Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday on set so that was a nice distraction. John and Dicko got me a cake and the audience started singing "Happy Birthday" to me before they even brought it out. It was overwhelming and kind of caught me off guard but it was very sweet!

There are four bands left and each one had to learn three songs this week. They had to pick their favorite original song, a song picked by the producers, and a song picked by us judges.

I chose four songs from four different artists for The Clarke Brothers because I wanted to give them different options but, at the same time, something they could have fun with. Each judge chose a song for a different band. There were a lot of great moments but I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say the top three blew me away.

I really hope this whole experience has been enlightening for them. I remember the Old #7s saying, "We never would have thought we'd be playing different types of music from these artists." Musically, it's going to change them and I think that's a good thing.

It's a little difficult to stand up there and play, do your best and still be critiqued by a panel but I hope they take the good and the bad from what little advice we could give them. Learn from not mistakes, but things you would have changed, make it better and enjoy it!

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