OK, before we proceed out of the gate on Episode 305 - "Weight of What Was" that aired tonight - we first want to note that the strike is over and that the GHOST WHISPERER crew, writers and actors are gearing up to start shooting new, original episodes for this season which will be broadcast as soon as we can get them to CBS. Coming to work this morning was very exciting - it's the first time in many weeks that the Universal Lot (where we shoot GHOST WHISPERER) was populated with people instead of a bunch of parked production trucks and vans. There were people going through the main gate, people on bikes doing production runs, people in crew vans scouting locations, people towing and driving rigs with gigantic artificial trees (for Clint Eastwood's movie - keep an eye out in theatres for it) and wardrobe racks being rolled through the streets. The CSI crews opened up their stages, and Desperate Housewives began putting Wisteria Lane back in order (after their tornado). The hustle and bustle of Hollywood is back and it was really wonderful to experience it first hand.

And, we might add, there were lots of restless spirits waiting to get in on the action around the GHOST WHISPERER sets - we were on all the sets today and our crews are hard at work rolling them out of the mothballs. The writers are hard at work breaking stories and writing scripts. And all will collide for the start of a very positive shooting schedule, very quickly. We'll post our first original broadcast date as soon as we can. Thank you for your support and patience!

OK, so in regards to EP 305 "Weight of What Was" - first thing's first. The underground tunnels beneath Grandview were inspired by a small coal-mining town in southwestern Pennsylvania, Donora, (home of baseball greats Ken Griffey and Stan Musial) we might add. There was an old hotel there in the late 60's named the Irondale Hotel, which was in service to the coalmines and the steel mill. When that hotel was torn down, and before the bank was built over top of the property, it was discovered that there were tunnels that ran under the town connecting the buildings and the cross section of streets. Other things were discovered behind the state store on Main Street, like a movie theatre, which had been completely hidden by the renovation in the 60's. We're sure there are many towns like this throughout the U.S. that have 'hidden' underworlds. What a great element to add to Grandview.

Go to fansofgw.com/flashlight/alternate to take your own 3-D journey in the underworld - starting out in the Grandview archives.

Also, taking a journey in the underworld may be a great time to see how a ghost views the world. Click fansofgw.com/ghostvision to try Ghost Vision- a game we created at the start of Season 3.

And finally, before we go further about tonight's episode, go to cbs.com/ghost to view the newest installment of GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE - the award-winning webisode series.

In Episode 305, you may have recognized the guest starts - Martin Donovan of The Dead Zone and one of our favorite shows Weeds, playing Melinda's father. And the gorgeous and talented Ignacio Serricchio - formerly of General Hospital - playing Melinda's brother. Oohhh, he's one bad dude.

We thought that Melinda's clothes - the black Calvin Klein skirt and the dancer top and knee-high boots - were a gorgeous look for her. And this was the first episode where Delia, Professor Payne, and Jim worked together in scenes - they had a blast. Three funny people!

Our Production Designer and crew built the tunnels that Melinda was trapped in on the indoor GHOST WHISPERER stages. The tunnels were so spooky (even though they were man-made) that we were too afraid to go in them. Love did an amazing job going in and braving it, getting in the head of her character, and embracing the story points, which took her deeper and deeper into the dilemma of the Underworld. And, the dirt. And the dust.

When Jim finally rescues Melinda (with Delia and Professor Payne), it was truly an emotional scene on the set.

PK Simonds wrote this script - very powerful stuff!

Be well and we'll check in with you next week. And stay out of the Underworld where evil spirits lurk.

Kim & Ian

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