Blog... Blog... Blog... Hi everyone! Michael Moloney here.

I just returned home from what turned out to be an amazing week. This time the bus stopped in Armada Township, a tiny farming town about an hour outside of Detroit, Michigan. I was excited to go back to Michigan cuz we shot one of our most popular shows there already.

Do you remember the Vardon family from Season 2? Mom and dad were deaf, they had two sons, Lance was blind and autistic and Stefan did not have disabilities and communicated to the entire family.

The Armada community was incredible as well. It seems everyone knew our new Michigan family, the Gilliams. Maryann and David Gilliam were happily married -- he was a firefighter/paramedic -- and they had just purchased what was supposed to be their dream home.

Last year on Christmas Eve David had a seizure and died, right in bed next to his wife. The same bed where 21 days earlier, David himself delivered his sixth child, Naomi.

Can you imagine? It just once again shows us that life is short, you never know what?s around the corner.

This story really affected me, I lost my father in a car accident when I was just four years old. Leaving my mother to raise three boys by herself (she did a hell of a job by the way).

So enough of the sad stuff let me tell you about this house: 3,800 square feet, two stories, tricked out and all built in 53 hours and 54 minutes. Yes, you read that right, under 54 hours, unbelievable but true! The quickest we have ever built a house. Michigan loves us!

Let me tell you about our builder Rick Merlini from American Heartland Homes. This guy was like 6'5" 250 lbs., built like a brick wall, but he was the softest, most kind hearted guy you'd ever want to meet (just don't piss him off!). He has a daughter, who is 11 and I think he really realized just how precious life is this week. He and Anthony, his BFF from our other builder, Lombardo Homes, are the reason we built this house so quickly -- he just couldn't imagine seeing his family in the same predicament as the Gilliam family.

I had an insanely busy week. You really don't get to see all of what I did, so here we go... Living room, dinning room, kitchen, breakfast room, master bedroom and bath, the Nursery and last, but definitely not least, my theme room, Kickball. But you know they don't let me talk about the details of the fun kids rooms until after the show, so you gotta watch.

Oh ya, one last thing, check out the stained glass window in the stairwell, I designed it for the Gilliam family. There is a sunflower in the window and if you look closely you will see them everywhere in the new house.

You see, this stray sunflower grew out of a crack in the pavement at the front door of the old house and Maryann said that this flower was David. This sunflower I put in the stained glass will always be there looking over this amazing family.

Thanks for letting me do what I do! Remember, life is short, enjoy every minute!!!

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