Hey, guys. Thanks for all the great comments last week. Nice to see the interest in the show picking up. Now, as the title of today's entry suggests, I've invited a special guest to join us here at Dave's Traveler blog. This coming week's episode, "The Tells," offers you the first heavy dose of Will Traveler since the pilot. I've reached out to the man who brought Will to life on the small screen, Aaron Stanford, to write this week's entry. Aaron and I are both young guys who established our careers in film. (You probably recognize Aaron from his work in the X-Men movies or in such indie faves as Tadpole.) We both made our first foray into television with this show. As you may have picked up from my earlier blogs, this is not an easy transition. And I thought it would be cool for you to hear about the challenges of making Traveler from an actor's perspective. So without further adieu, here's Aaron's entry to the Traveler blog. I'll make sure he's got the URL so he can check out your comments. Enjoy the read, spread the word about "The Tells," which is a great entry point for new viewers since it retells the events of the Drexler bombing from Will's perspective, and I'll see you down the road. - Dave

Hello friends, fans and those of you just trying to stave off boredom for a few more moments by reading this blog. First, I would like to thank you all for caring enough about the show to continue watching it and to continue voicing your support. It's nice to know that all the time and effort spent in production wasn't for nothing. Dave asked me to scribble down a few words for you all about what it was like to play Will Traveler: a double-dealing, backstabbing, low-down snake in the grass. My answer? It was liberating! But seriously, there's not a whole lot I can tell you without revealing tidbits and kernels of information that you're meant to work for and sweat over in the course of the eight episodes that will (hopefully) all be airing.

Preparation for playing Will proved complicated. This was my first real experience with TV (aside from a few day-player parts) and the insanely fast pace of production caught me completely off guard. I would be given a backstory and a history for Will one day, begin researching and coming up with ideas, only to be told a week later that the backstory had been revised. Dialogue could be changed five minutes before we began shooting it. I soon realized that the best thing to do was learn to roll with the punches. I focused on moment-to-moment interactions between Will and Jay and Tyler, and tried to work with the basic unchanging elements of Will's character such as his duality and the fact that he had been living a lie every day for the past two years of his life.

The most important thing I learned - and for you to know about Will Traveler - is that he is a survivor, as illustrated at the end of Episodes 3 and 4. The details of how he managed to survive the Drexler bombing, along with other key facts about Will's identity, will be revealed in the next episode, "The Tells," this Wednesday, June 20. Yes, fans! The namesake of the series will actually have a sizable role this week, thus proving to my friends and family that I actually do have a part in the series beyond flashback cameos dripping with suspicious subtext and hidden double meanings.

When all is said and done, Will is an interesting and complex character and, if I've done my job correctly (along with the writers), he will end up surprising the lot of you... unless you are so terribly clever that you've already figured out where this twisted plot of dark shadows and deep rabbit holes is ultimately headed. Which is entirely possible. Audiences are extremely clever these days, and I have an especially high estimation of the Traveler audience. However, I hope we have stayed one step ahead of you.

Once again, thank you all for supporting the show. A lot of people worked very hard under difficult circumstances to make a show that we hoped would be worthwhile. I, for one, am very happy that you have deemed it worthy of your time. If you keep on watching, and writing in, they'll keep showing them. I hope you all enjoy the next episode, where the real Will Traveler is finally revealed. Till then! - Aaron