Hello, again! I thought that since the show was premiering this week, it might be time to share some stories about shooting it.

We all arrived at a fabulous hotel in Palm Springs called The Parker and started in on the various activities one does before starting to shoot something. You know, this one has to get his/her hair cut (that is always me), this one needs to consult with wardrobe and that one needs to talk to the director about their "character." That's something that usually sends most directors running for the hills, by the way.

As is very often the case with most projects, there was not really a lot of time to get to know everybody. There was a very nice meet and greet dinner, but a lot of us were still very much strangers during the first few days of shooting which can lead to some strange interchanges. For example, on the very first day of shooting, Gail O'Grady and I were scheduled to shoot a scene in which her son (my step-son), Johnny, catches us making out in the morning as he saunters through the house on his way to the kitchen. That's all well and good, but bear in mind that Gail and I have maybe said 10 words to each other in our lives by the time we get to set that morning. And you also have three to four times the usual number of "executives" behind the cameras on the first day of any pilot. So to sum up, instead of just a crowd of people staring at you making out with a stranger on the first day of shooting, there's a football stadium full of people staring at you! Ahhh... the serene art of film-making! Soooooo....

The long and the short of it is this. There are two ways to go into these situations. You can get really uptight and ask that people leave the set and try to impose your will on the situation. (Hint: that never works.) Or you can hope that your fellow actor or actress has a healthy take on things. Then you just wing it and usually wind up cracking up all day. What else are you gonna do? We had a really good time.

That is, in my opinion, one of the critical ingredients for almost all good film acting. You've gotta be having a good time. If not that usually means you are not relaxed and if you are not relaxed on film, well, "yikes" is usually my reaction to that kind of acting. I bet if you think about your favorite performances on film, 90 percent of the time the actors look like they are having a ball. Even in really heart-wrenching scenes there is a "joy" to being that connected to your inner life and it's a "joy" that comes through clearly in the performance. So, I started telling you about kissing a stranger and wound up lecturing you on film acting. Interesting sidebar, but let's get back to the pilot.

OK, the reality is that as you watch the show, you will begin to see that my character, Bob, has most of his scenes with Karen, his wife, and Johnny, his stepson. Therefore, I got to know Gail O'Grady and Taylor Handley first and I was duly impressed and very grateful that they both seemed to be sane, talented and kind people. Yes, I am sorry to report that I have yet to come across any slanderous dirt on either of these two despite digging nearly to China!

Seriously, I have been graced throughout my career with one simple truth. Almost without exception all of my costars have been solid professionals and good people. Do you have any idea how rare that is in this insane town?! [ Takes deep breath] It is unfortunately the case that my experience with that is rare. To have worked with so many and wanted to kill so few is truly a blessing.

Now for the dirt. After viewing Episode No. 1 you will understand that I am insanely jealous of almost all of my costars because they have more outrageous things to say than I do, and they get to act out in all kinds of bizarre ways. And I am Bob. Bob is the good guy and says all the right things and... and... but wait.... This is a Kevin Williamson show, so if I'm the really, really good guy, does that mean that at some point I will get to be unveiled as the really, really bad guy? You'll have to tune in and see!

I'm going to have to stop here before TVGuide.com pulls my blog for fear of my imploding! I'll be back to talk about Episode 2 next week.

'Til then, tune in and enjoy the show! D.W.