Well, its all come down to this: 10 seasons. Over 200 episodes. Adventure. Laughter. Tears. And as this is the last episode of our journey together, I will make this my last TV Guide blog entry.

Thanks be to all of you who have grown with us over the years. It has been a true pleasure, and one I'm sure I will not see the likes of again. The years have gone by so fast so fast. So much has changed, in my life, and in the lives of those around me. And I'm sure of yours too.

I was reminded as recently as yesterday how much can happen in 10 years. I shared a conversation on the plane with Katee Sackoff (of Battlestar Galactica fame - for those living under boulders) who enlightened me that she used to watch the early seasons of Stargate with her father when she was 17. Holy crap. That aged me.

I was a single boy of 26 years when we took our first steps through the gate, and now I speak to you as a father of three at 36 years old. It really does fly, doesn't it?

"Unending." An appropriate name for a show that has ended, been critically bashed, changed its cast and been written off by so many. And still we survived with a new tomorrow. Forgive me, butNEENER-NEENER-NEENER! I am so proud of the cast, the writers, the crew, the producers, and yes, even the executives who endured many whips and scorns, only to show up ever day and make this journey possible. But most of all, I am proud of you, the viewer, who really has made all of it feasible. Without you, we as 'players' truly have no purpose. You are sincerely what has made the gate spin week after week. Be proud.

I know that not all of you have supported every decision that the storytellers have made. Fandom, has become over time like a dysfunctional family: separated in agenda, but united in a love for what is, what was, or what simply could be. It's all OK now. I believe that the entire family can now embrace, mourn or celebrate the end of an era. Together, whether some like it or not, we have made television history. Be very proud.

Today, we keep our chins held high, or faces turned clearly toward the sunset and can acknowledge with a clear conscience that "we made this."

I cannot comment too much on the episode itself as a final episode. Its not a final episode. It's a beginning point for the further adventures of SG-1. I'm so happy that Robert Cooper chose to end the series with the team just climbing up the ramp again for "just another mission to save the universe." That way, these characters will always live on in our collective imaginations, doing whatever it is that you want them to do. I was equally grateful that it was made a point to film that scene last, so that everyone involved in the production could be there to say goodbye together. Trust me, this was not an easy task either, as both booze and tears were flowing at any given moment (Chris Judge was blubbering like a preschooler). We did eventually get the shots required (at close to midnight, if memory serves), hugged each other, shook hands and reluctantly went our separate ways. Ouch.

I think that it is a colossal understatement to say that I will always treasure this experience. Personally, I have spent the majority of my adult life working with these people, and only time will tell what life will be like without seeing them every day. Chris Judge's pranks, Amanda Tapping's infectious smile, Ben Browder's optimism, Beau Bridges' "Tales of Hollywood," Clauda Black's untold friendship, Don Davis' tall stories, Teryl Rothery's giddy laughter, and of course, Richard Dean Anderson's relentless humor, sarcasm and massacre of everything cliché or mainstream. The dogs on set, the growing army of children on set, golf balls whizzing in every direction, gallons of coffee, reading scripts, Ivan Bartok shooting endless B-roll, Stargate hockey, Mallozzi's suits and chocolate, prosthetic puppets, thousands of rounds of P-90 ammo, and rubbing the DHD's red centre in just the right way. I could go on, but it might just be unending.

So, as we say goodbye, and move on to whatever happens next, I leave you with these borrowed words: "Life is too short." I aim to really enjoy the rest of my years. Hopefully, as much as I've enjoyed the last 10.

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