The weather's cooling down here in Dallas, and Bellick is chillin' out, zip-tied to a pipe in a shack with fat-ass Roy Geary. At least Bellick got some expensive but well-deserved love along the way. You gotta hand it to Bellick and Geary -- they were the first ones to bag the brothers. So much for the new smart guy, Mahone. It ain't over till it's over, pill-popper.

We lost another fantastic character and character actor in John Abruzzi and Peter Stormare last week. They went out like Sonny Corleone. We'll miss Peter. He's off doing movies. Seems everyone that's croaked so far has gone off to the Great Film Career in the sky! That's a pretty sweet afterlife. Best of luck!

So who's next?

It's been nice reading your responses to the first post. Thanks for those. I read that some of you questioned whether I was "tongue in cheek" or "pixyish." (Is that a word?)

Just to clear things up: Humor is something I lack. "Irony" is a word I can't stand; everything I write should be taken as undisturbed, unadulterated truth, like the statements by our government officials. If I did have a sense of humor it was a sincere mistake, and I promise that it will never happen again.

I noticed in some of your responses to my first post that you were surprised I would write that all the good guys in the show are rapists, armed robbers, convicted murderers, pedophiles, hit men.... I could go on. Well, they are the heroes, though Bellick is the real hero of the show! As far as Bellick is concerned, he is just doing his job and now that he's on the hunt, he's gonna be doing an even better job!

The great thing about storytelling is that story is different depending on how you tell it. The heroes can be different every time. Take the recent movie V for Vendetta. The way that story was told, "the hero" of that movie was plotting to blow up a government building! Kinda like the network news. In my book, Bellick is a hero, and he's in search of what all of us really want, the cash. Lots and lots of tax-free cash. At least he's honest about it. If he can get a little love and revenge in the process... well, he's not gonna pass on it.

It's a TV show, you know. It's not real life. Funny thing, TV. It's difficult to separate TV from reality sometimes. When people recognize me on the street from Prison Break, many times they won't talk to me. They just stare and whisper to each other, or they take pictures of me with their cell phones -- from far away. Sometimes they'll say something like, "You're not going to get mad at me are you? But are you the guy on Prison Break?"

Three lovely ladies have asked me to marry them! What's that about???

Ain't bad for a bad guy!

My wife and my mom are upset, as well, because I play such a bad guy. They keep hoping Bellick will be "nicer." I think they, too, are confusing TV with reality. One of the worst descriptions you can give someone is, "They're nice." I would hope to be described as anything but "nice." "Oh, she's nice." "Yeah, he's a nice guy." "They seemed nice." "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Have an opinion! Say what you mean. Like Bellick does.

I'm enjoying that people are really getting into expressing themselves about Bellick and how that character makes them feel when he shows up on the TV screen. They hate him, they think he's sneaky, they think he's the bad guy. It's wonderful to be able to elicit that sort of response from the audience. But look at it from my point of view: Bellick is just doing his job. He's kicking ass and taking names, and he fumbles and missteps along the way, but he has the prize in sight. He knows that the true goal is catching up with the money and along the way getting his sweet revenge on Lincoln and Michael. So keep those comments coming. I'm having a ball reading them, and having a blast writing this blog.

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