Ken Leung, Rebecca Mader, Jeremy Davies and Jeff Fahey by Mario Perez/ABC
Cheers to Lost for finding a quartet of stellar talents to play the "rescuers" - aka "a headcase, a ghostbuster, an anthropologist and a drunk." Jeremy Davies (Faraday) has brought his off-kilter charisma to everything from Saving Private Ryan to Helter Skelter. Ken Leung (Miles) oozed magnetic hostility as Uncle Junior's roomie in The Sopranos and a Chinese army interrogator in HBO's too-little-seen movie Strip Search. Stunning Brit Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) was one of the best things about Fox's unjustly overlooked Justice. And Jeff Fahey (Lapidus) has been a personal fave since the underrated '90s drama The Marshal. They're all stronger actors than, say, Michelle Rodriguez, Rodrigo Santoro, Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder. I just hope they last longer.