Hi Everyone,

Tonight, Ghost Whisperer is back on the air with DEADBEAT DADS/Ep. 316. In this episode, an old flame of Professor Payne's comes to Grandview with her ten-year-old son. Young Elliot proves himself to be the spitting image of Payne, leaving everyone to wonder whether he might be the boy's father. Payne's ex-girlfriend is played by his wife Nikki Cox, and their real-life relationship brings their on-screen interactions to a whole new level.

The episode was written by Co-Exec Producer Mark Perry and directed by Gloria Muzio. In addition to Nikki, it stars Rachel Shelley (The L Word) and the adorable Nathan Gamble (CSI). The show features the song "Say Too Soon" by breakout star Sia (Townsend Records).

On the production front, we're continuing to shoot episodes for our upcoming fourth season that will premiere on October 3rd. CBS Mobile put together some great videos called "Rollin With Jamie Kennedy." In these pieces, Jamie takes us through a day on the Ghost Whisperer set. Jamie really lives up to his reputation, as the videos are hilarious. You can watch them here, and check out more great stuff at www.cbsmobile.com

As always, thanks for watching, and we'll see you next week.

Kim and Ian