Well, this is it, the final two. It's close - Jon and Lavell both had good sets. Now let's see what America, Canada, the U.K. and Australia think. The international comics were great, but its an American finale.

Sorry, Gerry Dee, you had a great run. What's up, Canada? You guys couldn't get enough votes for the hometown guy. I love Canada but I bet Gerry went up against preseason hockey or something.
OK, whose idea was it to make the best of the worst a top eight countdown. Countdowns are top 10 and believe me, there were more than enough to fill 10 spots. I think the guy who won "the best of the worst" should have to give money back to the show. That was frightening. I remember that and why did I have to watch it again? I would have voted for combat dancing but each was disturbing in its own way.

Kathleen Madigan, hilarious as always. Rednecks and chemistry is always going to be funny. I love her.

Greg Proops, great job. I loved the persuasive arguments and I'm voting for the woman or the black guy myself.

I love Gilbert Gottfried. I love the voice, the interviews and the jokes. The toothpick/Jew joke was great.
To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you should have watched the show.

Jon reading silently with Bill Bellamy was funny. By the way, did you notice Bill was having trouble reading this week? What's up with that? Maybe the pressure is getting to him, too, or maybe he got tired of teasing us with the names of the finalists. I remember waiting to hear my name, time passes slow as they milk the drama.... We don't do drama well; we're comics.

I don't know who's going to win. Lavell has been great but Jon's final set was great, too. I'm not voting or picking. I'm too busy begging for my job back next season!

The finale of NBC's Last Comic Standing airs Wednesday at 9 pm/ET.