Shar Jackson and Sue Hennessey by Adam Larkey/ABC
Working on ABC's Ex-Wives Club [Mondays at 9 pm/ET] has been a great way for me to work out some of my own issues as well. Sometimes helping out other folks really gives your mind its own mental makeover. Every single one of the folks we worked with were great, and I have kept in touch with a few.
(How can you not?!) When you spend 12 hours in a dentist office with someone, you bond, and after today (just had my wisdom teeth pulled!) I can even commiserate on a whole new level.

This week it is Sue and Kurt whose lives were turned upside down by their partners. I think this one was probably my favorite episode. The transformations that these two make blew me away. I don't want to give too much away, but this one really touched close to home on a lot of levels (you'll see!), and the revenge is sweet... and a bit surprising. You know I am always all about the twists and turns in a relationship.

One thing that has come from the show that has really surprised me was that on my MySpace page people have started sending me e-mails (a lot of e-mails) asking for advice. The letters are all really sweet and a few have even made me cry, but what has been so amazing about it is that people trust that I know what they are going through (and a lot of times I do) and that they feel like my experience could help them! How great is that?! Who would have thought that you could come out of a bad experience and help so many people because of it.

OK... the painkillers are kiccccckkkking in, so... see ya on Monday night!