Greetings, virtual community, it's good to be back! I just got back from the movie theater with Justine Bateman, where we saw this slasher movie called Fur. OK, it's not really a slasher movie, it's a movie about photographer Diane Arbus, but the one thing that did get slashed was my part. Between that and the Bears losing, it could've been quite the downward spiral today, but I count it as a step on the way to becoming a real actor. In my book, you're not a real actor until your part hits the cutting-room floor, you get a bad review, and you've been fired. So I am two-thirds of the way there - I just hope the firing doesn't happen on Men in Trees, because I love seeing these people at work every day. And Justine Bateman may or may not be one of those people (whom, as I see at work, no one can resist loving). I can't reveal any more except that she may or may not have one of the greatest lead-ins and entrances on a television show I've ever seen. A literal and metaphorical storm is brewing in Elmo!

We are so excited for our Thursday-night premiere this week at 10 pm/ET, after Grey's Anatomy. One of my best friends, the lovely and talented Manda Siegfried, is appearing on Grey's tonight as Meredith Grey's sister. Manda and I were just talking today about how we can't believe we're on back-to-back TV shows tonight, because we met doing Broadway shows next door to each other! Another theater actress - and a friend of mine and of Manda's - the hilarious Miriam Shor, is starring in Big Day [Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, on ABC]. Everyone is calling her one of the standout performances of that show! While I'm at it, I must also give a shout-out to my dear friend Luke MacFarlane on Brothers & Sisters. It's a little unfair that he is both so incredibly talented and good-looking, but we can all forgive him because he is such a kind person. ABC, don't you love how I'm shilling for all your shows? But wait, I can't end the in-network shout-outs there, because if it weren't for Jon Robin Baitz, fellow blogger and producer of Brothers & Sisters, I never would never have met my boyfriend, Tyler Francavilla. We met at an audition for a play that Robbie wrote, called Chinese Friends. Tyler got the job, and I didn't, which was convenient because I don't do set romances (OK, I made an exception for a grip once, when I was young and foolish). Our meeting is actually a very intricate and romantic story that involves a sexy tweed jacket with elbow patches, but it would take more than one blog to tell it, and I know you want to hear about the men in the trees (return of Plow Guy, anyone?). But suffice it to say that Tyler and I can never break up, because we certainly won't find a better "How did you guys meet?" story.

I know you all have probably run out of leftover turkey sandwiches by now, but you might be craving one when you see tonight's Thanksgiving episode, "New York Fiction." It's also a Part 1, so I can promise you that there will be a cliff-hanger leading up to Part 2. Also, we actually went to shoot in New York City for this one, so there is no Vancouver standing in for Fifth Ave. I was a little disappointed, because when I first started reading the script it looked like I would be shooting there as well, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Damn that metaphorical Alaskan fog! Luckily I got my fill of NYC last week when I visited my family for Thanksgiving in Queens (also Annie's hometown). Actually, while we were shooting this episode, we all celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a few weeks before American Thanksgiving. One's language becomes much more global up in Canada; I find myself saying things like "Happy U.S. Thanksgiving" and referring to "North America" a lot. But one of the best things about working up north is the two Thanksgivings! It's like a warm-up for us Americans.

We all got together at Suleka Mathew's house, and she cooked us the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner. I provided the cranberry sauce, part of which ended up on the floor of my Jetta (which still smells like stale fruit), but the meal was so good it was worth it. (It's actually a great recipe: cranberry sauce with port wine and figs, from It was just like the Thanksgiving dinner you'll see tonight in the Chieftan. Honestly, it's intimidating writing these blogs, because we all get along so well I know it's probably boring as hell. After some heartfelt toasts and some amazing food, we commenced with a game of Celebrity, which is a game where everyone puts names of famous people into a hat and teams of people have to guess them in various ways. I must say that our friendly Canadian/American divide was illuminated here. At one point, Suleka turned to me and the other Americans on our team, and said, "Famous hockey player! You know... a really, really famous hockey player! Anyone??" Then I think the wine really started flowing, because a few rounds went by with people guessing this strange person I'd never heard of called Plane Arbus. It took about half an hour before anyone realized that it was a case of poor handwriting, and it was actually Diane Arbus. And thus an extremely meandering blog comes full circle.

I've had the TV on while I've been writing this, and I've had to turn the channel so many times because it's all just so gruesome. At this point, more people must be killed on TV than in real life! I feel so lucky to be part of a show that's about real relationships, about love and heartbreak, and about people sitting down together for a Thanksgiving meal.

Welcome to Thursday nights, everyone!