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May 20, 1993: One for the Road
May 20, 1993: One for the Road
May 20, 1993: One for the Road
May 20, 1993: One for the Road
May 20, 1993: Last Call and One for the Road
May 13, 1993: The Guy Can't Help It
May 06, 1993: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses
May 06, 1993: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses
May 06, 1993: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses
Apr 29, 1993: It's Lonely on the Top
Apr 22, 1993: Woody Gets an Election
Apr 01, 1993: Look Before You Sleep
Mar 18, 1993: Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey
Feb 25, 1993: Last Picture Show
Feb 18, 1993: The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover
Feb 11, 1993: Is There a Doctor in the Howe?
Feb 04, 1993: Loathe and Marriage
Jan 21, 1993: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar
Jan 14, 1993: Norm's Big Audit
Jan 07, 1993: Sunday Dinner
Dec 17, 1992: Love Me, Love My Car
Dec 10, 1992: Daddy's Middle-Aged Girl
Dec 03, 1992: Feelings...Whoa Whoa Whoa
Nov 19, 1992: Ill-Gotten Gaines
Nov 12, 1992: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble
Nov 05, 1992: Teaching with the Enemy
Oct 29, 1992: Do Not Forsake Me, O My Postman
Oct 22, 1992: The Magnificent Six
Oct 08, 1992: The King of Beers
Oct 01, 1992: The Beer Is Always Greener
Sep 24, 1992: The Little Match Girl
May 14, 1992: An Old-fashioned Wedding
May 14, 1992: An Old-fashioned Wedding
May 14, 1992: An Old-Fashioned Wedding
May 07, 1992: Heeeeeere's Cliffy
Apr 30, 1992: Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real
Apr 23, 1992: Rebecca's Lover...Not
Mar 26, 1992: Take Me Out of the Ball Game
Feb 27, 1992: Smotherly Love
Feb 20, 1992: Rich Man, Wood Man
Feb 13, 1992: License to Hill
Feb 06, 1992: A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff
Jan 30, 1992: One Hugs, the Other Doesn't
Jan 16, 1992: My Son, the Father
Jan 09, 1992: No Rest for the Woody
Jan 02, 1992: Don't Shoot...I'm Only the Psychiatrist
Dec 12, 1991: Go Make
Dec 05, 1991: I'm Okay, You're Defective
Nov 21, 1991: A Fine French Whine
Nov 14, 1991: Head over Hill
Nov 07, 1991: Where Have All the Floorboards Gone?
Oct 31, 1991: Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment
Oct 24, 1991: Unplanned Parenthood
Oct 17, 1991: Ma's Little Maggie
Oct 10, 1991: The Norm Who Came to Dinner
Oct 03, 1991: Madame LaCarla
Sep 26, 1991: Get Your Kicks on Route 666
Sep 19, 1991: Baby Balk
May 02, 1991: Uncle Sam Wants You
Apr 25, 1991: Home Malone
Apr 04, 1991: Rat Girl
Mar 28, 1991: Pitch It Again, Sam
Mar 21, 1991: Carla Loves Clavin
Mar 14, 1991: Cheers Has Chili
Feb 28, 1991: It's a Wonderful Wife
Feb 21, 1991: Crash of the Titans
Feb 14, 1991: Sam Time Next Year
Feb 07, 1991: I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking It in Your Face
Jan 31, 1991: Wedding Bell Blues
Jan 17, 1991: Days of Wine and Neuroses
Jan 10, 1991: Achilles Hill
Jan 03, 1991: Honor Thy Mother
Dec 13, 1990: Woody Interruptus
Dec 06, 1990: Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure
Nov 22, 1990: Veggie Boyd
Nov 15, 1990: Bad Neighbor Sam
Nov 08, 1990: 200th Anniversary Special
Nov 08, 1990: 200th Anniversary Special
Nov 08, 1990: 200th Anniversary Special
Nov 01, 1990: Breaking in Is Hard to Do
Oct 25, 1990: Grease
Oct 18, 1990: Ma Always Liked You Best
Oct 11, 1990: Where Nobody Knows Your Name
Oct 04, 1990: Rebecca Redux
Sep 27, 1990: Cheers Fouls Out
Sep 20, 1990: Love Is a Really, Really Perfectly Okay Thing
May 03, 1990: Cry Harder
Apr 26, 1990: Cry Hard
Apr 19, 1990: Mr. Otis Regrets
Apr 12, 1990: The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec
Mar 29, 1990: Loverboyd
Mar 15, 1990: Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh
Mar 08, 1990: 50-50 Carla
Feb 22, 1990: Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby
Feb 15, 1990: Severe Crane Damage
Feb 08, 1990: Woody or Won't He?
Feb 01, 1990: Finally!
Jan 25, 1990: Finally!
Jan 18, 1990: What Is...Cliff Clavin?
Jan 04, 1990: Sammy and the Professor
Dec 14, 1989: Sam Ahoy
Dec 07, 1989: Feeble Attraction
Nov 30, 1989: The Art of the Steal
Nov 23, 1989: Two Girls for Every Boyd
Nov 16, 1989: For Real Men Only
Nov 09, 1989: Death Takes a Holiday on Ice
Nov 02, 1989: The Stork Brings a Crane
Oct 26, 1989: The Two Faces of Norm
Oct 19, 1989: How to Marry a Mailman
Oct 12, 1989: A Bar Is Born
Sep 28, 1989: The Improbable Dream
Sep 21, 1989: The Improbable Dream
May 04, 1989: The Visiting Lecher
Apr 27, 1989: Sisterly Love
Apr 13, 1989: Call Me Irresponsible
Apr 06, 1989: The Gift of the Woodi
Mar 30, 1989: What's Up Doc?
Mar 16, 1989: Hot Rocks
Mar 02, 1989: The Cranemakers
Feb 23, 1989: Don't Paint Your Chickens
Feb 16, 1989: I Kid You Not
Feb 06, 1989: Golden Boyd
Feb 02, 1989: Please, Mr. Postman
Jan 19, 1989: Adventures in House-sitting
Jan 12, 1989: Bar Wars II: Woodman Strikes Back
Jan 05, 1989: Send in the Crane
Dec 22, 1988: Jumping Jerks
Dec 15, 1988: How to Win Friends and Electrocute People
Dec 08, 1988: Norm, Is That You?
Nov 24, 1988: Those Lips, Those Ice
Nov 17, 1988: One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape
Nov 10, 1988: Executive Sweet
Nov 03, 1988: Swear to God
Oct 27, 1988: How to Recede in Business
May 05, 1988: Backseat Becky, Upfront
Apr 28, 1988: The Big Kiss-Off
Mar 31, 1988: Bar Wars
Mar 24, 1988: Slumber Party Massacred
Mar 10, 1988: Our Hourly Bread
Mar 03, 1988: The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit
Feb 25, 1988: Airport V
Feb 18, 1988: Let Sleeping Drakes Lie
Feb 11, 1988: To All the Girls I've Loved Before
Feb 04, 1988: Yacht of Fools
Jan 21, 1988: Tale of Two Cuties
Jan 14, 1988: And God Created Woodman
Jan 07, 1988: Woody for Hire Meets Norman of the Apes
Dec 17, 1987: Christmas Cheers
Dec 10, 1987: My Fair Clavin
Dec 03, 1987: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
Nov 26, 1987: Puddinhead Boyd
Nov 19, 1987: Bidding on the Boys
Nov 12, 1987: The Last Angry Mailman
Nov 05, 1987: Paint Your Office
Oct 29, 1987: The Crane Mutiny
Oct 22, 1987: Little Carla, Happy at Last
Oct 22, 1987: Little Carla, Happy at Last
Oct 01, 1987: 'I' on Sports
Sep 24, 1987: Home Is the Sailor
May 07, 1987: I Do, Adieu
Apr 30, 1987: A House Is Not a Home
Apr 02, 1987: Cheers: The Motion Picture
Mar 26, 1987: Norm's First Hurrah
Mar 19, 1987: Godfather III
Mar 05, 1987: Simon Says
Feb 26, 1987: Dinner at Eightish
Feb 19, 1987: Dog Bites Cliff
Feb 12, 1987: One Last Fling
Feb 05, 1987: Never Love a Goalie
Jan 29, 1987: Never Love a Goalie
Jan 22, 1987: Spellbound
Jan 15, 1987: Diamond Sam
Jan 08, 1987: Chambers vs. Malone
Dec 18, 1986: Dance, Diane, Dance
Dec 11, 1986: Book of Samuel
Dec 04, 1986: Everyone Imitates Art
Nov 27, 1986: Thanksgiving Orphans
Nov 20, 1986: Knights of the Scimitar
Nov 13, 1986: Young Dr. Weinstein
Nov 06, 1986: Tan 'n' Wash
Oct 30, 1986: House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick
Oct 16, 1986: Abnormal Psychology
Oct 09, 1986: Money Dearest
Oct 02, 1986: The Cape Cad
Sep 25, 1986: The Proposal
May 15, 1986: Strange Bedfellows
May 08, 1986: Strange Bedfellows
May 01, 1986: Strange Bedfellows
Mar 27, 1986: Relief Bartender
Mar 20, 1986: Diane Chambers Day
Mar 13, 1986: Fear Is My Copilot
Feb 27, 1986: Save the Last Dance for Me
Feb 20, 1986: Dark Imaginings
Feb 13, 1986: The Peterson Principle
Feb 06, 1986: Second Time Around
Jan 30, 1986: Cliffie's Big Score
Jan 23, 1986: The Triangle
Jan 16, 1986: Suspicion
Jan 09, 1986: Take My Shirt...Please?
Dec 19, 1985: Fools and Their Money
Dec 12, 1985: Don Juan Is Hell
Dec 05, 1985: The Barstoolie
Nov 28, 1985: From Beer to Eternity
Nov 21, 1985: Love Thy Neighbor
Nov 14, 1985: 2 Good 2 Be 4 Real
Nov 07, 1985: I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday
Oct 31, 1985: Diane's Nightmare
Oct 24, 1985: The Groom Wore Clearasil
Oct 17, 1985: Someday My Prince Will Come
Oct 03, 1985: Woody Goes Belly Up
Sep 26, 1985: Birth, Death, Love and Rice
May 09, 1985: Rescue Me
May 02, 1985: The Belles of St. Clete's
Apr 18, 1985: The Bartender's Tale
Apr 11, 1985: Cheerio Cheers
Mar 07, 1985: Executive's Executioner
Feb 28, 1985: If Ever I Would Leave You
Feb 21, 1985: Behind Every Great Man
Feb 14, 1985: Bar Bet
Feb 07, 1985: The Mail Goes to Jail
Jan 31, 1985: Teacher's Pet
Jan 24, 1985: King of the Hill
Jan 10, 1985: The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter
Jan 03, 1985: Whodunit?
Dec 20, 1984: A Ditch in Time
Dec 13, 1984: Peterson Crusoe
Dec 06, 1984: Diane's Allergy
Nov 29, 1984: American Family
Nov 22, 1984: Diane Meets Mom
Nov 15, 1984: Coach in Love
Nov 08, 1984: Coach in Love
Nov 01, 1984: Sam Turns the Other Cheek
Oct 25, 1984: Fairy Tales Can Come True
Oct 18, 1984: I Call Your Name
Oct 04, 1984: Rebound
Sep 27, 1984: Rebound
May 10, 1984: I'll Be Seeing You
May 03, 1984: I'll Be Seeing You
Feb 23, 1984: Norman's Conquest
Feb 16, 1984: Coach Buries a Grudge
Feb 09, 1984: Snow Job
Feb 02, 1984: Fortune and Men's Weights
Jan 26, 1984: Cliff's Rocky Moment
Jan 19, 1984: Coachie Makes Three
Jan 12, 1984: No Help Wanted
Jan 05, 1984: Battle of the Exes
Dec 22, 1983: Where There's a Will
Dec 15, 1983: Just Three Friends
Dec 08, 1983: How Do I Love Thee?...Let Me Call You Back
Dec 01, 1983: They Called Me Mayday
Nov 24, 1983: Manager Coach
Nov 17, 1983: Old Flames
Nov 10, 1983: Affairs of the Heart
Nov 03, 1983: Sumner's Return
Oct 27, 1983: Homicidal Ham
Oct 20, 1983: Personal Business
Oct 13, 1983: Little Sister, Don't Cha
Sep 29, 1983: Power Play
Mar 31, 1983: Showdown
Mar 24, 1983: Showdown
Mar 03, 1983: Someone Single, Someone Blue
Feb 24, 1983: Pick a Con...Any Con
Feb 17, 1983: No Contest
Feb 10, 1983: Diane's Perfect Date
Jan 27, 1983: The Boys in the Bar
Jan 20, 1983: Father Knows Last
Jan 13, 1983: Let Me Count the Ways
Jan 06, 1983: Now Pitching, Sam Malone
Dec 16, 1982: Spy Who Came In for a Cold One
Dec 09, 1982: One for the Book
Dec 02, 1982: Endless Slumper
Nov 25, 1982: Coach Returns to Action
Nov 18, 1982: Truce or Consequences
Nov 11, 1982: Friends, Romans & Accountants
Nov 04, 1982: Any Friend of Diane's
Oct 28, 1982: Coach's Daughter
Oct 21, 1982: Sam at Eleven
Oct 14, 1982: The Tortelli Tort
Oct 07, 1982: Sam's Women
Sep 30, 1982: Give Me a Ring Sometime (Pilot)
I'll Be Seeing You
Coach in Love

One for the Road

The series' final episode has Diane (Shelley Long) returning to Cheers, and Rebecca rejecting the marriage proposal of Don the plumber (Tom Berenger). Mike Ditka and Kim Alexis have cameos. read more

One for the Road Season 11, Episode 28

Conclusion. Sam makes plans to move to California with Diane. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Norm: George Wendt. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

One for the Road Season 11, Episode 27

Part 2 of three. Rebecca makes a decision regarding Don, and Sam and Diane rekindle their past romance. Don: Tom Berenger. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Norm: George Wendt. read more

One for the Road Season 11, Episode 26

Part 1 of three. The bar's last call has Diane returning, and Rebecca rejecting a marriage proposal from an eligible bachelor (Tom Berenger). Kim Alexis has a cameo. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Last Call and One for the Road

The bar's last call has Diane (Shelley Long) return to Sam's life, and Rebecca rejecting a marriage proposal. Mike Ditka and Kim Alexis have cameos. Don: Tom Berenger. Sam: Ted Danson. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Woody: Woody Harrelson. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Norm: George Wendt. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

The Guy Can't Help It Season 11, Episode 25

Gold digger Rebecca is flush with excitement about dating a plumber (Tom Berenger); lover boy Sam joins a group for sex addicts. Rachel: Sharon Lawrence. Dr. Robert Sutton: Gilbert Lewis. Man No. 1: Bradford Bancroft. Man No. 2: Steve Kehela. read more

Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses

The gang thinks that Cliff has finally snapped and killed his mother (Frances Sternhagen); Rebecca thinks Mr. Gaines has asked her out on a date. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Hives: Robert Cornthwaite. Baritone: Calvin Remsberg. read more

Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses Season 11, Episode 24

Conclusion. Rebecca makes a fool of herself at Mr. Gaines' party, while the gang discovers what Cliff has done with his mother (Frances Sternhagen). Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Hives: Robert Cornthwaite. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. read more

Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses Season 11, Episode 23

The gang thinks that Cliff has killed his mother; Rebecca believes Mr. Gaines has asked her out. Part 1 of two. Mrs. Clavin: Frances Sternhagen. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Hives: Robert Cornthwaite. read more

It's Lonely on the Top Season 11, Episode 22

Secrets are exposed after a night of drinking Carla's potent brew. Tops among them: a hair-raising revelation from Sam, and a confession that Carla slept with one of the regulars. Liz: Marjorie Monaghan. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

Woody Gets an Election Season 11, Episode 21

Frasier conducts an experiment on voter psychology---he puts Woody on the ballot for city council. Spanky McFarland (“Our Gang”) has a cameo. Peri Gilpin, who went on to costar in “Frasier,” plays Holly. Kevin Fogerty: Philip Baker Hall. Marcus: Stephen Parr. read more

Look Before You Sleep Season 11, Episode 20

Sam's dream of getting a good night's sleep turns into a nightmare after he locks his keys in the bar and must go searching for a bed. Mario: Peter MacNicol. Julie: Deirdre Imershein. Guy: Gordon Clapp. Esther Clavin: Frances Sternhagen. read more

Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey Season 11, Episode 19

Sam may need the luck of the Irish---and the help of con man Harry the Hat (Harry Anderson)---to win a St. Patrick's Day bet with Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. Gary: Robert Desiderio. Sean: Maurice Roeves. read more

Last Picture Show Season 11, Episode 18

While the guys go to a drive-in movie, Sam leaves the bar in the care of a former owner (Pat Hingle) who proceeds to drive Carla and Rebecca crazy. read more

The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover Season 11, Episode 17

Conclusion. The unexpected return of Lilith is complicated by the arrival of her ex-lover, the insane---and armed---Dr. Pascal (Peter Vogt). Hill: Keene Curtis. read more

Is There a Doctor in the Howe? Season 11, Episode 16

After receiving Lilith's telegram requesting a divorce, Frasier finds comfort in the arms of a woman---Rebecca. Part 1 of two. Audrey: Tera Hendrickson. read more

Loathe and Marriage Season 11, Episode 15

Carla's a wreck when her daughter (Leah Remini) wants to tie the knot and have Nick (Dan Hedaya) give her away. Loretta: Jean Kasem. Cap'n Gus: Steve Susskind. Gino: Josh Lozoff. Pat: Dennis Cockrum. Hill: Keene Curtis. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. read more

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar Season 11, Episode 14

A penniless Robin (Roger Rees) returns with the news that he had hidden a money belt filled with millions of dollars somewhere in the bar. Fire Captain: Robert Machray. read more

Norm's Big Audit Season 11, Episode 13

Norm may have to sleep with an IRS agent (Sharon Barr) to avoid an audit; Sam tries to keep the gang from watching one of his old ball games. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

Sunday Dinner Season 11, Episode 12

Cliff and Norm videotape a family reunion that is being held in the bar; Frasier goes on what he thinks is a date with his secretary (Kristen Cloke). Peter: Jonathan Emerson. Rick: Richard Danielson. Grandpa: Colin Drake. Grandma: Ruth Engel. Dad: David Froman. Todd: Toby Ganger. Marine: Chip Esten. read more

Love Me, Love My Car Season 11, Episode 11

Sam acts like a swine when he tries to get his car back from the widow (Dana Delany) of the man he sold it to; Rebecca befriends the pig that's to be Woody's Christmas dinner. Toni: Toni White. Amanda: Amanda Costello. Shane: Shane Sweet. Leanna: Leanna Eslick. read more

Daddy's Middle-Aged Girl Season 11, Episode 10

Rebecca's overbearing Navy captain dad (Robert Prosky) orders her to return to San Diego with him; Woody and Kelly disagree on where to live. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. read more

Feelings...Whoa Whoa Whoa Season 11, Episode 9

Carla doesn't want to show her true feelings when John Hill (Keene Curtis) suffers a heart attack during a rendezvous with her; and there's quite the furor when Cliff thinks Hitler has moved into his apartment building. Mr. Cranston: Erick Avari. Customer: Eric Payne. Patty: Liz Vassey. read more

Ill-Gotten Gaines Season 11, Episode 8

Mr. Gaines (Richard Doyle) thinks his new son-in-law is blackmailing him after Woody catches him cheating on his wife; Rebecca hosts a Thanksgiving party at the bar. Katherine: Sondra Currie. Hives: Robert Cornthwaite. Elvis: Danny Kramer. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Hill: Keene Curtis. Lucinda: Sabrina Wiener. read more

The Girl in the Plastic Bubble Season 11, Episode 7

Conclusion. Frasier goes over the edge when Lilith asks for a yearlong separation, during which she'll be living with her lover (Peter Vogt) in an underground biosphere. Alvin: James Puig. read more

Teaching with the Enemy Season 11, Episode 6

Rebecca catches Lilith with another man; and Sam hires a bouncer named Tiny (Don Gibb). Part 1 of two. Cop: Larry Brandenburg. Man: Michael Buchman Silver. Barry: Barry Zajac. read more

Do Not Forsake Me, O My Postman Season 11, Episode 5

Cliff's old flame and fellow postal worker Maggie (Annie Golden) returns carrying a package---she's pregnant; and Rebecca hires a songwriter to write a jingle for the bar. John Mahoney, who went on to costar in the series' spin-off, Frasier, appears as the jingle writer. Andy-Andy: Derek McGrath. read more

The Magnificent Six Season 11, Episode 4

Sam regrets taking suave Frenchman Henri (Anthony Cistaro) under his wing when he's challenged to see who's the better ladies' man; Rebecca takes desperate measures to stop smoking. read more

The King of Beers Season 11, Episode 3

Norm gets his dream job of beer taster, while Rebecca gets her first taste of gambling---and losing---from the bar's new slot machine. Hoffmeyer: William Long Jr. Ray: Joe Costanza. Don: Cameron Thor. Chuck: Bradford English. read more

The Beer Is Always Greener Season 11, Episode 2

Carla takes a job in a trendy pub while Cheers is being rebuilt; Woody thinks Kelly (Jackie Swanson) worships Satan when he learns she's in a different Lutheran sect. Gwen: Rosa Nevin. Dick: Matthew Glave. Bernard: Glenn Shadix. read more

The Little Match Girl Season 11, Episode 1

The heat is on for Rebecca when she accidentally starts a fire in the bar and then blames it on faulty wiring. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Ms. Kurland: Amanda Carlin. Fireman: Peter Kevoian. Fire Inspector: Robert Machray. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. read more

An Old-fashioned Wedding Season 10, Episode 26

Conclusion. Lilith entertains the wedding guests while the gang tends to final details---like where to stash the minister's corpse. Uncle Roger: Milo O'Shea. Maurice: Daniel Gerroll. Dr. Chatfield: Richard Merson. read more

An Old-fashioned Wedding Season 10, Episode 25

While Woody and Kelly engage in prenuptial funny business, Sam and Rebecca run interference in the kitchen. Part 1 of two. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Monika: Colleen Morris. Uncle Roger: Milo O'Shea. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

An Old-Fashioned Wedding

Woody and Kelly engage in a little premarital funny business, which is nothing compared to the wedding, which turns into a real farce, complete with a dead minister and an angry chef, in addition to a drunken uncle and an overamorous guest. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Uncle Roger: Milo O'Shea. Monika: Colleen Morris. read more

Heeeeeere's Cliffy Season 10, Episode 24

Jesting, Norm tells Cliff “The Tonight Show” accepted his material, but the joke's on Norm when Cliff buys tickets to Burbank. Johnny Carson and Doc Severinsen guest star. Esther Clavin: Frances Sternhagen. Jay: Josh Mostel. Security Guard: Nicolas Mize. read more

Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real Season 10, Episode 23

The new owner of Gary's Olde Towne Tavern is a real wise guy, who responds to Cheers' welcoming prank with a well-organized crime that really blows the gang away. Frank: Harry Guardino. Carmichael: J.C. Quinn. Hardesty: Bari K. Willerford. Cop: Larry Brandenburg. Fashion Photographer: Larry Paulsen. Police Photographer: Cleto Augusto. read more

Rebecca's Lover...Not Season 10, Episode 22

Rebecca's high-school sweetheart (Harvey Fierstein) gets her motor racing again, but he's chosen a different road; and Sam, upset over his stolen car, forms a support group. Tom: Kirby Tepper. Alice: Jana Robbins. Kirby: Peter Keleghan. Policeman: Ben Mittleman. read more

Take Me Out of the Ball Game Season 10, Episode 21

When one of Sam's pitching records is broken, he stages a comeback to reclaim his title; Frasier loses Lilith's beloved rat. Mitch Ganzell: John Finn. Slim: Anthony Starke. Teammate No. 1: Lance Slaughter. Teammate No. 2: Michael Wiseman. read more

Smotherly Love Season 10, Episode 20

Frasier wants Lilith to stand up to her controlling mother (Marilyn Cooper); Rebecca wants Sam to sit down with Norm and his bar tab. Debbie: Rebecca Staab. Martin: Wes Stern. Dr. Bramwell: Fredd Wayne. read more

Rich Man, Wood Man Season 10, Episode 19

Woody acts like a royal jerk upon returning from a London vacation with Kelly (Jackie Swanson) and her money. Also, when Frasier tries to get in shape, Sam volunteers to be his trainer. Richard: Vili Kraljevic. Lud: Jarrett Lennon. read more

License to Hill Season 10, Episode 18

Rebecca minds the bar while the guys play cards, but she puts on her poker face when there's a full house---and no liquor license. Agent No. 1: Stephen Rowe. Agent No. 2: Frank Schuller. Customer No. 1: Lenny Citrano. Customer No. 2: Nancy Stephens. read more

A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff Season 10, Episode 17

Harry Connick Jr. plays Woody's piano-playing cousin, who wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his crush on Rebecca; and Cliff's hot under the collar over the new postal uniform. Twitchell: Raye Birk. Henderson: Jim Norton. read more

One Hugs, the Other Doesn't Season 10, Episode 16

Lilith's plan to treat Frederick to a concert by popular children's singer Nanny Gee (Emma Thompson) hits a sour note when a secret from the entertainer's past is revealed. Also, Woody is disappointed with a concert experience of his own. Souvenir Hawker: Lenny Citrano. read more

My Son, the Father Season 10, Episode 15

When her son (Josh Lozoff) decides to join the priesthood, Carla looks at it as a “get out of hell free card” and becomes a naughty girl. Also, Cliff gives stand-up comedy a try and is blessed with a welcome audience in humorless Lilith. Hill: Keene Curtis. read more

No Rest for the Woody Season 10, Episode 14

Woody digs graves to pay for Kelly's ring, but it's his funeral when the dead-on-his-feet bartender meets Kelly's grandmother (Celeste Holm) at the couple's engagement party. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Gordon: Sy Richardson. Waiter: Marc Epstein. read more

Don't Shoot...I'm Only the Psychiatrist Season 10, Episode 13

Norm and Cliff help Frasier's low-self-esteem group let the air out of its leader's overinflated ego; fill-in barber Woody trims too much of Sam's hair. Syd: Harvey Evans. Derek: David A. Levy. Lester: Steve Nevil. Joe: Michael Holden. Hill: Keene Curtis. read more

Go Make Season 10, Episode 12

Sam and Rebecca check into a hotel for a weekend of baby-making, but their fertile imaginations give them both pregnant pause. Little Sam: Ric Coy. Ken: Gerry Gibson. Ann: Sharon Case. Larry: Stephen Preusse. read more

I'm Okay, You're Defective Season 10, Episode 11

Frasier balks at making out his will, while Sam would rather die than have Rebecca's fertility doctor tell him he's not of sound body. Receptionist: Julie Lloyd. Lawyer: Donald Hotton. Adult Frederick: Rob Neukirch. read more

A Fine French Whine Season 10, Episode 10

Woody wants to ask Kelly (Jackie Swanson) to marry him, but Frenchman Henri (Anthony Cistaro) and his expiring visa are in his way. Dr. Lee: Nancy Arnold. Bride: Sonje Fortag. Groom: Jeff Heston. Justice of the Peace No.1: Ron Ray. Justice of the Peace No. 2: Bill Gratton. read more

Head over Hill Season 10, Episode 9

Sam asks Carla to help him get even with not-so-friendly upstairs neighbor John Allen Hill, but instead she gets horizontal with him. John Allen Hill: Keene Curtis. Show Barker No. 1: Jordan Lund. Show Barker No. 2: Kenneth Magee. read more

Where Have All the Floorboards Gone? Season 10, Episode 8

The gang courts disaster when they get the Boston Celtics' Kevin McHale obsessed with counting the bolts on the Boston Garden floor and his play begins to suffer. Kevin's wife Lynn has a cameo, as does Celtics announcer Glenn Ordway. read more

Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment Season 10, Episode 7

Sam's spooked when it looks like the gang has given rival bar owner Gary the Halloween fright of his life---which may have scared him to death. Gary: Robert Desiderio. Matt: Rick Cramer. read more

Unplanned Parenthood Season 10, Episode 6

Sam and Rebecca's burning desire to be parents is tested by the baptism by fire they get when they baby-sit Carla's unruly brood round-the-clock. Also, Cliff is hot to direct the video that Woody is sending home. Serafina: Leah Remini. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Gino: Josh Lozoff. Ludlow: Jarrett Lennon. read more

Ma's Little Maggie Season 10, Episode 5

To Cliff's surprise, his mom (Frances Sternhagen) and girlfriend (Annie Golden) warm up to each other right away; Sam has a chilly reception to Rebecca's suggestion that he wear frozen fertility underwear. read more

The Norm Who Came to Dinner Season 10, Episode 4

Norm hurts his back painting at the Cranes', and Lilith discovers she'll need a strong backbone to get him off the sofa and back to Cheers. Norm: George Wendt. Lilith: Bebe Neuwirth. read more

Madame LaCarla Season 10, Episode 3

Madame Lazora (Georgia Brown) sees retirement in her future and decides to pass her crystal ball on to Carla, who doesn't predict much of a future for herself as a psychic. Lee Bradken: Jeffrey Richman. Bob: Jim Brochu. read more

Get Your Kicks on Route 666 Season 10, Episode 2

Frasier suggests that the guys go on a road trip in search of their “inner hairy men,” while the women find one at the bar---Carla's nephew Frankie (Anthony Addabbo), who fills in for Sam and Woody while they are away. read more

Baby Balk Season 10, Episode 1

Prospective parents Sam and Rebecca are unable to conceive of how to conceive, so they turn to the Cranes, who plant differing seeds in their sexual psyches. Bowler: Bruce Wright. read more

Uncle Sam Wants You Season 9, Episode 27

When Frasier objects to Sam's attachment to Frederick, Sam searches for a woman who can bear him a little Malone of his own. Elvis: Pete Willcox. Daria: Tress MacNeille. Frederick: Christopher and Kevin Graves. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Home Malone Season 9, Episode 26

Sam has an adventure baby-sitting Frasier and Lilith's son; Woody faces peril when Kelly (Jackie Swanson) lands a job at Cheers for a school project. Henri: Anthony Cistaro. Frederick: Kevin and Christopher Graves. read more

Rat Girl Season 9, Episode 25

Frasier experiments with compassion when Lilith becomes lost in a maze of grief following the death of a beloved lab rat, while Paul (Paul Willson) is the unlikely cheese to a sexy pursuer (Beth Toussaint). Cheryl: Cheryl Lynn Bruce. Andre: Andre Miripolsky. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

Pitch It Again, Sam Season 9, Episode 24

An old baseball nemesis, slugger Dutch Kincaid (Michael Fairman), goads Sam into retaking the mound for a showdown, but Sam may have an ace up his sleeve this time around. Cap: Henry Woronicz. Billy: Zachary Benjamin. Ball Player: Joel Anderson. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Carla Loves Clavin Season 9, Episode 23

Carla bites her tongue to win Cliff's favor when she gets a tip that he's a judge for the Miss Boston Barmaid contest. Quincy: Nathan Davis. Emcee: Dante Di Loreto. Shawnee: Jessie Scott. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Cheers Has Chili Season 9, Episode 22

Rebecca hopes to earn a few beans by serving Woody's chili in the poolroom, but the plan gives Sam indigestion. Bud: Robert Machray. Albert: Stanley Bennett Clay. Voice of Dorothy: Phyllis Katz. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. read more

It's a Wonderful Wife Season 9, Episode 21

Frasier is duped into planning his own birthday bash, but the news of Vera Peterson's job at Melville's is a party pooper. Voice of Vera: Bernadette Birkett (the real-life Mrs. George Wendt). Henri: Anthony Cistaro. Miss Kenderson: Heather Lee. Norm: George Wendt. read more

Crash of the Titans Season 9, Episode 20

Rebecca and Sam kiss up to John Hill (Keene Curtis) when the back room's lease is up for grabs. Harry: Jeremiah Morris. Hope: Adele Baughn. Joy: Anadel Baughn. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Sam Time Next Year Season 9, Episode 19

Sam's plans for Valentine's Day fall through after he tumbles down some stairs while preparing for his 20th annual tryst with Lauren (Barbara Feldon). Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis has a cameo. Adam: Gibby Brand. Edward: Don Took. Jules: Roger Eschbacher. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking It in Your Face Season 9, Episode 18

Rebecca faces the worst of times after her breakup with Robin, while Frasier has the best of times reading Dickens to the gang, though his great expectations quickly fall flat. Leon: Jeff McCarthy. Stewardess Jan Gan Boyd. Lilith: Bebe Neuwirth. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

Wedding Bell Blues Season 9, Episode 17

Rebecca readies for a walk down the aisle, while Sam tries to jog her memory about the previous night's events. Singer Bobby Hatfield performs “Unchained Melody.” Hatfield's fellow Righteous Brother Bill Medley appeared in the “Finally, Part 2” episode. Robin: Roger Rees. Ed: Ray Stricklyn. Jonathan: Ron Abel. Paul: Paul Willson. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Days of Wine and Neuroses Season 9, Episode 16

Rebecca pops a cork---several in fact---when Robin finally pops the question; Frasier seems wed to the new sing-along machine. Walter: Calvin Jung. Lilith: Bebe Neuwirth. Paul: Paul Willson. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Achilles Hill Season 9, Episode 15

Sam, tired of being bedeviled by John Hill, tries to crush his nemesis's spirits by dating Hill's daughter (Valerie Mahaffey); Carla thinks an old foosball table is possessed. John Hill: Keene Curtis. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. Paul: Dietrich Bader. Woody: Woody Harrelson. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Honor Thy Mother Season 9, Episode 14

Carla refuses to knuckle under to her dying mother's dictatorial demand that she name one of her children after Benito Mussolini. Sada Thompson, who plays Mama Lozupone, starred in the 1970s drama “Family.” Gino: Josh Lozoff. Zia: Oceana Marr. Sal: Randy Pelish. read more

Woody Interruptus Season 9, Episode 13

Woody's upset when Kelly (Jackie Swanson) returns from Europe accompanied by an amorous Frenchman (Anthony Cistaro), while Cliff attempts to cheat “il morte” by having his head cryogenically frozen. Dr. Eugene Mendoza: Michael Keenan. Paul: Paul Willson. Night Manager: Doug McHugh. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Pete: Peter Schreiner. read more

Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure Season 9, Episode 12

Woody gets hooked on a home-shopping channel; Norm and Cliff amuse themselves by instigating a fight between Sam and Frasier. This episode was dedicated to Al Rosen (1910-90) who appeared as crotchety Al in 27 episodes. Heinrich: Tom Klunis. Sam: Ted Danson. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. Woody: Woody Harrelson. Norm: George Wendt. read more

Veggie Boyd Season 9, Episode 11

Woody gets cast in a commercial for a new vegetable drink; Cliff is upset by the sudden popularity of the bar's new trivia napkins. Director: Tom Everett. Joe: Michael Holden. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Jill: Debbie Gregory. Technician: John Cervenka. read more

Bad Neighbor Sam Season 9, Episode 10

Instead of the Hatfields and the McCoys, it's the Hills and the Malones as Sam feuds with new neighbor John Hill (Keene Curtis), a snooty restaurateur, in the series' 200th episode. Jeffrey: Carl Mueller. Hillary: Sandy Edgerton. Martha: Tamara Mark. read more

200th Anniversary Special

“Cheers” toasts its 200th episode in this retrospective. Moderator John McLaughlin (“The McLaughlin Group”) leads a panel discussion with members of the cast. Included: clips from previous episodes. Appearing: Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, Kirstie Alley, George Wendt, John Ratzenberger, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammer, Bebe Neuwirth, Roger Rees. read more

200th Anniversary Special Season 9, Episode 9

Conclusion. A retrospective on the series featuring John McLaughlin (“The McLaughlin Group”), who leads a discussion with the cast. Included: clips from previous episodes. read more

200th Anniversary Special Season 9, Episode 8

Part 1 of two. “Cheers” toasts its 200th episode in this retrospective. John McLaughlin (“The McLaughlin Group”) leads a discussion with the cast. Appearing: Shelley Long, Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley. read more

Breaking in Is Hard to Do Season 9, Episode 7

Frasier and Lilith learn their son is no egghead and debate over who will sacrifice their career to parent him; Rebecca plots to pay Robin (Roger Rees) a conjugal visit. Doug Aducci: Clive Rosengren. Prisoner: Edward Penn. Prison Guard: John Boyle. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. read more

Grease Season 9, Episode 6

Norm has a cow when he learns the Hungry Heifer is closing and takes his beef to the people, while Sam ribs Rebecca about Robin's new “job.” Sid: Sheldon Leonard. Vince: John Patrick Reger. Norm: George Wendt. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Ma Always Liked You Best Season 9, Episode 5

A sniveling rivalry is born when Cliff's mother (Frances Sternhagen) decides Woody is the son she never had. Meanwhile, Norm gets stuck in a window. Jeff: Rocky La Porte. Policeman No. 1: Ken Foree. Pete: Peter Schreiner. Policeman No. 2: James F. Dean. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

Where Nobody Knows Your Name Season 9, Episode 4

Rebecca won't admit it, but she's steamed when Robin's ex-lover claims they are back together, while Carla fears her libido will ignite during Indian summer. Robin: Roger Rees. Sherman: Ron Ulstad. Paul: Paul Willson. Customer: Randy Pelish. read more

Rebecca Redux Season 9, Episode 3

Sam is pleased with his new manager, who seems to buoy everyone's spirits, until he learns how low Rebecca's sunk to land a job. Earl: Bryan Clark. Promoter: Perry Anzilotti. Patron No. 3: Timothy Fall. Deliveryman No. 1: Stanley Bennett. Deliveryman No. 2: Paul Cira. read more

Cheers Fouls Out Season 9, Episode 2

Boston Celtic Kevin McHale agrees to be Cheers' ringer in a basketball game against Gary's Old Towne Tavern, but only if the winnings go to charity. Dr. Walter Froenmeyer: James Hornbeck. Father Conrad: Lee Vines. Gary: Joel Polis. read more

Love Is a Really, Really Perfectly Okay Thing Season 9, Episode 1

After he and Rebecca awake in his office, basking in the afterglow of their tryst, Sam fights the urge to divulge the details. Robin: Roger Rees. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. read more

Cry Harder Season 8, Episode 26

Conclusion. Robin (Roger Rees) is arrested for insider trading, but tears for Rebecca could mean Cheers for Sam, who gets the bar back as a reward for ratting Robin out. Agent Munson: Ron Canada. Montgomery: Jonathan McMurtry. read more

Cry Hard Season 8, Episode 25

Robin (Roger Rees) asks Rebecca to move in with him, but she learns that he's been using her computer to get inside info on her corporation. Part 1 of two. Receptionist: Eden Bodnar. read more

Mr. Otis Regrets Season 8, Episode 24

Sam tries pushing Rebecca's buttons by bragging about making love in an elevator---with Robin's other girlfriend; and Woody is floored when a woman (Christine Cavanaugh) answers his ad for a roommate. Cutter Gardner: Eric Bruskotter. Eric: Colin Wells. read more

The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec Season 8, Episode 23

Carla decides to start dating again but is spooked by Eddie's ghost, so she summons a medium, Madame Lazora (Georgia Brown). Also, Rebecca goes on TV to complain about a defective hair-removal product. Darryl: Kevin Conroy. read more

Loverboyd Season 8, Episode 22

Woody's girl, Kelly, is spending a year abroad and he's worried she'll be wooed by “rich dukes and earls and counts and Basies.” Also, Norm suffers the pangs of being designated driver for a night. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Phil: Richmond Harrison. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Chambermaid: Patricia Ramish. read more

Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh Season 8, Episode 21

The gang goes at it again with Gary's Olde Towne Tavern when they notice Cheers' wooden statue of Tecumseh is missing. Fire Marshall: Robert Machray. Tucker: Tim Donoghue. read more

50-50 Carla Season 8, Episode 20

Carla agrees to split Eddie's estate 50-50 with his other widow, Gloria (Anne De Salvo), until she finds out it's $50,000 in insurance money; and Woody frets over a nude scene in a play he's doing. Murray: Steve DeVorkin. read more

Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby Season 8, Episode 19

Rebecca's pubescent dreams of a perfect day with Robin are ruined by Sam, whom Robin goads into a series of childish challenges. Robin: Roger Rees. Pete: Peter Schreiner. Mark: Mark Arnott. Tim: Tim Cunningham. read more

Severe Crane Damage Season 8, Episode 18

While promoting “Good Girls, Bad Boys,” author Lilith and a talk-show audience of women throw themselves at bad boy Sam. Brenda Balzac: Phyllis Katz. Viper: Lorelle Brina. Gloria: Peggy Mannix. Donna: Donna Fuller. Marti: Marti Muller. Audrey: Audrey Rapoport. Marsha: Marsha Kramer. read more

Woody or Won't He? Season 8, Episode 17

Woody is cowed by the advances of Kelly's mother (Melendy Britt), while urban cowboy Cliff rides the bar's new mechanical bull. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Conrad: Bill Geisslinger. Phil: Robert Gallo. Mechanic: D. David Morin. Fireman: Kevin McDermott. read more

Finally! Season 8, Episode 16

Conclusion. Rebecca is on cloud nine after spending the night with Robin (Roger Rees), but Sam soon finds him with another woman. Righteous Brother Bill Medley costars. Christine Davi: Valerie Karasek. Will: Gilbert Girion. Elaine: Carol Robbins. read more

Finally! Season 8, Episode 15

Tonight could be the night as Rebecca looks forward to a long-overdue evening of romance with Robin (Roger Rees). Part 1 of two. Singer Bill Medley appears as himself. Laura Walton: Gail O'Grady. Ingrid: Crystal Carson. Miles: Webster Williams. read more

What Is...Cliff Clavin? Season 8, Episode 14

Cliff drives “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek crazy when he appears as a contestant; and someone steals Sam's little black book. Johnny Gilbert appears as himself. Earl: Bernard Kuby. Timmy: Greg Davis. Agnes: Audrey Lowell. Reynolds: William Porter. Stage Manager: Steven Rotblatt. read more

Sammy and the Professor Season 8, Episode 13

Rebecca's visiting business professor and mentor (Alexis Smith) gives Sam high marks in the bedroom; and Carla learns she's being audited. Donald Zajac: Stack Pierce. Waiter: Dietrich Bader. read more

Sam Ahoy Season 8, Episode 12

Robin (Roger Rees) lends Sam his yacht to race in a regatta, but Sam and his crew are sunk when they find a stowed-away surprise that could really rock the boat. Security Man: Patrick Maguire. Aide: Stephen Burks. read more

Feeble Attraction Season 8, Episode 11

Norm's ex-secretary (Cynthia Stevenson) becomes fatally attracted to him and won't be ignored, while Rebecca becomes obsessed with finding a ring hidden in her new desk. Phil: John Pappas. Joe: Michael Holden. read more

The Art of the Steal Season 8, Episode 10

Rebecca and Sam finally spend the night together, but it's not the romantic evening of his dreams as they get trapped by security lasers in Robin's apartment. Meanwhile, the guys spend their evening playing Monopoly in an attempt to teach Woody a lesson in economics. read more

Two Girls for Every Boyd Season 8, Episode 9

Woody chews the scenery in “Our Town,” but chokes when he has to kiss his leading lady (Lisa Kudrow, who went on to star in “Friends”), who suggests they put in a little off-stage practice time. In a hair-raising subplot, the guys compete in a beard-growing contest. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. read more

For Real Men Only Season 8, Episode 8

The guys are shy about witnessing the Crane baby's bris, and so is Frasier, who cuts out on the ceremony---with the guest of honor. Meanwhile, Rebecca's retirement party for a company employee isn't any livelier. Larry: Jay Robinson. Tanya: Linda West. Mr. Sheridan: Michael Currie. Dr. Levinson: Rick Podell. read more

Death Takes a Holiday on Ice Season 8, Episode 7

Carla finds out that Eddie's been a real hockey puck after a tragedy at the rink exposes his secret romantic ice capades that included another wife (Anne De Salvo). Gordie: Thomas Haden Church. Darryl Mead: Kevin Conroy. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. Hockey Player: Charles Noland. read more

The Stork Brings a Crane Season 8, Episode 6

Cheers celebrates its 100th anniversary, but the festivities are interrupted as the stork arrives to deliver a Crane. Boston mayor Raymond Flynn appears as himself. Mr. Weaver: Monty Ash. Gail Aldrich: Victoria Hoffman. Nurse: Laura Robinson. Barbershop Quartet: 139th Street Quartet. read more

The Two Faces of Norm Season 8, Episode 5

Norm can't bring himself to boss around his new painting crew, so he invents a taskmaster alter ego; and Sam's also not himself, since he sold his beloved car. Scott: J.C. Victor. Rudy: Eric Allan Kramer. Gordon: Gordon Hunt. Dennis: Rob Moran. Veronica: Kristen Citron. John: Mark Knudsen. Doris: Cynthia Stevenson. read more

How to Marry a Mailman Season 8, Episode 4

Love is blind and so is Cliff, who loses his sight when former girlfriend Margaret (Annie Golden) returns from Canada with an offer to go steady. Robin: Roger Rees. Miles: Webster Williams. read more

A Bar Is Born Season 8, Episode 3

While Rebecca psychs herself up to spend the night with Robin (Roger Rees), Sam prepares to open his own bar, a seedy, run-down hole that's already filled with furry customers. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

The Improbable Dream Season 8, Episode 2

Conclusion. Rebecca's whirlwind romance with the tycoon of her dreams gives Sam nightmares that may show his true feelings for her. Robin Colcord: Roger Rees. Miles: Webster Williams. Marie: Valerie Hartman. read more

The Improbable Dream Season 8, Episode 1

Part 1 of two. Erotic dreams plague Rebecca as Sam tries to get her to wake up to him instead of the corporate raider of her fantasies. Robin Colcord: Roger Rees. read more

The Visiting Lecher Season 7, Episode 22

Rebecca accuses the renowned author (John McMartin) of a book on marital fidelity of skirt-chasing. For this episode, James Burrows won an Emmy for Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series. Marie: Fabiana Udenio. Valerie: Joanna Barnes. Zoltan: Nicholas Miscusi. read more

Sisterly Love Season 7, Episode 21

Sam sets out to restore some sisterly love between Rebecca and her visiting sibling (Marcia Cross), in the hope that some of the good feelings will rub off on him. But the two ladies have a surprise in store for him. read more

Call Me Irresponsible Season 7, Episode 20

Carla's second anniversary may be her last unless the out-of-town Eddie surprises her; and Woody is bitten by the gambling bug. Eddie: Jay Thomas. McGuiness: Fredric Cook. Mark: Mark Arnott. Delivery Man No. 1: Michael G. Hawkins. Delivery Man No. 2: Herb Caen. Bearded Man: Raymond Hanis. read more

The Gift of the Woodi Season 7, Episode 19

Woody gives his rich girlfriend (Jackie Swanson) a birthday gift from the heart, but she'd rather it come from Tiffany & Co.; Rebecca's latest get-ahead scheme turns her into a Lilith clone. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. John: Bruce French. Uncle Val: Vaughn Armstrong. Pretzel Man: Demetre Phillips. read more

What's Up Doc? Season 7, Episode 18

Sam falls for the Cranes' knockout psychiatrist friend (Madolyn Smith Osborne) and feigns impotence to win her over. Rick Delmonte: Jeff Rizzo. Phil: Richmond Harrison. Tony: Tony DiBenedetto. read more

Hot Rocks Season 7, Episode 17

A fan of Sam's, Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a suspect when Rebecca's diamond earrings disappear. Man Who Said Sinatra: Al Rosen. read more

The Cranemakers Season 7, Episode 16

Pregnant Lilith has become an Earth Mother extraordinaire, and she even persuades city boy Frasier to “become one with nature.” Also, Rebecca arranges a vacation for a reluctant Woody. Whitney Morris: James R. Winker. Customer: Michael Holden. read more

Don't Paint Your Chickens Season 7, Episode 15

Rebecca's latest scheme to land a corporate position puts Norm in a bad spot when he's forced to hire her as a marketing consultant. Also, an athletic woman (Lisa Aliff) has Sam's heart throbbing---from exhaustion after a week of nonstop exercising. Mr. Anawalt: Stefan Gierasch. Tasia: Tasia Valenza. read more

I Kid You Not Season 7, Episode 14

The Cranes take a liking to Carla's intellectual 6-year-old (Jarrett Lennon) and use him as a litmus test for their own parenting skills, leaving a lonely Carla worried that the boy will grow up to be a “soft, doughy wimp wearing an argyle sweater and smoking a pipe”. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Waiter: Charles Tachovsky. Maitre d': Peter Henry Schroeder. read more

Golden Boyd Season 7, Episode 13

After getting his block knocked off by a rich snob (Tyrone Power Jr.), Woody decides to get back at him by stealing his girlfriend (Jackie Swanson). Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Howell: Gary Bergher. Osborne: Vaughn Armstrong. Drysdale: Josef Rainer. read more

Please, Mr. Postman Season 7, Episode 12

Cliff must decide whether to deliver his new trainee---and love interest---to the postal inspectors when she errs in the name of lust. Meanwhile, Sam goes to extremes in an effort to guess Rebecca's favorite song. Margaret: Annie Golden. Motel Clerk: Randy Pelish. Policeman: Howard Mungo. read more

Adventures in House-sitting Season 7, Episode 11

Rebecca dog-sits for a boss, and Sam sees a chance to hound her when she says she's afraid to be alone in the man's house. Mr. Sheridan: Michael Currie. read more

Bar Wars II: Woodman Strikes Back Season 7, Episode 10

The Cheers gang's hopes of beating Gary's Olde Towne Tavern in the annual Bloody Mary contest hinge on Woody. Gary: Joel Polis. Greg: Greg Collins. Thom: Thom McCleister. Judge: Robert O'Reilly. read more

Send in the Crane Season 7, Episode 9

Rebecca recruits Woody to play a clown at the company children's party, but he must cancel, so Frasier steps in to fill his oversize shoes. Also, Sam falls for the daughter of an old girlfriend (Sandahl Bergman). Laurie: Chelsea Noble. Mrs. Ridgeway: Patricia Morison. read more

Jumping Jerks Season 7, Episode 8

An attempt at skydiving by the macho men of Cheers turns into mere “plane riding” when their collective courage takes a plunge. Bob Speakes: J. Kenneth Campbell. Otto: Thomas Sanders. read more

How to Win Friends and Electrocute People Season 7, Episode 7

When no one from the bar visits appendectomy patient Cliff in the hospital, he decides on a personality transplant, which leads to shocking changes in his behavior. Nurse: Shirley Prestia. Dave: Robert Benedetti. McManus: Ed Wright. read more

Norm, Is That You? Season 7, Episode 6

Fearful of being taunted, Norm hides the fact he's (gasp!) an interior decorator, but plays the part to the flamboyant hilt for his yuppie clients. Robert: George Deloy. Kim: Jane Sibbett. Ivan: B.J. Turner. Todd: Craig Branham. read more

Those Lips, Those Ice Season 7, Episode 5

Carla is ready to deep-freeze Eddie (Jay Thomas) when she suspects him of warming the heart of the comely ice-show star (Isa Andersen). Hockey Buddy No. 1: Charles Noland. Hockey Buddy No. 2: Andy Saylor. read more

One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape Season 7, Episode 4

Rebecca's plan to escape her boss's proposal goes south (of the border) when Sam, her “intended,” is sent to tend bar at a Mexican resort, likes it and thinks about staying. Martin: Alex Nevil. Dennis: Gerald Hiken. Tourist: Loren Farmer. Pepe: Fred Asparagus. Ramon: Marco Hernandez. read more

Executive Sweet Season 7, Episode 3

Rebecca tells Sam that she only dates men who'll help her career, then has to recant when her underage boss (Alex Nevil) asks her out. Dennis: Gerald Hiken. Chauffeur: David Schall. Delivery Man: Nathan Purdee. read more

Swear to God Season 7, Episode 2

Sam vows to swear off sex for three months if he's not the father of an ex's baby, while “Moses” understudy Woody has the patience of a saint. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. Suzanne: Shanna Reed. Rachel: Kim Ulrich. read more

How to Recede in Business Season 7, Episode 1

Mr. Drake's off to Japan and Rebecca is determined to climb the corporate ladder, but the new boss shakes things up by promoting Sam to manager. Greg Stone: Brian Bedford. Sam: Ted Danson. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. read more

Backseat Becky, Upfront Season 6, Episode 25

Sam helps Rebecca commandeer Evan Drake's limo so she can profess her devotion before Drake is transferred to Japan. Drake: Tom Skerritt. Martin: Ron Barker. Heppel: Vincent Howard. Burns: George Shannon. read more

The Big Kiss-Off Season 6, Episode 24

Sam and Woody make a bet that before closing time, one of them must get a four-lip, three-second, “tongue optional” kiss from Rebecca (Kirstie Alley). Larry: Eric Menyuk. Caroline: Carol Francis. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. read more

Bar Wars Season 6, Episode 23

The gang, pride and bowling trophy dented, engages in prank-to-prank combat with their rivals over at Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. Baseball great Wade Boggs plays himself. Gary: Robert Desiderio. Jensen: Rom Rosqui. Exterminator No. 1: Greg Collins. Exterminator No. 2: Philip Morris. read more

Slumber Party Massacred Season 6, Episode 22

Carla is thrown for a loop after learning that she's to be a grandmother, so Rebecca tries to cheer her up by throwing a slumber party with help from fun maven Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth). Dorothy: Elizabeth Ruscio. Eddie: Jay Thomas. Annie: Mandy Ingber. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Customer No. 1: Michael O. Nowell. Customer No. 2: Noreen Hennessy. Customer No. 3: Torrey Hanson. read more

Our Hourly Bread Season 6, Episode 21

Claiming the bar is losing money, Rebecca denies Woody and Sam raises, so they hold a raffle to pull in more customers. Ed: Thomas Ryan. George: Ron Bousson. Pete: Peter Schreiner. read more

The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit Season 6, Episode 20

Evan promotes Sam, but he faces a big-league letdown when he learns he was only called up to be a ringer on the company softball team. Mimi: Pamela Bowen. Heppel: Vincent Howard. Burns: George Shannon. read more

Airport V Season 6, Episode 19

Carla's afraid she will die if she gets on a plane to visit Eddie, so she enrolls in Frasier's fear-of-flying workshop. Also, Rebecca is uptight anticipating a critic's review of the bar. Murray Treadwell: Peter Elbling. Flight Attendant: Michelle Davison. Passenger No. 1: Robert Starr. Passenger No. 2: Carol Navratil. Passenger No. 3: Pete Gonneau. read more

Let Sleeping Drakes Lie Season 6, Episode 18

While painting Mr. Drake's house, Norm allows Rebecca into the bedroom, but she has trouble sneaking out when Evan returns unexpectedly. Evan Drake: Tom Skerritt. Jennifer: Cec Verrell. Greyson: Jay Bell. read more

To All the Girls I've Loved Before Season 6, Episode 17

Frasier comes down with a case of tootsie frostbite at his bachelor party, while Lilith steams up her bridal shower with a male stripper. Karen: Karen Witter. Randy: Deke Anderson. read more

Yacht of Fools Season 6, Episode 16

There's romance on the high seas as Rebecca and Sam both hope Evan Drake's yacht will turn into “The Love Boat,” but it's more like “Titanic.” Evan Drake: Tom Skerritt. Julie: Dorothy Parke. Lorenzo: Tom Astor. Customer No. 1: Eddie Frierson. Customer No. 2: Dominic Hoffman. read more

Tale of Two Cuties Season 6, Episode 15

With Carla recuperating from the birth of her twins, her daughter-in-law (Mandy Ingber) fills in at the bar and falls for Sam; and Rebecca is ready to flatten the comely waitress (Bobbie Eakes) Mr. Drake (Tom Skerritt) hired. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

And God Created Woodman Season 6, Episode 14

When a priceless vase is broken at a company party, Woody takes the rap---and the praise from the host (Peter Hansen), who lauds him for taking responsibility for his actions. And Rebecca, who's reluctantly playing “serving wench,” is dismayed when the two men become fast friends. Linda: Jude Mussetter. read more

Woody for Hire Meets Norman of the Apes Season 6, Episode 13

“Spenser: For Hire” star Robert Urich pays a visit to the bar after Woody lands a bit part on the series but the gang won't believe him. Also, Cliff and Norm's friendship turns ugly when the mailman refuses to pay Norm for painting his condo. Sylvia: Paddi Edwards. Laura: Betty Vaughan. read more

Christmas Cheers Season 6, Episode 12

When Sam learns that Carla and Woody have bought Christmas presents for Rebecca, he finds himself scrambling for a last-minute gift on Christmas Eve, and he receives some angelic guidance during his search. Meanwhile, Norm's Santa buddies get in the spirit of the season by getting into some seasonal spirits. Tracy: Jayne Modean. Vincent: Vincent Lucchesi. Kris: Harry Frazier. read more

My Fair Clavin Season 6, Episode 11

Cliff may have created a monster when he helps a date (Karen Akers) refine her looks and she starts attracting all types---even Sam; and Rebecca is so determined to stop smoking that she says she will sleep with Sam if he catches her with a cigarette. Philip: Philip Arthur Ross. Steven: Steven Robert Ross. Jeff: John Allen. read more

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss Season 6, Episode 10

Rebecca's boss, Evan Drake (Tom Skerritt), on whom she has a secret crush, stops by the bar and invites her to a party. Sam agrees to be a “macho stud” escort for Rebecca, who's trying to right a wrong impression she made. Harry the Hat: Harry Anderson. Assistant No. 1: Tom Ohmer. Assistant No. 2: Christian J. LeBlanc. read more

Puddinhead Boyd Season 6, Episode 9

Budding actor Woody takes his role as Mark Twain to heart---and to Cheers---where he catches the eye of an elderly woman (Anne Pitoniak). Grif Palmer: John Paragon. Lilith: Bebe Neuwirth. read more

Bidding on the Boys Season 6, Episode 8

Sam and Woody are up for grabs at a charity auction at the bar, but aren't happy with the women who grab them. Lilith: Bebe Neuwirth. Connie: Sharon Barr. Terri: Terry Hoyos. Eli: Eli Guralnick. Kim: Kim Sebastian. Cyndi: Cyndi Strittmatter. Alan: Alan Koss. Shawn: Shawn Gibson. read more

The Last Angry Mailman Season 6, Episode 7

When Cliff's mother (Frances Sternhagen) agrees to sell the family home to developers, the mailman considers going postal. Instead, he decides to stand his ground and chain himself to a post in the house. Jim: Kevin Dunn. Cronin: Don Sparks. Tim: Tim Cunningham. read more

Paint Your Office Season 6, Episode 6

Norm gets cut off until he pays off his enormous bar tab, but Rebecca offers him an out: paint her office. While doing the job, he discovers that she is not the witch she's made out to be, news that gives Sam a new plan of pursuit. read more

The Crane Mutiny Season 6, Episode 5

As Frasier's relationship with Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) fizzles, the guys convince him that Rebecca is warm for his form; and Rebecca replaces Sam's picture on the wall with one of herself. Bob: Ralph Peduto. Tim: Tim Cunningham. Alan: Alan Koss. read more

Little Carla, Happy at Last Season 6, Episode 4

Conclusion. Sam determines to get Carla and Eddie to the altar, while Rebecca anxiously awaits her boss's arrival at the reception. Mama LeBec: Janet Brandt. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Annie: Mandy Ingber. read more

Little Carla, Happy at Last Season 6, Episode 3

Eddie and Carla plan to tie the knot, but things unravel when the superstitious bride and groom see each other before the wedding. Part 1 of two. Eddie: Jay Thomas. Mama LeBec: Janet Brandt. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Annie: Mandy Ingber read more

'I' on Sports Season 6, Episode 2

Sam wants to fill in for sportscaster Dave Richards (former NFL star Fred Dryer) but Rebecca won't give him the night off, so he comes up with a plan to get out of tending bar. When his big debut goes well, the anchorperson (Catherine MacNeal) persuades him to put some pizzazz in his presentation. Dr. Buzz: J. Stephen Coyle. Stage Manager: Lenny Garner. read more

Home Is the Sailor Season 6, Episode 1

After selling the bar and sinking the profits into a ketch that did likewise, Sam returns to Cheers, hoping to tend bar under the new manager, Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley). Wayne: Jonathan Stark. Eddie: Jay Thomas. Alan: Alan Koss. Customer: Michael Tulin. Al: Al Rosen. Tim: Tim Cunningham. Steve: Steve Giannelli. read more

I Do, Adieu Season 5, Episode 26

In Shelley Long's last episode after five years on the show, Sam wonders if Diane will regret being married to him after Sumner (Michael McGuire) offers her a unique opportunity. Justice of the Peace: Walter Addison. Steve: Steve Giannelli. read more

A House Is Not a Home Season 5, Episode 25

Diane refuses to spend one night in the house she and Sam bought because it's alive with the memories of its previous residents, a sweet old couple (Douglas Seale, Billie Bird) who spent the better part of 40 years living there. Naomi: Stephanie Walksi. David: Marc Smollin. Annie: Stefanie Mason. Man: Lou Bonacki. Mom: Penny Krompier. read more

Cheers: The Motion Picture Season 5, Episode 24

Woody's parents want him to come home to Indiana because they feel Boston is corrupting him, so the gang makes a home movie to prove them wrong. Corinne: Doris Grau. Al: Al Rosen. read more

Norm's First Hurrah Season 5, Episode 23

Norm embellishes his new job with a top CPA firm---but he doesn't figure on the gang paying him a surprise visit. Thompkins: Tegan West. Supervisor: Neil Zevnik. Office Boy: Jeff Robie. Board Member: Ron Davis. read more

Godfather III Season 5, Episode 22

Sam's feeling protective of his goddaughter, who attends college in Boston, so he sets her up with someone safe, someone he trusts---Woody. The next thing he knows, the two young people are announcing their engagement. Also, it's Frasier and Lilith's anniversary, and he drops hints about what he'd like as a gift. Joyce: Cady McClain. Jack: Joe Colligan. Al: Al Rosen. read more

Simon Says Season 5, Episode 21

Monty Python's John Cleese won an Emmy as Dr. Simon Finch-Royce, a marriage counselor whose prognosis of Sam and Diane's future is totally unacceptable to the bride-to-be. Busman: Ray Underwood. read more

Dinner at Eightish Season 5, Episode 20

To celebrate their first week of cohabitation, Frasier and Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) invite Sam and Diane over for dinner, an event that turns into a verbal battle between the hosts. And things really heat up when Lilith learns that Frasier and Diane had once been lovers. Jill: Zetta Whitlow. Corinne: Doris Grau. Al: Al Rosen. read more

Dog Bites Cliff Season 5, Episode 19

Cliff is adamant about suing the owner (Anita Morris) of the dog that bit him---until he sees how beautiful the woman is and she, in turn, shows an interest in him. Also, Diane plans to spend a week of repose at a monastery, but the solitude drives her crazy. read more

One Last Fling Season 5, Episode 18

Sam and Diane agree that each can have 24 hours for one final lust-filled fling before settling into married life. Jealous Sam finds himself up a tree---literally---when he decides to stake out her apartment. Also, traffic scofflaw Carla gets a speeding ticket that requires she take a crash course in traffic school. Rick: Tim Holland. Pete: Peter Schreiner. Alan: Alan Koss. Mark: Mark Arnott. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Tim: Tim Cunningham. read more

Never Love a Goalie Season 5, Episode 17

Conclusion. Carla fears she's a jinx because her superstitious goalie boyfriend (Jay Thomas) has been on a losing streak since they began dating. Meanwhile, jury foreman Diane is miffed when the trial she's on ends prematurely. Bill: Brent Spiner. Sherry: Suzanne Collins. Juror No. 1: William B. Jackson. Juror No. 2: Laura Waterbury. Juror No. 3: Linda Hoy. Juror No. 4: Hawthorne James. Bailiff: John Fleck. read more

Never Love a Goalie Season 5, Episode 16

Carla falls for Boston goalie Eddie LeBec (Jay Thomas), but when his winning streak cools off, she thinks they should, too. Part 1 of two. Mark: Mark Arnott. Deanna: Deanna Oliver. Steve: Steve Giannelli. read more

Spellbound Season 5, Episode 15

Carla's ex, Nick (Dan Hedaya), vows to steal Diane from Sam when he mistakenly believes the barman is having an affair with his wife, Loretta (Jean Kasem). read more

Diamond Sam Season 5, Episode 14

Sam tries to save big bucks by buying a copy of the expensive diamond engagement ring Diane wanted, but he ends up paying dearly for it. Al: Al Rosen. read more

Chambers vs. Malone Season 5, Episode 13

Sam and Diane get engaged, but not before Sam is jailed for assault after chasing Diane when she turns down yet another proposal. Tom: Tom Babson. Judge: Tom Troupe. Warden: Jack Ritschel. Priest: Glen Vernon. Delaney: Michael Keys Hall. Pete: Peter Schreiner. Mark: Mark Arnott. Bailiff: Lance E. Nichols. read more

Dance, Diane, Dance Season 5, Episode 12

To spare Diane's feelings, Frasier rewrites a negative critique of her dancing ability that was dropped off at the bar by her ballet instructor (Marilyn Lightstone). But, encouraged by the positive review, Diane decides to try out for the Boston Ballet. Choreographer: Dan Gerrity. read more

Book of Samuel Season 5, Episode 11

After Woody gets a Dear John letter from home, his ex (Amanda Wyss) and her fiancé (John Brace) drop by the bar, and Diane makes up a tall tale about Woody's new love, whom the visiting couple are eager to meet. Desiree: Katherine McGrath. Tina: Pamela A. Hedges. Woman: Barbara Chase. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Tim: Tim Cunningham. read more

Everyone Imitates Art Season 5, Episode 10

Diane is crushed when her poem is rejected by a literary mag, but she's even more upset when they print a piece penned by Sam, so she sets out to prove that he's a plagiarist. Customer: Michael Holden. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

Thanksgiving Orphans Season 5, Episode 9

Norm's wife, Vera, appears---sort of---when the gang gathers at Carla's house for Thanksgiving. The foodfest turns into a frenetic food fight when Norm's turkey, a.k.a. “birdzilla,” takes forever to cook and nerves become frayed. Voice of Vera: Bernadette Birkett. read more

Knights of the Scimitar Season 5, Episode 8

Norm joins the Knights of the Scimitar at Cliff's prodding, but wants out when he hears the rules; Sam thinks Diane has invented a devastatingly handsome suitor to make him jealous. Lance Apollonaire: J. Eddie Peck. High Sultan: Stephen Vinovich. Foley: Bill DeLand. Walt: Raye Birk. read more

Young Dr. Weinstein Season 5, Episode 7

To prove to Diane that he's still “somebody” in Boston, Sam gets reservations at a posh eatery that has a three-month waiting list---but he impersonates a famous surgeon to get them. Darlene: Kristi Somers. Jordan: Josh Clark. Dr. Fisher: Dennis Robertson. Maitre D': Barry Laws. Claude: Julian Barnes. Mr. Morton: Paul Lukather. Mrs. Morton: Melinda Cordell. Customer: J.J. Wall. read more

Tan 'n' Wash Season 5, Episode 6

Norm cleans up with a new business venture, a combination tanning salon and laundry, and reluctantly lets the gang in on his investment, but everyone wants out when the business looks like it's going down the drain. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick Season 5, Episode 5

Carla learns that the house she bought based on Cliff's advice is built on the site of a 17th-century prison graveyard---and is haunted. Reluctant to move in, the gang suggests that to overcome her fears she must spend a night in the creepy abode and that Cliff should join her. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Woody: Woody Harrelson. read more

Abnormal Psychology Season 5, Episode 4

Diane believes the hostility between Frasier and his icy colleague Dr. Lilith Sternin, aka “Dr. Sigmund Frost,” whom he must debate on TV, is actually love, so she persuades the woman to soften her appearance. Dr. Lilith Sternin: Bebe Neuwirth. Moderator: Richard Herkbert. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Alan: Alan Koss. Tim: Tim Cunningham. read more

Money Dearest Season 5, Episode 3

When his mother gets engaged to a wealthy man, Cliff counts himself among the nouveau riche---until the groom announces he's giving all his money to charity. Mrs. Clavin: Frances Sternhagen. Duncan: Richard Erdman. Paul: Paul Willson. Tom: Thomas Babson. read more

The Cape Cad Season 5, Episode 2

Sam refuses to take “yes” for an answer when Diane, who originally refused his marriage proposal, changes her mind. The newly unencumbered Sam decides to spend the weekend with another woman at the Cape, but Diane has other plans. Vicki: Brenda Strong. Waiter: Willie Garson. Hotel Manager: Don Perry. Husband: Sid Conrad. Wife: Kathryn White. read more

The Proposal Season 5, Episode 1

Sam wracks his brain to come up with a suitable place to pop the question to Diane after his telephone proposal is put on hold. He finally decides to rent a boat and propose to her on the open sea. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. Norm: George Wendt. Woody: Woody Harrelson. read more

Strange Bedfellows Season 4, Episode 26

Conclusion. Janet's press conference turns ugly when Sam fields Diane's questions about his romantic ties with the councilwoman (Kate Mulgrew). The episode ends with Sam on the phone proposing marriage---but to whom? Phil: David Paymer. Reporter No. 1: J.J. Wall. Reporter No. 2: Lawrence Lott. Reporter No. 3: Sheila Scott-Wilkinson. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Alan: Alan Koss. read more

Strange Bedfellows Season 4, Episode 25

Janet (Kate Mulgrew) persuades Sam to fire Diane, but Diane resigns before he can do it. Sen. Gary Hart has a cameo. Part 2 of three. Fleener: Max Wright. read more

Strange Bedfellows Season 4, Episode 24

When a councilwoman stumping for reelection takes a liking to Sam, Diane campaigns for her opponent. Part 1 of three. Janet Eldridge: Kate Mulgrew. Jim Fleener: Max Wright. Phil: David Paymer. Brian: Brad Burlingame. April: Carolyn Ann Clark. Decker: Michael G. Hagerty. Reporter No. 1: Charles Walker. Reporter No. 2: Lawrence Lott. Tim: Tim Cunningham. Paul: Paul Willson. read more

Relief Bartender Season 4, Episode 23

Woody fears he'll be drawing unemployment instead of drafts when Sam's attempt to stir up business includes hiring a new bartender (Tony Carreiro) who wows the regulars with his charm and expertise. Mrs. Benfer: Madgel Dean. Child No. 1: Judith Barsi. Caribou No. 2: Terrence Beasor. Fred: Paul Eiding. Child No. 2: Edan Gross. Caribou No. 1: Jack Lindine. read more

Diane Chambers Day Season 4, Episode 22

Diane feels left out of the gang's extra-bar-ricular activities, so Frasier has a plan to cheer her up---a night at the opera with Sam and the boys. Jackie: Jacqueline Cassell. Corinne: Doris Grau. Dennis: Tom Harrison. read more

Fear Is My Copilot Season 4, Episode 21

A globe-trotting daredevil Diane met in Europe takes her and Sam up for a spin in his new plane---and then dies at 20,000 feet. Jack Dalton: Joseph Whipp. read more

Save the Last Dance for Me Season 4, Episode 20

Carla thinks that the only way to win a dance contest at the “Boston Boppers” reunion is to team up with her old partner---ex-husband Nick (Dan Hedaya). But when their practice sessions get off on the wrong foot, he dumps her and pairs up with his new bride (Jean Kasem), while Carla enlists Sam's help. Eddie: Nick Dimitri. Floyd: Hal Landon Jr. read more

Dark Imaginings Season 4, Episode 19

As if to confirm that he's getting older not better, Sam challenges Woody at racquetball and winds up hospitalized with an injury he associates with men of advanced years. Bonnie: Pamela Bach. Jack: Thomas Callaway. Nurse Louise: Deborah Dalton. Dr. McNeese: Tim Dunigan. Nurse Brenda: Jere Fields. Joan: Christine Dickinson. read more

The Peterson Principle Season 4, Episode 18

Running neck-and-neck with another candidate (Chip Zien) for a big promotion, Norm gets some dirt on his competition that could swing the decision his way. Reinhardt: Daniel Davis. Ranzoni: Adam Carl. read more

Second Time Around Season 4, Episode 17

After Frasier gets dumped on by a date, Sam sets him up with a woman (Jennifer Tilly) who's never met a man she didn't like---a lot. This episode also introduces Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin. Justice of the Peace: Lou Fant. read more

Cliffie's Big Score Season 4, Episode 16

The highlight of Cliff's social calendar is the annual postman's ball, but this year he has a dilemma when he scores two dates for the gala---Carla and Diane. So, he asks Sam for advice on how to dump one without hurting her feelings---or endangering his life. Lucas: Timothy Scott. read more

The Triangle Season 4, Episode 15

Since his breakup with Diane, Frasier has taken to the bottle, and Sam---who's been there himself---wants to help, but he has reservations about Diane's plan to restore Frasier's self-confidence. Diane: Shelley Long. Sam: Ted Danson. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Norm: George Wendt. read more

Suspicion Season 4, Episode 14

Diane's psychology-class experiment in paranoid behavior makes fools out of the gang, but Diane (Shelley Long) may turn out to be an even better case study as she nervously waits for them to get even with her. Gallagher: Hamilton Camp. Irving: M.C. Gainey. read more

Take My Shirt...Please? Season 4, Episode 13

Sam is crushed when he literally gives the shirt off his back---his old baseball jersey---to a celebrity charity auction and no one bids on it; Norm tries to impress a potential client and his wife and discovers that none of them have anything in common. Brubaker: Robert Symonds. Mrs. Brubaker: Frances Bay. Bob: Earl Houston Bullock. Simpson: Patrick Cronin. read more

Fools and Their Money Season 4, Episode 12

After Woody's winning streak in the Cheers football pool, the gang thinks he should take a dip into the big time and place a bet with a real bookie. But they didn't expect him to wager his life savings, all $1000 of it. Frank: Arthur Taxier. read more

Don Juan Is Hell Season 4, Episode 11

As the subject of Diane's psychology paper on the “Don Juan Syndrome,” Sam is more than happy to let her class see a case study in action, until he discovers how unflattering her treatise was. Dr. Greenspon: Kenneth Tigar. Reporter: Rafael Mauro. read more

The Barstoolie Season 4, Episode 10

Cliff's father (Dick O'Neill) turns up at the bar to deliver an important message to the son he doesn't even recognize, but Cliff refuses to identify himself to the man who abandoned him as a child. Also, Sam dates an intellectual (Claudia Cron) and tries to keep her from meeting Diane. read more

From Beer to Eternity Season 4, Episode 9

In Cheers' first athletic competition against Gary's Olde Towne Tavern, Sam and pals learn that bowling is not right up their alley. That is, until they discover that Woody has a striking talent for the game, but he's reluctant to play. Gary: Joel Polis. Alan: Alan Koss. read more

Love Thy Neighbor Season 4, Episode 8

Easygoing Norm is bowled over by the news that his wife may be having an affair with a neighbor, so he agrees with the neighbor's wife (Miriam Flynn) to hire a private detective. Santo: Ernie Sabella. Frank: Richard Young. Customer: Carolyn Ann Clark. read more

2 Good 2 Be 4 Real Season 4, Episode 7

When no one answers Carla's ad in the personals, the guys invent airline pilot Mitch Wainwright to lift her spirits---and it works because she is smitten. Vinnie Claussen: Michael Alaimo. Sotto the Mime: Don Lewis. read more

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday Season 4, Episode 6

Sam seems totally unconcerned about Diane repaying a $500 loan, until he witnesses her expensive spending habits and finds out that the money went to buy a book. Sayers: William Lanteau. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Diane's Nightmare Season 4, Episode 5

On a stormy night, Diane fears that Andy Schroeder, who once tried to strangle her, has escaped from the home for the criminally insane and is out to get her. Andy: Derek McGrath. Cynthia: Nancy Cartwright. Sam: Ted Danson. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

The Groom Wore Clearasil Season 4, Episode 4

When her teenage son and his girlfriend decide to get married, Carla asks Sam to school him in the joys of bachelorhood. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Annie: Mandy Ingber. Gabrielle: Sherilyn Fenn. Prof: Moffat: John Ingle. Customer: Craig Berenson. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Someday My Prince Will Come Season 4, Episode 3

Diane fantasizes out loud that a man who left an expensive coat at the bar could be her Prince Charming. So when he phones to claim the jacket, she's goaded into making a blind date. Stuart: Frank Dent. Sam: Ted Danson. read more

Woody Goes Belly Up Season 4, Episode 2

When the gang learns that homesick Woody is pining for his girlfriend (Amanda Wyss), they bring her to Boston, but it seems his head is filled only with thoughts of---food. Also, Frasier has begins drinking heavily, and, to pay his exorbitant tab, he takes a job cleaning up at Cheers. Woody: Woody Harrelson. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. read more

Birth, Death, Love and Rice Season 4, Episode 1

The gang learns that Coach has passed away (because of the death of actor Nicholas Colasanto) and meets his replacement, Indiana farmboy Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson). Also, Frasier makes Sam promise that he won't visit Diane, who's seeking solace in a convent after leaving Frasier at the altar and living decadently in Europe. Customer: Arnold Turner. Alan: Alan Koss. Larry: Larry Harpel. read more

Rescue Me Season 3, Episode 25

Frasier proposes to Diane and before she accepts, she makes a last-ditch phone call to Sam to give him a chance to profess his love and stop the wedding. Waiter: Martin Ferrero. Corelli: James V. Christy. Stewardess: Susan Kase. read more

The Belles of St. Clete's Season 3, Episode 24

When her ex-principal (Camila Ashlend) starts to frequent the bar, Carla tries to persuade her old classmates to help her get revenge on the woman she considers the “most wretched creature on Earth.” Mo: Ellen Gerstein. Donna: Catherine Paolone. Roxanne: Marsha Warfield. Kathy: Kate Zentall. read more

The Bartender's Tale Season 3, Episode 23

With Diane off in Europe, Carla wants Sam to hire a waitress who won't invite romantic entanglements, and a mature Englishwoman (Lila Kaye) appears to fit the bill---until Sam meets her lovely daughter (Camilla More). Sydney: Rhonda Shear. Bellboy: Gregory Snegoff. Brenda: Brynja Willis. read more

Cheerio Cheers Season 3, Episode 22

Diane agrees to go to Europe with Frasier when he's offered a teaching post at the University of Bologna. This is the last original episode featuring Nicholas Colasanto as Coach. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Executive's Executioner Season 3, Episode 21

Norm's boss (Richard Roat) catches him goofing off at Cheers and, instead of firing him, promotes him to company hatchet man, a position in which the big guy excels with his unique approach to firing employees. Twitchell: Raye Birk. Parker: Warren Munson. Richter: Mark Schubb. Wagner: David Wohl. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

If Ever I Would Leave You Season 3, Episode 20

After his wife (Jean Kasem) kicks him out of the house, Carla's sleazy ex-husband (Dan Hedaya) comes crawling back to Cheers to try and win back Carla's affection. Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson. read more

Behind Every Great Man Season 3, Episode 19

A sharp reporter (Alison La Placa) doing a story on the Boston singles scene represents the ultimate challenge to Sam's reputation as a ladies man when she fails to fall for his smug, self-centered come-ons. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

Bar Bet Season 3, Episode 18

A long-forgotten bet Sam once made with an old friend (Michael Richards) during a drinking binge may cost him his bar if he doesn't marry Jacqueline Bisset by midnight tomorrow. Jackie Bisset: Laurie Walters. Fiedler: Dean Dittman. Tom: Thomas W. Babson. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

The Mail Goes to Jail Season 3, Episode 17

Cliff takes ill on the job, so Norm finishes his route. But when Norm gets picked up for mail theft, Cliff sells his buddy down the river. Cop: Troy Evans. Customer: Nick DeMauro. Bambi: Debi Richter. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Teacher's Pet Season 3, Episode 16

Sam and Coach earn high marks in night school, Coach by hours of study and Sam through extracurricular activity---with the teacher. Larry: Larry Harpel. Coach: Nicholas Colasanto. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

King of the Hill Season 3, Episode 15

After playing in a charity softball game against Playboy Bunnies, Sam strikes out with the gang when he shoots down the Playmates in short order. Reporter: David Paymer. Becky: Jeana Tomasina. Ginger: Heide Sorenson. Andrea: Ola Ray. Lenny Barnes: John Hancock. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Norm: George Wendt. read more

The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter Season 3, Episode 14

Diane persuades the guys to include Frasier on an outing, but she's furious when they leave him in the woods hunting the ever-elusive “snipe.” Customer No. 1: Walter Smith. Customer No. 3: H.B. Newton. Diane: Shelley Long. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Whodunit? Season 3, Episode 13

Frasier is aghast when he discovers that his esteemed mentor (James Karen) has been cancelling their social plans to date Carla (Rhea Perlman), “the earthiest woman [he's] ever met.” Stan: Ernie Sabella. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

A Ditch in Time Season 3, Episode 12

Sam fails to heed Diane's warning about dating her friend Amanda (Carol Kane), a woman with a history of compulsive affairs and a member of Diane's therapy group. After one date, Amanda brings her parents to Cheers to meet the man she intends to marry. Todd: David Wiley. Mona: Kate Williamson. read more

Peterson Crusoe Season 3, Episode 11

A spot on a chest X-ray causes Norm to reevaluate his life and consider doing all the things he's always wanted to do, so he bids Cheers farewell and sets sail for Bora Bora. Mark: Howard Goodwin. Conrad: Michael Griswold. Joe: John Marzilli. read more

Diane's Allergy Season 3, Episode 10

When Diane suffers a severe allergic reaction after moving in with Frasier, they suspect it's his dog that's the culprit, so he gives his beloved pet to Sam for safekeeping. But the condition persists and Frasier's concerned that there may be a psychological basis for her malady. Ben: Bumper Yothers. read more

American Family Season 3, Episode 9

Carla's ex-husband, Nick (Dan Hedaya), demands custody of their oldest son, and Carla stuns everyone by giving in to him. Sensing something's amiss with the usually feisty waitress, Diane discovers why she's afraid to stand up to her ex. Loretta: Jean Kasem. Tom: Thomas Babson. read more

Diane Meets Mom Season 3, Episode 8

Diane's pleasant first meeting with Frasier's mother (Nancy Marchand) takes an abrupt turn when the woman threatens to kill Diane if she continues to see Frasier (Kelsey Grammer). Phil: Tom Kindle. read more

Coach in Love Season 3, Episode 7

Conclusion. After winning a $2 million lottery, Irene (Bette Ford) breaks her engagement to Coach, who stubbornly proceeds with the wedding plans. Sue: Ellen Regan. Customer No. 1: Alan Blumenfeld. read more

Coach in Love Season 3, Episode 6

Part 1 of two. A mother and daughter (Bette Ford, Ellen Regan) walk into Cheers and Coach is a big hit with the mom, while Sam can't get to first base with the daughter. Sam: Ted Danson. Coach: Nicholas Colasanto. read more

Sam Turns the Other Cheek Season 3, Episode 5

Sam accidentally shoots himself in the derriere after disarming a jealous husband (Carmen Argenziano) and concocts a story about thwarting a robbery to cover his embarrassment. Diane, who doesn't believe a word of the tall tale, vows to get to the bottom of it. Maxine: Kim Lankford. Customer No. 1: Mark Sawyer. read more

Fairy Tales Can Come True Season 3, Episode 4

During a costume party at the bar, shy-guy Cliff, dressed as Ponce de Leon, discovers a different side of himself when he transforms into a smooth-talking ladies man, and Frasier tells Diane to take Sam to a concert that Frasier can't attend. Tinker Bell: Bernadette Birkett. Jeff: J. Alan Thomas. Woman No. 1: Rebecca Soladay. read more

I Call Your Name Season 3, Episode 3

Frasier confides to Sam an intimate secret about his romance with Diane, and when she finds out, she gets her revenge with lip-smacking glee. Meanwhile, an ex-postal employee (Sam Scarber) seeks out the snitch who got him fired---Cliff (John Ratzenberger). Eddie: Mitch Kreindel. Mr. Fancy Bottom: Erwin Fuller. read more

Rebound Season 3, Episode 2

Conclusion. After Sam and Diane agree that there's nothing left between them, she tells Sam she has a new lover---Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer). Julie: P.J. Soles. Croquet Player: Ethel Sway. Customer No. 1: Larry Harpel. read more

Rebound Season 3, Episode 1

Part 1 of two. In the aftermath of their breakup, Coach persuades Diane, who's been on a self-imposed "vacation," to talk to Sam, who's fallen off the wagon.This episode introduces Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane. Boggs: Duncan Ross. Customer No. 1: Larry Harpel. read more

I'll Be Seeing You Season 2, Episode 22

A two-parter concludes with Sam seeing red after Diane, against his orders, poses for the artist Semenko (Christopher Lloyd). Diane then questions whether their stormy relationship is meant to continue when Sam fails to recognize the impact of Semenko's work. Ed: Christopher Carroll. read more

I'll Be Seeing You Season 2, Episode 21

Part 1 of two. To end a lovers' spat, the gang urges Sam to commission a portrait of Diane by an eccentric artist (Christopher Lloyd). But he's so condescending that Sam refuses to do business with him. Ed: Christopher Carroll. read more

Norman's Conquest Season 2, Episode 20

A new client (Anne Schedeen) of Norm's seems to be coming on to him, causing the boys in the bar to goad the reluctant accountant into action. Norm: George Wendt. read more

Coach Buries a Grudge Season 2, Episode 19

Coach (Nicholas Colasanto) mourns a deceased friend and ex-teammate until he learns the man made a pass at his late wife. Charlie: Don Bexley. Tom: Fred Carney. Art: Arthur Lessac. Lefty: Jack O'Leary. Al: Al Rosen. read more

Snow Job Season 2, Episode 18

Sam snows Diane with a tall tale about attending an uncle's funeral so he can spend a weekend skiing in Vermont with his old baseball pals. Tommy: Gary Gershaw. George: James Gallery. read more

Fortune and Men's Weights Season 2, Episode 17

Luckless Coach is suckered into buying an antique scale that gives out fortune cards that seem to be coming true, and all the weighty prognosticating leads the gang to believe that the device possesses supernatural abilities. Greg: Tim Cunningham. Deliveryman No. 1: Alan Fine. Deliveryman No. 2: Charles Champion. read more

Cliff's Rocky Moment Season 2, Episode 16

Cliff is “called out” by a bar bully (Peter Iacangelo) who's fed up with the sciolist's know-it-all attitude. When the pusillanimous postman punks out, his pals are disappointed, but Cliff saves face with a surprising demonstration of his pugilistic prowess. read more

Coachie Makes Three Season 2, Episode 15

When lonesome Coach begins spending every moment with Sam and Diane, they decide he needs some female companionship. Katherine: Eve Roberts. Woman: Robyn Peterson. read more

No Help Wanted Season 2, Episode 14

Sam reluctantly hires out-of-work Norm to do his taxes---and then has the resulting five-figure refund checked by his regular accountant. When Norm gets wind of suspicious Sam's actions, he's insulted and it looks like the days of their friendship may be numbered. read more

Battle of the Exes Season 2, Episode 13

Carla's loutish ex, Nick (Dan Hedaya), invites her to his wedding to make her jealous of his blonde-bombshell fiancée (Jean Kasem), but the tables are turned when she shows up with hunky Sam as her date. Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson. Norm: George Wendt. read more

Where There's a Will Season 2, Episode 12

After having the time of his life on a visit to the bar, a terminally ill customer (George Gaynes) leaves the gang $100,000 in a will written on a napkin. The only problem is, he doesn't stipulate who gets how much and things turn ugly when the regulars clamor for a share. read more

Just Three Friends Season 2, Episode 11

Diane's best friend (Markie Post) since childhood moves to Boston and begins to clandestinely put the moves on Sam. When he tells Diane, she refuses to believe him, until the three share an intimate dinner at Diane's. Sam: Ted Danson. Coach: Nicholas Colasanto. read more

How Do I Love Thee?...Let Me Call You Back Season 2, Episode 10

Diane's misinterpretation of Sam's casually stated “I love you” puts her in the mood for a thorough analysis of their relationship that leads to a one-week break-up to evaluate their romance. Ted Danson, Shelley Long. Harry: Harry Anderson. read more

They Called Me Mayday Season 2, Episode 9

Dick Cavett suggests that the public may be interested in Sam's memoirs, an idea that disturbs “budding poetic genius” Diane; and Norm wants to have it out with a high-school rival (Walter Olkewicz) who's dating Vera. Bob: Ed Quinlan. read more

Manager Coach Season 2, Episode 8

When normally mild-mannered Coach gets a shot at managing a Little League team, he turns into a win-at-all-costs tyrant. Mort: Herb Mitchell. Pee Wee: Elliot Scott. read more

Old Flames Season 2, Episode 7

Recently divorced sportscaster Dave Richards (Fred Dryer) bets that he can break up Sam and Diane in 24 hours. David Angell's script won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Didi: Elizabeth McIvor. read more

Affairs of the Heart Season 2, Episode 6

Cynical Carla ignores the romantic overtures of a perfectly nice gentleman named Hank (Don Amendolia), believing that if he's interested in her, he must have a “fatal flaw.” When he and Carla finally go out on a date, Coach mentions to the gang that Hank has a bad heart and that too much carnal excitement isn't good for him. read more

Sumner's Return Season 2, Episode 5

Sam bones up on Tolstoy when Diane's brainy ex-fiancé, Prof. Sumner Sloan (Michael McGuire), returns with the intention of renewing their relationship. Ted Danson, Shelley Long. read more

Homicidal Ham Season 2, Episode 4

Diane's "perfect date," lady-killing ex-con Andy (Derek McGrath)---he once murdered a waitress---returns to Cheers, and she helps him pursue an acting career. On the night of their big performance, the strangulation scene from "Othello," Diane develops real stage fright when she realizes he's actually going to kill her. Prof. DeWitt: Severn Darden. read more

Personal Business Season 2, Episode 3

Diane, frustrated with her job and angered by Carla's charge that she receives preferential treatment as the boss's girlfriend, quits Cheers for a more fulfilling career; and a liberated Norm is on the prowl after splitting up with Vera. Mr. Anderson: James Ingersoll. Customer No. 1: Patrick Stack. read more

Little Sister, Don't Cha Season 2, Episode 2

Rhea Perlman plays dual roles, Carla and her exact-opposite sister Annette, in this episode written by Perlman's real-life sister, Heide. While Carla is on maternity leave, the seemingly innocent Annette fills in at the bar and shocks everyone with her unseemly dating habits. read more

Power Play Season 2, Episode 1

Sam and Diane's nascent romance meets with great skepticism from the gang, who seem to be prophetic when Diane throws Sam out of her apartment after only five minutes. Carla: Rhea Perlman. read more

Showdown Season 1, Episode 22

Conclusion of two parts. Diane decides to fly off to Paris with Sam's dashing brother, then hopes Sam will try to talk her out of it. Lois: Lois de Banzie. Helen: Helen Page Camp. Cindy: Peggy Kubena. Alan: Alan Koss. Paul: Paul Vaughn. read more

Showdown Season 1, Episode 21

In Part 1 of a two-parter, Sam's successful, intelligent and thoroughly charming brother Derek (George Ball) visits and soon spirits Diane off to Nantucket. Debbie: Deborah Shelton. Alan: Alan Koss. Paul: Paul Vaughn. read more

Someone Single, Someone Blue Season 1, Episode 20

Diane's wealthy mother (Glynis Johns) shows up the day before her daughter's birthday with news that Diane must marry immediately or Mom becomes a pauper. After considering a list of prospective mates, Diane proposes a “strictly business” union with Sam. Boggs: Duncan Ross. Fiedler: Dean Dittman. read more

Pick a Con...Any Con Season 1, Episode 19

Sam decides it takes a thief to catch a thief and enlists Harry the Hat (Harry Anderson) to recover money Coach lost to a cardsharp (Reid Shelton). The barkeep sets up a friendly little after-hours poker game and bankrolls Harry, who, it soon becomes apparent, may be in over his head. read more

No Contest Season 1, Episode 18

Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill drops by---but luckily is gone when Sam tells Diane she's entered in the Miss Boston Barmaid contest. However, the Speaker does get an earful from an out-of-work Norm, who rails about a “do-nothing” Congress, saying, “this bozo” (referring to O'Neill) could probably be a better congressman. read more

Diane's Perfect Date Season 1, Episode 17

On a dare, Sam and Diane set each other up with the perfect date. While Diane shows up with her attractive friend, Sam arrives alone and must pay a bar customer (Derek McGrath)---a real ladykiller---to be Diane's escort. Gretchen: Gretchen Corbett. Walter: Douglas Sheehan. read more

The Boys in the Bar Season 1, Episode 16

Sam's ex-teammate (Alan Autry) comes out in his autobiography, and Sam's regulars fear that the bar will become a gay hangout. Harry: Harry Anderson. Larry: John Furey. Richard: Michael Kearns. Fred: Kenneth Tigar. Bob: Lee Ryan. Photographer: Wesley Thompson. read more

Father Knows Last Season 1, Episode 15

Carla has a problem that she can no longer keep secret---the feisty divorcée is five months pregnant and has yet to name the father of her unborn child. But when she finally does own up, it's a shocker. Marshall: Mark King. read more

Let Me Count the Ways Season 1, Episode 14

Diane is devastated by the death of her family cat, but she gets no solace from Sam and his customers who are engrossed in a Celtics game on TV. But when Sam's attempt to share in her grief almost leads to a passionate moment, she accuses him of exploiting the situation. Marshall: Mark King. Jack: Jack Knight. read more

Now Pitching, Sam Malone Season 1, Episode 13

A TV-commercial agent (Barbara Babcock) takes Sam as a client---a position requiring more work behind her hotel-room door than in front of the camera. Baseball great Luis Tiant appears as himself. Tibor: Rick Hill. Paul: Paul Vaughn. read more

Spy Who Came In for a Cold One Season 1, Episode 12

A suave Englishman (Ellis Rabb) walks into the bar, orders a drink, makes a pass at Carla, then lets slip that he's a secret agent whose exploits make James Bond look like a double-o-zero. All his tall tales, however, make Diane suspicious. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Norm: George Wendt. read more

One for the Book Season 1, Episode 11

A timid young man (Boyd Bodwell) about to enter a monastery comes into the bar for a last night of frivolity and discovers a passion for the pleasures of the flesh; and the back room welcomes a reunion of WWI veterans, but only one former doughboy (Ian Wolfe) shows up. read more

Endless Slumper Season 1, Episode 10

Sam suffers a streak of bad luck when he lends his lucky bottle cap to a slumping Red Sox pitcher (Christopher McDonald). Ted Danson, Shelley Long. Miss Gilder: Anne Haney. read more

Coach Returns to Action Season 1, Episode 9

The only thing standing between Coach and romance with a new neighbor (Murphy Cross) is Sam, who has romantic plans of his own for the lady. So Coach goes to great pains to keep Sam from “sweeping the girl of my dreams off her feet.” Tour Guide: Bill Wiley. Little Girl: Julia Hendler. read more

Truce or Consequences Season 1, Episode 8

In a conciliatory moment of female bonding, Carla makes a confession to Diane about the father of her youngest child and swears her to secrecy---even though the revelation is not true. Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson. read more

Friends, Romans & Accountants Season 1, Episode 7

Norm tries to make points with his boss (James Read) by having the firm party at Cheers and arranging for Diane to be the “old man's” date, which doesn't go over well with Sam. Ted Danson, Shelley Long. read more

Any Friend of Diane's Season 1, Episode 6

Diane's recently dumped friend (Julia Duffy) is looking for uninhibited fun with a man who's “tall, dark, strong...unintellectual”---in a word, Sam. Stabell: Macon McCalman. read more

Coach's Daughter Season 1, Episode 5

The gang is at a loss to explain why Coach's sweet and successful daughter (Allyce Beasley) wants to marry an obnoxious lout (Philip Charles MacKenzie) whom no one can stand---not even easygoing Coach. Chuck: Tim Cunningham. read more

Sam at Eleven Season 1, Episode 4

Ex-Major Leaguer Sam's desire to be in the spotlight is rekindled when he's asked by a former teammate (Fred Dryer) to do a TV interview. Harry Anderson makes his first appearance as con artist extraordinaire Harry the Hat. Young Guy: Rick Dees. Cathy: Julie Brown. read more

The Tortelli Tort Season 1, Episode 3

Carla attacks an obnoxious Yankees fan (Ron Karabatsos) who then threatens to sue Sam if he doesn't fire the hot-tempered waitress. Doctor: Stephen Keep. Fred: John Fiedler. read more

Sam's Women Season 1, Episode 2

Diane teases Sam about the less-than cerebral women he dates, sending him on a quest to find his intellectual ideal. This episode introduced Sam's ex-wife, Debra (Donna McKechnie). Leo Metz: Donnelly Rhodes. Brandee: Angela Aames. read more

Give Me a Ring Sometime (Pilot) Season 1, Episode 1

In the series opener, an intellectual teaching assistant (Shelley Long) marks time at the bar waiting for her college-professor fiancé (Michael McGuire) to return with his first wife's ring. While she waits, she listens to the regulars debate the sweatiest movie ever made and fends off the bartender's come-ons. Boy: John P. Navin. Ron: Ron Frazier. read more

I'll Be Seeing You

To end a lovers' spat, the gang persuades Sam to commission a portrait of Diane by an eccentric artist (Christopher Lloyd). Ed: Christopher Carroll. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

Coach in Love

When a mother and daughter (Ellen Regan) walk into Cheers, it's Coach who's a big hit with the mother, while Sam can't get to first base with the daughter. Coach: Nicholas Colasanto. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. read more

Cheers Episode: "I'll Be Seeing You"

Episode Synopsis: To end a lovers' spat, the gang persuades Sam to commission a portrait of Diane by an eccentric artist (Christopher Lloyd). Ed: Christopher Carroll. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long.
Original Air Date: Jan 1, 0001
Guest Cast Steve Giannelli: Steve Christopher Lloyd: Phillip Semenko Christopher Carroll: Ed

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Premiered: September 30, 1982, on NBC
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: This hugely successful, multi-Emmy-winning sitcom is set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic. A brilliantly written and performed ensemble comedy filled with colorful characters, the series, in its first five years, revolved around the on again-off again, dysfunctional romance between Sam and brainy waitress Diane. The series bowed in September 1982, ran for 11 seasons and spun off another all-time classic, 'Frasier.'



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