Splash, right back into the breach as we dive into the worst possible prison: Sona. The sick, twisted writers once again have conjured a fantastically frigged-up storyline that will rocket us through what so far is a wicked Season 3. I think this year may be our best season yet.

Yet again it is proved true that no character is sacred on this show, except for, of course, Michael and Lincoln. Bellick's still alive... and I still got a job!

So far the themes for Bellick in Season 3 have been "tighty-whities" and Tiger pants. I spent a month walking around set in my grunds... covered with dirt and dried movie blood, sweating my bare ass off in the 105-degree Texas sun. Then the writers put me in MC Hammer tiger pants with a nasty short T-shirt. If I hear one more, "They're gr-r-rreat!" or tiger growl, I'm gonna go postal.

The whole tighty-whitey thing was the writer's riff on an idea I had in the last episode of Season 2. There is a scene where Michael is walking down the hallway in Sona seeing what a dreadful place he's landed in and he sees Bellick lying on the floor beaten to a pulp, stripped almost naked. It was originally written that Bellick was on the floor beaten up, never mentioned that he was stripped down to his grunds.

That's when I had the brilliant idea: Why don't we strip Bellick naked and add makeup like he's been almost beaten to death? That'll show what a truly horrible place Michael and the cast have landed in. Kevin Hooks, the director of Episode 222, "Sona," said, "Good idea. But you can't be naked, you gotta wear something." So the wardrobe department whipped me up a nasty pair of tighty-whities. Little did I know I'd spend the next two episodes (it took a whole month to shoot them) wearing nothing but Fruit of the Looms, covered with dirt and blood, shoeless, hobbling around in the hundred-degree heat. It took two hours in the makeup chair every day to get me ready. (That's nothing compared with the four hours it takes them to do Wentworth's tattoo.)

Again it's been a battle here in Texas with the heat, and two of the sets for Sona are exterior sets and both are like working in a convection oven. One day we were shooting a scene where the military guards of Sona have entered the courtyard and all of us prisoners, including Michael, all the other incarcerated characters, and the extras, had to kneel on the clay with our hands behind our heads while this huge scene was shot. It took 10 hours to shoot. Six people went to the hospital with heatstroke. I was drinking water and finding shade every chance I could. It took me three or four days to get over the dehydration. Brutal.

I think we have some great new characters this season and a fascinating new story with Sona, the plans to escape, the ticking clock, the mysterious Whistler and the commanding Lechero. What's gonna happen? I wish I knew. I've been having a great time telling Bellick's twisted storyline. I love the dark, weird stuff the writers have written for Bellick so far this season.

I'd like to make this blog thing a little more interactive, so if you have any questions, put them in a comment and I'll do my best to answer a few each time.

It's good to be back and good to be Bellick!

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