Derek Hough and Mark Ballas by Tiffany Rose/
In a twist of irony, Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough and Mark Ballas were robbed over the weekend prior to a charity concert, the two announced on their MySpace Celebrity Blog.

Hough, 23, and Ballas, 22, along with their band Almost Amy, were in Roseville, Minn. for a Cancer Charities show Sunday when they stopped by an Outback Steakhouse for a bite to eat.

While inside, "our band van was broken into and they took all of our personal items," the duo wrote. "Everything from passports and visas, wallets, IDs, laptops, iPods, cell phones, Emily's purse, cameras etc..."

The Dancing pros are offering a $5,000 reward for the return of their personal items and are not looking to prosecute anybody, according to band manager Daniel Catullo.

"Whoever did this, they can email the band's website and drop the items somewhere and we'll pick them up, no questions asked," Catullo, who believes it was "definitely a pro job," told People. "We don't care about the iPods or other items that can be replaced. It's the personal items and the laptops they would really like back." - Joyce Eng