Man, I could feel Ralph exhale through the screen. That was a tough one. Kudos to Doug and especially Matt; he went really far for a rookie from England, and he seemed to enjoy the run. I still think Matt is hilarious and wish he had made it.

I wonder if Doug is really that smug about losing. If he is, good for him. I would be disappointed, but he handled it well. I wonder if he can make fun of himself on Best Week Ever.

That was a challenge. Making hot women laugh is the toughest thing possible, especially when they just don't get the jokes. I haven't seen that blank a stare since a George Bush question-and-answer session. It was amazing: just joke, stare, joke, stare. This is why comics should always carry something shiny. I will give it up to Amy, she got 'em. She even made the nun laugh. Of course it took the nun a while to get the Jesus joke. How does a nun not get a Jesus joke right away? Mel Silverback gets banana material.

Ralph was hilarious, just stammering with the hottie. Of course that is true genius. He knew his lady would be watching, and if he spent 60 seconds in there laughing with one of those models... well, you can't explain that. No woman would understand. "Baby, I was trying to win us 250 grand." "No, you were trying to get rich to take her home! You don't love me. You were cheating on TV!" Now you have immunity on TV and death in real life.

Transvestite, I got nothing. Who's the scout who found her/him? Someone just didn't like comics and said, "Let's give them no chance at all." That was worse than Season 2 when they gave us a room full of little kids.

The clown, well, I don't know. I have one clown joke, but it isn't at all appropriate. Doug tried that approach with the nun. God bless him for committing to it. (God will talk to him about that later, I'm sure.)

So congrats to the final five. Gerry, I think you skated in by challenging Lavelle, but hey, it worked. Ralph, you are an assassin, you eliminated four of the five who went home. John, you proved you were funny when you went medieval, but now you will have to bring it. Amy, you surprised me with how funny you are and now you're hanging with the big boys. Lavelle, I think you are still the heavyweight (no pun intended).

Man, this brings back memories. Good luck, final five, time to find out who America (and the world) likes.

NBC's Last Comic Standing airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET.