Dunder-Mifflin fans, unite! The paper company is returning to regular work. It is I, Meredith, the drunken redhead in the corner. We have some catching up to do. Here's hoping you are not as drunk as I am. I am a pro. As Tom Cruise once said to Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the booze!" St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and I have a lot to drink to.

St. Pat's day has always been a big holiday for me and my family because my family owns a bar. If you are in Philadelphia, our bar is T.A. Flannery's on 21st Street. Have a drink and don't worry! You can have a drink and catch up!

The Office has a lot of catching up to do also. We are back at work after that nasty fake vacation that some people called a strike. Everyone is so grateful to be back. We were out late the other night shooting at "Michael's condo" for the "Dinner Party" episode. The episode is hilarious! NBC staff photographer Chris Haston (who just so happens to be my boyfriend) was working that night taking pictures, not just of the scenes but of the smiling crew and actors alike. It was a really fun night. It's great to be back with the work family! I don't know what was in the air but the conversation seemed deeper, the lights more interesting, the breeze cooler - even the craft-services food tasted a little better. Let's face it - when we count our blessings, it is great to be on The Office. I am one lucky redhead. Even my booze tastes better.

Paul Feig is directing "Dinner Party" [airing April 10]. He has done many episodes, such as "Halloween" and ah, I am too drunk to remember what else. This gives you something to look up on IMDB. Do you know that website? If you have a bet about who was in a movie or something, you can go there to settle it. It lists the cast and crew of everything. And you can actually go to the discussion boards of actors and leave your two cents. I have had several strange things said about me there. People get into it! Freedom of speech. That is why some people drink.

Anyway, back to Paul Feig. He was one of the creators of Freaks and Geeks, a brilliant show. Paul likes to wear a suit and a tie at all times. I am not kidding you. I think he must sleep in one. The last days filming his episodes the crew pays tribute by wearing a tie and a jacket all day. (You can't expect them to wear a whole suit.) It is pretty cool. Paul is so great to work with.

One cool thing about the strike is that Angela [Kinsey] is now very pregnant. It is interesting to see how the show hides it! She'll be the one holding the giant box or the pile of coats. And of course, she is the one behind the copier! Everyone seems rested and happy.

The other cool thing is that Steve [Carell] got some rest. He works hard for the money.

Did you know that John Krasinski will be in George Clooney's new movie, [ Leatherheads]? That will be out very soon. John's mug is up on billboards all over town. Pretty cool! No matter what, we have The Office and that will always be something to be proud of.

One more cool thing - this drunken redhead will be on Craig Ferguson on St. Patrick's Day! I can't wait. I used to wait on Craig when I worked at a restaurant in Beverly Hills and I always liked him. Hope you can catch it! Set your TiVo, and I will keep you posted on The Office. We have some catching up to do.