Welcome to another episode of Men in Trees [Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, on ABC]. This week's installment, "The Indecent Proposal," was written by our creator, Jenny Bicks. She is also a great blogger, so you should check out what she says about this one on the writers' blog at ABC.com. I know it sounds like I'm plugging the ABC website every week, but I promise I'm not some shameless promoter for the network. I just enjoy reading what our writers are thinking.

This episode was exciting for me because it's the first time I have a scene with Jane ( Seana Kofoed). In fact, this will be the first time that our characters ever speak to one another on the show. Seana and I were always saying to each other, "Wouldn't it be hilarious if Jane went out to Queens with Annie and met her insane family?" Well, Jenny Bicks must be a mind reader, because that's exactly what happens! Annie is bringing Patrick home to meet the parents and announce their engagement, and she tries to set up Jane with her cute stockbroker brother ( Josh Randall from Ed). We shot all the O'Donnell house scenes at a real home in West Vancouver. Luckily, they never show the outside of the house, because I've lived in Queens, and let me tell you, the house we used doesn't look like anything that was ever built in Queens. The inside, however, was perfect. It's always so interesting to wander onto a new set, because the people who decorate and dress it always add such interesting details. There was a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker, lots of lacy doilies, and those funny mint candies that you always see at grandmas' houses. Even a lot of the books on the bookshelf were about Ireland!

This week we also meet Annie's parents, and they couldn't have chosen two more incredible actors. You'll recognize Annie's dad, Colm Meaney, because he's been in basically every Irish movie ever made. And if you are a big nerd like me, you'll also recognize him from Star Trek. [He played Deep Space Nine's Chief O'Brien]. My family and I have been fans of his for years, so I was a little star-struck having him come on our set. There's a scene where he and Patrick ( Derek Richardson) have a little late-night, man-to-man talk, and both of them are hilarious. And Annie Potts needs no introduction. She's been in countless series, like Designing Women, but I must admit that one of my favorite performances is her turn in Ghostbusters. I'll have to wait until she comes back on the show to ask her about that movie, because I was too shy this time around. Working with Annie was really great because her character is very similar to Annie on the show, so we got to work off each other's gestures and mannerisms.

I'm sure you're all wondering about the big news between Lynn and Jack this week, and I will remind you that this episode is entitled "The Indecent Proposal." Take that how you will. However, I will say that if you are surprised by what transpires between those two this week, you will be in shock at what happens with them next week. The love lives in Elmo are becoming quite complicated. I, for one, was absolutely heartbroken that Jane and Plow Guy broke up. I do have it on authority that this isn't the last we'll see of Plow Guy and, of course, Jane, so I'm hoping they might find each other again, or at least have a little "ex sex" at Annie's wedding. And we have a brand-new budding romance this week when Sara ( Suleka Mathew) meets Eric ( Nicholas Lea), the hunky guy from her EMT class. This story line is especially endearing because Suleka and Nick live together in real life. They were so adorable their first day of work together because they were both really nervous. Suleka kept saying, "Nick knows me so well, he'll know if I'm not on my game," and Nick was worrying, "What if we don't have chemistry?" Well, I got to see a little bit of them together, and I don't think they have a thing to worry about.

Well, I must go. It's almost cutoff time for FedEx, and I have to make sure my man down in L.A. gets something for Valentine's Day. I can't get all my romance from watching Men in Trees!

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