Jeffrey Tambor by Cliff Lipson/CBS
Jeers to Welcome to the Captain for wasting the talents of Jeffrey Tambor. The guy costarred in two of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Arrested Development (as felonious patriarch George Bluth and his hippie-dippie twin Oscar) and The Larry Sanders Show (as unctuous sidekick Hank Kingsley), but he's stranded in CBS' laugh-free new dud as washed-up ex- Three's Company writer "Uncle Saul." ( Captain can't even figure out how to make an in-joke out of the fact that Tambor was on the jiggle-com's spin-off, The Ropers.) But don't lose hope, Tambor fans: Possibly due to the success of the Jason Bateman/Michael Cera vehicle Juno, there's talk of an Arrested Development movie. As Hank Kingsley used to say, "Hey now!"

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