What an exciting time for a little show we like to call The Office on NBC. I have so much I?d like to tell you about the new season -- I?d like to, but I am not allowed to. The cast and crew are now contractually obligated to zip our lips. Let?s face it: Our little show isn?t so little anymore. The Office has officially grown up.

This summer our show won an Emmy for best comedy! And two Television Critics Awards (best comedy and best actor went to Steve)! Ten webisodes aired on NBC.com, and as of last week, The Office Season 2 DVDs are now flying off the shelves.

Did you notice that our TV boss, Steve Carell, had another hit movie with Little Miss Sunshine? He?s a television star and a major motion picture star. It couldn?t happen to a nicer guy.

I forgot to mention me. I play Meredith on The Office (not on Grey?s Anatomy) and may I say: never underestimate the redheaded drunk in the back of the room. I get a lot of dirt. I will try to stay sober long enough to give you the full story. Okay, I?m not exactly a redheaded drunk, but I play one on TV.

I?m supposed to talk about the new episode of The Office. We all came back to some of the funniest scripts our writers have ever come up with. Thank god for the Emmy Awards. But I have something to share: Three weeks earlier, our executive producer?s college friend and writing partner burst through the ceiling of Dunder-Mifflin and onto Dwight?s desk! We shot the Emmy opening segment with the Conan O?Brien!

Most of us had never been to the Emmys before. It was the greatest night. The kind of night where you jump up and scream and run on stage after hearing the words, "And the Emmy goes to... The Office." We Office folks don?t normally get to be glamorous, so we borrowed jewels, loaner designer dresses, tuxes and limos. Rainn looked hot in his black-tie and not so Dwight-like eyewear. Jenna was chosen one of Us Magazine?s best dressed. The fans in the stands screamed for Mr. Krasinski. Melora?s silver gown got her a chat with Joan and Melissa. Brian and Angela barely made it in their engine-troubled limo. (No, they are not a couple!) Despite the vicious rumors, I did not take the top of my Sue Wong ensemble off. I remained sober for once, in my Harry Winston diamonds and my dignity.

We were thrilled to be in the opening with Conan O?Brien. But winning? Off the charts! After all the star-studded and surreal parties, we had our own shindig. The Office cast and crew can party! We?re all so proud of this show. We were proud before the Emmy, too. (BTW, our red-carpet interviews are still up on NBC.com and so is Angela?s great pre-Emmy piece. Check it out.) Phyllis kicked some red-carpet ass!

It?s been a long summer, according to the show's fans. I?d like to thank you for collectively keeping your shirt on, unlike Meredith. Season 2 ended like this:

Michael had two dates at the same time and chose his real-estate agent, Carol, over his boss, Jan, who talked to Jim about a transfer. Angela slapped Dwight after he kissed her in public. Jim professed his love to Pam, who is engaged to Roy, before her June 10 wedding. What else? Oh, yeah! Jim kissed Pam!

Our first new episode is called "Gay Witch Hunt." It was written by Greg Daniels and directed by Ken Kwapis. Lots of laughs when a certain closeted, gay Dunder-Mifflin employee is outed. (Dwight came close to catching Oscar when he called in sick during last season?s "The Secret.") Our executive producer, Greg Daniels, demanded we keep details of the new season top secret. If I tell you, I?d have to kill you. And I love you too much to kill you. It?s very frustrating for the press and the fans and me, because I love to talk. (Especially after a few Red Stripes.)

What I can tell you:

1. The shooting draft of the first episode is 33 pages.
2. There are cast security guards on set now. (Sorry, stalkers and super fans!)

So hang in there. All of your unanswered questions will be answered. I wish I could reveal more but I can?t, so please watch! TiVo if you must, but watch!