Hello, this is Kyle Sullivan from The War at Home. (I play Larry.) This week's episode is entitled "Kenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore." Can you guess what happens? Yup, Kenny moves out. His parents eventually come around and accept him for who he is. This week features a ton of guest stars, all of whom are characters you've seen before. Martin Mull is back as Principal Fink, Marcelo Tubert's back as Kenny's dad Achmed, Jackson Rathbone will be Kenny's boyfriend Dylan, Dreux Frederic is Taye, and Carla Renata is Eartha, the social-services lady. Kenny's mom is also back on the show and is played by Rose Abdoo.

When we were in production for this episode (which was about three or four weeks ago), I was still addicted to that Nintendo DS that I'd stolen from Dean in the previous week. I was playing so often that our camera guys made fun of me; they started calling the DS "Kyle Crack" so as to mock and ridicule my newfound love. I eventually lost interest (mostly 'cause I got to some level where I just couldn't figure out what to do). But regardless, that thing was awesome - I don't care what the camera guys think.

As for Dean, he was stuck in school all day. He's still in 11th grade and therefore has to complete at least three hours of school on set each day, though he often banks an additional two hours for a total of five hours a day. He can't stand it! And the fact that I'm done with high school infuriates him. I've learned not to tease him about it. His schoolroom is this sort of trailer thing out in the alleyway next to our soundstage. Whenever he's done with a scene our first AD Sean tells him to go to school out in the alley all alone. I can see why he doesn't like it. That alley smells of cabbage and old cigarettes. But I suppose it beats going to regular school in terms of the number of hours required. Dean's home-schooled, so he can go at his own pace and he doesn't have to worry about falling behind some class that he never attends.

When I was Dean's age, I attended a regular high school, a private "prep" school no less, complete with uniforms and grueling amounts of homework. When I got acting work I was required to keep up with the classes, but I had to teach myself all of the material. Needless to say, it was a remarkably difficult endeavor. But it was worth it. In return for my hard work I received a fantastic education, and I was accepted at Columbia University in New York. I've been deferred from the university for two years now, but I look forward to attending as soon as The War at Home finishes up. For now I'm having a ton of fun shooting the show, and depending on what the network decides, and how many of you out there keep watching, we'll probably get picked up for a third season. College could be a long way off, or it might be right around the corner - there's no sure way of knowing. Since I love doing the show, I'm happy either way.

So if you want The War at Home to stick around for a third season, be sure to watch this week to see how Kenny moves out. This is honestly one of my favorite episodes of the year, so tune in Thursday at 8:30 pm/ET and check it out!