This week's episode of The War at Home is entitled "The White Shadow." In it, my character Larry starts writing music and for some reason Dave decides that he can rap over it. Michael Rapaport really liked rapping - in fact, he wrote his own rap for this episode. In an attempt to bulk up, Dean's character decides to stop m-----bating. For this story line we had Tila Tequila come on the show and, within the context of a wet dream, rub her breasts in Dean's face. Dean thought she was really cool.

Behind the scenes, Dean and I spent most of the week watching Dax Flame, the greatest human being on the planet! Dax Flame is a very talented young man who started documenting his adventures on his YouTube blog about three months ago. So far there are 45 installments, all of which are truly hilarious. Dax's mission in life is twofold: 1) He must befriend Jacob, and 2) he must win the heart of Sofia. Maybe one day Dax could be on an episode of The War at Home - both Dean and I are dying to meet him.

If by any chance Dax is reading this: Dean and I would be eternally grateful if you mentioned us in your next video. We will do our best to get you on TV.

You can watch Dax's already very popular video blog on YouTube. Godspeed, Dax!

So, moving on... that week, Dean, Mike and I also went to see The Last King of Scotland, which was fantastic! Forest Whitaker's performance was incredible, and he certainly deserved the Oscar. Upon leaving the theater, we ran into Norm Macdonald, who is apparently good friends with Rapaport. Mike seems to know everybody, even people he doesn't know... think about that. Anyway, be sure to check out The War at Home this Sunday at 7:30 pm/ET on Fox. And also, please watch Dax Flame.