Show opened at the Wilshire Theater, which looked great. Bill Bellamy looked great in his suit, but then gave us Clinton jokes. I can't wait to see Bill and give him hell for that. C'mon, man, Clinton jokes? With Bush in the White House? There's no easier target than Bush. We comics are really going to have to work once he's gone.

The show is down to the final five and I can't think of any way to blog other than to review, so here goes.

Lavelle is confident as hell. He talks like a winner, which I never did, but hey, I can't argue with success and he's been killing so far. But this set felt a little flat to me. He seemed to be thinking rather than just being funny. I thought the jokes about slavery and the working friend Juan were kind of weak. But I liked the joke about getting paid overtime when the office psycho holds you hostage, and the closer about looking like a talking traffic barrel was good. So I think he'll stay.

John Reep opened great with cell-phone jokes. I think we are all annoyed by those cell-phone talkers and laugh at the Bluetooth-headset people. I always wonder what they are going to do if aliens come down and ask who they are talking to. He then went into a long beer bit that felt kind of flat. Good luck, John; if you survive with that set I hope you step it up next time. I think you're on thin ice.

Ralph was next. He had the weirdest intro I ever heard: "Here's a brother who really loves his mama." Huh? Ralph came out with a touching thank you to the audience, but I didn't get that. I mean, it took him a whole minute just to get to his jokes. You only get five minutes, so save the thanks for the interviews. Once he did get started, he rolled as usual. Ralph does love the family jokes. He committed a lot of time to acting out his uncle. It seemed a little long, but it worked. I think Ralph will survive. He also looked the best - great suit. He looks professional and like a star. Hey, I hope my commenting on clothes doesn't make me gay. I'd hate to step on ANT's toes. I just like comics who respect the TV stage and dress for it.

OK, Amy, you can't come out saying it's twice as hard for women comics and then do an eating-disorder bit followed by a boyfriend bit. That's the stereotypical stuff that gives women comics a bad rep. Amy is the least experienced and I think it showed. The side comment to ANT didn't work as he wasn't there. I also think she repeated a bit from her New York tryout. I like you, Amy, but I think this may have been it for you.

Gerry Dee rocked it. He came out and started right in with jokes, no time wasted, no stammering. It was a great set. Yes, the material was simple stuff - dinner plates and gravy boats - but it was hilarious. I think he saved this show. Gerry's been trying for years to get here and I'd say he plans to stay. Great job, Gerry.

Side note: It was great to see John Heffron in the crowd, the man who beat me in Season 2. OK, Season 5, step up: Season 2 is in the house.

NBC's Last Comic Standing airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET.