So here we go, the first episode of a new season of NBC's Last Comic Standing [Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, starting June 13] is coming up. It's kind of fitting that the first episode will be set in New York, the land where dreams are made and broken.

I guess I'd better reintroduce myself. I'm Alonzo Bodden, Season 2 runner-up, Season 3 winner and Season 5 talent scout.

I've done it all on Last Comic Standing, except host. I wanted to host but they hired Bill Bellamy. After watching Bill, I see I have a lot to learn about hosting. He's great. He's bringing a whole new energy to the show, and he looks good in a suit.

The other talent scouts are ANT and Kathleen Madigan. Kathleen is hilarious and she really knows comedy. When we did Seasons 2 and 3, she wasn't featured enough, the reason being that it wouldn't challenge her. We all knew how funny she is, but now you guys get to see it. I love Kathleen and all her voices, characters and whatever else goes on inside that little red head of hers.

ANT... what can be said about ANT that hasn't already been written? Did you know he's gay? Apparently that's the scoop. Seriously, ANT is ANT: over-the-top, loud, emotional, dramatic and funny. Love him or hate him, but you will get plenty of him.

We have other changes this season. We went international, traveling to Australia, Canada, the U.K.... That was fun, and stand-up is definitely different overseas, some being funnier, some... not so much. I went Simon on a guy in Australia, you'll see.

There is no house this season. No house, no castle, no boat. That's right, NBC isn't paying rent. Head-to-head every week, and America votes.

Finally, the prize money is up to $250,000. That's the amount I got when I won Season 3. Of course, no one knew I won Season 3 except the IRS... funny how they were watching.

Well, that's it, so let's get started. Tune in June 13 (my birthday) and start laughing and second-guessing me!