I liked the medieval times challenge. I think it was pretty creative, but I don't think I or anyone else needed to see Lavelle in tights. Only Bill Bellamy could make chain mail look good. What's up with that? He looked comfortable in that outfit. Makes you wonder what games he and his wife are playing....

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Ralph or Gerry bomb like that. Good thing the king is not chopping heads off.

Doug, please stop yelling.

Matt's joke about the moat and security guard was probably the funniest of the night. Amy looked good in tights and was a funny wench, but I got to say Jon Reep did kill it. Maybe it's because there is still some medieval stuff going on down South.

The head-to-head was close, but I think Matt did win it. I loved his callback to Debra's joke; that was clever. I still think that little guy looks funny, and with those teeth... he can leave the show with a toothpaste deal. The turkey leg didn't stand a chance.

Sorry to see you go Deb. You're a funny chick.

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