Paulie Z, Gilbert Gottfried, David Z and Joey C. by Jennifer Graylock/IFC
Cheers to TV's most unexpectedly grade-A treat: Z-Rock. If This is Spinal Tap and Curb Your Enthusiasm had a baby, it'd look like IFC's semi-improvised comedy series about Z02, a real-life Brooklyn metal band by night who pay the bills by playing kids' music as the Z Brothers by day. The power trio's members are surprisingly adept actors, and they're ably supported by stand-up Lynne Koplitz as their foul-mouthed but loving manager - she's like a sexier Susie Essman. Aptly, the guest list includes comics (Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried) and rockers (just wait til you see the Z Brothers play a bris with Blues Traveler's John Popper). In short, Z rocks!

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