We've received many, many e-mails from fans wanting to know how the fire at Universal on Sunday has affected GHOST WHISPERER for Season 4. We're very grateful for the outreach and amazed at how caring our fans and the press are. From the bottom of our hearts, we and the writers and the cast and the crew thank all of you. GHOST WHISPERER is a well-oiled machine so it takes more than a fire to knock us off track. Please know we are very grateful for the brave firemen and security officers who tended to the fire because they were able to save so very much of the Universal Lot -- including many of GHOST WHISPERER'S sets. Fortunately this did not occur during production hours.

We will be moving some of our shooting off the lot until we are able to rebuild (which will happen quickly) and some of the fun will be when all of you watch the first couple of episodes. We're issuing a challenge to you -- when you see the first episode of Season 4, can you guess what those new locations are?

We're having lots of fun bringing in a new character to the show -- his name is Eli (new creation by PK Simonds and his fabulous writing team) -- and by next Friday we will be able to reveal the actor is who will be playing Eli. We're stoked and we think you're gonna love him.

The other thing that's very cool about starting Season 4 is that we're launching into a new level of mythology in the spirit world and we'll be revealing all this to all of you as we move forward. As always, we'll scour the internet for feedback on what you're thinking, how you're feeling about the new developments of GHOST WHISPERER and we'll be sharing it with our partners.

While GHOST WHISPERER is writing, shooting and editing new episodes and creating new internet activities, CBS is airing some of our favorite episodes from previous seasons. Tonight, THE NIGHT WE MET/Ep. 209 is being broadcast.

You might remember this episode from Season 2, as we flash back to when Melinda and Jim first fell in love, while she also helps a spirit accused of arson. If you want to read more about Melinda's personal past, check out Melinda's Diary at http://fansofgw.com/melindasdiary.

As for special guests, we had Tim Kang (Rambo) and Beverly Todd (The Bucket List) both appear in this episode. Musically speaking, we also feature "Somersault" by Decoder Ring (No Records/Bella Union) and the song "Since You've Been Around" by Rosie Thomas (Singalong Records).

Thanks to you all and have a great week!

Kim and Ian