In this week's episode of Saving Grace, "A Little Hometown Love," we have this guy named Adam Davidson directing, and he's awesome. I believe he has won an award for directing a film, and I've heard his reel is outstanding. Holly [Hunter] and I totally dig him.

A buddy of mine, Judson Mills, is in this episode too. We did a film together called Major League 3, and he's doing great work. We've had scenes for days now and are both bruised and tired. Bailey [Chase] is great in it. Judson, Bails and I had a crazy scene at my place. This is the first time it shows upon the show.

Also there's a murder of a fellow cop in the bar. It takes place in the bathroom, about five feet from Grace and I. Amy Madigan guest stars and she is an amazing actress and was so freakin' good. She's definitely a standout, married to Ed Harris in real life. She's plays the wacky wife of the murder victim. It's a murder that may not get solved. Was a cool ride.

Peace. KJ

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