Hey everybody,
Well its time for another installment from the set of the Bill Engvall Show. This week is a very special week for us. Cynthia Watros makes the first of three guest star appearances on our show. Cynthia plays Susan's best friend since childhood and comes to visit her and the family. She plays a character named AJ and is a bit of a thorn in Bill's side. She feels that Susan has given up on the fun things in life.

AJ is a world traveler and does not have roots anywhere. She takes Susan salsa dancing and this starts to bother Bill. Not because he doesn't want Susan going out with AJ, but because he realizes that maybe he and Susan are living in a bit of a rut. So Bill turns to his best friend Paul(Tim Meadows) to teach him how to salsa dance. This was one of the funniest scenes that I have been a part of. Tim Meadows is simply hysterical in this. It was really hard to keep a straight face as Tim taught me to dance. Bill Pearson ends up showing up at the salsa club and he and Susan try to dance. Obviously this does not work out because as soon as they hit the floor, everyone else starts to Rumba. However what they realize is, that they are not in a rut they are simply living lives that are normal.

It was great working with Cynthia, she is as warm and nice as she appears on television. The shows this year continue to get stronger and stronger.

The week after "Susan's Best Friend", we are doing a show called "Pineblock Derby." This show is very special to me because it deals with parents sometimes trying too hard to be friends with their children and not realizing that there is something to just being a parent.

In this show Susan is concerned because Lauren (Jennifer Lawrence) begins to open up more to AJ than she does to Susan. This makes Susan try too hard to be Lauren's friend. The B story is about Bill trying to help Bryan make a pine block derby car. However Bill is not as skilled as he would like at building something like this and turns to Paul to help him out.

It is amazing to me how fast this season is wrapping up. I guess it is true, when you are having fun the time just flies by. On a separate note, we are so proud of our little Jennifer Lawrence. She just won the "Best Performance" award at the LA Film Festival for her role in the latest Charlize Theron movie. It is fun watching the kids grow up on the show not only in their roles but also in real life.

I am continuing to tour, as I mentioned in an earlier blog and starting to gear up for the television release of "Bait Shop." I also want to tell you that it thrills me to no end when you, the fans, come up to me and talk to me about the show. It lets me know that we are striking a chord with all of you.

Country Fried Home videos is in the middle of its fourth year on CMT. We continue to get tons of footage that viewers send in and it is all hysterical. I am not sure what I did earlier in my life that I am blessed with such wonderful fans that allow me to do what I dream. As long as there are fans like you I will continue to do what I love. I also want to take this chance to thank the people at TV Guide who give me this opportunity to talk to you and tell you what all is going on. Well better close; I have to get back to the stage. Once again thank you and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the Bill Engvall Show on TBS.
Take care,
Bill Engvall