I am so excited about the June 4 Ex-Wives Club [Mondays at 9 pm/ET, on ABC]! My daughter Tiffany (who's 13 years old now) and I previewed the episode together, and let me tell you how wonderful it was to share huge laughs and also have tears of empathy and joy streaming down our faces at the same time. It is so great to be part of a show that the whole family can enjoy together and get to experience those special moments!

This episode in particular is so special to me because Tina, our female participant, and I formed such a huge bond from the very beginning. She is from New York, which happens to be where I spent 15 very important years growing up, and she also is an actress. When I called to tell her she had been picked to be on our show, she cried and said she had watched me on TV since she was a little girl and had always wanted us to meet. Who says there's no such thing as fate? She had seen me go through a lot of joy and pain in the media, and I think she could relate to so much of my story. She is such a spiritual soul and so sweet and beautiful, both on the inside and outside. But let me tell you, she was broken! I can't wait for you to meet her on Monday night and see how far she has come and how much work she put into overcoming all the pain and obstacles in her life. Tina's story proves there are miracles just waiting on the other side of pain!

And speaking of turnarounds, wait until you get to know Rob, our male ex of the week. [Cohosts] Shar [Jackson], Angie [Everhart] and I had such fun watching him step back into his shoes after he had been devastated when he came home from the military (yes, serving all of us) to find his wife was serving another in their own matrimonial bed. Talk about being numbed by life. Rob's whole personality had been shut down and, adding more salt to the wound, the other man was now getting more time with their daughter than Rob was! As a mom, I know that when you're going through a heart-ripping breakup, it is the love and time spent with your child that can save you. Raising Tiffany saved me and kept me focused on loving, but for Rob, what a different story. His ex moved three hours away with their daughter, leaving him with nothing but his pain. Not only had his marriage been snatched from him, but his only little girl, too.

I can't wait for you to tune in this Monday to watch what Tina and Rob go through to get to a place they'd never been before. Debbie Ford is again amazing at how she gets them to thrash out their anger and free themselves. And talk about a personality change! Rob just kept Shar, Angie and I laughing, especially when we took him to a hot Los Angeles bull-riding club to learn how to pick up girls again. I must say, we were all tempted to go out with Rob! And that beautiful and radiant Tina made us all feel so good about our own lives. She became a champion for us all!

So please be sure to watch us this Monday at 9 pm on ABC. And remember, you can write to our show if you or someone you love needs some help from the Ex-Wives Club!