So, a blog. Is it a blog, or is it a blogg? One sounds worse than the other. The connotations that spring from this word are endless. I saw a movie once called The Blob. I wonder if that is where the word's derived from. Is it an acronym for something else? I am so not pop-culture, it's scary.
By the way, I am Rick Hearst, or Ric Lansing from General Hospital ... You know, Sonny's brother. There you go, now you got a picture, right?

I have wondered to myself what to write on this particular "blog." Is it a journal? A travelogue? A spewfest? As I write this, I am currently on a two-week leave from GH due to a throat condition that required surgery. All is well, but writing is my only immediate form of communication other than jumping up and down and waving my arms. Every day is like a bad game of charades. I thought, "What a great time to learn sign language." Yeah, right. I feel it's always better to contort your mouth to accommodate for the lack of sound. It sure is more entertaining for the ones you love.

I thought I should get the surgery done before the Daytime Emmys in case I have to say something. I have already been taking résumés from interpreters to do all my interviews and possible acceptance speeches. Thus far, I can't find anyone who captures my essence other than my two sons. The only problem with that is you can't use those words on network TV. It seems so long ago that this all occurred... the nomination announcement, I mean. It's like a Monty Python movie with cartoon narration: "Winter turned into spring, which gave way to summer." Usually, you get to keep up the anticipatory wave that comes with this time of year. I think everyone has to be reminded again that this is actually happening. So, if I happen to win, I need you all to be very quiet so I don't strain my voice.

I can't wait to get back to the gray hallows of the PCPD to shuffle the files, get in Jason's face, argue with the mayor, share an interlude with Skye, and speak the names of Jerry Jax and James Craig all in one sentence again. As long as I hold all the cards, it's all good.

Until next time, this is Rick Hearst, aka Ric Lansing from General Hospital, signing off from his first blog (still not sure if that's what this is).

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