimes are discovered to be connected, with three people taking credit for the victim's murder. The investigation reveals the dead man was involved in illegal activity. read more

Bloodsport Season 10, Episode 5

A beloved college football coach is murdered in his home, and his entire team comes under suspicion in the case. Meanwhile, a woman's body is discovered in a submerged car in a lake and evidence suggests the two cases are related. Adding to the complexity of the crimes is a third victim who was shot to death with a gun found in the car. read more

Coup de Grace Season 10, Episode 4

A white police officer guns down an off-duty black cop who was in the act of firing his weapon in a gang-infested neighborhood. The officer claims he didn't know the victim was a cop. Eyewitnesses say the shooting was racially motivated and was murder. Meanwhile, Sara investigates a teen's murder in the same neighborhood that may be related to the cop's death. read more

Working Stiffs Season 10, Episode 3

A nerdy casino office worker murders a colleague and leaves his body in the woods. The killer planned to rob the casino alone, but the victim wanted in on the plot. Meanwhile, Ray tries to hide a report indicating he shares a genetic trait that is linked to violent behavior. read more

Ghost Town Season 10, Episode 2

A porn producer and a drug dealer are murdered in an upscale Las Vegas area, and the investigation centers on the members of the affluent neighborhood. read more

Family Affair Season 10, Episode 1

The 10th season begins with the team investigating the suspicious death of a young actress who was killed when another car rammed into her vehicle at a traffic light. The evidence suggests it was no accident but rather murder. Meanwhile, Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) returns to help out the lab, which is understaffed due to Riley's abrupt departure. read more

All In Season 9, Episode 24

The ninth season concludes with the CSIs investigating murders linked to rare poker chips from a bygone casino. The probe begins when an unemployed construction worker is discovered shot to death in a deserted area near town. The investigation reveals that the victim possessed valuable chips that were purchased by a scheming collectibles dealer. Meanwhile, Ray is forced to use lethal means for the first time on the job. read more

Hog Heaven Season 9, Episode 23

An undercover cop who infiltrated a ruthless motorcycle gang is murdered at a biker bar after his identity is discovered. The investigation reveals that the victim's widow was once involved with Brass, but he refuses to take himself off the case. read more

The Gone Dead Train Season 9, Episode 22

Four seemingly random deaths from undetermined causes lead the CSIs to search for a common link between them. The investigation leads to a tattoo parlor owned by a retired coroner who may have known the victims. Meanwhile, a woman who belonged to a diet group is murdered shortly after leaving a meeting. The probe suggests that she died from a wound to the neck caused by an unknown instrument. read more

If I Had a Hammer Season 9, Episode 21

A convicted murderer (Henry Thomas), jailed for killing an elderly man in 1991, claims that his guilty verdict was based on inaccurate evidence, false testimony and errors made by Catherine, who was working her first solo case. Catherine reinvestigates the crime and slowly sees her case unraveling. read more

A Space Oddity Season 9, Episode 20

Hodges and Wendy run into one another at a science-fiction convention, where a TV producer is murdered. The two help in the investigation, which reveals that the victim was remaking a beloved sci-fi series and giving it an ultraviolent twist that upset many devout fans. read more

The Descent of Man Season 9, Episode 19

A veteran skydiver's parachute fails to open during a routine jump with two friends and he plunges to the ground. He survives the impact but is paralyzed. Nick suspects foul play. Meanwhile, Ray investigates the death of a self-anointed holy man in the desert, and Catherine probes the double murder of business partners and discovers a possible connection between Nick's case and her own. read more

Mascara Season 9, Episode 18

One of Ray's former students is murdered, and the investigation plunges the team into the mysterious world of Mexican wrestling. William Friedkin directed the episode. read more

No Way Out Season 9, Episode 17

Ray and Riley are taken hostage while investigating a shootout in a normally calm Las Vegas neighborhood. They are held at gunpoint by a 14-year-old boy who is hiding out in a basement that is being used as a drug-making lab. His severely injured cousin is with him, and Ray tries to help the young man before he bleeds to death while Riley plots their escape. read more

Turn, Turn, Turn Season 9, Episode 16

Nick probes the murder of a troubled teen girl (Taylor Swift) at a seedy motel run by her parents, where two previous homicide investigations occurred over the past year. The case is especially painful for Nick, since he got to know the victim while investigating the other crimes, which are seen via flashbacks. The first involves a man shot in a crawl space above a motel room, and the second focuses on the death of a former convict recently released from prison. read more

Kill Me if You Can Season 9, Episode 15

Three seemingly unrelated murders in separate locations are investigated, but the CSIs discover a common link. First, the beating death of an art dealer found facedown in his rented mansion's swimming pool is probed. Next, a Hollywood woman's shooting death in a seedy motel is investigated; and lastly, a private investigator's murder in a parking lot is analyzed. read more

Miscarriage of Justice Season 9, Episode 14

Ray testifies at the murder trial of a respected congressman who is suspected of gunning down his lover, an exotic dancer. But when the congressman's aide commits suicide and leaves behind a note claiming he shot the victim, it puts the case in jeopardy and forces the CSIs to reopen the investigation. read more

Deep Fried and Minty Fresh Season 9, Episode 13

The manager of a fast-food restaurant is found dead in the establishment's kitchen, where he was apparently beaten. Evidence suggests that there may be a second victim. Across town, Catherine investigates the death of a real-estate agent who was discovered handcuffed to her bed. read more

Disarmed & Dangerous Season 9, Episode 12

An undercover FBI agent is beaten to death and mutilated in a gas-station restroom, and the investigation reveals that the victim was probing into the human trafficking of girls from Brazil. The CSIs help the slain agent's two partners hunt for the killer. read more

The Grave Shift Season 9, Episode 11

Langston experiences his first day on the job as a CSI when he investigates what appears to be a simple burglary. Soon, however, the case overlaps with an arson, in which a suburban house explodes and its owner is burned to death. As Langston probes further into each case, he becomes too emotionally involved and learns that his caring nature isn't always welcome. read more

One to Go Season 9, Episode 10

Grissom works with Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne), a criminal pathologist, to solve a murder and a kidnapping. The crimes may be connected to an imprisoned serial killer who participated in a class Langston taught and Grissom monitored. Grissom also prepares to leave CSI and offers Langston a job on the team. read more

19 Down... Season 9, Episode 9

Grissom announces he is leaving CSI and it stuns his staff, but a murder that may be linked to an infamous serial killer commands everyone's attention. The latest victim's body is found dismembered in a trash bag along a creek. Evidence suggests the murder is connected to the so-called Dick and Jane Killer, who is now in jail. Grissom then attends a class taught by criminal pathologist Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne), hoping to gain insight into the case. read more

Young Man With a Horn Season 9, Episode 8

The body of a popular teen singer on a TV talent competition is found wrapped in a tablecloth near an infamous Las Vegas nightclub that closed more than 50 years ago, shortly after its owner was gunned down inside. The current investigation sheds light on the older crime and it reveals that the dead pop star's grandmother once performed at the defunct nightspot. Tippi Hedren and Robert Guillaume guest star. read more

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Season 9, Episode 7

A mother is shot to death and her daughter is wounded in their home, and the crimes may be linked to an unsolved 12-year-old murder case in which the victim's husband was the chief suspect. Meanwhile, Grissom testifies at the transfer hearing of Natalie Davis, the so-called Miniature Killer, to determine if she should remain in a criminal psychiatric facility or go to prison; and Nick investigates the deaths of two teens in a car wreck that may have been anything but accidental. read more

Say Uncle Season 9, Episode 6

A man and a woman are gunned down gangster style in Koreatown but none of the witnesses will talk to the police. The investigation reveals an Asian gang is likely behind the murders and that a boy, who is now missing and is part of a clinical trial, may be the key to the crimes. read more

Leave Out All the Rest Season 9, Episode 5

Grissom seeks help from Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) when he investigates the murder of a man involved in sexual domination who was tied underneath a car and dragged. Heather gives Grissom insight into the case, but she believes he's there for other reasons and she's right. Later, a second victim is discovered in a charred vehicle in the desert. read more

Let It Bleed Season 9, Episode 4

Catherine and Riley investigate the murder of a woman who was thrown out of a nightclub. The victim is discovered to have several different blood types in her body. It is also revealed that she is the daughter of a drug lord wanted by the FBI. The case is made even more difficult for Catherine when she finds her daughter, Lindsey, at the club with a fake ID. read more

Art Imitates Life Season 9, Episode 3

The team investigates a series of bizarre deaths in which the victims are found frozen in place, some standing upright, doing ordinary activities. At the lab, a new CSI (Lauren Lee Smith) joins the night shift. read more

The Happy Place Season 9, Episode 2

A hypnotist becomes the prime suspect in the death of a former bank teller who jumped off of a high-rise balcony. The investigation reveals the hypnotist may have used the victim to rob a bank. Meanwhile, Grissom probes the murder of a woman who had an addiction to gambling, and Sara becomes involved in a case she worked eight years ago in which a woman was raped and then lapsed into a coma. The husband recently pulled her plug, claiming the rapist threatened to victimize her again. read more

For Warrick Season 9, Episode 1

The ninth season opens with Grissom and his team shocked to learn that Warrick has been shot. They immediately begin to investigate the crime and learn a stunning secret about their colleague. When Sara hears the news, she returns to the lab to help with the probe. read more

For Gedda Season 8, Episode 17

In the eighth-season ender, Warrick is accused of murdering a Las Vegas gangster. Even more troubling is the fact that Warrick isn't certain if he is innocent or guilty of the crime. read more

Two and a Half Deaths Season 8, Episode 16

The difficult star (Katey Sagal) of a TV sitcom is murdered while filming an episode in Las Vegas. The investigation reveals plenty of suspects, including her husband, the actress who is her stand-in and the show's entire staff of writers.The script was written by "Two and a Half Men" scribes Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn. read more

The Theory of Everything Season 8, Episode 15

Grissom and his team investigate a series of deaths with one thing in common---all of the victims have green blood. The probe reveals the three deceased individuals were linked by more than their blood color. Also, a man trying to escape custody bursts into flames and dies when he is shot with a department-issued stun gun, and Catherine investigates the suspicious deaths of an elderly couple found dead in their bed. read more

Drops' Out Season 8, Episode 14

Two murders that occur in the same apartment are linked to a jailed convict (Method Man), so the CSIs break him out of prison to help solve the crimes. read more

A Thousand Days on Earth Season 8, Episode 13

The blanket-wrapped body of an unidentified 3-year-old girl, covered with bruises and burns, is discovered inside a packing box in a parking lot. The investigation leads the CSIs to a registered sex offender who had received a delivery in the box, but his alibi is plausible. Catherine takes the case personally and becomes determined to track down the perpetrator. read more

Grissom's Divine Comedy Season 8, Episode 12

While fighting the flu, Grissom's team investigates several murders committed by local gang members who are killing key witnesses in a grand jury case. read more

Bull Season 8, Episode 11

Three murders occur during an annual bull-riding rodeo in Las Vegas. The first victim is a bull rider who is discovered after hours in an empty bull ring. The second is a hit-and-run victim who is linked to the dead cowboy. Later, a third victim, a local pimp, is gunned down in a saloon's restroom. The investigation reveals the crimes may be connected to an illegal bull-breeding ring. Singers Jewel and Shooter Jennings appear as themselves. read more

Lying Down With Dogs Season 8, Episode 10

The body of a wealthy socialite, known for her charitable contributions, is discovered in a dumping ground along with the bodies of several dogs. The investigation reveals the victim was involved in illegal dog fighting and may have tortured some of the animals at a kennel. Meanwhile, Warrick tries to prove he is innocent of murdering an exotic dancer whose body was found in his car outside a nightclub. read more

Cockroaches Season 8, Episode 9

A man's body is thrown from a garbage truck that is being chased by the police. The victim was a limo driver connected to a nightclub with mob ties. Warrick believes the club owner is responsible and sets out to prove it. Unfortunately, Warrick's addiction to pills and a suddenly reckless lifestyle negatively impact his job. Later, Warrick becomes the chief suspect in another mob-related murder. Oscar-winner William Friedkin ("The French Connection") directs. read more

You Kill Me Season 8, Episode 8

Hodges stages hypothetical murders in the lab so his colleagues can play CSI; Grissom's team members reach out to him after Sara's departure. read more

Goodbye & Good Luck Season 8, Episode 7

Sara questions her future as a CSI when a past case comes back to haunt her. read more

Who and What Season 8, Episode 6

The FBI's Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) joins forces with Grissom to track a serial killer after a boy who was kidnapped six years ago in New York matches the profile of a murder victim in Las Vegas. The episode concludes on “Without a Trace.” read more

Chick Chop Flick Shop Season 8, Episode 5

A horror-film icon is murdered on the set of her latest picture and found with an ax in her back, but the investigation reveals it isn't the murder weapon. It's also learned the victim dumped her former boyfriend after he was severely burned and that he was stalking her. Back at the lab, Sara tells Greg that she's weary of seeing death on a daily basis. read more

The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp Season 8, Episode 4

Grissom investigates the mysterious hanging death of a young man whose body looks like that of a female. read more

Go to Hell Season 8, Episode 3

An entire family is murdered, except for a daughter who may be possessed by the devil. read more

A La Cart Season 8, Episode 2

The suspicious death of a go-kart racer who is killed while riding on a highway is investigated; and a murder at a restaurant where patrons dine in the dark is probed. read more

Dead Doll Season 8, Episode 1

The eighth season begins with Grissom and his team searching for Sara, who was kidnapped by the so-called miniature killer and left to die underneath a wrecked car in the desert. read more

Living Doll Season 7, Episode 24

The identity of the so-called miniature killer is revealed. As the CSIs track down the murderer, Sara mysteriously disappears and her personal relationship with Grissom is brought out into the open. read more

The Good, the Bad & the Dominatrix Season 7, Episode 23

Grissom investigates when a sadistic client tries to murder Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) during a late-night rendezvous at an old West theme park. The probe is made more difficult when Heather refuses to name her attacker. Also, Grissom's reunion with Lady Heather makes Sara uneasy. Across town, Warrick and Nick investigate the death of a pickpocket who was apparently struck by a car. read more

Leapin' Lizards Season 7, Episode 22

A blackjack dealer is murdered and several of the suspects belong to a strange UFO club whose members believe that shape-shifting aliens have mated with humans in order to conquer the human race. Shannon: Ally Sheedy. DeVere: Enrico Colantoni. Clarissa: Julie Hagerty. read more

Ending Happy Season 7, Episode 21

The murder of a washed-up boxer who lived and trained in a brothel, and was detested by the prostitutes residing there, is investigated. Milton: James Whitmore. read more

Lab Rats Season 7, Episode 20

Hodges convinces fellow lab rats Archie, Henry, Mandy and Wendy that Grissom wants them to secretly investigate the so-called miniature murders while the CSIs are in the field probing other crimes. Meanwhile, Grissom and Dr. Robbins chase a rat in the morgue after it escapes from inside of a corpse during an autopsy of a drowning victim found in Lake Mead. read more

Big Shots Season 7, Episode 19

Greg learns that the brother of the man he killed in self-defense months earlier is connected to the shooting death of a thug in a limousine. read more

Empty Eyes Season 7, Episode 18

Six showgirls are murdered in their rented house and Sara is haunted by the dying words of the last victim. The investigation reveals the women's necks were slashed with a knife and that Warrick believes he knows one of the victims. Also, Greg gets some disturbing information from Grissom about the civil suit filed against him. read more

A Bullet Runs Through It

A rookie cop is shot and killed during a high-speed chase sparking a probe into gang involvement and a crime scene that stretches for miles. read more

Fallen Idols Season 7, Episode 17

A popular high-school basketball player and his cheerleader girlfriend disappear after a big Friday-night game. Blood is found near a field house where the two hooked up after the contest and where things apparently got out of control. The investigation reveals a male cheerleader is in love with the missing girl and may know more than he is saying. read more

Monster in the Box Season 7, Episode 16

Grissom is shocked when he opens a package sent to him through the mail and finds a miniature crime scene inside. The discovery is all the more baffling since the serial killer responsible for other similar miniatures is now dead. The probe reveals the murder depicted has yet to take place but is likely to occur soon, so Grissom works to analyze the miniature and find the real location. read more

Law of Gravity Season 7, Episode 15

Keppler is put into a compromising position when the bodies of a Trenton police officer and a hooker are found in a hotel room. The man who found them is a retired New Jersey cop and close friend to Keppler, who doesn't reveal their relationship or that he also knew the dead man. The victims were shot to death and the left hand of the woman was cut off. Back at the lab, Grissom returns from his sabbatical and learns about the friction caused by Keppler while he was away. read more

Meet Market Season 7, Episode 14

The charred body of an ex-con who was recently released from prison is found in a burned welding shack. The investigation reveals the victim's body was raided for bones, veins, tendons and other tissues. Across town, the bloody body of a millionaire's wife is found in her plush home. She was beaten to death with a champagne bottle. Her husband claims he found her after returning home early from a business trip. read more

Redrum Season 7, Episode 13

Keppler persuades Catherine to help him fake a crime scene and deceive their colleagues in a controversial plan to catch the West Coast's biggest illegal drug supplier, who is the leading suspect in the murder of an anti-drug assemblyman who was gunned down in the desert. Keppler concocts the plan when the suspect disappears and his trail grows cold after several weeks. read more

Sweet Jane Season 7, Episode 12

Catherine investigates the murder of a runaway teen whose naked body is found in a desert lot behind a hotel. Helping with the case is Mike Keppler (Liev Schreiber), an experienced CSI from Baltimore who is the newest hire on the day shift but is filling in temporarily on the night shift since Grissom is on sabbatical. Their investigation reveals the dead girl may be the victim of a serial killer whose slayings may go back decades. read more

Leaving Las Vegas Season 7, Episode 11

Catherine testifies in a murder trial in which a man is accused of murdering his own mother three years ago, but the suspect is found not guilty. Catherine, however, believes he did commit the crime and that he may also have killed two other people, so she sets out to find the other victims. Catherine's probe leads to a small Nevada town where an elderly woman and her daughter were fatally stabbed and shot three years earlier. Back at the lab, Grissom prepares to leave on a four-week sabbatical. read more

Loco Motives Season 7, Episode 10

Grissom investigates when a worker at a poultry processing plant is found dead in a stun bath used to electrocute chickens before they are slaughtered. Nearby, a miniature replica of the crime scene is discovered. It's eerily similar to two other replicas left at scenes of homicides. Also, a man and a dead woman are found stuck in cement at a construction site; and an elderly Russian woman is discovered dead in her apartment with her head in a gas stove, but Warrick thinks she was murdered. read more

Living Legend Season 7, Episode 9

The remains of Mickey Dunn, a wanted Las Vegas mobster who disappeared in the mid 1970s, are fished out of Lake Mead with a bullet hole in the head. Soon afterwards, a wheelchair-bound man is murdered and a photo found on his body shows the victim with Dunn and three other men. Dunn and the victim have Xs on their faces. It quickly becomes apparent that the other three men may also be targets. Roger Daltrey guest stars. read more

Happenstance Season 7, Episode 8

Identical twin sisters who apparently didn't know of each other's existence are murdered on the same night. One is gunned down outside of a dry cleaners and the other one is hung with a dog leash inside her home. The question facing the CSIs is whether the two crimes are connected or are coincidental. Also, Grissom is invited to take part in a seminar at Brown University, which would require him to take a sabbatical. read more

Post Mortem Season 7, Episode 7

After a woman dying of cancer is murdered in her home, the killer later returns to leave a miniature exact replica of the crime scene. It's similar to the one found at the murder scene of a slain rock star weeks before, indicating that a serial killer is at work. In court, Greg testifies at an inquest held to determine his culpability in the death of a teenager he accidentally killed. read more

Burn Out Season 7, Episode 6

Two boys are reported missing and a pedophile who lives in their neighborhood becomes the primary suspect after he is injured in a house fire, apparently set by a local seeking revenge for the boys' disappearance. The investigation reveals that one of the boys lives with a rough grandfather who doesn't seem too worried that his grandson is missing. read more

Double-Cross Season 7, Episode 5

A woman is found crucified on a makeshift cross in a Catholic church that's being renovated in a run-down part of town. The investigation reveals the victim was a singer in a local club and that she may have known the priest at the church. The body is discovered by two nuns, one of whom loathes the priest, while the other worships him. read more

Fannysmackin' Season 7, Episode 4

Two people are viciously beaten, one of them fatally, just five blocks apart in a shady part of town. As the CSIs investigate, more beatings are reported nearby, one of which is witnessed by Greg. His decision to intervene leads to extreme consequences. Later, another similar assault occurs in a different part of town and the CSIs must determine whether it is related to their cases or not. Cole: Kevin Federline. read more

Toe Tags Season 7, Episode 3

Five corpses tell their bloody tales to each other in the coroner's office cooler. In the first story, Catherine investigates the murder of a woman who is found nude in a hotel's service elevator. Next, Warrick probes the death of a hiker who apparently fell off a cliff. The strange thing is that her brain is missing. In the third tale, a former marine is stabbed to death at a gas station. Lastly, Grissom and Sara investigate the deaths of two men who were killed with a chainsaw. read more

Built to Kill Season 7, Episode 2

Conclusion. Grissom investigates the murder of an aging rock star (Danny Bonaduce) who is found dead in his kitchen near an exact replica of the crime scene. The probe reveals that the victim was stalling on a business deal that could reap millions for his family. Meanwhile, Catherine probes her own abduction and learns that someone may be targeting her family. read more

Built to Kill Season 7, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. A Cirque du Soleil cast member discovers a woman's dead body during a performance, and Grissom and Catherine investigate. Meanwhile, an investor in one of Sam Braun's new casinos is shot to death during a party on a rooftop. Later, Catherine's life is placed in jeopardy after visiting a nightclub with Nick, and Grissom finds a miniature replica of a crime scene he is investigating. John Mayer appears as himself. read more

Way to Go Season 6, Episode 24

Conclusion. Brass struggles for life after being shot. Meanwhile, the other CSIs investigate two cases. In the first, a headless corpse is found on a railroad track. The victim's head is found in a nearby oil drum with a bullet hole in it. Even more bizarre is the fact that the dead man has a tiny 19-inch waist. The second crime focuses on a man who died in his apartment during what apparently was a wild night of sex, drugs and alcohol. read more

Bang-Bang Season 6, Episode 23

Part 1 of 2. A CSI team member's life is placed in danger while dealing with an accused murderer who takes a woman hostage at a casino and locks himself in a room with her. Warrick helps track the suspect's movements through the casino via security cameras and sees his wife with another man. read more

Time of Your Death Season 6, Episode 22

A high roller who spent the night with a woman he had just met is found dead on the loading dock of the casino where he was staying. The investigation reveals that the victim won $10,000 in a pool game and was an assistant to a respected movie producer. read more

Rashomama Season 6, Episode 21

A criminal-defense attorney is killed at her son's wedding, shortly after losing a case in which her client, a member of an organized-crime family, was found guilty of murder. Her body is tied to the bumper of the newlywed's car and she is dragged behind it as the happy couple drive away from the reception. Soon afterwards, all of the evidence collected at the scene disappears. It was in Nick's truck, which is stolen while he's eating at a nearby diner. read more

Poppin' Tags Season 6, Episode 20

Three teens putting up flyers for a rapper's new album are gunned down with a high-powered weapon stolen from a Las Vegas SWAT team member. The investigation reveals that the murders may be linked to a rivalry between two rappers (Travis Barker, Page Kennedy). During the probe, Warrick beats an unarmed suspect and is taken off of the case. Drops: Method Man. J-Lady: Shanna Moakler. Marcus: Rick Gonzalez. read more

Spellbound Season 6, Episode 19

A psychic is found shot to death in her occult shop shortly after warning two young women during a consultation that they were in grave danger. The investigation reveals that the killing may be connected to the disappearance of a former cop's wife, who vanished 15 years ago. The chief suspect in that case is her husband. Apparently, the dead psychic had new information on the victim, and that may have gotten her killed. read more

The Unusual Suspect Season 6, Episode 18

The nude body of a popular 17-year-old high-school girl is found wrapped in a shower curtain and buried beneath a mound of dirt near the school's football field. Another student is arrested and put on trial, but the seemingly airtight case is thrown off course when the suspect's 12-year-old sister, a prodigy who is a senior in school, confesses to the crime on the witness stand. The judge gives the prosecution 72 hours to re-examine the evidence before the jury delivers its verdict. read more

I Like to Watch Season 6, Episode 17

A woman is tied down on her bed and raped by a man who has a foot fetish and who posed as a fireman to gain entry to her apartment. When the CSIs arrive on scene, they learn that a TV crew from a reality show is being allowed to film them and follow their work on the case to its conclusion. The investigation reveals that the suspect may have attacked other women. Back at the lab, Warrick argues with Tina on the phone about his late nights on the job. read more

Up in Smoke Season 6, Episode 16

A man's charred body is discovered stuck facedown in a chimney in a plush house near Lake Mead. The investigation reveals that the owner of the home was suspected in a 16-year-old girl's disappearance a year earlier. Her body was never found and there wasn't enough evidence to get a search warrant. Catherine and Warrick, the CSIs on the original case, join Sara and Nick to probe the latest murder since they now have access to the suspect's house. read more

Pirates of the Third Reich Season 6, Episode 15

A woman's bald, branded and emaciated body is discovered dumped in the desert. The investigation soon reveals that the victim is the estranged daughter of Grissom's one-time friend Lady Heather. The probe also reveals that one of the dead woman's eyeballs isn't her own and belongs instead to a convicted sex offender. When Grissom confronts Lady Heather, she isn't too cooperative, but later she provides Grissom with some astonishing evidence. read more

Killer Season 6, Episode 14

A killer murders a man in a run-down apartment building and then is involved in an accident when a young woman smashes into his car at an intersection two blocks from the crime scene. To prevent her from calling the police, he strangles her to death and then drives away. At first, the two crimes are investigated separately, but soon evidence shows they are connected. read more

Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye Season 6, Episode 13

A waiter is murdered at an exclusive party hosted by a once glamorous Vegas showgirl (Faye Dunaway) who has ties to the mob. The woman believes she was the intended target because she just wrote a tell-all memoir. The case gets personal for Catherine when she learns that her father, Sam Braun, was at the party and is a suspect in the murder. Lily: Anita Gillette. Braun: Scott Wilson. read more

Daddy's Little Girl Season 6, Episode 12

A professional motocross racer is stabbed to death while working on his bike in a garage attached to a house he shared with two women he recently met. The investigation reveals that the victim was about to leave town with the younger of the two women. Across town, a woman is run over by her own car in a parking garage. Nick investigates and discovers that the dead woman was an accountant for Kelly Gordon's father, the man who abducted Nick. read more

Werewolves Season 6, Episode 11

A man suffering from human werewolf syndrome, a condition that causes excessive hair growth, is found shot to death in his home with a silver bullet in his chest. The police are alerted to the crime by a mysterious call from a phone booth. The investigation reveals that the victim had a large online gambling debt and was recently threatened by the web site's owner. The CSIs also learn that the dead man was engaged to be married. read more

Still Life Season 6, Episode 10

Grissom and his team investigate when a 6-year-old boy is reportedly kidnapped from a park where he was playing. The child's mother claims her son was on a swing set shortly before he disappeared. The investigation reveals that the mother is a widow and that she feared her late husband's military father would take the boy from her. Later, Nick is visited by Kelly Gordon, the daughter of the man who abducted Nick and buried him alive. read more

Dog Eat Dog Season 6, Episode 9

An obese man is found dead in a Dumpster outside of a restaurant on Thanksgiving and his hands are filled with mashed potatoes. The investigation leads Grissom and Catherine into the world of competitive eating. Across town, Nick and Sara probe the deaths of a husband and wife on the verge of divorce who were apparently attacked by a vicious dog. A golden retriever is found at the scene, but he hardly seems like a killer. read more

A Bullet Runs Through It Season 6, Episode 8

Conclusion. After a rookie cop is fatally wounded during a gun battle between police and gang members, the only suspect is gunned down as he's taken into custody. But Grissom fears that the cop was actually killed by so-called friendly fire from another officer. The investigation reveals that the gang members were involved with drug dealers. read more

A Bullet Runs Through It Season 6, Episode 7

Part 1 of two. A rookie police officer is killed during a shoot-out with four Hispanic gang members after a high-speed chase. The investigation reveals that the officer may not have been killed by a gang member, but rather by so-called friendly fire. Grissom and his crew search a crime scene that stretches for miles to determine what really happened. Bell: Daniel Bess. Davis: Colby French. Ortega: Nestor Serrano. read more

Secrets and Flies Season 6, Episode 6

A 28-year-old single mother is found shot to death in her home in what looks like a suicide, but Catherine determines quickly that the victim was murdered. The autopsy reveals that the woman was a virgin, but that she had also given birth. Back at the lab, Grissom is summoned by Ecklie to refute the testimony of an expert entomologist in a murder trial in order to prevent a killer from going free. read more

Gum Drops Season 6, Episode 5

A family of four who lived in a small Nevada town is believed to have been murdered in their home. Nick takes the lead in the case and discovers three pools of blood in the house, but no bodies. As the investigation intensifies, Nick comes to believe that the youngest victim, a 10-year-old girl, may still be alive. But Sara disagrees. She thinks Nick is getting too emotionally involved because of his recent near-death experience. read more

Shooting Stars Season 6, Episode 4

The bodies of 11 cult members who drank poison are found by Grissom and Catherine in an old underground military bunker in the desert. They stumble upon the grisly find while investigating the death of a man who was badly beaten and dumped in a backyard that borders the desert. Believing the body was dragged to the yard, Gil and Catherine follow drag marks and a dozen sets of footprints into the desert, where they find the bunker. read more

Bite Me Season 6, Episode 3

A man finds his wife's bloody body after she apparently fell down the stairs in their home. Grissom and his crew investigate and the evidence points to murder. The probe reveals that the husband's previous wife died in a similar manner and that he is involved with another woman who has a biting fetish. The husband claims he was asleep outside by the pool when the death occurred. Ray: Reed Diamond. Becky: Abigail Spencer. Susan: Skye McCole Bartusiak. read more

Room Service Season 6, Episode 2

Warrick and Nick investigate the death of an up-and-coming movie star whose body is found in a luxury hotel room where he partied with a woman he met in a casino. Across town, Grissom and Catherine work a triple homicide that involves two Laotian men and a taxi driver. One of the men and the cabbie are found shot to death outside of an apartment building. The other man is found dead in his car, an apparent accident victim, but the evidence points to murder. read more

Bodies in Motion Season 6, Episode 1

Grissom investigates the deaths of two people found inside a burning trailer that apparently caught fire when a gas main exploded. Across town, Catherine and Warrick probe the murder of a high-priced stripper who was found in a low-rent part of the city. The investigation leads to the discovery of more bodies when two more are located inside an abandoned car. Meanwhile, Warrick gives Catherine some shocking news. read more

Grave Danger Season 5, Episode 25

Conclusion. The CSIs frantically search for the spot where Nick is buried alive in a makeshift coffin. If they don't find him soon, he'll die from lack of oxygen. Quentin Tarantino directed. Kelly: Aimee Graham. read more

Grave Danger Season 5, Episode 24

Part 1 of two. Nick is kidnapped at a crime scene and buried alive in a makeshift coffin. The kidnapper demands a ransom of $1 million within 12 hours, or else Nick will die. However, it's against department policy to negotiate with terrorists and offer up ransom money, so Catherine turns to her father, Sam Braun, for the cash. Quentin Tarantino directed. Judge Stokes: Andrew Prine. Jillian: Lois Chiles. read more

Grave Danger

Nick is kidnapped at a crime scene and buried alive in a makeshift coffin. A $1 million ransom is demanded in 12 hours or he will die. But it's against department policy to negotiate with terrorists and offer up ransom money, so Catherine turns to her father, Sam Braun, for the cash. Himself: Tony Curtis. Himself: Frank Gorshin. Gordon: John Saxon. Judge Stokes: Andrew Prine. Jillian: Lois Chiles. read more

Iced Season 5, Episode 23

Two college students are found dead in a dorm room following a night of heated passion, but there seems to be no evidence of foul play. Outside of town, a body is discovered in the middle of what appears to be a crop circle, with no footprints leading into or out of it. Back at the lab, Ecklie is forced to go into the field and process a crime scene because all of his CSIs are out investigating cases. It goes well until the victim's body goes missing from the morgue. read more

Weeping Willows Season 5, Episode 22

Catherine gets passionate with a stranger (Alan Rosenberg) outside a bar, but she soon regrets it when the man, who turns out to be a public defender, becomes the chief suspect in two murders, both involving women seen at the bar. Lily: Anita Gillette. Granger: Channon Roe. Ellen: Lauren Bowles. Jeff: Shawn Hatosy. Holly: Elaine Curtis. read more

Committed Season 5, Episode 21

An inmate is murdered at a state mental hospital that houses sexually violent predators and the criminally insane. The good news: All of the suspects are locked inside. The bad news: They're all capable of extreme violence, which Sara learns all too soon. Adam: James Badge Dale. Nurse McKay: Annie Corley. read more

Hollywood Brass Season 5, Episode 20

Brass's estranged daughter, an L.A. hooker, asks for help when her friend goes missing after being picked up by a john in Hollywood. Brass arrives and works the case with an old friend from New Jersey, but his presence makes his daughter uncomfortable. After the missing woman's body turns up, the case intensifies, and the chief suspects are some of L.A.'s most respected people. Annie: Donna Murphy. Ellie: Teal Redman. Piccone: Johnny Sneed. Dakota: Lindsay Beamish. read more

4 x 4 Season 5, Episode 19

Grissom investigates a near deadly collision on a one-way street; Warrick probes the murder of a model at an auto show; Sara and Greg search for clues in the death of a bodybuilder at his home; and Nick gathers evidence to determine how a 12-year-old boy died and why his body was left on a city bench. Candace: Lauren C. Mayhew. Tiffany: Joy Leslie Hadnott. Donny: Neil Hopkins. Frank: Reni Santoni. Chase: Dyllan Christopher. Chester: Clement Blake. read more

Spark of Life Season 5, Episode 18

Two charred bodies are found near a hillside in the country, one of whom was a stargazer who was apparently consumed by a rolling fireball. As Grissom investigates the scene, he discovers that the other victim is still alive. In a suburban neighborhood, a 5-year-old girl is found drowned in a family pool and her parents are discovered shot to death inside the house. Tara: Lina Patel. Bromley: Justin Kirk. Matthews: Tim DeKay. Annabelle: Heather McComb. Brad: Terry Bozeman. read more

Compulsion Season 5, Episode 17

A flight attendant is raped and stabbed to death in her low-rent hotel room, but the killer leaves no trace. The crime shows eerie similarities to an unsolved rape-murder committed five years ago. Across town in an upscale neighborhood, Catherine investigates the beating death of a 12-year-old boy who was apparently slain in his bed while his parents slept in a nearby room. Acheson: Stephen Baldwin. Michelle: Tamara Clatterbuck. Adam: James Patrick Stuart. Lucy: Cleo King. Hawkins: Lee Tergesen. read more

Big Middle Season 5, Episode 16

The discovery of a gunshot victim in a canyon leads Catherine and Warrick into the high-stakes world of sports betting. Back in town, a convention of plus-size people draws Grissom's interest as he probes the case of a man who was crushed to death in his hotel room. The investigation reveals that the man was friendly with some heavyset women who were attending the convention. Urbana: Steve Lawrence. Varney: Craig Saslow. Russell: Lee Burns. Barnes: Claude Shires. read more

King Baby Season 5, Episode 15

A powerful Las Vegas casino owner (who had more enemies than friends) is found dead in his driveway after falling, jumping or being pushed from an upper-floor balcony of his plush mansion. Catherine's team is the first to respond to the scene, but Ecklie also brings in Grissom and his crew to help with the high-profile case, which doesn't sit well with Catherine. The investigation reveals that the dead man had dirt on most every prominent person in town and a dark secret of his own. read more

UnBearable Season 5, Episode 14

A hunter is found mauled to death in the mountains and the Kodiak bear that killed him is also found slain nearby with its stomach slashed open and its gallbladder removed. The probe reveals that the bear isn't native to Nevada and that it was probably smuggled in. Back in the city, Grissom investigates the disappearance of a wealthy young mother who vanished shortly after meeting a girlfriend at a bar where a male patron may have been stalking her. read more

Nesting Dolls Season 5, Episode 13

Two female bodies, buried together and covered in tar, are discovered by construction workers out in the desert. The investigation reveals that both victims' fingertips have been cut off and that they were apparently buried years apart. Later, Sara treats one suspect with such disdain that it jeopardizes her job and she reveals to Grissom a dark family secret that is at the root of her recurring personal problems. read more

Snakes Season 5, Episode 12

A severed human head, with all of its hair pulled out and a dead baby rattlesnake stuffed in its throat, is found inside of a newspaper dispenser in a predominantly Spanish-speaking part of town. The investigation reveals that the victim's death may be linked to a type of Mexican music that glorifies crime. Also, a man is found shot to death in a car on the roof of a casino parking garage, and the evidence indicates that the shooter may be wheelchair bound. read more

Who Shot Sherlock? Season 5, Episode 11

A man who pretended he was Sherlock Holmes and re-created the legendary sleuth's famous 221B Baker St. dwelling in his basement is found shot to death there. The chief suspects fancy themselves to be Dr. Watson, Prof. Moriarty and Irene Adler. Grissom initially investigates, but hands the case off to Greg for his final proficiency. Outside of town, a dead man is found inside a wrecked vehicle and Warrick and Nick try to determine whether foul play was involved. read more

No Humans Involved Season 5, Episode 10

Sara's mysterious background becomes a bit more clear as she helps investigate the starvation death of a 5-year-old boy whose body is discovered near a trash dumpster. At the county lock-up, Warrick and Nick probe the beating of a prisoner in an overcrowded cell. Later, Catherine learns that being the boss isn't all it's cracked up to be when she has to reprimand Warrick for what she deems unprofessional behavior. read more

Mea Culpa Season 5, Episode 9

Grissom and his crew come under fire from the lab's new assistant director after Grissom discovers a previously undetected fingerprint on a key piece of evidence while testifying during a murder trial. The new evidence makes the lab look bad---and puts Grissom on the hot seat. In another case, Sara and Greg probe the shooting death of a John Doe to determine whether he was murdered or committed suicide. Ecklie: Marc Vann. Sofia: Louise Lombard. read more

Ch - Ch - Changes Season 5, Episode 8

Grissom is plunged into the world of transgenders while investigating the murder of a woman who was slashed and mutilated after she stopped her car on a dark road outside of Vegas. This is the series' 100th episode. Mona: Lindsay Crouse. Wendy: Sarah Buxton. Laner: Raphael Sbarge. Mimosa: Kate Walsh. Hess: Sam Anderson. Dina: Lee Hardin. Bev: Marci Bowers. read more

Formalities Season 5, Episode 7

A teen girl is killed in a luxury-casino suite where a private high-school homecoming party is being held, and the investigation reveals that another girl is missing, the victim of a possible kidnapping. Sofia: Louise Lombard. Macklin: Jon Tenney. Jensen: Jonathan Banks. Layne: Seth Gable. Tate: Mike Erwin. Paland: Matthew Carey. Bristol: Eric Lange. Miranda: Adrianne Palicki. Nikki: Danica Stewart. Janelle: Kate Mara. Rachel: Nicole Lenz. read more

What's Eating Gilbert Grissom? Season 5, Episode 6

Grissom believes that a serial killer responsible for several deaths at a Las Vegas college over the past 17 years is at it again when body parts are found on campus. But the latest victim is a departure from the killer's previous targets. Lewis: David Lee Smith. Eva: Harriet Sansom Harris. Wilson: Ron Perkins. Beerly: Wayne Duvall. Greer: Taylor Nichols. Mathers: Victor Bevine. Roger: Patrick Levis. Mandy: Summer Glau. Kaitlin: April Bowlby. read more

Swap Meet Season 5, Episode 5

Grissom investigates the death of a woman found in a neighborhood fountain following a sex party. Across town, Nick and Warrick probe the murder of a man killed with a table saw in a closed video arcade. Judy: Victoria Reiniger. Marty: Pruitt Taylor Vince. Vanessa: Pam Green. Keaton: Robert Curtis Brown. Amy: Danielle Savre. Cunningham: Ed Quinn. Meg: Dina Meyer. Erin: Dedee Pfeiffer. Brady: Doug Savant. Mallory: Penelope Alexis. read more

Crow's Feet Season 5, Episode 4

Catherine and Nick investigate the mysterious death of a woman who recently underwent cosmetic surgery after her body is discovered in a hotel suite; Grissom, Sara and Greg probe the suspicious death of a man who died in his house, apparently while it was being fumigated; Warrick confronts Catherine about the chemistry between them. Watson: David Anders. Malaga: Steven Brand. Ted: A.J. Buckley. Allen: Corey Mendell Parker. Beckman: David Wells. read more

Harvest Season 5, Episode 3

Grissom and his crew investigate the kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl from a convenience-store parking lot while her older sister is inside. The case hits the CSIs hard, and Catherine even harder after Lindsey is picked up by the police for hitchhiking. Back in the lab, Greg's latest replacement attracts Warrick's attention, but her eccentric personality could be a problem. Lindsay: Madison McReynolds. Sybil: Melissa Leo. April: America Ferrera. Perez: Carlos Gomez. read more

Down the Drain Season 5, Episode 2

A man's badly twisted corpse is found in a city storm-drain tunnel following a severe thunderstorm, and the discovery leads to another disturbing finding: human bones that may have come from a murder victim. As more bones are found the investigation focuses on identifying the victim and pinpointing the location where the body was dumped. read more

Viva Las Vegas Season 5, Episode 1

The team investigates four mysterious deaths, including what some believe is an alien found in a shallow grave in Area 51. In addition, a man is shot in a nightclub, a stripper's bloody body is found in a hotel room, a gambler is discovered dead in a bathtub in a seedy motel; Greg is tested by Grissom on his first real assignment in the field; and Greg's replacement in the lab endures a rough first night. read more

Bloodlines Season 4, Episode 23

A casino employee is beaten and raped on her way home from work, but she survives and identifies her attacker. Unfortunately, a DNA test sets him free and Grissom must wrestle with whether evidence can ever lie. Later, Grissom comes to the rescue of a co-worker who ends up on the other side of the law. read more

No More Bets Season 4, Episode 22

A man who cheated while winning more than $400,000 playing roulette at one of Sam Braun's casinos is later found dead in the desert. When Grissom learns of the connection to Braun, he dismisses Catherine from the case, but she finds it difficult to stay away. Back at the lab, Sara is hurt after she learns that Grissom selected Nick for a promotion instead of her. Braun: Scott Wilson. Landers: Maury Chaykin. read more

Turn of the Screws Season 4, Episode 21

Six people are killed when the cars of a roller coaster fly off of their tracks at an amusement park and land in a parking area. The investigation reveals that it wasn't an accident, but murder. Outside of town, the body of a 13-year-old girl is discovered near a lake and the probe uncovers evidence that she was murdered and her corpse dumped at the site. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Phillips: David Berman. read more

Dead Ringer Season 4, Episode 20

Grissom discovers the dead body of a Los Angeles cop in the desert during a nighttime 120-mile relay race for police officers and the investigation turns up signs of foul play. Back at the hotel where the officers are staying, two more bodies are found in what appears to be a murder-suicide between male and female cops who may have been lovers. But Warrick and Sara believe it may be a double homicide. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Bad Words Season 4, Episode 19

Catherine and Warrick suspect a serial arsonist is at work after a house fire kills a teenage girl in a neighborhood where there was a previous blaze a few days earlier; a champion at a popular word-game tournament is found dead of asphyxiation in a men's room and several tile letters are found in his throat and stomach. Jessica: Tracey Needham. Hodges: Wallace Langham. Sam: Max Jansen Weinstein. Kaufman: Christopher Shea. Pierce: Jason Kravitz. Jason: Andy Comeau. Clarke: Larry Poindexter. read more

Bad to the Bone Season 4, Episode 18

An intimidating, husky man is beaten to death in a casino men's room, apparently by a lone attacker. The investigation leads the CSIs to the slightly-built owner of a run-down motel where they find evidence of other crimes and murders, but few explanations. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. read more

XX Season 4, Episode 17

A mutilated female body is discovered tied to the undercarriage of a bus carrying prisoners from a women's correctional facility after a severed arm flies out from beneath the vehicle and strikes a car. Catherine leads the investigation and at first believes the woman was escaping, but the evidence increasingly points to murder. Back in town, Warrick probes the death of a gambler who was stabbed multiple times in his brother's kitchen. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. read more

Getting Off Season 4, Episode 16

A well-dressed man driving an expensive car is murdered in a drug-infested neighborhood, but robbery apparently was not a motive; a dead clown is discovered stuffed inside of a huge truck tire at an auto junkyard; Grissom learns some surprising news about Dr. Robbins. Doodles: Kevin C. Carr. Buddy: Paul Dooley. Mindy: Heather Kafka. Jamal: Keram Malicki-Sanchez. Burnell: Ross Partridge. Sinclair: James Russo. Riley: Rocco Sisto. Divine: Debra Wilson. Merill: Judith Hoag. Al: Joe Chrest. read more

Early Rollout Season 4, Episode 15

A popular Las Vegas club owner and his wife are gunned down outside of their plush estate. The investigation reveals that a fortune in jewelry was stolen and that the victims were once involved in the porn industry. Back at the lab, Catherine makes a startling confession to Grissom, and Brass questions Sara about an alleged health problem. Also: Warrick confronts Greg over unprofessional conduct after Greg shows up on the scene ill-prepared. Eric Szmanda. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Paper or Plastic? Season 4, Episode 14

Grissom confronts a nemesis on the police force when he probes an officer's role in a shooting spree inside a small grocery store that left five people dead. The same cop had threatened Grissom after Gil investigated LVPD involvement in a homicide. In the current case, the officer claims he gunned down two robbers and shot at a third masked suspect, but there is no evidence that a third thief was present. There is evidence, however, that a bullet from the cop's gun killed an innocent shopper. read more

Suckers Season 4, Episode 13

Grissom investigates a twist-filled case in which a priceless 17th-century Japanese samurai sword is stolen from a Vegas hotel. In the northern part of the city, Catherine and Warrick probe the death of a woman who appears to have been bitten by a vampire and her blood consumed by her attacker. Phillips: David Berman. Robbins: Robert David Hall. read more

Butterflied Season 4, Episode 12

Grissom can't help but examine his feelings for Sara when a dead woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to her is discovered as part of a double murder he's investigating. A second dismembered body is soon located in nearby trash cans. Making the case tough to crack is the fact that the killer took extraordinary measures to clean up after himself. Debbie: Erinn Carter. Lurie: Kyle Secor. Kelly: Tinsley Holloway Grimes. Pike: Rich Hutchman. Mulligan: Jeff Sugerman. Tripton: Josh Stamberg. read more

Eleven Angry Jurors Season 4, Episode 11

A reviled juror is found dead in the jury room after refusing to go along with his 11 counterparts in voting a defendant guilty in a murder trial; a woman claims that her sister was murdered four years earlier by her brother-in-law who allegedly burned the body and threw the ashes into a river. Gibbons: Andy Powers. Faye: Ever Carradine. Lizette: Anne Betancourt. Durham: Dean Norris. Lana: Sarah Buxton. Bell: Jack Laufer. Jervis: Andy Berman. Tara: Susan May Pratt. read more

Coming of Rage Season 4, Episode 10

Grissom investigates the murder of a 15-year-old boy found beaten to death at a construction site, possibly with a hammer; Nick probes the fatal shooting of a newlywed outside of her new house while her husband and ex-hubby fought in the yard. Curtis: Brian A. Green. Dawson: Gerald McCullouch. Ashley: Kimberlee Peterson. Lizzo: Brian Sites. Stewart: Marcus Mitchell. Marlene: Roxanne Beckford. Natalie: Susan Chuang. Thomas: Basil Wallace. read more

Grissom Versus the Volcano Season 4, Episode 9

Sheriff Atwater suspects terrorists are responsible for a car bombing outside a casino that killed three people, but Grissom isn't so sure, even though the man driving the vehicle was a federal marshal. Across town, Sara and Warrick investigate the death of a popular entertainer's wife, who is found floating in a hot tub while her husband is performing on-stage. Atwater: Xander Berkeley. Phillips: David Berman. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Greg: Eric Szmanda. read more

After the Show Season 4, Episode 8

Catherine takes the lead in finding a missing model, believed to be dead, after the prime suspect insists on talking only to her. The news doesn't sit well with Sara and Nick, who each hope to use the case to improve their chances of getting a promotion. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Assume Nothing; All for Our Country

A woman is found murdered in a casino hotel room with her throat slit, while her husband turns up dead in his car. The investigation is compromised by Nick when he makes an error in judgment. Meanwhile, a surprising development in the Sam Braun case leaves Catherine worried. Mandy: Sandra Hess. Cameron: Rudolf Martin. Natasha: Nicole Hiltz. Kent: Brian Bloom. Judge Slater: John Doman. Braun: Scott Wilson. Gardner: Scott Alan Smith. read more

Invisible Evidence Season 4, Episode 7

Warrick is blindsided in court when a bloody knife he recovered from a suspected killer's car is determined to be inadmissible, leaving the CSIs only 24 hours to find new evidence before the accused murderer is set free. Atwater: Xander Berkeley. Fife: Christian Camargo. Rita: Kayren Butler. Quinn: James Marshall. Sinclair: Erik Jensen. Hodges: Wallace Langham. Margaret: Palmer Davis. read more

Jackpot Season 4, Episode 6

Grissom visits a small Nevada town to investigate the death of a man whose severed head was found by a dog in some nearby woods; and Catherine receives an unexpected and unwelcome gift from her dad, which prompts her to visit him. Sam: Scott Wilson. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Fur and Loathing Season 4, Episode 5

Grissom and Catherine investigate a bizarre case in which a man dressed in a full-body raccoon suit is shot and then hit by a car along a dark stretch of highway. The woman driving the car is also killed when an 18-wheeler smashes into her vehicle. In town, Sara and Nick look into the murder of a man found shot and frozen in a warehouse's walk-in freezer. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Phillips: David Berman. read more

Feeling the Heat Season 4, Episode 4

Catherine investigates the death of a baby who was left inside a locked car on a steamy day; Nick and Sara examine a lakeside scene where a young woman's body was found washed ashore; Warrick tries to determine whether a man found dead in a sweltering house was the victim of an accident or foul play. Sophia: Ryan Starr. Linda: Stacy Edwards. Mark: Cam Gigandet. Stone: Rick Ravanello. Morris: James Leo Ryan. Evelyn: Paula Newsome. read more

Homebodies Season 4, Episode 3

Grissom leads the investigation when the mummified remains of an elderly woman are discovered in a closed closet that the victim tried to claw through to get out. Meanwhile, Catherine links the discovery of a handgun in a yard to the shooting death of a bounty hunter in a park across town. Kirkwood: Stephen Root. Linda: Christine Romeo. Angela: Jeanette Brox. Emily: Mia Wesley. Foster: Vince Vieluf. Zeke: Tom Towles. Maddox: M.C. Gainey. Madeline: Lois Hall. Johnson: Thomas Wilson Brown. read more

All for Our Country Season 4, Episode 2

Conclusion. The investigation into the double homicide turns up two more murders and the evidence leads Grissom, Warrick and Nick to believe a police officer may be involved. Across town, Catherine and Sara probe the death of a college student found after several days in his still-running bathtub. Judge Slater: John Doman. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Robbins: Robert David Hall. read more

Assume Nothing Season 4, Episode 1

In Part 1 of the two-part fourth-season opener, a woman is found murdered in a casino hotel room with her throat slit and her husband also turns up dead in his car. The investigation is compromised by Nick when he makes an error in judgment. There is also a surprising development in the Sam Braun case that leaves Catherine worried. Mandy: Sandra Hess. Cameron: Rudolf Martin. Natasha: Nicole Hiltz. Kent: Brian Bloom. Judge Slater: John Doman. Braun: Scott Wilson. Gardner: Scott Alan Smith. read more

Inside the Box Season 3, Episode 23

Three masked bandits steal a safe-deposit box from a Las Vegas bank in a daring daytime heist. The case really hits home for Catherine when the evidence leads to casino owner Sam Braun (Scott Wilson), who is like a father to her. read more

Play with Fire... Season 3, Episode 22

A woman's body is discovered in a small press box at a high-school football field, apparently the victim of strangulation. The evidence leads investigators to two convicts, one of whom is still in prison. At the crime lab, an explosion destroys key evidence and leaves Greg and Sara injured. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Forever Season 3, Episode 21

A horse trainer is found dead in the cargo bay of a vast private jet carrying 12 well-heeled passengers, a small crew and a million-dollar show horse. Initially it appears the victim was trampled by the massive animal, but Grissom and Catherine uncover evidence of foul play. Out in the Hell's Gate section of Death Valley, Sara and Warrick probe the apparent suicide of a 15-year-old boy found under a bedspread. The investigation intensifies when a girl's body turns up only a half-mile away. read more

Last Laugh Season 3, Episode 20

Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a despised comic who died onstage, apparently after drinking from a tainted bottle of water. The case grows more puzzling when a 15-year-old boy dies in a convenience store after drinking the same brand of water. Also: Brass reopens a woman's accidental-death case after spotting the deceased's husband in a flashy new car with a trophy date on his arm. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Greg: Eric Szmanda. read more

A Night at the Movies Season 3, Episode 19

Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a moviegoer who was stabbed with a screwdriver while watching an old gangster flick at a dingy art-house theater. Across town, a badly bruised 15-year-old boy is found shot to death in an abandoned, bullet-riddled warehouse, where more than 100 rounds were fired from every conceivable location, including the roof. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Precious Metal Season 3, Episode 18

A badly decomposed body is discovered in a beat-up chemical-waste drum in the desert. The investigation soon leads Catherine into the world of robotic demolition derbies in which custom-designed robots bash each other in combat-like competitions. Meanwhile, Grissom probes the death of a newly married man whose body is found in an alley. read more

Crash and Burn Season 3, Episode 17

Sara investigates an apparent accident involving an elderly woman who drove her car through the front of a bar, killing and injuring several people---including Sara's EMT boyfriend, Hank. As the case unfolds, Sara learns disturbing news about both the incident and Hank. Elsewhere, a woman dies of carbon-monoxide poisoning in her home, and Grissom quickly decides it was no accident. Hank: Christopher Wiehl. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Lucky Strike Season 3, Episode 16

The 5-year-old son of a professional basketball player is kidnapped while his father is at a casino, and a $5 million ransom is demanded. Elsewhere, Grissom and Nick investigate when a man with a wooden stake lodged in the back of his head stumbles out of his car and dies. Nick: George Eads. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Lady Heather's Box Season 3, Episode 15

Grissom discovers that two murders, a nightclub guest killed at a foam party and a man slain while working out in his apartment, are related and that both men were employed by Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke), a dominatrix. Meanwhile, Catherine's ex-husband vanishes following a car crash with their daughter, Lindsey. Sara heads up the investigation, but Catherine quickly becomes displeased with the way her colleague is handling the case. Eddie: Timothy Carhart. Lindsey: Madison McReynolds. read more

One Hit Wonder Season 3, Episode 14

Catherine tries to track down a sexual predator who breaks into single women's apartments and terrorizes them. Meanwhile, Sara reopens a cold case in which a colleague's husband was murdered, but the killer was never caught. Also: Grissom's hearing further deteriorates. Sara: Jorja Fox. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Random Acts of Violence Season 3, Episode 13

Warrick allows his emotions to get the best of him after a friend's 9-year-old daughter is killed in her home during a drive-by shooting. When a suspect is brought in, Warrick is certain the man is guilty, even though he has a reasonable alibi. Meanwhile, Nick investigates the death of a company's highly disliked chief technology officer who's found in a computer room with a crushed skull. Matt: Keith David. Jaycobs: Dwayne L. Barnes. Travis: Shawn H. Smith. Aimee: Chanel Gaines. read more

Got Murder? Season 3, Episode 12

The discovery of a human eye in a raven's nest leads investigators to a landfill where a female with a crushed skull is found. At the lab, an autopsy on a different body turns into a lifesaving mission when it's discovered that the victim isn't dead. read more

Recipe for Murder Season 3, Episode 11

A human arm is discovered stuck in a grinder at a meat-processing plant and the evidence leads Grissom and Catherine to an upscale restaurant where the victim worked as a chef. Across town, Warrick and Sara probe the apparent suicide of a girl with bipolar disorder in her apartment, but as the case unfolds, it becomes clear that she was murdered. Pedigrew: Christopher Wiehl. Haskins: Scott MacDonald. Jane: Marita Geraghty. Damon: Daniel Hagen. Dutton: Robert Mailhouse. read more

High and Low Season 3, Episode 10

Nick and Warrick investigate the death of a man who was apparently thrown from the roof of a six-story building. Evidence reveals that he was dead before he hit the ground. Also, Catherine probes the shooting death of a man who was killed with his own gun, and Grissom's hearing problems cause him to drop out of a case. Nick: George Eads. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Blood Lust Season 3, Episode 9

Grissom investigates the death of a 14-year-old boy who is pinned beneath the left rear tire of a taxi. The victim is eviscerated and has stab wounds and shows no marks of having been hit by the cab. After the apparent accident, the cabbie is pulled from his vehicle and beaten by a mob. Grissom: William Petersen. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Snuff Season 3, Episode 8

Catherine investigates the grisly murder of a young woman in a snuff film, while Grissom probes the discovery of a body stuffed in a large toolbox and covered with fire ants. His initial findings indicate that the person died well over a year earlier and was possibly murdered. Sampson: William Mapother. Vane: Stephen Spacek. Johnson: Archie Kao. Teri: Pamela Gidley. Banson: Sam Hennings. Enrique: Sal Lopez. Traschel: Blair Williamson. Susan: Meredith Giangrande. Renatta: Niecy Nash. read more

Fight Night Season 3, Episode 7

A middleweight boxing champ dies in the ring after taking a brutal beating from his nemesis, but Grissom finds evidence that points to murder. Outside, in a nearby parking lot, Catherine works a crime scene where a Los Angeles gang member was gunned down, apparently by a rival gang. Also: Nick investigates a jewelry-store robbery. Molina: Greg Serano. Adele: Roma Maffia. The Man: Khalil Kain. Barone: Ron Canada. Vicky: Jennifer Aspen. Ramsey: Marty Rackham. read more

The Execution of Catherine Willows Season 3, Episode 6

A 15-year-old triple murder case from Catherine's rookie year involving three slain coeds is reopened when new DNA evidence is discovered that could set the condemned killer free. read more

Abra Cadaver Season 3, Episode 5

A woman volunteer vanishes during a magic act and never reappears, leaving only traces of blood behind; Catherine probes the apparent fatal overdose of a rock star. Zephyr: Tom Noonan. Punky: Jon Sklaroff. Matilda: Jennifer Sky. Toby: Lawrence Monoson. Keith: Salvator Xuereb. Gus: Blumes Tracy. Samantha: Tushka Bergen. Johnson: Archie Kao. read more

A Little Murder Season 3, Episode 4

Grissom suspects murder, not suicide, when the body of a dwarf is found hanging from a rope high above a stage in a casino hotel where a convention of little people is being held. Across town, Catherine is attacked at a crime scene where a man was murdered during what appears to have been a home robbery. Melanie: Meredith Eaton. Lawrence: Michael Gilden. Jessica: Kaarina Aufranc. Max: Danny Woodburn. Marcus: Phil Fondacaro. Johnson: Archie Kao. read more

Let the Seller Beware Season 3, Episode 3

Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a wealthy couple who are discovered just outside of their glamorous Las Vegas house, which was up for sale. Meanwhile, Sara probes the death of a cheerleader who is found eviscerated on a soccer field. Tanya: Monique Demers. Max: Taylor Handley. Jeri: Mary-Margaret Humes. Mandy: Rachel Shumate. Jarvis: Michael McLafferty. Johnson: Archie Kao. Augie: Peter Asle Holden. read more

The Accused Is Entitled Season 3, Episode 2

Grissom and his crew investigate the murder of a young woman found in the hotel room of a top male movie star (Chad Michael Murray). The case gets personal when Grissom's former mentor (Raymond J. Barry) is hired by the defense to find mistakes in the investigation. And he does. read more

Revenge Is Best Served Cold Season 3, Episode 1

Grissom investigates the untimely death of a top poker player and Catherine looking into the murder of a street racer whose body is found out in a desert on an abandoned airstrip. Doyle: Madison Mason. Nadine: Donna Scott. Lita: Damara Reilly. Grinder: Doug Jones. Tony: Ian Somerhalder. Del Nagro: Cliff DeYoung. Matt: Todd Stashwick. Hank: Christopher Wiehl. Masters: Brent Hinkley. read more

The Hunger Artist Season 2, Episode 23

Grissom and crew investigate when the body of an unidentified young woman, whose face is horribly disfigured, is discovered near a freeway underpass. She has been stuffed in an overturned shopping cart that also contains an expensive handbag, fashion magazines and a leather day planner with notes written in code. Sara: Jorja Fox. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Nick: George Eads. read more

Cross-Jurisdictions Season 2, Episode 22

In the episode that introduced the cast of “CSI: Miami,” Catherine and Warrick head to Florida, where they team with Miami's top CSI (David Caruso) to investigate the murder of Las Vegas's former chief of detectives, and the kidnapping of his wife and daughter, following a wild party. Calleigh: Emily Procter. Speedle: Rory Cochrane. Delko: Adam Rodriguez. Alexx: Khandi Alexander. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. read more

Anatomy of a Lye Season 2, Episode 21

Grissom and Sara investigate when a man's body, which has been doused with lye, is found buried in a park; Nick tries to determine how a hiker apparently drowned in a desert. Nick: George Eads. Sara: Jorja Fox. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Cats in the Cradle... Season 2, Episode 20

Grissom and Catherine investigate the stabbing death of an 80-year-old woman who lived in a run-down house full of cats; Nick and Sara comb through the remains of a car bombing that was, apparently, a murder plot gone awry. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Stalker Season 2, Episode 19

Nick (George Eads) feels a strange connection to the murder of a woman who was killed in her home, despite her doors being triple-locked, the bathroom window nailed shut and an alarm system activated. The CSIs puzzle over not only the murder, but also how the killer got in and out of the victim's house. Johnson: Archie Kao. Crane: Doug Hutchison. Jane: Brianna Lynn Brown. Pearson: Leland Orser. Piorrio: Bryan Kirkwood. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Chasing the Bus Season 2, Episode 18

Grissom suspects foul play when a tour bus carrying passengers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas crashes less than 40 miles from its destination, killing nine people. Martin: Kevin Will. Gwen: Mona Wyatt. Ryan: Christopher Caso. Jack: Jim Hanna. Maddox: Denis Arndt. Cooper: Stuart Gold. Diane: Revital Krawetz. Tracy: Cara Buono. read more

Felonius Monk Season 2, Episode 17

Grissom investigates the murders of four monks who were shot point blank while chanting in a Buddhist temple; Catherine reopens a cold case in which her best friend was murdered, after the man convicted of the crime claims he's innocent shortly before he dies. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Grissom: William Petersen. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Primum Non Nocere Season 2, Episode 16

A much hated amateur hockey player (David Andriole) dies after a fight breaks out on the ice and he's found with a deep, bloody gash across his neck; a sax player is found dead in a casino dressing room and Warrick falls for the rising singer (Nicole Ari Parker) who worked with the dead musician. Jane: Abby Brammell. Tommy: Jeremy Ratchford. Hoffman: Peter MacKenzie. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Nick: George Eads. read more

Burden of Proof Season 2, Episode 15

Grissom investigates the murder of a Las Vegas photographer whose remains were dumped at a nearby body farm where CSIs routinely study corpses, and his findings reveal that the man was apparently shot to death even though there are no bullet fragments in the body. Also, Grissom's leadership is questioned by some members of his staff. Sara: Jorja Fox. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

The Finger Season 2, Episode 14

Catherine is ordered by a kidnapper to accompany a man who is to deliver $1 million in ransom to him or else he'll kill the man's mistress. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Sara: Jorja Fox. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Identity Crisis Season 2, Episode 13

Grissom's nemesis, serial killer Paul Millander (Matt O'Toole), claims a third victim, who shared a birthday with the other two dead men. And so does Grissom, who may be the killer's next target. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

You've Got Male Season 2, Episode 12

Grissom and Sara investigate when the bodies of two girls are discovered stuffed in separate culvert pipes at a highway construction site; Catherine and Nick try to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of a deer hunter who was shot in the woods. read more

Organ Grinder Season 2, Episode 11

Grissom suspects murder when a wealthy exec is found dead in a hotel elevator, apparently of natural causes. It seems the man's body was dressed after he died and was then put in the elevator. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Ellie Season 2, Episode 10

Warrick is in charge for the night and has to contend with a murder that may involve Brass's estranged daughter, who is apparently part of a drug ring. Meanwhile, Sara tries to prove that a couple of vacationers are really counterfeiters. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

And Then There Were None Season 2, Episode 9

Three armed robbers kill five guards while stealing $250,000 from a casino; a man is gunned down at a convenience store in a small town. read more

Slaves of Las Vegas Season 2, Episode 8

A young woman's body is discovered buried in a playground sandbox and the investigation leads Grissom and Catherine into the underworld of sadomasochistic sex. Also, the owner of a check-cashing business is shot and robbed outside of his store. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Caged Season 2, Episode 7

A historical-society worker is found dead, apparently from natural causes, in a metal cage that is used to protect rare books---but Grissom suspects she was murdered; a woman is killed when her car is struck by a train at a railroad crossing, which may not have been accidental. Megan: Tsianina Joelson. Pratt: Michael Goorjian. Hunter: Currie Graham. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Alter Boys Season 2, Episode 6

A young man is discovered burying a body that has been shot three times, but Grissom isn't convinced the guy is the killer---despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary; a woman is found dead in a health spa locker room without obvious evidence of foul play, but Catherine and Nick suspect murder. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Nick: George Eads. read more

Scuba Doobie-Doo Season 2, Episode 5

Grissom scours an abandoned apartment with blood-sprayed walls but finds no body; Catherine and Nick try to uncover how a dead scuba diver became lodged in a tree. Nick believes the victim was scooped up by a firefighting helicopter as it retrieved water from the lake, but Catherine isn't buying that urban legend. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Nick: George Eads. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Bully for You Season 2, Episode 4

A cocky teen football player is fatally shot in a high-school restroom and the evidence seems to implicate a student who was tormented by the jock. Also, a body that has turned to human soup is found in a bag dumped in a gully. Gil: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. read more

Overload Season 2, Episode 3

A construction worker who fell 12 stories to his death is thought to have committed suicide by everyone but Grissom, who believes the man was murdered; a teen boy who was an epileptic is found dead in his therapist's house. Grissom: William Petersen. Nick: George Eads. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Chaos Theory Season 2, Episode 2

Grissom and crew investigate when a coed, who was packing up to leave her dorm room to return home, disappears without a trace and leaves all of her belongings behind. Gil: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Burked Season 2, Episode 1

Grissom and crew investigate the drug-related death of a popular casino executive (Richard Ethan Courtney) who was found dead in his house, the victim of an apparent overdose. Janine: Melissa Crider. Sam: Scott Wilson. Walt: Joseph Will. Skinny: Jeff Ricketts. Curt: Fredric Lane. Mandy: Sheeri Rappaport. Bonnie: Brenda Bakke. Gardener: Tony Genaro. Vega: Geoffrey Rivas. read more

Strip Strangler Season 1, Episode 23

Grissom and his crew search for a serial killer who's strangling women in their homes and leaving not a trace of evidence behind him. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Evaluation Day Season 1, Episode 22

Grissom is puzzled when a severed head discovered in the trunk of a car doesn't match a headless body found in another location---a body that may not even be human; Warrick tries to help a young inmate who is falsely accused of murdering a gang member. Grissom: William Petersen. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Justice Is Served Season 1, Episode 21

Grissom investigates the brutal death of a jogger who was apparently killed by a mountain lion or a large dog and then had his organs removed with a scalpel; Catherine becomes convinced that a 6-year-old girl's death inside an amusement park was no accident. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Sounds of Silence Season 1, Episode 20

An apparent vehicular-manslaughter case turns into a murder investigation when Grissom discovers that the victim, who was deaf, was actually killed before a car hit him. Also, a shoot-out at a coffee shop, which may have been a professional hit, leaves five people dead, including a local high roller. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Gentle, Gentle Season 1, Episode 19

Grissom finds it difficult to control his emotions when he investigates the alleged kidnapping of a baby from a wealthy Las Vegas family, especially when the evidence begins pointing to various family members who may be involved in the disappearance. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

$35K O.B.O. Season 1, Episode 18

Grissom investigates a carjacking that resulted in the stabbing deaths of a married couple and one other passenger; Catherine searches for clues to determine why a building collapsed and killed three elderly women. Phillips: David Berman. Amy: Elizabeth Keener. Kevin: Jonathan Fraser. Green: Reynaldo Christian. Newsome: Brad Johnson. Rich: Louis Mustillo. Jessica: Shelli Bergh. Mark: Eric Stonestreet. read more

Face Lift Season 1, Episode 17

Grissom investigates the murder of a man who was apparently killed while robbing a store; Catherine searches for a girl who was kidnapped several years earlier; Warrick and Sara probe the strange death of a woman who was reduced to ashes while sitting in her house. Teri: Pamela Gidley. Tammy: Brigid Brannagh. Winston: Brian Howe. Felton: James Wellington. Hanson: Larry Holden. Marlowe: James Eckhouse. read more

Too Tough to Die Season 1, Episode 16

Sara gets a little too personally involved when she investigates the rape and shooting of a young woman who was left for dead, but who still fights for her life in a nearby hospital; Catherine and Warrick try to determine whether a fatal shooting involving two neighbors was committed in self-defense. Pamela: Michelle Anne Johnson. Bobby: Gerald McCullouch. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Thomas: Ntare Mwine. Sara: Jorja Fox. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. read more

Table Stakes Season 1, Episode 15

Grissom and Catherine suspect a brash couple (Shawn Christian, Elizabeth Lackey) in the death of a young woman discovered floating dead in a swimming pool at an elegant Las Vegas mansion; Warrick investigates a shooting---possibly by a hit man---in a hotel elevator. Greg: Eric Szmanda. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Sheriff: Glenn Morshower. Mrs. Burton: Lorraine Hunt. Lacey: Joann Richter. Rachel: Allison Dunbar. Det. Connors: Colette O'Connell. read more

To Halve and to Hold Season 1, Episode 14

Grissom and Catherine piece together clues while assembling parts of a skeleton that was apparently cut up with a saw and then scattered on a mountain; Warrick and Sara investigate the death of a male stripper who died shortly after performing at a bachelorette party. Greg: Eric Szamanda. Dr. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Terri: Pamela Gidley. Rose: Eileen Ryan. O'Riley: Skip O'Brien. Lynn: Lisa Dean Ryan. Meg: Dorie Barton. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Boom Season 1, Episode 13

Grissom and Catherine investigate a bombing that occurred in the lobby of a Las Vegas business building; Nick spends the night with a prostitute who is later found murdered in her house---and he becomes the chief suspect. Nick: George Eads. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Grissom: William Petersen. read more

Fahrenheit 932 Season 1, Episode 12

A man (Sterling Macer Jr.) facing the death penalty for killing his wife and son in a house fire asks Grissom to help prove his innocence; a 16-year-old who places bets for gamblers is murdered. Jeanne: Lucy Goncalves. Hillman: Fred Koehler. Triskin: Chaka Forman. Tony: Jarrad Paul. Rachel: Meta Golding. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

I-15 Murders Season 1, Episode 11

Grissom investigates the murder of a woman left for dead in a supermarket restroom with a written message from the attacker claiming that he killed five women in all; Warrick explains why he was in a casino while on duty. Grissom: William Petersen. Warrick: Gary Dourdan. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Sex, Lies and Larvae Season 1, Episode 10

Grissom investigates the shooting death of a young woman whose bloodied and bug-infested body is found on a nearby mountain; Catherine probes an art theft; and Nick tries to find a missing woman who is feared dead after blood is found in her abandoned car. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Nick: George Eads. read more

Unfriendly Skies Season 1, Episode 9

A man who was disruptive to passengers aboard a commercial flight to Las Vegas dies on the plane---and Grissom discovers evidence that the troubled man may have been murdered. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Anonymous Season 1, Episode 8

Grissom fears a serial killer is loose when an apparent suicide victim is found in a bathtub with a tape recorder, just like a previous murder that was staged to look like a suicide; Nick and Warrick investigate a car crash that may not have been accidental. Sanders: Eric Szmanda. Robbins: Robert David Hall. Evans: Mark Collver. Burgess: Tom McCleister. Paige: Barbara Tarbuck. Mandy: Sherri Rappaport. Paul: Matt O'Toole. Hunter: Brandon Kessel. Grissom: William Petersen. Nick: George Eads. read more

Blood Drops Season 1, Episode 7

Four family members---a father, a mother and two teenage boys---are found butchered in their suburban home. Also found, traumatized but unhurt, are the family's two daughters. Meanwhile, Catherine receives some upsetting news from a family caseworker. Tina: Allison Lange. Brenda: Dakota Fanning. Shibley: John Churchill. O'Riley: Skip O'Brien. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Grissom: William Petersen. Sara: Jorja Fox. read more

Who Are You? Season 1, Episode 6

A murdered woman's skeleton is discovered in a cement slab underneath a house, and Grissom must figure out who she was and what happened to her. Also, Catherine's ex-husband is charged with raping a stripper; and a police officer is suspected of lying to investigators about his role in what was at first thought to be a suicide. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Pledging Mr. Johnson Season 1, Episode 4

Grissom investigates the murder of a woman who was found in a lake with one leg missing; Nick and Sara probe the apparent suicide of a college student who failed to get into a fraternity. Grissom: William Petersen. Sara: Jorja Fox. Nick: George Eads. read more

Crate 'n Burial Season 1, Episode 3

Grissom and Sara investigate when the wife (Jolene Blalock) of a millionaire is kidnapped and buried alive in the desert; Catherine and Warrick probe a hit-and-run accident that left a 14-year-old girl dead. Jack: Erich Anderson. Chip: Hamilton Von Watts. Moore: John Beasley. James: Samuel L. Jones III. Cannon: John Livingston. Lindsey: Madison McReynolds. Grissom: William Petersen. Sara: Jorja Fox. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. read more

Cool Change Season 1, Episode 2

Grissom takes over as head of the CSI unit when Brass is transferred to homicide. His first job is to investigate a shooting involving a rookie criminalist who was gunned down on the job. Also, a man who just won $40 million is found dead. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

The unit investigates the apparent suicide of a distraught man, a shooting death that may or may not have been self-defense, and a robbery at a casino hotel. Also, a rookie (Chandra West) endures a rough first night that ends in bloodshed. Grissom: William Petersen. Catherine: Marg Helgenberger. Brass: Paul Guilfoyle. read more

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Premise: Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic (and hugely popular) drama, which inspired a host of other cop-show 'procedurals.' An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series adroitly mixes painstaking deduction, gritty subject matter and intriguing characters.a The network quickly capitalized on its megahit with spin-offs 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI: NY.'



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