Hello, everyone, this is Dean Collins from The War at Home. (I play Mike.) I've never written an official blog before, so here goes.

The next episode of the The War at Home, airing Thursday at 8:30 (on Fox), is called "No Weddings and a Funeral." For this episode, we had a bunch of guest stars, including George Segal and Jamie Farr, who were both awesome to work with and totally down-to-earth. We also had to construct a mock airplane set, which made filming a much more complicated process than it usually is.

Normally we film in four-camera, which means that each camera can get different coverage simultaneously and as a result we can finish a scene in just a few takes. In this particular episode, the plane set forced us to shoot more like a one-camera show, requiring many more takes than usual. But we did it, and it turned out great!

Since I was on that plane set for such a long time, the prop master on the show (John) gave my character a Gameboy to play with. It was a Nintendo DS, and it kicked ass! It had Metroid on it, and I sat there playing for hours, until my costar Kyle Sullivan stole it from me and bogarted it for the rest of the day.

In Season 1, it was established that Mike has a fear of flying, so in this episode flying on a plane for a second time is not easy for him. Hillary torments me on the plane, and I have a panic attack. The show is really funny and I had a good time shooting it. There are only a couple more episodes left to shoot, so do me a favor and keep watching the show. Hopefully we will get picked up for a third season next year! Thanks for all the support and I look forward to writing for TV Guide next week!