Well, it was pure stand-up last week. The pressure was on and the attitudes were different. You had Dante talking about winning for a puppy to Tommy Johnagin making babies cry just to warm up. I like the Tommy Johnagin method - no prisoners.

We judges, I mean scouts, never got so little airtime. There was a portion when we would talk to the comics and ask them questions. Tom Arnold asked about everything from lesbians to which women comics should hit on after the show. I don't think Tom quite understood the NBC prime-time thing. We definitely wouldn't have picked him to move on.

Back to the show. Does Debra Digiovanni remind anyone else of John Candy?

It was fun to watch the difference between the comics based on how long they have been doing it. We had Spencer from England, three years in, with lots of enthusiasm and not much material. Then we had Dwayne Kennedy, a 20-year vet who had the act down but didn't seem like his future was riding on it. I actually think they had to wake Dwayne up for the show.

In between, we had the solid pros like Doug Benson and Ralph Harris. I love Ralph's grandfather bit.

I'm writing this from the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. The fest was a blast and I was only attacked by one manager for "fixing the show" and making sure his client didn't make it. "Don't you know my guy is a headliner?" When judging a show it helps to be 6-foot-3 and 235 lbs. I think it discourages idiots. I wonder how Kathleen handles them.

On to the next five...

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