Ghost Whisperer courtesy Michael Desmond/CBS
Hi, everyone,

We're in the middle of shooting our most shocking Ghost Whisperer show ever - believe us, you won't want to miss it. In order to do the episode justice, we've brought in some special equipment. Yesterday, we used a motion memory camera that allows a character to be in two places at once. This camera uses a special rig that remembers the exact movement of the previous shot, allowing us to form a perfect composite of the actor in two separate positions. This elaborate rig is so loud that we can't even shoot sound while it's running.

Speaking of visual effects, remember the Virtual World episode we told you about a few weeks ago? We're currently in the visual effects stage of that show. Our effects guys, Art and Armen, are taking the hours of green-screen footage we shot and animating it. Since these scenes are full of stunts and action sequences, the end result will have Melinda flying and fighting her way through a virtual universe.

We have a brand new video called THE JAMIE KENNEDY GHOST WHISPERER EXPERIMENT that screened at Comic Con. It offers a sneak peak into the upcoming fourth season of Ghost Whisperer, and features Jamie... well, being Jamie.

We should also mention that Love and Camryn are looking more beautiful than ever - and our guys aren't too shabby themselves. We're planning a brand new gallery shoot to show them off, and we can't wait for you to see it.

As always, thanks for reading, and remember to check in next week when we're back on the air with "Deadbeat Dads"/Episode 316.

Kim and Ian

The new season of CBS' Ghost Whisperer premieres Oct. 3.