Lacey Schwimmer by Michael Desmond/ABC
Dancing with the Stars was infiltrated Monday night by some of its stiffest dance competition: three heavyweights from Fox's So You Think You Can Dance.

Sitting ringside was So You Think You Can Dance creator, executive producer and head judge Nigel Lythgoe, who has always made a point of praising Dancing with the Stars on the air. In another section of the ballroom sat So You Think judge Adam Shankman, who also directed the feature film Hairspray. And three seats down from Shankman sat the show's Season 2 winner, swing dancer Benji Schwimmer.

"They all came to support me," says new pro Lacey Schwimmer, who was a fan favorite during So You Think's Season 3. Lacey really needed their support. Because even though she and her star, 'NSync's Lance Bass, have racked up three solid scores for their cha cha cha, quick-step and paso doble, they're had their wrists slapped repeatedly by head judge Len Goodman for not doing traditional steps. "He's really got it in for them," says Shankman. "And it's ridiculous, because the audience loves them. And they're the only ones out there who look like they're really having fun. Everyone else has these smiles plastered on their faces, but Lance and Lacey are the real thing."

"I think Adam said, 'Fire Len!'" says Bass after the show, laughing. "He would say that," says Lacey. "But it was great to have him and Nigel here, it was like a little reunion for me."

Still, having such influential support from the stands didn't stop Goodman from chastising the couple yet again. "I know your game and I know your brain!" said Goodman after their paso doble. "And it doesn't work, my old sausage." He may have finally put a dent in Lacey's determination to put a rock & roll edge into her ballroom choreography. "We're gonna be who we are," she says. "But if the judges really want us to be traditional, we'll pull it out of somewhere. We'll find it."

"We play characters when we dance," says Bass. "And this is not the time to play it safe. But if we stay on the show, maybe next week, we'll do a completely traditional ballroom dance. We'll give them exactly what they want. We can do that, and we'll prove that we can do that." - Deborah Starr Seibel

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