Kim Kardashian by Craig Sjodin/ABC
Kim Kardashian wants to use Dancing with the Stars to shape up and slim down - but keep her sexy curves - before she has babies.

The reality star shares details on her experiences on Dancing, as well as her fitness and family plans in OK! Magazine.

When asked how she prepared for the rigorous training on Dancing, she said, "Knowing that I was going to do this, I started heavily working out in the gym all summer. My boyfriend (NFL star Reggie Bush) taught me lots of weight training exercises that I didn't do before."

Kardashian admits that she's using her time on the show to tone up so she can look good on vacation in her swimsuit, but says losing her curves is not in the cards.

She tells OK!, "I don't even think that's really possible. I'm going to probably have kids soon, so I want to have the perfect body before then. It'll be harder to get in shape afterward, so why not do it now."

What do you think about the curvaceous Kardashian's admission that she wants to have kids soon? (We hope Reggie is in on that info). - Erin Fox

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