We're three episodes into the season, and it's "question and answer" time here at Dave's Traveler blog. But first, a big thanks to all of you who come back every week to check out the show. We had a great hold from last week's premiere, and ABC will take notice of that. Also, I appreciate the blog comments. Great to hear your theories and your passion for the series. As a reward, I'm going to dip my hand into my fishbowl here and pick out our first question. Here we go:

1. What are the show's future chances currently like? Please tell me there is some hope for a second season. - Posted by lswanson63

Starting off with a big one. I can only tell you what I've been told by ABC. It's up to the fans. I think that there are a lot of people afraid to engage this show because there have been so many serialized shows cancelled after three episodes this year. Well, do not be afraid to engage Traveler. I've been told by ABC that they will run all eight episodes this summer. But we need to build our audience if we want to come back for a second season. So if you like the show, please do two things: Contact ABC scheduling and show your support with an e-mail. Then tell your friends to start watching the show and do the same. We have an incredibly loyal fan base, as evidenced by the hold in the ratings from last week. We've got our best episodes yet to come... now that Will is alive, things really get fun. In addition, you will find answers to your questions, no matter what happens, even if I have to answer them myself on this blog.

2. Regardless of who Will really is, and how he came to be a part of Jay's and Tyler's lives, how much of Will's friendships with the guys was actually real? I'm wondering if the show is going to address Will's true feelings about Jay and Tyler as people and as friends, despite everything else that has and will continue to go on. - Posted by spartygirl1822

Spartygirl has hit the proverbial nail on the head. We will certainly be exploring this issue, as friendship, betrayal and the nature of identity are the central themes of the show. Will has returned with a mission of his own, but you can expect to see his path cross with Jay and Tyler. And it won't be an easy reunion.

3. I'm wondering if Tyler's "ex"-girlfriend has something to do with it... and who was the man that ran into Kim? Who was the man in the limo? - Posted by Biyanka

A lot of people have been asking about Nell. This is actually pretty funny as it's something our editor first noticed when he cut together the flashback scene in the library. I wish I could say it was intentional. But I'm an honest guy, and I will admit it was never intended to play that way. It's one of those great accidents that happen on set when someone finds something in the moment and it adds to the episode. As for the man who ran into Kim, you'll learn more about him in two weeks. And the man in the limo, played by Neal McDonough, is a key player in the Drexler conspiracy. More on him later.

4. How difficult was it for you to rewrite the episodes when the order was cut from 13 to 8? - Posted by losky2

Excellent question. We were literally about to start prepping Episode 8 of 13 when we found out our order had been shortened. It was November. By then, many of the serialized shows of the fall had ended in a bloodbath of cancellations. ABC listened to the chief audience complaint: These shows don't need 22 episodes to tell their stories. And they made the great Traveler experiment. We were cut to 8. One result? One hell of a season finale. We suddenly sandwiched five episodes of story ideas into one last blowout. The other result... reshoots. We had to literally retrofit our story lines from the first six episodes to fit the season-long arc. It made for the craziest month of my life. Just ask my wife. Or better yet, don't. She's still a bit angry about November.

5. And where has The Porter (Billy Mayo) been? He helped our boys a great deal in the first episode, but he's been MIA since. - Posted by Casey Marsella

This is from Casey's series blog. I hope you're checking it out. Casey does a great weekly analysis of the show's twists and turns. Thanks, Casey. Anyway, "The Porter." He is one of my favorite characters. A guardian angel? Or a bad guy with an angle? Well, you're about to see a whole lot more of him in the next two episodes. Why haven't you seen him since? Storytelling-wise, you need to use your omnipotent heroes sparingly. A little of these guys goes a long way. On the economic end of things, when we make guest-star deals in television, they are done for a specific number of episodes... unless you're Lost and you have enough money to hire everybody full-time. Because of this, we were forced to use Billy Mayo, the man who plays The Porter with all that strength, in a judicious manner.

6. Why hasn't Neal McDonough been given on-screen credit for his role as Homeland Security mystery man? His name isn't shown at any time, either at the beginning or the end, and he's now had two appearances, albeit short one-liners. But he still has a speaking role for which credit should be given. And he's a well-known actor! - Posted by jfkscw2

Neal is the man. The Mystery Man. Everyone perks up when he comes on screen. But you found the rub when you said "short one-liners," aka cameos. Just as big movie stars often do uncredited cameos in features, Neal is kind of doing that for us. But don't worry. He gets much more involved. And he will get credit when his character has a name. For now, enjoy those cameos. I know Neal enjoyed doing them.

7. There's got to be more behind this elaborate, two-year setup than just stealing art, priceless or not. Something an examination of the painting(s) would show that could bring down the president or expose some national secret? - Posted by Nunovyer Bidness

Nunovyer Bidness, love the screen name. You are the only person on all of the message boards I check who has caught on to the painting. Where are those TiVos, people? Anyone do a screen grab to see what that painting is? I'm not saying it's the secret to the whole series. But it opens some pretty hefty doors. Thanks for the observation, Nunovyer.

In closing, a few words about this week's episode, "The Out." Check out Jay's and Tyler's MySpace pages: ( myspace.com/jayatyale and myspace.com/tyleratyale). They come into play in next week's show as our guys make it to Will's hometown of Deer Harbor, Maine. Once there, they start to discover the extent of Will's network. It's some fun, Hitchcockian madness in a small town. Enjoy, and keep spreading the good Traveler word. Let's make some noise next week with the ratings!

See you down the road,