Inna Brayer and Ted McGinley by Kelsey McNeal/ABC
Dancing with the Stars won't have McGinley to kick around anymore, but it doesn't matter. The damage has been done.

Ted did not deserve to go Wednesday night. He wasn't the worst dancer. He and his partner didn't get the lowest score. Perhaps the producers sensed the effect Ted has on any prime time show and tried to escape.

Dancing with the Stars has drifted into Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-level over-exposure on ABC. Is there a night that this show isn't on? And the "stars" that those great-looking dancers get down with are resurrecting their careers, not showcasing them. As contestants aspire to be the next Mario Lopez or Joey Fatone, the glamour of the show has begun to fade. Even my boss at my day job has lost interest, and he was a die-hard fan.

Look at this season's competition. Kim Kardashian? Jeffrey Ross? The show has reached the point where the dancers are bigger celebrities than their "star" partners.

And then there's Ted. Ted is the best because he continues to be cast in network television shows in spite of his "jump the shark" track record. Happy Days. The Love Boat. Sports Night. Hope & Faith. The list goes on and on.

Tom, Samantha and crew might have been feeling a bit cocky when they put Ted into the mix. The show was hot. The ratings were good. Why not tempt fate? We'll pair him with a lesser known dance partner, just in case. We don't want him around for too long.

Blood was in the water when Ted was announced as a participant, and as soon as he took his first twirl on the dance floor, the shark had been jumped.

Ted will persevere. But Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno should find some life jackets. Fast.

Do you think Dancing is in danger of "jumping the shark"? - Jon Hein, founder of