Hello, good people! By that I mean those of you who are showing up and watching The CW's Hidden Palms. The rest of you, why aren't you watching?!

OK, let's get to it, shall we? This week's episode is entitled "Party Hardy," and I think you can figure out that this includes a party at the Hardy household. That's all the clues you get from me.

Let's take a quick recap before we go any further. Johnny is getting e-mails from a dead guy. Amber just continues to look hot and she also has a history with the dead guy. And Cliff is still the neighborhood creep/interesting guy. By the way, Cliff starts to mix it up with his mom's sleazy boyfriend this week. Don't miss that!

I love the fact that the show is able to start dealing with character and relationships now that all the set-ups have been addressed. This is the inherent challenge of any new TV show. Getting to the meat of the matter after you have explained who everybody is and what their deal is. In that sense, Hidden Palms sort of takes off this week as we begin to explore the intricacies of our characters and their relationships. Nikki reveals more flaws. Amber shows a lot of soul. Liza finally puts on some make-up and yowza! Johnny just keeps trying to keep it all straight. Cliff has many plates in the air and poor mom and dad! Bob and Karen... well you'll have to watch to see what they come home to Wednesday night!

Finally, a note about the party scene. When I read the script and saw all the stage directions for the giving and taking of body shots, the required salacious dancing sequences, the anonymous make-out sessions, etc;, I humbly offered my services as one of the party extras. You know, to impart a sense of professionalism and dignity to what were sure to be bawdy circumstances. The producers reminded me that I was already a character in the show and that in fact my character would not approve of my character participating in such revels. Sadly, I had to agree although I still tried to get into some of the group shots. I was removed by security. Look closely and you might see me being escorted from the premises....

'Til next week,