Hello Ghost Whisperer fans!

We are so happy to be back on the air with an all new episode this past Friday.

You probably noticed a new hunky addition to the GW team- Cristoph Sanders, who plays Delia's son Ned. We met with many actors for this role, but when Cristoph stepped into the room, we all knew he was the one. Interestingly enough Camryn Manheim- who plays Delia- did not meet Cristoph until they shot their first scene, but their chemistry was instant and amazing. We have lots of exciting things planned for the character Ned this season, so stay tuned!

Most of the high school scenes were taped at Grant High School in the Valley. The haunting during the basketball game was an elaborate scene in which the stunts were done practically- complete with collapsing bleachers, extras and actors running around, and a rigged scoreboard. This scene had to be shot several times until it was perfect, but we think it worked out great in the end.

As for the bat sequences, these were all done CGI- one in a car and one with Melinda in Town Square. If you saw Jennifer Love Hewitt on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Halloween then you'll know that she's got an aversion to bats. Don't we all! If you missed the Ellen clip, check it out on http://youtube.com/watch?v=krmLaP9f5HI.

AND if you didn't catch it, we featured the hit songs "Apologize" by One Republic and "Collide" by Howie Day. Definitely great tunes that fit this show.

This was the first original episode of Ghost Whisperer since the holidays, and we're very happy to say that it came back with a bang! Ratings were fantastic and we really have the fans to thank for that. The episode was about slam websites and this is clearly something that our viewers could respond to. Check out http://lancerslamz.net which we created for the episode.

Ghost Whisperer returns next Friday with an all new episode- and we'll be back here with more GW insight!

Have a great week.

Kim and Ian