Alright - before we get started, have you seen the cover of the May 5 TV Guide? Jennifer Love Hewitt is featured as the 'Sexiest Woman on TV.' She wins hands down, we can tell you. And did you see today's issue of People? Love is featured as one of the 100 Most Beautiful People. Having worked with her for 3 1/2 years - we say she is the most beautiful person inside and out. Truly!

It's the end of the week and you know what that means - another installment of Ghost Whisperer. "Deadbeat Dads" had unique comedy flair to it. The script was beautifully written by our newest addition to the Ghost Whisperer writing staff - Mark Perry. Mark joins us from the writing staff of Brothers & Sisters. He's worked with P.K. Simonds who jumped aboard the Ghost Whisperer train at the beginning of Season 3 (as you all are very well aware!). Mark and P.K. worked together on Party of Five (Jennifer Love Hewitt's old stomping ground).

Mark's script made us laugh during production - nothing better than funny ghost antics. But the story turns serious and emotional - we were so moved by the storytelling and the acting and we hope you were too when you watched the episode tonight.

While we were shooting this episode, Jay Mohr spent quite a bit of time reminding all of us that he sleeps with his Ghost Whisperer co-star! That being his real-life wife, Nikki Cox ( Las Vegas) who guest stars as Professor Payne's ex-girlfriend in this episode. This episode gives you a chance to explore the personal side of the Professor and answers the mystery that was set-up last season in Episode 220 when Payne's wife revealed herself to Melinda.

In this episode, Melinda helps Payne juggle an old flame (Cox), her 10-year-old son (Nathan Gamble of Babel) and the jealous ghost of Payne's deceased wife (the very talented Rachel Shelley of The L Word). Rachel has been with us several times during episodic production and we're lucky to have her because she's talented, lovely and beautiful.

There is another surprise in this episode - the conclusion of Ghost Whisperer's award-winning web series, THE OTHER SIDE II. Zach - the ghost featured in the web series, finally connects with Melinda Gordon and ... Uh-we're not telling you what happens. If you can, watch the THE OTHER SIDE I and THE OTHER SIDE II before you watch this episode to find out what really happens, you'll really get it.

In this episode we feature a powerful song by pop-sensation Sia: "Day Too Soon" (Hear Music). We hope you love it as much was we do in this show.

We're attaching the links for PROFESSOR PAYNE'S BRAIN an interactive flash game that we created to get you ready for this episode - and HOUSE OF PAYNE a unique online video featuring who else but PROFESSOR PAYNE.

And it's not too late to get the outfit worn by Melinda in last week's episode! Go to or check out our widget at and place your bid in the first ever Ghost Whisperer Auction, before it ends on Monday!

Have a great weekend and check-in with us next week.
Kim & Ian