We wrapped for the season late last Thursday night. Intense week, this, with our premiere on Monday and our wrap on Thursday. Well over a hundred people work on Heartland, all with very specific and important jobs. And every person who works on this show does so at an enormous sacrifice to the rest of their lives; the hours are incredibly long, the locations hard and the task at hand is measured in minutes and always under pressure to get it done and get it done well. Those of us who work in this business are really nothing like the way the magazines and newspapers and television entertainment shows depict. We are, for the most part, very workaday people who labor long hours at our very specific jobs and do our best to do them well. Everything we do is handmade; this is no production line of sorts, no template, no easy way to getting it right or to making it good. At our best, we do our work from our hearts and attempt to tell stories that are true. When we do that, keep it simple and put ourselves into it, we are able to work with great focus. And we are able to commit wholly to the work at hand. When that work comes to an end, we are naturally at a loss. Few of us know where we will next work. We certainly don't know the fate of our show. But, for the most part, we don't panic or fret about this. Instead, we take great pride in what we've done and measure its worth by our intentions. The truth is, once you've done this for a while, you are able to block out the things that are out of your control - the reviews and the whisperings, both negative and positive, the ratings reports. You must do that in order to maintain the integrity of the vision of the show. No artist should question their work because of someone's opinion of it. Or change it. In reality, there is not one thing in this world that appeals, or should appeal, to everyone in this world. Our job is to follow through on keeping the intent true and hoping that the people who want to experience that intention make room in their lives for it.

We are, of course, all of us, thankful for our audience. No matter what the size. We would do this work for 50 people as quickly as we do it for five million. It is meant to speak that directly to any of you who might engage with it. The thing is, the work must make its own mark and leaves it own impression now. So we are finished with the filming and have been through the first round of introductions. We worked hard to find our stride and learned amazing things over the course of the making of this season. We hope, now, that what we've put out gives enough back to those of you watching it.

That's truly what we hope.