It is a sad state of affairs here at the Bergl Vancouver household. It's 3 am, and I would describe my living room as a crack den, but it's in such disarray that I would probably offend the crack addicts who read this blog. I think the Super Bowl really took away all my spirit for a while. At first the game was really looking good for me. Not only did Devin Hester do his thing and score a touchdown in the first 30 seconds, but I was also surrounded by various cast and crew of Men in Trees at the White Spot, which is a traditional Vancouver burger joint. Before I watched the Super Bowl with other TV actors, I had never seen anyone eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables on game day. I won't tell you who the offending parties were, but I suppose we can forgive them for doing something so un-American on such a sacred day, considering we were technically watching the game out of the country. I think you all know the outcome for my beloved Chicago Bears, and the disappointment was felt most keenly by fellow Chicagoans Seana Kofoed (Jane) and Rick Wallace (our producer). I was really nervous to return to our set the next day, because I'd been talking a whole lot of smack for the entire season, especially when the Bears beat Vancouver's favorite Seattle Seahawks. Luckily all the guys were very kind, and only quietly expressed their deepest sympathies.

But enough wallowing in self-pity! I am very much anticipating this week's episode, "Nice Girls Finish Frist," especially after seeing the end of last week's episode. I actually watched last Thursday after getting off work at 3 am (this seems to be a theme lately), along with Seana Kofoed (Jane) and Derek Richardson (Patrick). We rarely get to see the show live because we are usually shooting pretty late come Thursday. In fact, since working on TV, I've found it incredibly difficult to actually watch television shows. Anyway, we were all blown away by that final scene where Buzz's son George comes down the stairs of the Elmo Inn. It's amazing how the smallest scene can have the biggest impact. The look on John Amos' face made me tear up, and Orlando Jones looked so vulnerable and innocent, I just wanted to hug him and make him a sandwich. I was in a few scenes with George and Buzz this week, and the development of their relationship is a beautiful thing to watch. Let's just say that George turns out to be the last thing that Buzz expects, and he's going to have some difficulties working that out.

This episode also marks the return of our fantastic director Jeff Melman, and of sexy redhead Anna Fricke (sexy in of course different but yet completely equal ways from all of our writers on Men in Trees). Poor Jeff had to walk with the assistance of a cane because he was injured on the set of Ugly Betty. Apparently he leaned on one of those curved walls on the office set, and took quite a nasty tumble. Not to be completely Machiavellian, but I'll say that his accident was our gain, as it opened up his schedule to return to our show. We also have another returning face in Mario Cantone. Those loyal viewers who watched Men in Trees when it was on Friday nights will remember him as the owner of Terri's Hair Emporium, who accidentally lobbed off a large chunk of Marin's hair. I just had to do a little looping for a scene with Terri and George at the bowling alley, and I can tell you it is hilarious. (Looping is where actors have to rerecord lines because the sound quality or line delivery was off in some way. Derek Richardson is the king of looping.) In Anna Fricke's writer's blog on, she writes about how they use fake rubber fish in our fishing scenes. Well, I couldn't believe that our extras at the bowling alley were actually throwing rubber bowling balls down the lanes! It was a little disappointing that we didn't get to actually bowl a little, but luckily up here in Canada there's always some air hockey around to keep one distracted.

Working with Mario Cantone was so wonderful both on and off camera. I could always get him to sing my favorite songs from the Broadway musical Assassins, which he starred in a couple of years ago. Plus, he does a mean Bette Davis. We soon discovered that wherever he goes he travels with a little personal recipe book, so we unleashed our inner Martha Stewarts one afternoon at my apartment and did a little baking. I made homemade Hostess cupcakes for Derek Richardson's birthday (a bittersweet celebration, as I am no longer older than he is and can't claim rank), and Mario made some of the best blondies I've ever tasted. I must ask him for the recipe when he returns (this season!), and maybe I'll be a big dork and post it on the blog.

We also have a brand-new face on the show this week with Scott Elrod, who plays sexy wilderness guy Cash. I'll go ahead and answer this question before it happens and tell you that, yes, he is just as good-looking in real life. Plus he used to lay the runways at the Denver air force base. Enough said. Now that Lynn and Jack are firmly together (wait until you see what happens next week!) and Stuart and Marin have curbed the phone sex, who knows what will happen between Cash and Marin.

Well, I must go and look at wedding-dress designs with our costume designer. This is my fourth fictional marriage, and I must say I'm a big fan. It's great to be able to pick up a bridal magazine and pick out the beautiful dress and hair without the pressure of an actual wedding! Although anyone who read last week's TV Guide knows that there will be unforeseen complications to Annie and Patrick's upcoming marriage. I must say I'm very nervous for the two of them.

See you in Elmo....

ABC's Men in Trees airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET.