Jim Kouf



Year Title Description
2004 The Handler: The Wedding Party
Season 1, Episode 15
Episode, Writer
2004 The Handler: The Big Fall
Season 1, Episode 16
Episode, Writer
2003 The Handler: Jar of Spiders
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode, Writer
2003 The Handler: Off the Edge
Season 1, Episode 11
Episode, Writer
1983 Class Movie, Assoc. Producer
1994 Silent Fall Movie, Co-Producer
1985 Secret Admirer Movie, Co-Producer
1997 Gang Related Movie, Director
1989 Disorganized Crime Movie, Director
1987 Miracles Movie, Director
1993 Kalifornia Movie, Exec. Producer
1997 Con Air Movie, Exec. Producer
1993 Another Stakeout Movie, Producer
1987 Stakeout Movie, Producer
1985 Secret Admirer Movie, Producer
2007 National Treasure Movie, Source
1984 Up The Creek Movie, Source
1981 Utilities Movie, Writer
1984 American Dreamer Movie, Writer
1983 Class Movie, Writer
1983 Pink Motel Movie, Writer
1984 Up The Creek Movie, Writer
1985 Secret Admirer Movie, Writer
1998 Rush Hour Movie, Writer
1997 Gang Related Movie, Writer
2002 Snow Dogs Movie, Writer
2004 National Treasure Movie, Writer
2004 Taxi Movie, Writer
1987 Stakeout Movie, Writer
1987 Miracles Movie, Writer
1989 Disorganized Crime Movie, Writer
1995 Operation Dumbo Drop Movie, Writer
1993 Another Stakeout Movie, Writer
2005 Ghost Whisperer TV Show Series, Co-Executive Producer
2011 Grimm TV Show Series, Creator
2011 Grimm TV Show Series, Executive Producer

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