Well, call me surprised! Ralph Harris gone, I didn't expect that. I don't think "the drunken Uncle" was his best set, but I didn't think it was the worst. I guess my read on the voters is a bit off. Sorry to see you go, Ralph, and congrats to the four who moved on.

Gerry Dee was solid again this week. I liked the trips back home, too. Wow, Gerry had a baby and he stayed in L.A. to do the show. He'd better win - that's more devotion than most athletes. Then again, maybe he wanted to sleep in without listening to a baby cry.

Lavell was great. I loved his callback to Gerry's set. Just imagining Lavell in a little Cub Scout outfit is worth a vote in my book: "Excuse me Mr. Grizzly bear..." "Yes, little fat black boy?" Hilarious.

Amy, Amy, Amy. I'm torn on Amy's stuff. I think the play on words she does is kind of cute but I don't see it as strong material. She did look good in a bikini and in tight jeans. She even made reference to the people who like her for being an attractive young woman. It kind of bugs me. I say vote on funny, and leave the bikinis for America's Next Top Model. But bikinis are hard to argue with. She'd be great on a sitcom. Then again, I'm not casting sitcoms so I could be wrong about that, too. I can't even make up my mind here on the blog. Next week let's see Lavell in a bikini. I'd pay to see that. Then again, I'm a sick man.

Jon Reep - his stuff is just silly and I like his set this week. Nice to actually see Hickory and hey, they do talk funny. Of course, anyone who saw Miss South Carolina answering questions in that beauty pageant (check YouTube) knows the school system Jon was in, so congrats, man, just for speaking English.

I thought Bill's set was pretty edgy but I don't fully agree. Michael Vick isn't a black/white thing; it's a bad-guy thing. Vick screwed up so bad even the Raiders don't want him. That's as low as you can go.

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