Hello TVGuide.com-ers! Long time no blog but thought I'd come over here and talk to you about a little show called Friday Night Lights. Heard of it? Yeah. I thought so.

I know that you're all well informed thanks to the all-knowing, all-seeing Matt Mitovich here at TVGuide.com (thanks for the shout-out, Matt!) so this is probably old news for all of you... but I've been cast for a multi-episode story arc in Season 3 of this show and I'm really excited about it. Couldn't be happier. The show has a lot going for it. Critics love it. Fans are nearly as awesome as the best fans in the world (Go Bears!) and the storylines are off the charts. Really well done.

So yes. I'm here in Austin, Texas, and I'm filming the opening episodes and it's been great. You can't always say that when you walk onto a film or television set you know, but here it's true. Everyone on the cast is really nice and welcoming and I've had a lot of fun already.

Now I'm playing a guy who has just moved his wife (played by the beautiful Janine Turner) and son (played by Jeremy Sumpter) from the big city of Dallas to Dillon so that he can play with the Dillon Panthers. He's a freshman but he's already a really solid quarterback and he may just give some of the old regulars on the team a run for their money. You'll have to wait and see how that turns out.

It's a lot of fun here. Austin's a great town with a lot of personality and everyone at Friday Night Lights is really nice and you know - can you get a better looking cast together in one place?! Austin's hot enough in the Summer heat - throw all of those people in one place and you could melt the sidewalk.

So I'll keep letting you know what I'm allowed to let you know as I know it (follow that?) and you keep reading and watch Friday Night Lights when it premieres in October! Sound good? Good!

Take care,